Joe Torre matters

Sports Matters is reacting in shock that A-Rod and Joe Torre are still with the Yanks. Sunday night, Alex Abboud wrote

The New York Yankees of 2007 will look very different from the team that slunk off the field in Detroit on Saturday afternoon. How different remains to be seen, but we have almost certainly seen the last of some big names in pinstripes.
While Alex Rodriguez's presence is somewhat of a surprise, I already remarked that Torre should be staying. (Note: I also said A-Rod was going, and probably Big Unit as well. Bear in mind that nothing precludes some mid-May trade involving Rodriguez next season). I also gave my case for why. Abboud's against seems to be Torre moved A-Rod around in the lineup. The dude was 1-for-11 in the first three ALDS games. You could make a case that he should have been one spot higher in the order than Robinson Cano, but that's about your only available case.

And then the question would be "who else other than Torre"? Lou Piniella? Tony LaRussa? Bruce Bochy? Sam Perlozzo? Joe Buck? Sorry, it just doesn't wash.

As for the other roster spots, easy replacing. Chone Figgins, Scot Shields, and Kelvim Escobar for A-Rod instantly gives a decent starter with excellent middle relief and a speedy third baseman. Swap Cano and Big Unit over to Cincinatti in return for Ryan Freel and use the extra money to snag another free agent starter. Send Wang packing to Milwaukee for Doug Davis, Mussina and Lidle together to a team like the Marlins to receive Brian Moehler and Josh Johnson. Finally, Giambi might be a half-decent fit in Pittsburgh, if you can get Xavier Nady and John Grabow back in return.

This assumes, of course, that the Yankees want to maximize their baseball return per dollar spent. They don't, of course. They are the definitive team of New York City. Their motto is Go big, even if you have to go home.


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