NLCS Game 5: Er, hey, look at how accurate my ALCS prediction was!

Yes, that's right, remember when I predicted the Detroit Tigers to win the ALCS? And the only downside of my prediction was I expected a long series. That's still better than the "informed" opinion of professional scribes.

I also predicted the NLCS to be a long series. Problem is, I predicted New York to take it, and Game 5 makes the series a 3-2 tilt in favour of the Cardinals. Naturally, I was unable to watch the game, which makes me more than a little cheesed. You see, I was working at the time, and with no computer access would have to watch it on TV (as much as humanly possible, seeing as how work is under the impression I'm not supposed to be watching baseball on their payroll). Of course, I couldn't do that. Rogers Sportsnet is "the home to Major League Baseball playoff action"...well, up until the point where the baseball game is rained out, and play the next day goes head to head with the Oilers-Canucks game. As a result, no MLB playoffs on Sportsnet, and I'm stuck watching highlights after the game is over.

So now the question has got to be, what can the Mets do to win the series and keep my baseball predictive abilities alive? Without seeing the game, the box score for the contest gives a few clues. The Mets got plenty of hits (8) but only two runs to show for it. This seems to indicate that the Mets are not making enough smart running plays, that the batters are not getting the timely hits (oddly enough, St. Louis has the same problem: both teams had a lot of runners left in scoring position with two outs). Eight batters left on base isn't a good idea [again, though, the Cardinals left ten -ed] and the running game just wasn't there for the Mets: no bases stolen and none caught stealing. Tom Glavine didn't bring his best stuff to the table, that's obvious -- 4.0 IP, 7H, 3ER, 3BB, 2K for a 6.75 ERA and 2.50 WHIP -- but the Yahoo recap of the game indicates that the real problem was the Mets inability to crack the Cardinal bullpen that except for Game 4 has been incredible all post-season. Somebody in the St. Louis coaching foyer got together and actually did that "keys to the game" thing that sports broadcasts always bring up during the break after the first inning, because if the Mets can be shut down they can't win: their injured pitching staff has to go toe-to-toe with Pujols.

In other baseball news:

Update, 2:21pm: The article linked to about the A-Rod rumours says that Chicago is "expected to increase payroll by up to 15 percent from $96 million in 2006". The Cubbies are sucking that bad on $96 million? They want to go to $110 million? Gack.