@MerleMerlot - By your logic we're about to have a lot of negroes in jail

When one of the rare instances of an actual anti-black hate crime occurs in the United States (possibly the only one in 2022!), fudge packer MM here wants the suspects parents similarly imprisoned. Okayyy....

What's the logic here? Sins of the father coming back into the world? Or just that he wants the whole bloodline locked up?

In either case, let's continue playing this game shall we? This tweet was made September 28th 2022, let's see what other crime stories in America occurred on that date shall we?

28 year old Martre Tirik Oliver was arrested the night before on a murder charge in Portland. We can't throw his brother in jail (guess who the victim was), but we can throw both of his nigger parents into the prison alongside him, right?

Two young men from Brooklyn were arrested for the high profile robbery of a "flashy" Bishop. Needless to say, adding in both of their parents would give us a total of 6 niggers in jail instead of merely two (and then nine instead of three when their co-conspirator, still at large, is arrested).

Two niggers from Georgia were arraigned September 28th on gun-running charges. So four more parents to throw in jail!

21 year old Tavion D. Cobb was babysitting an 18-month-old baby: when the mother came home the child was dead. Medical examiners determined the nigger was negligent in his care and on September 28th he was formally charged. So two more parents to roundup under MM's new policy.

Karen Jordan will be a tough case. She's 62 so it would be surprising if her parents were still alive, and her (invalid) ex-husband was the victim of her embezzlement scheme. So I guess we only get to lock up her.

Ever been to Pontiac Michigan? I don't recommend it. That advice came too late for poor Larry James Lewis-Lefler, but his attacker was another 62-year-old nigger so we're again probably SOL for finding parents to lock up along with him after his September 28th charging. Maybe he has a brother we can throw in for good measure?

September 28th saw three niggers charged for armed robbery in Chicago: two of the niggers were in their early 20s, a third was only 12 years old. Okay so we only get to have eight people in jail under MM's rules...though wait, I'm confused: if we can now jail parents for what their adult children did can we also jail underage children for what they did? Or does this rule only apply to those 18 and over?

An August shooting at a Tennessee bar finally got closure on September 28th as a 19-year old was charged for allegedly pulling the trigger and attempting to murder another man (no word if the shot connected or not). As you might guess, we have two niggers going to jail for what their son did!

Now let's end with a heartwarming reminder of what happens when you let a nigger out of jail for any reason: he's back trying to rape and abduct multiple woman within 24 hours (in Chicago again, of course). Maybe if we locked him and his parents up the first time, this wouldn't have happened!

Thanks, MerleMerlot! You may be a scumbag sodomite, but you've at least figured out a way that we can cut back on crime by putting more niggers behind bars.

The true Pope has died

Throughout his pontificate, Benedict made a number of statements opposing abortion, which built upon his legacy as Prefect of the CDF to prevent pro-abortion politicians from receiving Holy Communion.

At the very outset of his pontificate, Benedict stated, in reference to abortion, that a Pope cannot “proclaim his own ideas, but rather constantly bind himself and the Church to obedience to God’s Word, in the face of every attempt to adapt it or water it down, and every form of opportunism.” This adherence to Divine Law was shown by John Paul II, said Benedict, in his own defense of the unborn.

In his 2009 encyclical Caritas in Veritate, Benedict wrote: “If there is a lack of respect for the right to life and to a natural death, if human conception, gestation and birth are made artificial, if human embryos are sacrificed to research, the conscience of society ends up losing the concept of human ecology and, along with it, that of environmental ecology.”

Condemning the “anti-birth mentality” he wrote that “Openness to life is at the centre of true development.”

Prior to ascending the papal throne, in 2004 Ratzinger intervened into a debate among the U.S. bishops on the issue of Communion for pro-abortion Catholic politicians. He said in his letter titled “Worthiness to receive Holy Communion,” that a Catholic politician who would vote for “permissive abortion and euthanasia laws” after being duly instructed and warned, “must” be denied Communion.

While he was prefect, the CDF issued its letter “On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” noting that a homosexual “inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder.”

“Therefore special concern and pastoral attention should be directed toward those who have this condition, lest they be led to believe that the living out of this orientation in homosexual activity is a morally acceptable option,” added Ratzinger. “It is not.”

This position he echoed in later documents, and more notably during his 2012 Christmas address to the Roman Curia, when he appeared to denounce same-sex ‘marriage’ and criticized those who “dispute the idea that they have a nature, given by their bodily identity, that serves as a defining element of the human being.”

After his resignation, he issued an essay in which he explicitly spoke against “homosexual cliques” in seminaries, “which acted more or less openly and significantly changed the climate in the seminaries.”

@naomiosaka - I'm surprised you didn't murder the photographer you psycho

Zoey Grossman is lucky to be alive. After all, she constantly stood within inches of a dangerous lunatic who goes into dangerous fugue states whenever anything mildly unpleasant happens to her.

June of 2021, remember, was when Osaka pulled out of Wimbledon to protest their disgusting vaccination rules. No, wait, sorry, it was to protest their ridiculously moddish Russian player rules. Sorry again, it was because...people ask her questions as part of being the sort of public figure who appears on magazine covers showing off her tits and sometimes those questions are meany questions and they make her go mentally off the deep end.

As I wrote in the wake of her Roland Garros withdrawl:

Osaka wants to run and hide because her inferior brain is unable to handle being asked the same questions without either giving the rote answer or coming up with clever new responses. She's not upset with the media narrative (even though she has had cause to be when the shaved ape whined about their match a few years ago), she's mad that she's being asked questions that cause her to "doubt" herself. If it's true that her mental health is at risk, she's a danger to herself and others and needs to be immediately removed from Roland-Garros and locked away in a rubber room until she's cured.
Instead, she did what all people who need some time away from the intense media spotlight do: go be on a magazine cover. Unlike pressers, it's not a job requirement for her tennis career: she was more than welcome to tell Vogue "sorry, you can write anything about me you like but I'm not going to contribute to the story nor be photographed for it". Like another halfblack who claims to hate our celebrity-driven media culture she sure likes aping off of it (heh) for profit and fame.


@kathrynajoyce - How many socially conservative books are in those libraries?

As you may recall, a couple weeks back I wrote about how Florida lawmakers were removing textbooks from schools that had a decidedly political bent to them. Now the topic of general reading books was also brought up.

In her laughable Salon article (go Google how often that phrase has ever been used) Joyce was exposing how far-left public school unionized teachers were feeling "targeted" and "burnt out" from the experience (how sad). Activist Stephana Ferrell thinks its the worst thing ever that parents don't want their kids reading books designed to teach them that sodomite relationships are equivalent and normal (and for good reason).

But while Joyce and Ferrell blathered about how many white men wrote books (oh no!) and how some merely mentioned pillow biters (heavens), the theme of "books that represent them" sure came up a lot. Which, of course, is interesting because social conservatives never get to see positive examples of ourselves in media...despite the objective fact that we're better than leftists or even libertarians.

So which books say "Kevin's Mom and Dad wouldn't let their uncle Gary visit for Christmas anymore since he started sodomizing his junior high neighbour" with the same breathtakingly innocent pomp and ceremony that a "Heather Has Two Mommies" received?

That song still haunts me almost 20 years later


RIP Ian Tyson

We always tend to lose the famous transplanted Albertans at the end of December, don't we?

TORONTO - Ian Tyson, the Canadian folk legend turned cowboy storyteller who penned "Four Strong Winds" as one half of Ian & Sylvia, has died at age 89.

The Victoria native died Thursday at his ranch near Longview, Alta., following a series of ongoing health complications, according to his manager Paul Mascioli.

And we've lost another conservative voter.


@SocialistTakes - so if you do less work you deserve less money?

A guy named "Socialist Takes" has a laughably retarded notion of economics.[I almost fell out of my chair... -ed] He's making, of course, one of the classic errors that all Marxists make regarding the nature of productive employment: that "work" as a concept somehow boils down to physically doing some sort of thing. It's only in the past 30 years or so they've even considered sitting at a laptop doing something on a computer "real work" and that's mainly so that they can justify their grift (and on some occasions when niggers get upset that they have to go through the 'labour' of typing out justifications for their own bad political opinions).

Until suddenly the "capitalist" gets involved, and then suddenly this becomes almost no work whatsoever.

In practice of course, small business owners tend to do more work in the laptop sense than any three employees combined. One of the reasons they willingly do this, of course, is that if the business moves from small to smallish-medium up to medium up to largish-medium up to large up to superlarge, they reap particularly oversized benefits. No socialist losers should begrudge them this, the capitalist takes on far more risk than anybody else in the company as well. Risk + work = nonzero chance of massive payday. As well it should.

Notice however I haven't been putting in any guarantees. Outside of rare instances (Krudge for example had this happen to him in 2009 or so) if you're one of these "average workers" then over the 50 years you receive a paycheque it's for work you've done with 100% return rate. That number may not be as high as you like (spoiler alert, it never is for any of us) but it's locked in. You might be asking about layoffs or being fired or things like that, but that's the point: it's only when you stop working that the money stops rolling in. Until you quit being a worker for that company, they keep paying you. Even if they fire you they (again with rare exceptions) still have to pay you for the work you did.

Not so the entrepreneur: who can (and again I've watched this happen) work harder and harder in a struggling business only to have it collapse completely and not only not get compensated for work performed but indeed explicitly lose money because of it. True it didn't happen to the current billionaires which Socialist Takes lumps in with scam artist Sam Bankman-Fried, but the nature of the business is that it could have at any earlier point.

However that is again using "work" in the pathetically limiting Marxist definitions. Bernard Arnault is currently the world's richest man, the billionaire who foolishly didn't start a Web 2.0 firm but instead took over his father's construction company over 50 years ago. Arnault in the socialist sense hasn't done any "work" since 1971. But if we're going to hold to that, Toni Morrison hasn't done any "work" since 1971 either (roughly when she quit her job and started writing novels instead of sitting in an office on a 1971 laptop)!

Both Morrison and Arnault were doing creative projects: Morrison creating works of (ever increasing) fiction, while Arnault was creating new directions and ideas for companies he ran. At the same time Morrison was dreaming up Tar Baby Arnault was dreaming up the transformation of Ferret-Savinel the construction company into Férinel the real estate company. While Morrison was sitting on her ass not doing any work according to socialist theory Arnault was also doing "no work" as he convinced Antoine Bernheim to help him buy the holding company which owned the Christian Dior brand. In socialist-speak Arnault didn't do anything, yet there was an obvious advantageous result to his purchase. (As an aside, he was also nicknamed "The Terminator" after laying off 9000 workers, which again to a socialist perspective makes no sense since obviously 9000+x workers do more work -- therefore generate more income to "exploit" -- than x workers would)

The work required to secure financing for the winning bid is more than 0. Otherwise we get back to having to assume that coming up with the LVMH idea is worthless along with every poem or book or song ever written. Which leads us to the next thing that all socialists should be asked:
Do you agree your employer should pay you less if you do less work?

Socialist Takes is a computer programmer according to his Twitter bio, so let's use an example close at hand. Say he's writing a program that requires some sort of search functionality. In the old days, he would have to actually sit down and write that search functionality code: today he would simply plug in a pre-purchased modular piece of search code, modify it if necessary, then move on with the rest of the day. He's not being expected to write the code from scratch. Okay, that was then and this is now. Yet still today a computer programmer has to go and check his code for errors. Modern programs are certainly good at making errors easier to find, but he still has to go look for them.

Until one day another programmer writes a piece of software that intuitively understands what you "wanted" to do and fixes your code on the fly. Like how Microsoft imagines that "would you like to correct your Excel formula to this" dialog box works, only this time it literally works correctly. This is basically the holy grail programmers dream of. But here's the kicker: bringing it in makes the job easier, so now Socialist Takes does less work.

Does he agree he needs to have his pay slashed? A huge amount of the work of his job is just...gone. His job got easier. He got closer to a billionaire's level of work than he ever has been before. He also insists its "unfair" to pay somebody the same as they did before for doing "less work", remember?

Businesses now have even more incentive for improving worker efficiencies. It used to be that if you hired Remus to clean the office up, your motivation for buying new better acting cleaning products was so that Remus could do a better job, or cover more ground than before...but now you can also dock his pay.

It could be a brave new world where businesses take the Marxist nonsense about the Labour Theory of Value at their word (it could be the same world where they realize they can replace all their male employees with female employees at 71% of the pay) by slashing the pay of employees with every time saving innovation that comes along.

For a particular computer firm in Essex, one of their employees has been ripping them off and they can rectify this unfortunate situation where the socialist...takes.


@SimonONeill1966 - your claims fall into two categories: not true and sadly not true

Residential Schools are awesome. I mean, we knew that, I'm just getting it out of the way. It's far more benign than Simon's fervent fever-dreams.

Jazz Meat Singer, the terrorist turned NDP leader propping up the "genocidal" Trudeau regime, started it all off with a blatant lie: that in May of 2021"215 graves" were found in Kamloops. (The correct answer was zero)

Somebody else brought up a separate point: assuming the "215 graves" was true, that piece of information alone doesn't tell us anything. Twenty years ago in Staten Island, NYC there were hundreds of bodies...yet there was nothing nefarious about it. A mass grave was setup a few years earlier in the Caribbean island of Montserrat, and no humans did anything wrong in that case.

So how did the "215 kids" die? The poster brought up a childhood disease that might have ravaged through the student population (we've covered this), he apparently is unaware that the original building burnt down in a fire (we've covered this). The big salient answer in his mind that we don't know...since we haven't dug up any kids yet (remember he thinks the kids are confirmed).

Simon won't have any of this though: in response to the sensible answer that "we don't know what happened" he starts lying by saying "we know what happened". He then discusses things that didn't happen:

  1. "Dragged from their homes and families and forced into residential schooling" is a lie. The kids were "dragged from homes" in the exact same sense that white students are dragged from their homes daily: school is mandatory. And yet, Residential Schools actually weren't wholly mandatory: there were alternatives akin to the modern homeschooling. Indeed it wasn't until 1920 that Red Indian children were legally mandated to attend school (white children in Ontario were mandated since 1871 to attend school [PDF], presumably being dragged from their homes and families all the while), and even then it didn't have to be a Residential School unless no other options were available (a situation literally paralleled by non-Catholic whites in modern-day Alberta [useless asshole Climenhaga]).
  2. Similarly "the goal" (of Residential Schools) was to "turn indigenous children into workers for the colonizers factories" was a lie. The goal, whether you think it was worth the effort or not, was to provide as close as possible to a modern education. Indeed that education was inherently Christian, that's why they're so mad at Adolphus Egerton Ryerson. So which was it? This is the "sadly not true" referenced in the post title. If Residential Schools were more like the Dutch workhouse model briefly flirted with in England, then we probably would have been better off: Red Indians wouldn't be very good at reading or multiplication, but their race is apparently bad at that anyways. It turns out that having injun kids turned into a sort of permanently labour class couldn't have been worse than what actually happened. It probably would have been better.

Simon is complaining about a thing that didn't happen and would have improved Canada by being implemented. It's like privatized healthcare all over again.

Dyke discovers dyke bars exist

In groundbreaking "news", a dyke in the UK has started a bar for only her and her own kind.

Teddy Edwardes, 32, is the founder and director of LICK, a women-only venue with a focus on LGTBQ+ in Britain's capital, with 2,000 tickets selling out every time an event is held. Taking to TikTok recently, Teddy shared her story, which went viral and amassed more than 3.6million views, reported BuzzFeed.

For those who have trouble keeping score, dyke bars have been around for decades. It was a plot point in Wayne's World 2 for crying out loud (and going further back was a movie staple since 1968's The Killing of Sister George). Only a millennial could think she's come up with something new.

Don't despair though, guys. Unlike Wayne Campbell you don't have to dress up as a Village Person if you want to attend. Surprise surprise, Teddy Edwardes is up with all the latest fashions from this despicable lifestyle choice. She's "inclusive to trans women" so all you have to do is show up at the door wearing the same clothes you always do, tell the bouncer you're a chick, and in you are!

Ironically (?) enough this club was founded "6 years ago" (ie 2016) at the same time that the UK was going ballistic over another organization only allowing in one of the two sexes. Uppity bitches in Edinburgh even tried banning members of that club from a public bench (imagine if we said that a bench couldn't be used by anybody who ever went to a fag bar!) The owners of Muirfield certainly didn't get hagiographic writeups or sympathetic interviews in the mainstream and alt-left press!

In other words, at the same time all the "right people" were demanding one of the few remaining mens-only clubs be allowed to stay open, those same people were opening up a womens-only club and celebrating their commitment to diversity and/or the yaya sisterhood. It's yet another case where the "war on women" is actually a "war by women" which is dangerous because chicks aren't militarily capable.

Bonus lol: from the MSN.com comments, somebody asked "if there are no men then who pays for all the drinks?" The answer: "alimony".


@slaythedragon14 has never heard of Oka

As a nonwhite, Pat Hughes is a very ignorant man. I leave it up to you to see if there's any connection between the two pieces of information (but there obviously is).

During the (noble) Freedom Convoy on Ottawa earlier this year, people around the world were in shock as they saw Ottawa police:

  1. Shoot a conservative news reporter at point-blank range with a tear gas cartridge
  2. Surround an RV with a dozen machine guns drawn at the doors
  3. Trample a woman with a horse:

  4. Participate in the freezing of bank accounts of convoy participants and donors.
  5. Send detectives across the country to arrest a woman for a mischief charge she had already been in prison for longer than the maximum sentence for the offense

People around the world saw this. Ignorant nonwhites like Pat Hughes didn't, because he was busy listening to Justin's presstitute Mackenzie Grey who saw nothing more egregious than a popcorn machine being confiscated (though neither Hughes nor Grey bothered to ask exactly what justified the confiscation). That's why Hughes was ignorant about what actually happened to protesters in the Freedom Convoy.

His inference is that nonwhites who protest suffer at the hands of the police in a way that nonwhites don't. Again, this is more of this nonwhite ignorance Hughes is guilty of. It's unclear how long he's been a guest of Canada, but apparently it doesn't date back to the 90s or he would have heard of Oka.

For those who don't know, Oka was the railroad blockade of the previous century: a bunch of whiny Red Indians were upset that land they claimed was theirs (it wasn't) was being turned by its rightful owners into a golf course (technically the expansion of an existing course). The golf course plan wasn't cleared with the injuns, true, but it wasn't cleared with white farmers in southern Saskatchewan either nor should it have been.

Therefore the Oka injuns setup an illegal road blockade blocking access to the golf course. After over a week of this, cops tried to clear it out. The injuns insisted that they didn't have such a concept as "one leader" and therefore the police had to negotiate with all of them (by contrast, the Freedom Convoy had a set number of people who were authorized to speak for the entire protest even though they had no real authority nor need for authority against individuals protesting on public lands that weren't roadways). As a result of their primitive stubbornness, the injuns refused to move. Police tried to break it up, and in return the injuns started invading other public works including bridges. Sound familiar?

Unlike the Freedom Convoy, the Red Indians were armed with firearms which they used to shoot at the cops with. They even murdered a white police officer with an AK-47: poor Cpl. Marcel Lemay was killed by an illegal assault weapon which had been restricted (read: banned) since 1978. In response the cops confiscated some popcorn makers. No, wait, sorry, they retreated and let the Red Indian(s) responsible for the murder escape justice to this very day. For comparison, not a single injun was killed or even injured by police bullets.

The Red Indians dug in, got additional backup (with more illegal automatic weapons), and continued to blockade major roads cutting parts of Montreal off from each other. Over a month after the initial blockade the major bridge in Montreal became a full-on riot by the Red Indians: officers were wounded, police vehicles were destroyed, and ultimately members of the general public were hospitalized. For those keeping score, no Emergencies Act was declared (despite Montreal being a much more major city than Ottawa) despite all of the actual violence against officers and members of the public. By contrast, the Freedom Convoy has been confirmed by an inquiry and multiple public statements as having no violence whatsoever.

The Freedom Convoy (which I was in briefly between Jasper and Edmonton) arrived in Ottawa on January 29th. It was broken up on February 20th, barely three weeks later. The Oka crisis which began on March 11th wasn't ended until September 2nd. That makes it over seven and a half times the length of time that the Freedom Convoy was in Ottawa. During the military breakup of the blockades (after it was a planned takedown reached through negotiation, another fringe benefit the Freedom Convoy was denied that nonwhite Red Indians were granted) was the single case of violence against the injuns: a 14-year old kid took a break from sniffing gas to play angry screaming jackpine savage vs. bayonet and lost about as badly as you might expect.

The Oka Crisis was very gross for white Canadians to watch: our own country was invaded by a group of savages who insist they aren't of this country and they were extended every possible courtesy even as they Indian gave up and down by constantly moving their goalposts. What's still gross years later is ignorant nonwhites like Pat Hughes who thinks the world around him is exactly the opposite of what it is.

It continues, of course, to this very day. When savage Red Indians burned hundreds of historic churches across the country, the authorities raised a collective shrug: one of 68 suspects has been arrested to date. Compare that to, say, a single case of vandalism against a mosque.

Speaking of the Freedom Convoy, Ezra Levant notes that Red Indians protesting in BC were not treated the same way as (interestingly enough, nonwhite) Tamara Lich. So yet again, whites are watching as Canadian laws are violently violated by nonwhites with little-to-no-consequence.

There are no perks to being white in modern-day Canada.

Nonwhites on the other hand have a free pass to be as vicious and uncivilized as their skin colour would indicate. And its getting worse and worse every week.

Check your privilege, Pat.


Best of the Worst Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas



@DrEricDing - No. They are my slaves

It was a year ago today that this Viro Fascist gave us what in retrospect was a hilariously bad take.

"Our children" never had to forgive us for not protecting each other from Omicron, which turned into a beautiful vaccine-ignoring wildfire that spread across the world infecting tens if not hundreds of millions and giving them all the firsthand discovery that this Wuhan Flu was a pretty second-rate bioweapon after all. That's what history will remember from Dr. Dingbat's proclamation on Christmas Eve 2021.

What I take umbrage to most, of course, is that I should think about the healthcare workers on the front lines. Things may play a little differently down in Boston, but up here north of the 49th parallel I have no desire nor interest in thanking the healthcare workers who constantly demand more money be stolen from me for a broken system they also refuse to allow me to replace.

Indeed they are essential (by their own insistence) employees of the government.

All Canadian healthcare workers are our slaves and we should be able to abuse them as we see fit.

Working long hours? Awwwww. I want to slash your pay by 95% and increase your hours at the same time.

Don't like it? Stop voting for far-left parties interested in keeping you government workers and start allowing a for-profit private system.

You don't hesitate to make my life worse in every way shape or form: you cheerfully endorsed the mandates to try and coerce me into taking the Pfizer Death Juice.

For that alone I should be able to ride you like a pony whipping you to go faster even when it's -40 out until you freeze to death like a tauntaun.

You certainly demand that I'm a slave to you. I'm already forced to work close to 4 hours a day with you getting compensated for my labours. When I ask if maybe less of my money goes to you and more back to me, you call me selfish.

If Canadian healthcare is a "human right" then you are never permitted to quit no matter how much I abuse you.

Your rules, not mine. I expect you to live by them.

And by the way, I expect you to work through Christmas. No compensation. And death by firing squad if you fake phone in sick. That's what we do to deserters, and you're on the front lines, remember?

@RebeccaSear - Happy Christmas. Now convert please.

Are you ready for a shocker?

Christian people believe...Christian things. No, it's true. From the first line of the abstract:

What fuels both enthusiasm for increasing “American” birth rates and fears about their decline?

Forgetting for a moment the author's shock that the two things could be related -- a trend is going a particular way, is there maybe some link between a wish to reduce the size of this trend and the wish to reverse it entirely? -- the ultimate answer they discover is the Christian tradition of having large families.

One of Mark Steyn's most popular columns (where he first started addressing the concerns about white birthrates across the globe) was recently republished, regarding the tale of Jesus Christ's birth as seen by Luke.

Confronted with all the begetting in the Old Testament, the modern mind says, "Well, naturally, these primitive societies were concerned with children. They needed someone to provide for them in their old age." In our advanced society, we don't have to worry about that; we automatically have someone to provide for us in our old age: the state. But the state - at least in its modern European welfare incarnation - needs children as least as much as those old-time Jews did. And the problem with the European state is that, like Elisabeth, it's barren.

Collectively barren, I hasten to add. Individually, it's made up of millions of fertile women, who voluntarily opt for no children at all or one designer kid at 39. In Italy, the home of the Church, the birthrate's down to 1.2 children per couple - or about half "replacement rate". You can't buck that kind of arithmetic.

The question should really be why the Rebecca Sear view, that there's a "threat" to the notion that hey we're really great people wouldn't the world be a better place with even more of us, has any validity.

The connection seems to be that "Christian nationalism" is bad because authoritarian regimes also try to push for more babies to be born. That this same "arithmetic" is in play never seems to occur to them: the need to shore up the population numbers in order to provide a population base required to maintain their state. Indeed you're a pretty dumb national leader to not wish to increase your population numbers: that our modern society feels the notion that mass immigration is a solution to this conundrum is the attitude that requires justification (and doesn't find much of it): it's awfully hard to square the circle of hey we're a really great people wouldn't the world be better if we were utterly replaced or its intersectional corollary hey we're an absolutely shitty systemically racist and exploitatively capitalist people wouldn't the world be better if we brought more and more people into this cesspool.

The article isn't yet posted on libgen so we can only suppose the wacky "proofs" that the authors have presented to back up their thesis, but we can pick apart some of their assumptions:

  1. belief that dominant cultural group members (Whites, Christians, men) are threatened
    Seems pretty straightforward doesn't it? When the number of polar bear births falls below the number of polar bear deaths we don't hesitate to think that it might "threaten" the species even though over the medium term polar bear birthrates rise and fall while white human birthrates simply plummet. If they don't accept the demographic statistics being put out by numerous agencies of officialdom then they probably should be putting forward their own information and explaining why it's superior to the information we already have.
  2. White Christian nationalism—an ideology that looks to conform American identity and values to those of a traditionalist, ethnicized Christianity
    Again its unclear what the authors think is bad or even incorrect about this belief. While the American identity and values were properly thought of as non-denominational (down to the wording in the Bill of Rights regarding Congress establishing a religion) they certainly were also Christian. The Crimes Act of 1790, one of the first pieces of legislation in the United States, made murder illegal and more importantly made murder illegal using the Christian definition of murder. Under Buddhism for example, murder includes killing of an animal as well as a human. Basically what they're saying is that a conservative Christian mindset wants to keep ("conserve" we might say") America's Christian nature. Gee golly, thanks guys.

This same "I'm analyzing this dataset and x1 is somehow tied to x2 and x3 and x4 in a way that it isn't tied to y1 or y2" level of pure genius can be found in their shocking discovery that...

Recent, nationally representative data reveal Christian nationalist ideology is the second strongest predictor of support for nationalist pronatalism

Well shave my nuts and call me Charlie. If you happen to believe that a Christian nation is the best kind of nation (and it's a pretty lousy Christian who doesn't), that tends to correlate to a belief that more Christian babies should be born into said nation. Maybe I shouldn't have brushed over their lack of critical thinking skills at the top of this post, it could be awfully important to understanding their level of "expert analysis".

The belief that Whites or Christians face “the most discrimination” as opposed to various minorities also predicts nationalist pronatalism. 
The entire point of the article, it seems, is to take 100% accurate and legitimate concerns by conservative Christians and then try to imply that the only realistic and Christian solution to the problem is somehow sinister because this is exactly the sort of thing a conservative Christian aware of these things would be concerned with. It's the epitome of circular logic that doesn't address what's usually their favourite thing: "root causes".

There is, however, one hilarious throwaway line in the abstract:

This association is stronger for men and virtually non-existent among Blacks

Funny enough the group that has a ton of illegitimate babies running around isn't quite as keen on having even more paternity suits dropped in their lap. Who knew?


They told me if I voted for the PPC we'd lose our fundamental liberties...and they were right!

In Doug Ford's Ontario, a Catholic student following Catholic teachings in defiance of the anti-Catholic administration is threatened with expulsion from his Catholic School.

@LindsayKempFan is a fascist and in this household we punch fascists

Everybody, please pay attention: this is what our enemy looks like:

Somebody in Toronto knows this cunt and how to find her. Please post in the comments below if you do.

Because make no mistake about it, if you're an independently minded and sovereign citizen, Lindsey here (and yes we known that's almost certainly not her name, another piece of data to post below) is your enemy.

She will not stop until we and all that we love is wiped off the face of the earth. It is critical, therefore, that we fight back using absolutely every tool at our command.

Possibly happening at the exact same time as her ghoulish insistence that media companies who oppose Rat Bastard 2.0 be "tackled", Blacklocks was literally being tackled. They have already started using force against us while Lindsey cheers on and thinks she's making the world a better place by crushing political dissent.

For those keeping score, what she "agrees" with is a laughable piece by Supriya Dwivedi which claims to be concerned about "far-right misinformation"...while also claiming among other things that legacy media "doesn't care" (based on their own demographics) that those who advocate for inferior beliefs and courses of action aren't given proper "understanding" of how much it "harms" them when we the conservatives in the public sphere accurately describe them. She insists that for "democracy" to survive (of course, one of the key questions she never asks -- because she's ignorant -- is which of the other two pillars of Canadian society she wants to keep and which of the two she wants to throw away), Canadian journalism has to do a better job of attacking the superior political beliefs she's in conflict with.

What a fortunate coincidence, eh?

Remember that to these people, no matter how much our (superior) beliefs and (superior) arguments deserve a larger and larger audience, it will never be too small and it will never be sufficiently attacked. They need their two-minute hate, but as The Party learned long ago it's very important that "Emmanuel Goldstein" is both insignificant and totally neutered while also being massive and ubiquitous and powerfully capable of tearing the whole system down in a millisecond if not stopped more and more ruthlessly.

In other words, much like in that work we're probably almost completely outnumbered and no choice but to choose guerilla tactics: and nobody who cheers on the treatment of Blacklocks gets to claim neutrality.

Sit back, Lindsey. Watch the show.


Well it was fun while it lasted

Equal rights are no longer the order of the day in Washington State:

Under these conditions, why even hold a hearing? The Supreme Court even said that the trial judge, Melinda Young, is disqualified to preside over it. That’s because, according to the justices, “She agreed with Thompson’s counsel that it was fair to describe Henderson’s demeanor during cross-examination as ‘combative’ and ‘confrontational,’ opining that this language should be excused because the term was ‘race neutral’ and tied to the evidence.”

If you call a black witness combative — even if she was a terror on the stand — that’s not race neutral. It’s racist.

So in any Washington State Court, if you are in litigation against a black and he gets a verdict he doesn’t like, all he has to do is claim there was implicit, institutional, or unconscious bias against him. You can’t prove there wasn’t, so you have to keep giving the opposing party — and this no doubt also applies to Hispanics or transexuals or American Indians or homosexuals or fat people or immigrants — new trials until he, she, or it gets a favorable verdict.

You can say that a white witness or lawyer is confrontational. Lawyers do it all the time. You can say that a white plaintiff is greedy or faking it or got his friends to lie for him. But if you say that about someone in a protected class, he can yell that you evoked unconscious bias in the jury, and you have to prove you didn’t. Why even go to trial? Just give a non-white plaintiff whatever he asks for.

These supreme court justices are as crazed as any sociology professor — with the crucial difference that they can legislate from the bench.

@AndrewAtter - Even the Nazis couldn't tell you if they ever killed a single faggot

Fudge packers like Andrew really enjoy the fantasy that the Nazi regime singled them out for their immoral lifestyle choice.

Over here in reality? Not so much. Indeed the only known poofters that were killed by the Nazis took place during the Röhm Purge, which for those not paying attention was an internal party conflict. This seems an odd hill to effeminately die on: how dare one group of Nazis kill another group of Nazis! In fact, don't these people who always proclaim their desire to "punch a Nazi" not smile when Nazis are killed (regardless of by whom)?

So Röhm was a Nazi faggot who discussed an internal socialist revolution (which would have killed as many as the Holocaust) and was killed by other (possible faggot) Nazis. Quick, put a statue of him up in San Fransisco! That the Night of the Long Knives was a political exercise as opposed to a moral exercise, of course, is mildly prescient. Röhm was sexually abusing the men under his command, and that's why he was removed (violently) from office, completely irrespective of any larger political considerations.

Outside of the Jews, and even a little bit there, the Nazi imprisonment schedules were based far more on practical rather than theoretical concerns. Which leads us to the obvious thought experiment.

You're a mid-ranking Nazi officer with a rival that you want to get rid of before he can effectively challenge you. He hasn't done anything that can be used to justify his removal. What do you do? Oh, you can throw him into Auschwitz for being a Jew. Oh wait, that doesn't work, it would be the span of 45 seconds for him to prove he wasn't Jewish. Slavic people and gypsies go to death camps too! Yeah that comes with the same caveat though, it's awfully easy to disprove. I need some sort of way to classify my enemy as an enemy of the state in a way that if challenged it would be ultimately impossible for him to disprove. Hmmm, this is a dilly of a pickle. If only there existed some sort of charge I could use dependent entirely on the secret thoughts within his head...if only if only if only...

Since the term originally comes from Shakespeare, I'm sure the phrase also holds in the original German.

You can see why on paper you'd be seeing a lot of ass pirates getting sent into the klink. How many actual fags were imprisoned/killed? My guess of one is just as provable as Andrew's claim of untold trillions.

The tiebreak surely must go to the one of us who doesn't speak outright falsehoods like "there's a real thing called an intersectionality issue".


@Katerina21p says this like it's a bad thing


Jessica Vansydenborgh, who sadly failed in her fall bid to unseat Deanne MacIntosh as Niagara school trustee, did absolutely nothing wrong in standing up to evil people like Catherine and their insistence that we all pretend this illegitimate lifestyle choice, or the equally wicked notion of "equity", are valid and worthy of support or endorsement.

These children need counseling before their perversions get out of hand, not some preening faggot patting them on their...body...assuring them it's all unicorns and rainbows.

This day in (blog) history

It was three years ago today that the senseless murder of Charles (Jim) Williams occurred at a Walmart in south Red Deer. I actually visited the scene of the crime on Boxing Day, but here's what I wrote on the following Christmas Eve as we started getting some details:

In the aftermath as we learn more, from the Red Deer RCMP deliberately lying about the shooting to try and discredit (accurate, it turns out) reports being shared on social media to the entirely predictable discovery that the savage killer was in fact a Red Indian, we are still left with a few "why"s, as the official "robbery goes wrong" seems odd.

Well in the summer of 2022 the murder trial got underway for the Red Indian savage in question, one Chase Freed. Freed pleaded not guilty but during jury selection changed his plea to guilty after which he was sentenced to a laughable ten years (he'll likely serve less than five).

As a result of this not going to trial, not having the circumstances of the incident laid out in a court case, it means we'll never have all of the answers, including why Freed chose Williams out of all the potential victims leaving a Walmart just before Christmas. Indeed William's purchase was a measly stick of deodorant, hardly the sort of high value target that a thief would want to waste his energy on. With his sawed off shotgun and mask (oh, the innocence of December 2021) Freed was clearly out to get himself a big haul.

Again, I was confused until I saw some video footage and the pieces started falling into place. Here's what I believe to be the likely scenario:

Freed was there to commit robbery, likely by watching people taking stuff back to their vehicle and then following them out. Since it's the Red Deer South Power Centre he was possibly looking for somebody who would drop off bags and then proceed to Five Guys or Reitman's and leave their (locked) vehicle unattended. The weapon was likely intended (at least in the pre-planning phase) to only be brought out if required. A scuzzy Red Indian up to no good would easily draw the ire of other people, and the feel of all those unfriendly eyes who knew what kind of punk he was but just didn't know how far he would go must have put him on edge. Williams probably was the latest in a long line of such eyes, and his own physical abnormality would have been an easy target for Freed to lash out at in return. Williams at this point would have reacted: harshly or patronizingly wouldn't have been unfair replies and either could set Freed off even more. While Williams is shopping Freed's hate festers and instead of moving onto his targets he instead thinks of some good responses to Williams (who may have come up with some good material on his own). The second confrontation goes much more aggressive than the first, and Freed reaches for that hidden weapon.

Thanks to both assailants pleading guilty, this remains a fairly plausible and certainly balanced-by-the-facts scenario. The media certainly didn't feel like digging into Freed's motives very strongly, as they and Red Deer RCMP were busy trying to coverup the fact that Chase Freed is a higher profile of what all rural prairie folks know to be 99% of criminals: Red Indians who are quick to play on judicial sympathy for their woe-is-me causes. Just look what happened during Freed's sentencing hearing:

Prosecutor Dominique Mathurin took Freed’s age into account — along with his upbringing in a dysfunctional, violent and drug-filled home in Prince Albert, Sask., — when she agreed to the 10-year parole ineligibility period

Red Indian gets slap on the wrist for violence and drugs which allows more children to be raised in violent drug dens where they are themselves eligible for a future slap on the write etc. etc. etc. The same Toronto Star article (titled "Remove the hate") does leave some hints that Jim Williams was selected because Freed thought his face -- disfigured years earlier in a propane accident -- was ugly:

Granddaughter Melissa Brunette told the court that she lost the one strong male role model in her life.

“I just want to know why. I hope this young man has also learned a lesson from all this and has a chance to remove the hate from his heart. I hope for his own healing in the process,” she said.

Williams’ son Billyjack, speaking on behalf of other family members, said his father was kind and generous and recovered from a severe propane explosion and accident many years ago.

“Never did we think that Jim would be taken from us by a gunshot wound by a thief. Chase Freed, you have ended the life of a generous man who already had so much taken from him. Your greed, your disregard for human life and your actions will have to sit with you for the rest of your life, which you are lucky to have.”

Freed certainly isn't providing us with a clear motive:

"I never meant for things to turn out like that. He’s a good man — I know that. I just can’t explain why I did this. Everybody’s hurting, right? Honestly all I can do is take responsibility for my actions,"

We can try asking his getaway driver Crystal Maurice:

Crystal Lee Maurice, 32, was scheduled to have a two-day preliminary hearing in Red Deer provincial court Dec. 16-17. However, she waived her right to a preliminary hearing on Dec. 16, and pleaded guilty to two of four counts against her.

Maurice was sentenced to six months in jail for theft of a motor vehicle. Court heard Thursday that theft took place the day before the shooting. Maurice admitted to stealing the vehicle of an acquaintance who was trying to help her on Dec. 19, 2019.

That sentence, however, was satisfied by 180 days of time already spent behind bars after Judge Bert Skinner gave her one and a half times credit for time served.

That would be the black SUV that they used during the robbery. Apparently the  red pickup they later stole and were driving at the time they were apprehended was attributed to Freed, and it was one of the charges that got him his whopping 10 years behind bars. (Some accounts claim both vehicles were being driven at the time)

Again, because she ultimately entered a guilty plea the court didn't hear any of the police investigation outcomes, and therefore here's all the wealth of information she's given us about the incident:


For those readers who aren't keeping score, she never had to spend another day in jail due to "time served" while waiting on trial.

Maurice was also given a 12-month Conditional Sentence Order (CSO), and 12 month driving prohibition, followed by 12 months of probation after pleading guilty to failing to stop while being pursued by a police officer. Both the CSO and probation contain a long list of conditions for Maurice to adhere to, including house arrest for the first three months, a curfew, and having no contact with her co-accused (Chase Freed), among others.

Two other counts against Maurice, including accessory after the fact to murder, and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, were withdrawn.

It seems like however much the justice system loves coddling Red Indian men who commit violent crimes, they love coddling their squaws even more:

Prior to sentencing, defence lawyer Andrew Phypers noted Maurice’s addiction to methamphetamine at the time of the incident, but highlighted her rehabilitation efforts since then and her recent graduation from the RESET program in Calgary.

According to the organization’s website, RESET provides immediate and safe supportive housing, allowing women to stabilize and begin the process of healing. It also supports each woman’s progress through transitional housing to independent living as the women graduate through the organization’s EXIT Program.

Phypers says the mother of five who now lives in Rocky Mountain House, is currently a house mom and peer mentor for other women in the RESET program.

So for well over a year now a woman who stole a vehicle to facilitate violent armed robbery and then watched her (presumed) boyfriend murder a man in cold blood only to help him escape and work with him on evading capture has been a "peer mentor" and "house mom". We already know from her relationship with a guy 12 years her junior that she's got screwed up maternal instincts and now we're making it worse?

Oh, one other little bit of postscript, a little minor thing nothing to get too worked up about, but Freed was another savage Red Indian from Saskatchewan already given a free pass by the justice system.

Less than a year prior to the incident, Freed had moved to Red Deer from Prince Albert as part of release conditions from a previous charge.

Sleep well tonight, fellow Albertans. And be ready to defend yourself with loaded firearms always kept at the ready.


@fluffrpuff - I don't take health advice from trannies

"It's just a pronoun Susan, you just have to be called the woman you are for a split second and then you can be educated about how your lifestyle choices (from your sexual partners to what you like doing to unborn babies) are evil."


@Maria81z fears how much better the private sector could run healthcare...for some reason

What on earth is so scary about the joke? (specifically that Doug Ford would allow grocery chains such as Loblaws to provide health services)

As I've covered many times, there's an intense irrational fear of the boogeyman of "private healthcare". One thing I've often noted (going back sixteen years) is that the necessity of healthcare is being used as some sort of explanation why it's a weird outlier where the free market isn't better at providing services than big government.

Complaints like Maria's drive home how dumb that is: food is far more critical to human existence than medical attention. For huge spans of our lives, most of us need no medical intervention. Even for those suffering from long-term ailments such as multiple sclerosis they can often go months or even years without needing to visit a doctor. Obviously going to the doctor (pre-COVID at least) tended to help prolong your life, but then so could going to the clothing store before winter. In general we (wisely) let the free market handle all sorts of wants and needs and things in between. Yet when hospital care comes up, suddenly that's the worst thing in the world?

Loblaws and Sobeys and other grocery stores every day provide 99.9% of Canadians with products they need within days to stay alive, day after day after day.

My cousin is in the middle of a 21-day fast trying desperately to disprove my thesis (and, probably coincidentally, avoiding my pre-Christmas dinner party)

For those keeping score, if every government hospital shut down tomorrow (which the nurses unions have been claiming for decades is mere hours away without a pay raise) for 95% of Canadians it wouldn't become a problem for months if not years. If every single food provider shut down tomorrow (as the green protesters demand) it would rapidly be fatal for literally everybody.

Yet we do leave it to the private sector, and they (pre-COVID at least) do an excellent job of cheaply bringing us delicious foods in all variety from all corners of the globe. Just imagine if the hospitals ran like grocery stores do: like all markets do it could cater to all sorts of socio-economic statuses from the rich fru-frus who only shop at the laughably named Save On Foods and expensive niche markets and would want whatever the healthcare equivalent of that is, to the working poor who have to wander around No Frills or FreshCo-the-Ontario-abomination buying ciabatta buns that expire within days.

Earlier in the thread @mynamesnotgordy thought he had some clever satirical thing insulting Loblaws for selling "good enough" jeans and could also sell you "good enough" healthcare. Seeing as how, like all government-run systems, our government run healthcare system is always teetering on collapse only surviving by either killing you, watching you die, or waiting for you to die, there's no reason that a privatized healthcare system should be opposed. To "save" you from "good enough" healthcare the system promises you "excellent" healthcare...just as long as they receive $267.6 trillion annual increases to pay for it...until then you'll get that "excellent" care sometime in the next 12-72 months.

Under this context, it's nationalizing grocery stores which would be a complete nightmare...

Will Edmonton have a White Christmas this year?


The same Weather Network that tells us with complete certainty the planet will be uninhabitably hot in 15 years unless we act now also isn't entirely sure a week before Christmas whether or not we'll still have all the snow currently on the ground.

I'd say a White Christmas is pretty fucking likely, guys.


World Cup 2022

So earlier today I went to Whyte and enjoyed the World Cup Final. As I'm sure many of you noticed, it was a barn burner of a game by soccer standards. As the play-by-play announcer declared (I'm unsure if TSN had their own broadcast team like Fox did or if they aped the BBC or ITV feeds: while I know they had their own crew in-studio I think they just rebroadcast an existing English language feed): this was the greatest final match in World Cup history, and was in the running for the greatest footy match ever.

It reminds me a lot of Colby Cosh's writeup in the wake of the 2005 Grey Cup where the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Montreal Alouettes (emphasis mine):

Let me be the first to say it: the question is not whether this was the greatest Grey Cup game ever--the question is whether it was the greatest football game ever, period. A hundred strange subplots. One coach opposing the team that made him a legend and broke his heart, the other scheming against the franchise he venerated as a child. A starting QB confronting the loathing of his own city and shooting out the lights to win the MVP. Eight lead changes. A do-or-die two-point convert. At least two shit-or-bust field goals. A 96-yard kickoff return. Grown men catatonic and screaming and crying. 60,000 forlorn fans with no hometown attachments surging one way and the other with each change of possession.

The parallels are fairly strong. In both games we had two of the big powerhouses facing off. Ricky Ray is no Messi, admittedly, but he was the dominant QB of the league up until some hotshot from Dixie setup shop in Cowtown. Neither game was played in the "hometown" so there were fans of each team in attendance along with a very large number of "neutral" fans who had months earlier pre-bought their tickets and simply sat in the stands watching two teams who weren't their favourites and had to import a narrative in order to support/oppose. While there strictly speaking weren't any "lead changes", as France never held a lead at any point tonight, Argentina did give up two leads which if you're comparing to CFL football must be the equivalent of at least eight lead changes. There were no shit-or-bust plays due to the nature of soccer, but you could call both of France's penalty kicks this for sure.

The 2022 World Cup went into both extra time and penalty kicks: the 2005 Grey Cup went to double overtime. In the first "overtime/extra time" period one team took the lead and forced the other to score themselves and keep the tie game into the next "post-regular time block"...the difference this time in the winning team scored first, in 2005 the Alouettes got the first TD of the first overtime. I guess if you want to keep the metaphor going, in both games the final play was decided on "penalties": the penalty kicks obviously today, where Argentina made every goal, but the 2005 Grey Cup ended based on a penalty as well...here's Cosh again:

The situation: Edmonton leads by three in OT, but Montreal has the ball on the Eskimos 35 with first-and-ten and has the opportunity (under CFL rules) to move the ball until there's a turnover. If they get a TD they win the game. No clock. Dead simple.
Alouettes QB Anthony Calvillo comes in, takes the snap from centre, drops back, and launches a short pass.


Esks tackle Jabari Issa has reached up to block the pass, and in an eyeblink it rebounds off his forearms right into Calvillo's chest. At this moment, Calvillo--olive-skinned, bright-eyed, an odds-on Hall-of-Famer--is magnificent. He takes no discernible time to recover, reload, and find receiver Kerry Watkins alone in the end zone. Standing alone, mind you, facing Calvillo from more than a hundred feet away. Not one Eskimo defender is in sight. Calvillo unleashes the game-winning pass on a perfect parabolic arc. Hideous magic. In front of the TV I am dying. A black vignette is forming at the edges of my vision.

And then a red flag interposes.

Did you, dear reader, exercise the skills we all honed in a hundred childhood "You Make The Call" commercials? Calvillo's throw is the second forward pass on the play. A wholly, unquestionably, one-thousand-percent illegal forward pass. In the time it takes the ball to reach Watkins' breadbasket (and thump insensible to the turf), Calvillo has gone from demigod to braying ass. And I am no longer dying, not at all (who spoke of dying?): I am snapping puzzle pieces together like some idiot savant in the grip of divine inspiration. The ten-yard penalty will move the ball back to the 45; the "easy" field goal to tie the game is suddenly a 52-yard proposition.

The ball flew and the flag flew and the magnetic poles reversed and the sun rose in the West, and on the next play an Eskimos substitute lineman (whose name I'd never heard before) sacked Calvillo for another 11 yards, and it was all over. Shouting definitely included.

We're really out of parallels at this point, aren't we. Well, almost: both teams featured a team nonsensically accused of racism.

As we all know by now, the Edmonton Eskimos knealed down and took the L (and 3 seasons without a win at home!) by shedding the name on the false belief that "Eskimo" is some sort of racist term.

You'd think national teams would be relatively safe, but no...you see, the Argentine team is racist because it's all made up of white people. And that's disgusting, because as everybody knows Argentina isn't 100.0% white: and that none of the country's blacks made it on the team is proof positive that something nefarious is going on. Because, as the Washington Post notes deep in the bottom of their long story about how racist Team Argentina is, blacks make up...er...almost one whole percent of the population. No, wait, sorry, fact check came through, a barely imperceptible slice of 1%.

@Joanbeam3000 - Only a small subset of CBC supporters are racist, but that means the agency should be immediately terminated

Pierre Poilievre should immediately claim that anybody who opposes disbanding the CBC are racist.

No, wait, sorry, my mistake.

Pierre Poilievre should immediately claim that some of the people who oppose disbanding the CBC are racist. After all, when the Freedom Convoy (who did more for this planet than every Liberal Party of Canada supporter combined over history) marched on Ottawa earlier this year to oppose the (now discredited) mandates, Shiny Pony went on TV to insist he couldn't possibly entertain any of their policy requests or even request for an audience to air grievances because....they were "anti-vaxxers" and therefore "extremists, misogynists, and racists".

As with all wicked authoritarians, you'll always find a useful moron around to defend them and insist that isn't what they really meant. Stalin was doing the best he could under a hard set of externally imposed circumstances, remember? In this case, Clintonesque style "it depends what your definition of is is" arguments are used to defend Rat Bastard 2.0 when he's rightfully accused of using left-wing bugaboo buzzwords to justify his arrogant ignoring of people who let's remember all turned out to be right.

So okay, Pierre can't obviously call every CBC supporter racist. But we already know that many of them are. Indeed, the Mother Corp itself is an inherently racist organization. And don't take my word for it: they say so themselves! From CBC staff to the President of the CBC they all agree up and down that the CBC itself is -- not was mind you but is -- guilty of racism.

So there you go. The solution to get anything done is simply to claim any subset of a group is also guilty of "bad thing" and then poof! whole group is discredited based on "bad thing".

Problem is, soccer has always been faggy

The World Cup Final in Qatar is about to start. So this is as good a time as any to look at Steven Tucker's (obviously timely) article about how sodomites and trannies are upset that the host country's regime doesn't want to accept their evil lifestyle choices:

These “universal values” of which soccer speaks are not universal at all; they are purely local to our current leftist Western governing class and the deranged activist groups who now increasingly control them.

When U.K. Foreign Minister James Cleverly pragmatically advised gay visitors to Qatar to be toned down in their public conduct and “respect the culture of your host nation” prior to kickoff, he was immediately condemned by LGBTQ fan group 3LionsPride as forcing them “back into the closet.” Cleverly’s supposed advice for them to “be less queer” played into the “fractioning of us as either ‘tolerable’ queers or ones who are too much” and (inevitably…) “risks mental health crises,” the group said. Furthermore, “some trans and gender-diverse fans don’t have the option of being ‘less visibly queer’” whilst out in Qatar, 3LionsPride said; have they never heard of burkas?

“Human rights are universal and they apply everywhere,” ten European Football Associations wrote in a November joint public letter piously calling for “progressive sustainable change” in Qatar. Imagine the outcry if the Qatari team turned up to a future World Cup held in, say, Holland and demanded they ban gay marriage in order to leave a lasting legacy in terms of the “universal” (as they believe them to be) values of Islam. “We agree that diversity is a strength,” the European FAs continued, blithely ignorant of the fact that the words “diverse” and “universal” are direct antonyms.

And, as we've seen many a time before, the "tolerate diversity" crowd doesn't like anybody who promotes the belief that we shouldn't embrace a group that is universally guilty of molesting children.
Meanwhile, in the ideologically colonized West itself, dissenting soccer players are the ones being oppressed, not gay fans. In May 2022, the ironically named Senegalese midfielder Idrissa Gana Gueye, of France’s leading club Paris Saint-Germain, absented himself from a match against Montpelier, allegedly due to it being compulsory for players to wear shirts with rainbow-hued squad numbers that day. A Muslim, Gueye had also missed the previous season’s corresponding big pink gay fixture with “gastroenteritis,” and was now issued an official reprimand from the France Football Federation, accusing him of “a refusal to participate,” a “very serious error.” He had either to issue a public apology, or deny this was why he had been absent.


The latest in stupid green bullshit

Unlike plastic straws, I never was super satisfied with the performance of plastic tie tabs that go on packaging for bread: they have a tendency to bend out of position after 6-8 uses which for some of us is how many times we unseal and reseal a bag of bread before finishing it.

Yet that's no excuse for replacing them with worthless fucking paper tabs which completely bend apart after 1-2 uses, making them absolute garbage. As always with this sort of enviro-preening bullshit, I remind you that absolutely nobody in Canada or the United States is responsible for plastic pollution and that the green movement is step by step making our lives worse off (and therefore for no benefit whatsoever).

@trax123 - Stop lying about superior white people

As you read about relatively early on this blog, and eventually elsewhere, zero Red Indian kids were found dead at the old Kamloops Residential School. By September of 2022 this was much more well known than when I first discussed it.

Yet hateful people like Traxy continue to slander the hardworking (white) men and women who put their hearts and souls into the noble goal of educating the jackpine savages who wandered across Her Majesty's Dominion in Canada's early years. They put all their energy into this narrative of cruel teachers spreading evil across the land, and as the evidence continues to mount against their case, they continue to cling to it.

Why? Because deep down they know the truth: there's no shame in educating kids who so badly needed it. So they keep claiming "they found more than a hundred bodies in unmarked graves" even though they found zero. Also, and I don't know if I've blogged about this before, but if you watch Arctic Manhunt about the infamous Mad Trapper of Rat River there's a scene where they search for "Albert Johnson"'s body to do modern forensic analysis.

(There's a bunch of nonsense about tribal elders in that movie, unfortunately, including a ticking clock because the elders only allow them a specific timeframe to search even though we all know Johnson is a white man and not their ancestor: in real life the Eskimo trackers turned out to be mostly useless since their "knowledge of the land gained from the ancestors of their ancestors" was flat our wrong, and they got superstitiously scared thinking Johnson was a magical being that they were fools to oppose)

Anyways they go to Johnson's marked grave. They search with ground penetrating radar, they find his body, and they dig...

...he wasn't there. They finally found the body a few feet away, but critically in a location that the ground penetrating radar (which Traxy assures us is "a reliable tool" specifically didn't point to).

We worried

Mark Steyn has apparently recovered from his bout of ill health.


@DanPriceSeattle - Have they tried being less inferior?

Negroes don't like going into the office. Every employer who's looked at the number of hours they put in has surely noticed this, but it's nice to have one of their "allies" point it out as well.

The funny thing about "being treated fairly" is that a poorly performing employee being treated badly is fair...but not if you ask the employee in question. So on the face of it this survey doesn't tell you anything. Dan's claim is "making niggers do office work hurts their mental health", but the counter-claim that "niggers prefer remote work since they can slack off without being detected" is exactly as explainable from the data.

Adam Reiner hates himself and we should take the opportunity to join him

Adam Reiner is concerned that restaurants are consolidating:

As a suburbanite at heart, however, I understand why so many diners embrace chain restaurants. Many of them serve really good food. The problem is that their growing presence is beginning to pose an existential threat to the independently-run restaurants so integral to our commercial centers.

The pandemic has only crystallized that advantage, as big, sit-down restaurant brands like Olive Garden and Cheesecake Factory leverage scale to consolidate market share and aggressively expand their footprints.

History has shown that the unimpeded growth in chain restaurants often comes at the expense of our beloved family-run eateries. To wit: New York City—home to some of the best Chinese food in America—is about to welcome its first full-service P.F. Chang’s. I worry that this incursion, hastened by the pandemic, is reshaping how we define dining out in America.

Pierre Poilievre often talks about "gatekeepers", probably annoyingly so, but one of the reasons that large restaurants are able to consolidate their positions like this is that they were better positioned to afford retarded ever-changing Wuhan Flu lockdown rules due to their greater efficiencies.

You know all those "please remain 6-feet apart" signs with custom logos in the corner? It's much easier for them to afford those, and buy them in bulk to save extra money. That's just one of a trillion tiny examples that all start to add up to kill small independent businesses (even before government shock troops decided to take it up themselves as a hobby). Unsurprisingly, at least to those of us smarter than the "experts" when lockdowns and social distancing rules started happening, the end result is smaller restaurants shutting their doors forever.

Do you know one of these retarded assholes who didn't think that unintended consequences of these insane rules would involve harming small business? That's right, Viro Fascist Adam Reiner:

Requiring vaccinations isn’t an arbitrary rule like seating incomplete parties or forbidding menu substitutions. Aside from the obvious threat to human life, it wouldn’t be hospitable to leave any guests vulnerable because a gaggle of defiant, conspiracy-minded people perceive vaccination mandates to be invasions of privacy. Restaurants cannot knowingly allow themselves to be vectors for transmitting disease. A study done recently in Los Angeles showed that restaurants accounted for half of the city’s most serious outbreaks. The data suggests overwhelmingly that restaurant spaces should continue to exercise an abundance of caution.

This is the world you wanted, dipshit. You signed endlessly on to the ridiculous belief that we were better off all hiding indoors rather than go out and enjoy our life unencumbered (as so many of us would be) by Chairman Xi's ineffective bioweapon. You are indirectly the cause of the problems you are now concerned about.

I hope all your favourite restaurants went under and all your favourite chefs died of suicide so you'll never be able to taste the fruits of their labours again.

Bonus Adam Reiner idiocy: Naming your restaurant after yourself is anti-BIPOC male privilege.