May Long camping weekend

Caution: even though it's not expected to snow this weekend, it's still too early in Alberta for boating.

But still, check out Cheap Rodeo's summer fun song. And remember that paradoxically, we celebrate the "unofficial start of summer" earlier than the country basking in +30 right now.


"Starbucks already has sold its corporate soul to the homo agenda"

Peter LaBarbera takes on the disgusting support for sapphists at Starbucks.

And so it begins...

Andrew Coyne kicks off another round of "respectable people trying to make voting mandatory"




Music Trivia

What do Kanye West and the Barenaked Ladies have in common?

Answer to come next week. Put your guesses in the comments!

Update, August 22 12:17pm: I totally forgot to finish this one off, didn't I?

"I love you" from the album Gordon uses the phrase "I like fish sticks" (at 0:50 in this video)


Banned from Facebook

Another step in the crackdown?