@Samyann_Writer - man didn't make women breeders, it's just an inescapable fact of the world we live in

Funny thing about pregnancy: it's something only women can do.

Okay maybe not particularly "funny" in a ha-ha sense. It's just one of those universal truths. Pregnancy certainly requires male input (literally), but only the woman actually gets pregnant.

Leftists hate this basic truth, of course, and think for some bizarre reason that it was some sort of male conspiracy.
Of course, the first thing you might note from Sammy's retarded little tweet is the reference to cows. The second thing you may note that it's in response to a discussion about how FakePresident Biden is expanding the murder of babies across the world using U.S. taxpayer dollars, and that such a viewpoint doesn't particularly jive well with his (supposed) religious beliefs. Since you are being asked to note both things on this blog, you've probably surmised that they're related.

I could talk a lot about this: I could note that the allusion to the animal world kind of betrays the fact that human women being the half that breeds future generations nicely corresponds to how cows are the half that breeds future generations as well (it's why the beef you eat -- except for low-cost hamburger harvested from cows who have undergone bovine menopause -- always comes from surplus young steers). I could note that women already can "make up their own mind" and the side who thinks that making a Facebook post about how somebody is a "homo" should bar you from all future employment suddenly fears consequences in return for being a slut. The whole time I'd be doing this, though, it would be in the back of my brain that somebody else already did it and better.

So let's let the master instruct the class from here on out. As always, this column is lovingly OCR'd from the legendary Ted Byfield's "The Book of Ted". The relevant section is in red below.

I've been convicted of murder but I'd like to make a point

The blame, it appears, has now been assigned for the shooting death of fourteen young women last month at the University of Montreal. The killer himself who committed suicide was not the real culprit. Rather, it was the conservative anti-feminists of the country whose views incited the man to do what he did. This has apparently become the official feminist explanation for the tragedy.

Thus, when I was at Golden, B.C., west of Banff, last week, I was accosted by a grim, formidable woman of about 50 who said that she had read two recent columns in which I had criticized the feminist revolution. Fixing me with a cold eye, she added something like this. "Fourteen young women have died in Montreal at the hands of a man who hated feminists. I think you should know that the difference between you and the man who killed them is merely a matter of degree."

In precisely the same vein, Thomas Walkom, a columnist in the Toronto Star, declared that Ted and Link Byfield on the one hand, and Montreal killer Marc Lepine on the other, "are disparate parts of the same phenomenon." Lepine, says Mr. Walkom, "represents the crazy edge of anti-feminism" while the Byfields "articulate a version which is more acceptable," but both are pursuing the same end.

The case against us, of course, is never stated in full. It is made by innuendo in a kind of sweeping generality that is intended for unexamined acceptance. That's because it will not bear much examination. Stated in full, it would go something like this:
Many men harbour a deep, subconscious hatred and fear of women. Males have given vent to this hatred by creating a society which women are subjugated into drudgery, made to serve male masters, rear children, and tend the home. They are denied any significant social, economic or political role. The feminist movement seeks to deliver women from this servitude, and establish instead a social system in which both sexes share power. Feminism is therefore a threat to the male power establishment. People who oppose feminism, knowingly or not, are inciting this male hatred of women into violent reality, causing unrestrained males to explode in the kind of incident we see at Montreal. Conclusion: since opposing the feminist movement subjects women to physical violence, one must not criticize or oppose the feminist revolution.

Now let's apply the same reasoning to other instances of mass mayhem - for instance to the appearance of a gunman several years ago in the Quebec National Assembly who also took a considerable toll of life. One would reason as follows:
Many people have an inherent resistance to the coercive authority of government. Politicians represent government in the popular mind. People who criticize politicians are, knowingly or unknowingly, inciting this inherent hatred of authority into violent reality, causing the kind of incident we saw at Quebec. To criticize the government, therefore, is to subject politicians to physical violence. Conclusion: one must not criticize government.

Or in the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan:
Many people have an inherent resistance to the constituted authority of government. The president of the United States symbolizes government in the popular mind. People who criticize the president, knowingly or unknowingly, are inciting this inherent resentment of government into violent reality, as in the attempted assassination of president Reagan. Conclusion: one must not criticize president Reagan.

Now Mr. Walkom (I do not doubt) was a persistent critic of president Reagan. By his own reasoning, he and the man who tried to assassinate the president are "disparate parts of the same phenomenon." Similarly, the woman at Golden who resents male domination, and that woman at Vancouver who, apparently out of the same sentiment, last month murdered her husband and children before killing herself, are "separated only by degree."

Now it is possible to construct a very different explanation, if not for the specific tragedy at Montreal, at least for the situation in which women now find themselves, namely one of extreme danger and increasing vulnerability to violence at the hands of males. It is an ironic thing that the modern young career woman probably has a thousand freedoms her grandmother did not share. But her grandmother was safe on the streets at night, and she is not. Like the case against the Byfields, this one too must go back to root causes.

Point 1: The chief cause of the subjugation of woman is not the man. It is the child. Because the woman had to nurture and rear young children, she has never had the freedom available to the man.
Point 2: Since all animals lay this responsibility upon the female, one must conclude that it is not the result of some male conspiracy, but an act of nature itself (That is, unless male dogs at some prehistoric time conspired to enslave female dogs, boars to enslave sows, drakes to enslave ducks, and stallions to enslave mares, then men didn't enslave women; God did.)
Point 3: Humanity, however, developed a device to ease the burden upon women, notably the family, an institution in which the woman cares for the children and the man cares for the woman. Out of the family came the tribe, and out of the tribe came successive civilizations which rise and fall throughout human history. None is permanent. The higher the civilization the greater the freedom of women. Feminism is a product of the current civilization and will end when it ends.
Point 4: Hence, the best protection for the woman is the civil order. Anything that threatens the civil order threatens pre-eminently the woman, and when the civil order fails, as it has in parts of many modem cities, women are the first casualties. The basis of the civil order is the family, and any threat to the family is a direct threat to the safety and freedom of women.
Point 5: The greatest threat to the family today is posed by feminism which has resolved to either abolish the family, or change it into something else entirely. By attacking the foundation of the social order, therefore, feminism threatens, rather than enhances, the lot of women, and destroys the very basis upon which women have won such freedom as they now enjoy.

Conclusion: Both men and women should resist and oppose the feminist revolution insofar as it threatens the family, and "people like Mr. Walkom want to find the real source of violence against women, they might look a little more closely at what they have been writing themselves.
- Ted Byfield, January 22, 1990

NuTrek language (what we used to call NSFW before "fuck" became more acceptable than "tranny")

Jackpine savage alert

Another violent Red Indian is on the loose in Alberta.
[Cameron] Redcrow is described as:
  • Indigenous male;
  • Six feet tall and 201 lbs;
  • Brown hair and brown eyes.
Charges of sexual assault and sexual interference against Redcrow were made following an investigation launched last May. Hobbema RCMP have been unable to locate Redcrow in order to affect his arrest.
I guess that's the sort of outcome that happens when you're taking a year to investigate a rape and instead busying yourself with perpetuating the lie that there's "systemic racism" and arresting pastors rather than just a race rejecting the few lessons Residential Schools taught them and regressing to a more primitive state..


Justice for Rob Hoogland and his daughter

MassResistance via LifeSiteNews:

As we described in our March 13 report, Rob Hoogland of Surrey, British Columbia is living a horror story. The government has ruled that his 15-year-old daughter, who believes she is “really” a boy (thanks to school propaganda), must be given dangerous and experimental medical procedures to “change” her sex to male – despite her terrified father’s objections.

These treatments include puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgical procedures will likely follow. This will cause sterility and other horrible and irreversible side effects, such as unhealthy bone growth and premature aging. In fact, what the girl really needs is psychological help.

1942 Liberals vs 2021 Liberals on race relations

In my research earlier this month into historical budgets, I was reading through 1942 Hansard where I found this gem (from March 9th 1942, exactly 79 years before my post about Budget Barbie):

In case you can't see the image, and so that this can be future-quoted, here's what it says:

I find this legislation scandalous. It is time that we stopped making Canada nothing more than a dumping ground for all the nations of the world.

Mr. MITCHELL: In reply to my hon. friend the member for Témiscouata (Mr. Pouliot), who has talked about Canada being a dumping ground, let me say that the Minister of Labour is one of those who were dumped, and I am proud of it.

Mr. MacNICOL: The minister is a credit to Canada, too. 

Mr. MITCHELL: I might add that I have recently been through a by-election in Welland, and in speaking to the good people of that constituency I dwelt on the difficulty of governing a nation made up of all of the finest blood streams of Europe, including my own and my hon. friend's blood streams. My grandfather was a Frenchman and I am proud of it. At this very difficult time through which we are passing, when the very life of our institutions which it has taken centuries to build up is at stake. I do not think it is well that utterances should go forth from this House of Commons which would have for their purpose the splitting of this nation, not into two racial groups only, but into dozens of racial groups. 

For your context, Monsigneur Pouliot is one ean-François Pouliot of the Liberal Party of Canada, objecting to a bill which would provide government benefits to soldiers on the grounds that any old soldier who signed up for the British Empire would be compensated. His "dumping ground for the world" of course was in reference to British citizens holding Canadian high office, though he tied that into the Brits enlisting tribal Africans as well (I've posted his full address below). That same Pouliot later split from the government over conscription, since fighting to save France in the Canadian national interest apparently didn't interest the cowards in Queerbec. He's against Canadian soliders, he's against foreign soldiers. No wonder General Wolfe whipped them on the plains of Abraham. Mitchell is Humphrey Mitchell, also of the Liberal Party of Canada (Welland Ontario, just outside of Niagara Falls), while John Ritchie MacNicol was the National Government candidate for Davenport (part of Toronto).

In the 1940 election the four main parties were the Liberal Party (who won the election and formed the national government), the National Government (who lost the election and did not become the national government), along with the New Democracy Party (who were offshoots from the Conservative Party who later formed Social Credit, diametrically opposed to the NDP), and finally the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (who later became the NDP). And you thought the red/blue swap was confusing.

So what we had here was a Queerbec Liberal bemoaning immigration and wanting Canada to remain insular, with Ontario Liberals countering (with support from the Tories) that all the European races belonged to Canada and that balkanization into "dozens of racial groups" was a bad thing. Today, Welland is "Niagara-Centre" and it's Liberal MP says retarded garbage like this:
The "dozens of racial groups" thing was only a temporary concern for you guys, huh? It's a shame, because we've seen that Mitchell's concerns have come to pass. Speaking of Badawey, he got all pissy last year when a Conservative candidate make a gag about how Camel-a Harris is only halfblack, while  Leslyn Lewis is the full meal deal. But isn't that the ultimate end-point of the balkanized worldview that Mitchell opposed and Badawey endorsed? If "white privilege" was really a thing, wouldn't Harris at least have some of it which she needs to "acknowledge" and "make reparations for" while Lewis had none?

The alternative, of course, is the English Liberal/Conservative coalition of 1942's response. It's a shame the LPC doesn't believe in that stuff anymore. (Though it's worth a note that it's the same government who sided with the Pouliot wing of the party when it came to ships full of Jews.)

Below is the full Pouliot remarks:
Mr. POULIOT: I consider it a shame. Under  previous legislation it was required that a person should have resided in Canada for some time prior to the great war to enjoy a preference in appointment to the civil service, and under that legislation the civil service has been filled with people who were not born in this country and who are now occupying the finest positions in the Land. Canada has become the dumping ground for all the nations of the world. There is a distinction made in the legislation before us—and the minister was honest enough to admit it—between men and women. Men may come from all over the world to take advantage of this legislation and get something from this government, but for women service in his majesty's form shall include service in the Canadian Women's Army Corps or in the Canadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force. There is a distinction clearly made between men and women, and how the minister can bring legislation like that before this house and this committee I cannot understand. He is a new minister, and I was quite open-minded because he was my colleague in the house for a certain length of time, but I cannot conceive that his idea of Canadian citizenship is that this country shall become the dumping ground of all the nations of the world and that it is to he enough for a man to get into his majesty's fortes anywhere, in central Africa or anywhere else, to be entitled to the same privileges as a red-blooded Canadian who enlists in the Canadian army. This I cannot conceive to be right: and I do not know any Canadian citizen, born in Canada, who would pilot legislation like that through this house. I do not know any member who is not enough of a Canadian to protest strongly and bitterly against it until it is defeated in this committee and in this house. I have never before spoken like this, but it is time that we opened our eyes and stopped making fools of ourselves.


Nikil Badey is one dishonest nigger

Last month a University of Minnesota student by the are-you-serious-thats-his-first-name of Nikil Badey made waves by claiming that he was traumatized and abused by police during a "hateful" encounter.

Unfortunately, those pesky dashboard cams came to the police's rescue and disproved his #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker narrative.

The elapsed time from greeting to “I believe you” was 34 seconds.

Everything in Badey’s account, other than the fact that police talked to him, is a lie.

No sirens. One car, not multiple squad cars. No cops out of the cars with hands on guns.

Police did not ask for ID.

Police said they believed him and they apologized.

A lifetime of trauma? He asked the cops for a ride home.

So he...to use Sir Humphrey's wry phrase...lied. He thought he could make up a story and shame the cops, instead he got Streisand-effected beyond all human comprehension. But he could always use a little more.

Back in 2016 he appeared on "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg to promote some charity he was running. So he got a taste of the limelight. About two years ago he was also in a big news story: the University of Minnesota (which he apparently had just joined, he appears to have been born in 2000) had a meeting to discuss renaming buildings because the superior white people who the buildings were named after really got their dander up. The meeting attendees crowded around an activist nigger prof and wouldn't leave until he "had a chance to speak"...no word if they also allowed other people in favour of the building names to speak out as well. The meeting didn't go well, whitey's name stayed on the building, and one Nikil Badey can be seen bawling his eyes out like a goddamned woman because the final vote was 10-1 in favour of keeping the names.

Apparently he doesn't go so teary-eyed when it comes to 
#NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker rioters being mad that George Floyd's COVID acted up at the exact moment a hero cop had a knee on his neck, as per LibertyHour
Nikil Badey loved the limelight. But without live town meetings to crash and no niggers dying while committing crimes in the vicinity of a police officer, he was running out of it. His #DefundUMPD hashtag hadn't gotten a Twitter hit since September.
The interaction has prompted a campus-wide response, including from student organizations like Students for a Democratic Society, which called on Joan Gabel and the Board of Regents to condemn UMPD’s “acts of profiling, escalation and terror.”
This fake police interaction helped him immensely. Suddenly the campus was rallying around him, activists were mobilizing, oh wait the police videotaped the incident and now suddenly he's getting all the wrong publicity.

Surprise surprise, the publicity hound is now asking for a little privacy please:
The Minnesota Daily is not naming the person at this time due to his concerns of retaliation.
The credit to a lot of media outlets including the Toronto SUN and Campus Reform is that they aren't letting him get away with it. The Minnesota-based Garage Logic podcast has been trying to get Nikil Badey on the show for weeks. His own university's Department of Public Safety is demanding he apologize:
The MPPOA and Law Enforcement Labor Services have asked Badey to publicly apologize to the UMPD officers for his dishonest statements; end his email campaign to the Board of Regents against UMPD due to false allegations; read the University of Minnesota's Student Conduct Code, particularly Section IV, Subsection 3 (Falsification), Subsection 5 (Attempt to Injure or Defraud), and Subsection 9 (Disorderly Conduct); and consider meeting with UMPD in further dialogue on ways the community can work together for a safer campus for all.
Uh oh. So hey, out of curiosity, what's the dude even studying in university anyways? Gender studies? Post-colonial basket weaving? It can't be a real discipline can it? Oh, wait..




Theory: Debbie Baptiste is also a savage criminal

Unsurprisingly, a commission co-chaired by far-left former social workers and Alberta Liberal MLA Karen Leibovici has recently said that everything jackpine savage Coulton Boushie's jackpine savage family claimed is true, even the parts that don't match anybody else's claims or the facts on the ground (ie. they insist that Boushie, who was driving a truck with a stolen gun inside which had just been seen in two other recent property crimes and matched two independent descriptions of the suspects, wasn't guilty of any crimes).

As is typical, the (fortunately dead) Red Indian's mother Debbie Baptiste refuses to admit that her son was a violent criminal and that a bullet in his brain before his 25th birthday was pretty much a guaranteed result.
Baptiste told officers Boushie's dinner was waiting in the microwave, the CRCC wrote.

"Then they even checked the microwave where she had put her son's dinner to make sure that she was telling the truth," Sunchild said.

"If that doesn't speak of discrimination and racism, I don't know what does."
It doesn't, so you don't.

No, seriously, that's the claim? That the police (who suspected that one or more connected criminals were armed and inside Baptiste's house) were interested in checking her alibi? Actually "alibi" is a bit of overkill here: but investigators were going to take 15 seconds to check and see if there was actually a dinner waiting in the microwave: there was, of course, which she had put in there on the theory that after her primitively violent son was finished raiding local farmhouses he might have worked up a bit of an appetite. The other "major claim of racism" was that the officers smelled her breath when she collapsed to the ground; presumably Bouchie's tribal supporters will claim she just collapsed upon hearing the news, but since she knew full well what her son was doing out at nights and what might happen to him, the police sensibly presumed that she'd had six too many and just fell down. Red Indians are notorious for not holding their liquor...though in fairness they also are notorious for having horribly acidic breath smelling like rotting gasoline after having even the smallest amount of alcohol, so smelling her rancid exhalations likely wouldn't have told them anything.

Justin's RCMP, as expected, caved immediately without anybody bothering to question what happened in the family's version of the narrative (which the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission took at face value) and whether it aligned with the evidence collected after the fatal altercation. They certainly didn't spend thirty seconds looking at "if that's not racism and discrimination" claims and finding that they had absolutely nothing to do with "racism and discrimination". Words mean things, and while it's understandable that Debbie Baptiste didn't have much schoolin' due to the excellent Residential Schools being closed down within her lifetime, you'd think the more lettered of RCMP executives could figure it out.

Which brings me to the next thing nobody seems interested in figuring out: what crimes Debbie Baptiste is guilty of. The answer certainly is unlikely to be "nothing". After all, one of the reasons the RCMP showed up in force at her door was because along with notifying next of kin they were looking for Cassidy Cross-Whitstone who had driven the SUV earlier in the day, had gotten away in another stolen vehicle, had taken part in the home invasion, was believed to have a second weapon that the (drunk) kids claimed was also in the SUV (only the one stolen rifle has ever been recovered), and already had a lengthy criminal record including court ordered bans on both alcohol and driving a motor vehicle. Baptiste was in the fugitive harbouring business, and while nobody outside of rumours in Biggar will discuss it, I'm wondering if that's because she didn't play a larger role in the thieving savagery of her child and his friends than has been generally understood.

Are the Baptiste family responsible for fencing Coulton Boushie's ill-gotten gains?

It's worth noting that while Cross-Whitstone is known to have committed several home invasions with (as yet unnamed) accomplices, authorities have yet to recover most of the property he has stolen or identify the fence. Does Debbie Baptiste know who was selling off this money so her son and his friends could party it up? Was this really Boushie's first rodeo on the jackpine savage circuit? Or did Gerald Stanley's actions save rural Saskatchewan landowners from one more violent gang who takes advantage of a remote and elderly population? Most likely either Debbie or Alvin Baptiste have taken the Homer Simpson "best defence is a good offense" strategy to heart and demanded a woke Prime Minister do more to alleviate their suffering...even as they capitalize on the goods their departed relation was taking from hardworking white people by force.

Don't the NDP debate topics? Or is it just a Woke Olympics?

Rachel Arab, the reason extra clips were invented, is upset that the federal Conservative Party dared to look into the question of "hey is this climate change rumour worth all the money people want to throw at it?"

As is typical with Rachel Arab, everything she says is always a retarded lie. So let's break this one down.

The answer to "Seriously?!" is "no, not really." She's reacting to a (lying) CBC article about the debates over declaring climate change to be real as an official part of the Conservative Party platform. Somehow I get the impression that a motion to declare that women can only get pregnant after being fertilized by a man would get a similar aggressive treatment at an NDP convention (more on that below). The headline made it sound more involved than it really was, it was more about whether it was counterproductive to even throw it in the platform. It most certainly was: evil dykes like K. Walmsley won't be joining the Conservatives as a result of this change, and numerous actual principled conservatives will leave (more on that below). As I wrote on this topic back in December of 2008:
In politics there is a simple rule about any action your government or opposition wishes to take: either your plan has to bring in more new voters than the number of old voters you lose, or else you had such a glut of old voters you could afford to lose them.
Conservatives, now 9 points back of the Liberals due to a temporary bump up in the vaccine rates (we show up on the charts now!) and O'Toole's low approval rating across the entire political spectrum, don't have a glut of voters they can afford to piss off, and since "believing in climate change" isn't going to make NDP voters sign on while their media buddies assure them conservative=evil and collude to keep them from learning the truth, it fails that test as well. It was a worthy topic of debate (and in the end the party chose the wrong answer).

Okay moving onto Rachel Arab's second lie: "Climate change is real. Period." As so many conservative delegates at the convention, and what few non-banned-for-being-conservative conservatives in her Twitter replies have asked: "can we see any proof of this"? All we end up getting are a bunch of projections based on models, which would be fine except that we now have a quarter century of projections based on models which include the years we happen to be living in, and the models straight up don't hold water. If you listened to scientists in 2000 you'd be told that British children would never again see snow. If you listened to conservatives in 2000 you'd be told that the 2020 climate wouldn't be appreciably hotter. Here we are looking at 2020 and look what we discover...conservatives were right, science was wrong. (This seems to happen fairly often). As is typical, the only way the left can get science on their side is by faking the science. Another NDP claim, another NDP lie.

Now onto Rachel Arab's third sentence (and third lie): "Claiming it's not is dangerous." What she means, of course, is that conservatives shouldn't even be able to make conservative statements since presumably they will also wish to act on these statements, and acting on the "claim" (fact) that the climate isn't appreciably warming and/or that it's not worth the cost to try and stop it. To show how silly this is, let's pretend her second lie wasn't actually a lie, and climate change is a horrible horrible crisis that will kill us all in... *checks watch* ...nine years and nine months away from now. What if a Conservative government under Erin O'Toole refuses to take any action about climate change and wins enough elections that they remain in power until that slut Greta's mythical 12 years expires? One would presume that Canada's carbon footprint increases roughly analogous with growth: 2% per year from 2018 (the last year hard data exists) until 2031 (excepting a 8% shrinkage due to Wuhan Flu restrictions in 2020). That's a total growth of 16.68%, bringing our CO2 from 716Mt to 835Mt (the Liberal Government claims 815Mt in 2030 without any action, it will be curious if their rigorous analysis or my back of the envelope analysis proves closer, not that they're that far off).
So what will the global carbon emissions look like in 2030? Well, projections from Climate Action Tracker say 3.8–4.1 Gt, so...oh,wait, sorry, that's for India alone! Worldwide the IPCC predicts 49–53 Gt and even that presumes that several countries will meet their aggressive reduction targets: Roger Pielke explains why that's almost certainly bullshit.

So let's go with a decent "halfway" meetup between the 49 Gt minimum guess by the IPCC and the 26 Gt they want for their silly "1.5C target", and say that global CO2 emissions will be 37.5Gt in 2030 and that's with the retarded Liberal/NDP Paris targets applied. In which case, Canada would contribute 503Mt to that global target: 1.34% of the global total. If instead we did the "conservative plan" (note this may not end up being the Conservative plan) and emitted 819Mt, the global CO2 emissions would rise to 37.8Gt and Canada would contribute 2.16% of global emissions. This means that even if the world was halfways successful in reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions (unlikely), if Canada sat on our hands and refused to participate it would result in a 0.8% increase in worldwide carbon emissions. If that's the extent of the "danger" we have very little to worry about. Of course, it's highly likely that worldwide CO2 emissions will continue to increase, driven largely by economic production increasing in countries where cheap labour and a strong authoritarian government guarantees that growth will progress without policies that make Rachel Arab happy.

So now let's circle back to the questions Rachel Arab's questions bring up to any halfways intelligent casual observer: how else do political parties resolve disputes other than with debate? That there's a large number of conservatives who (rightly or wrongly) think climate change is bunk and not deserving the attention of government. So why shouldn't the political party that presumably exists to promote their views discuss the matter. In more direct language: why doesn't the Alberta NDP have vigorous policy debates? What happens when there's a gap between what the rank and file want and the party leadership advocates?

For a random example, there's a big anti-pipeline wing of the Alberta NDP, yet during 5 years of NDP government Rachel Arab claimed to be pro-pipeline. Why didn't we hear stories during their party policy conventions about a fight between people on the side of the "well this position is popular with the public and therefore it shouldn't be our party policy" and "this position is unpopular with our base and shouldn't be part of our party policy"? It's the same basic tension with climate change in the federal Conservative party: we know it must exist, so why is Rachel Arab implying it shouldn't be up for discussion?

It would be nice if the NDP were forced to actually debate positions: we can only dream of debates over whether "taxation is theft" or "sodomy is a disgusting lifestyle choice" become hotly contested over being in their policy documents. The problem of course is that like all leftists they hate debate: they aren't very good at it (partly because they have never been exposed to the other side of the argument), and because their beliefs and policies are inferior they tend to lose them.


Whither Canada?

Not only was it the title of the first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus but it was also supposed to be the title of the whole show (the BBC rejected it).

Fun fact of course is that there's literally no reference to Canada in the episode. Lots of Italians though.

[for those looking to the historical context of "Whither Canada", you're maybe thinking of this 1934 Macleans' Op-Ed... -ed]

COVID19 does wonders for your shot percentage

Yep, that Wuhan Flu is just wreaking havoc on young people's lungs. Totally destroying their lives.

Just ignore that the NHL points leader and the NHL goals leader both are confirmed COVID cases. Also bear in mind that other NHL players who have tested positive have been allowed to remain anonymous: it has been rumoured that Mitch Marner, Mikko Rantanen Mark Stone, and Anze Kopitar all tested positive for the virus during the hiatus between March and August 2020 as their teams all had a significant number of cases.

It's entirely possible that half the top ten NHL players for points all had the WuFlu, with most of them being young (that's NHL young, not actual young). Yep, totally deadly virus. Last weekend out at the pub, Martok noted that of the list of major athletes to have died of COVID the youngest death was a 28 year old comorbid sumo wrestler followed by four people in their 40s.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: if you're straight white and born after 1965 you have nothing to fear from this virus.


Opposing "kids in cages" is to support "shooting Mexican children in the face"

The forgotten thing about the objection to "kids in cages" remains how they got there.

The reason those kids are in America to begin with is because their piece of shit parents brought them across the border even though they know what happens when they get caught. It's not President Trump (or even FakePresident Biden's for that matter) who put them there. If you don't want kids in cages you can always separate them from their parents and deport them all en masse to Mexico. But they don't want to "separate families" either.

The kill 'em all and let God sort them out option

If you object to illegal aliens being given unfair treatment in your country, the solution is simple: armed guards at the border with orders to shoot and kill all enemy invaders regardless of age.

Or that...

Called it...on March 10th I talked about a financial threat to Rebel Media coming from the Biden administration in full cooperation with YouTube.

This week YouTube decided that Biden's plan worked too slowly...

Last night, at 5:30 p.m., I received a letter from YouTube.

They’re cutting off Rebel News — they’re completely cancelling all remaining ads on our channel, even from advertisers who specifically request our channel. And worse, they're banning our 1.45 million YouTube subscribers from voluntarily paying us through what are called livestream SuperChats.

Why? Obviously because Rebel is saying things YouTube doesn't want you to hear...

If we stop criticizing the lockdown, they say we can reapply in thirty days and get our ads back. But we have to stop saying what we say. We have to say what they say.

A Ship, a Flip, a Canal, Suez

I've never been to the Suez Canal (nor the Panama Canal for that matter...and come to think of it I can't offhand name a canal I have been to other than kayaking on the Rideau...

Anyways the only thing I know about the Suez Canal is where it is, the 1956 crisis, and that it's a "V" shaped canal rather than a "U" shaped canal.

For those who don't get the reference.

Well, and what everybody else knows about it this week: that a stuck cargo ship the size of the Empire State Building (which as modern ships go isn't particularly noteworthy) got jammed in it, blocking traffic and causing potential worldwide shipping delays (though it's worth noting that ship traffic from Asia to North America will be generally unaffected)

Facts about George Floyd only fit the conservative narrative

Via Blazing Cat Fur, an Australian professor demolishes the BurnLootMurder lies:

Overwhelmingly, in America’s big cities, violent crimes are caused by its black and (to a lesser extent) its Hispanic populations, while the role of the police in violence against blacks or anyone else is trivial or non-existent. In Chicago, whose population of 2.7 million is 30 per cent black, there were 792 homicides (91 per cent by gunshot) in 2020, compared with 512 in 2019 and 586 in 2018. (To put this in context, Victoria, with a population of 6.4 million, had 101 homicides in 2019.) Of these Chicago homicides, 627 (79 per cent) were of blacks, mainly young gang members and drug dealers killed by other blacks in inner-city ghetto areas, 131 were of Hispanics, and thirty-two were of whites. The Chicago police killed precisely seven persons (of any race) and wounded another thirteen.

Related BCF "there goes the narrative coverage: those "anti-asian crimes" in Mississauga? Go talk to a man named Arjun Choudhari and leave us innocent whites alone. 


Miami Open day four: Barty holds on

The WTA's Miami Open is underway this week, and today's biggest second-biggest news was how the World #1 ranked Ashleigh Barty (6/10) came close to losing to Kristina Kucova (5.5/10, 149th) despite a relatively easy win in the first set. Kucova took the second and dominated early in the third, even taking Barty to a match point before ultimately falling short and losing in what would have been a momumental upset.

The biggest news was that the WTA has made a decision on the "path to normal" in regards to rankings, after a bizarre system that preserved Barty's ranking even as others racked up tournament wins (which curiously nobody batted an eye over when it was announced last year).

In other action today, Veronika Kudermetova (9/10) defeated Danielle Collins (9/10) in the sort of matches I hate: two hot girls head to head in the early non-televised rounds depriving us of their matchups this weekend when the TV cameras will be on.

Marketa Vondrousova (7/10) defeated Qiang Wang (5/10), Iga Swiatek (7/10) beat Barbora Krejcikova (6.5/10), Angelique Kerber (8/10) destroyed Mexico's Renata Zarazua (7/10) 6-0,6-0, and Aryna Sabalenka (6.5/10) came back from a first set loss to (sadly) eliminate Bulgarian hottie Tsvetana Pironkova (9.5/10).

Johanna Konta (8/10, down from 8.5/10 four years ago) beat Alyssa Milano lookalike Magda Linette (8.5/10), and then if that wasn't bad enough Elina Svitolina (9/10) came back to defeat Shelby Rogers (9/10) in yet another "where are all my hotties going" matchup.

Croatian cutie Ana Konjuh (8.5/10) defeated Madison Keys (8/10) who I always keep typing as "Keyes" because that just makes more sense dammit. Ekaterina Alexandrova (8.5/10) barely broke a sweat in the 27C heat beating Nadia Podoroska (7/10, 7.5/10 if she didn't remind me of a girl I once dated). Switzerland's drool-catching Belinda Bencic (8/10) easily beat Kazakhstan's lovely Zarina Diyas (8/10) in two sets, while Victoria Azarenka (8/10) didn't even have to play as Germany's Laura Siegemund (7/10) withdrew and granted the aging Belorussian a walkover. Meanwhile, Jelena Ostapenko (8/10) took down Kirsten Flipkens (8/10) in a provocatively sexy vs innocently sexy battle where like a bad rerun of Highlander there can be only one...

Later in the day Simona Halep (8/10, also down from 8.5/10 four years ago) defeated France's Caroline Garcia (7/10), Anastasija Sevastova (5.5/10) eliminated Cori Gauff (5.5/10), and finally Petra Kvitova (6.5/10) (sadly, but expectedly) easily beat Alizé Cornet (8.5/10)

Fake science is always hiding behind "sorry, classified"

The Wuhan Flu lockdowns are following the science but we can't show you, you idiots.

Climate change is totally serious and backed up by science you guys but we can't let you see.


When "racial profiling" approaches "description of the suspect" as diversity approaches infinity.

If you browse the website MadnessHub.com, you'll find (or at least, I found) these four headlines in their "popular posts" section. [as we've learned in the past 4 months of operating Third Edge of the Sword the "popular posts" scripts don't seem to be working properly anymore, and seem to be pulling from the first links in the sidebar. -ed]

Now the second article, about "bad police action against negros", strangely has no evidence of "pistol whipping" but lots of evidence of police opening fire without being able to see the race or age of the people inside the car.

But let's look at the other stories. The four teens attacking a "pregnant"mother? Yep, all black. Obviously the bottom story is about a black perpetrator, but would you guess that it's a racial hate crime against a photogenic young white boy? And the man jailed 70 years in horrific child abuse? We have the trifecta!

So while the website pushes BurnLootMurder riots as "days of protest and unrest" we still see the curious fact that all three non-police related violence stories feature black perps (two black victims, one white), and then are shocked to discover that police shootings tend to feature them.

I didn't think the TARDIS "warped" time

@AnnCotman - I'll believe the man who did it over a man who "studies intersections" of school safety

Last week's massage parlour shootings in the United States are yet another example of "vicious anti-asian racism caused by white supremacy" and don't go saying anything different: you don't know any better, even if you've just...interviewed...the...suspect...

Jamaal Bowman is, surprise surprise, another woke nigger politician who finds blaming whites for his own people's failings is a winning strategy. He's entirely upset because the police spokesman, being asked to provide a motive for the shootings, provides what the suspect has so far given up. Instead Bowman is somehow under the belief that instead the spokesman should have just made up a more politically valuable motivation, just to make his brain-dead allies feel better about what happened. Investigators have been looking into the case and they don't believe the shootings are based on any mythical "rampant anti-asian racism" based on the facts they have on hand. Those facts may change as time goes on, they may uncover new information. But on March 17th everything they have learned from the suspect points to a motivation for the shooting that doesn't align with what men like Bowman and Ann Marie Cotman want it to be.

If they want a mass-murder of yellow-skinned masseuses to be caused by "racism" they'll just have to go and create their own. (In Bowman's case it shouldn't be hard: there have been a lot of violent attacks done on asians by his thug nigger countrymen). They don't get to culturally appropriate Robert Aaron Long's one if he did it for reasons they wish he replaced with other ones.

Cotman's word-salad of a comment is similarly sad yet hilarious. This is how people like him think (such as it is): when a police official answers a question about what the police have learned from a murder suspect then he should talk about other people he hasn't talked to (and never can). Of course "the only human he talks about" is Long: he's one of the few people the police could have talked to at this stage, and of course is the person everybody is wondering about. Long's motives about why he allegedly killed these women is awfully relevant: back before we even knew who the killer was or what he looked like it was the talk of the progressive crowd. They were pushing this "white supremacy" garbage during the information vacuum in the immediate aftermath, and were the first people demanding to hear how the killer was a racist. They don't get to object with hearing his side of the story once it turns out to be a different story than they expected.

Also, bonus points to anybody who can figure out this gem:
Victims are reduced to places. And victims are the actor in this statement - they allow and tempt.
It's like a Morgan Parker poem only somehow even shittier. We already know that the women in the massage parlours "allow and tempt": it's the entire reason they exist.


It's okay when we do it, but not when you do it.

Last month, during Black History Month, an obscure woke comic by the name of Adora Nwofor got a lot of press coverage for her unfunny comedy about "racism", which in woke language means "anything that can directly or indirectly expose unfortunate truths about nonwhite races".

Now contrast that with this New Republic article about how "The Comedy Industry Has a Big Alt-Right Problem" in which they discuss that...OMG...Gavin McInnes has a podcast where he cracks jokes at the expense of unfunny negresses like Nwofor. Forget the fawning mainstream press coverage, the article talks about "underground" comics with names like ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat and the danger that in real life they may be comedians you'll see in normal comedy clubs, giving plain anodyne performances in between hyper-politicized rants by the likes of Nwofor. They don't get to go on TV to promote their politics. That's a right reserved for the Woke.

The implication, of course, is that if ToxicCisWhiteMaleFat and Nwofor were ever on the same stage together in front of the same crowd, we'd laugh and cheer and agree with him and sit on our hands for Adora Nwofor. In a level playing field where we're both allowed to make the jokes we want skewering the political targets we want to skewer, the conservatives will mop the floor with them. These are people getting interviewed by every major Canadian news network and then saying that they are the "oppressed" and therefore comedy at their expense isn't permissible, based on two incorrect assumptions (I bet you're relieved: usually woke leftists have thousands of incorrect assumptions to debunk):

  1. Comedy is only "okay" when it is "punching up".
  2. The woke left is the oppressed rather than the oppressor.

Remember, just speaking these people's own words back at them causes them to file criminal charges against you.

I'm sure Nwofor's routines are painful to sit through for more than 30 seconds at a time, but just for fun sometime quote them only whenever you hear her discuss "racists" replace it with "pillow biters" and see how many news outlets are returning your interview request calls.

Another Babylon Bee Third Edge of the Sword prediction comes true

For years I've scoffed at trannies by noting that when somebody thinks they're a tree we don't cut their arms and legs off to satisfy their delusion. For years I've also admitted it's a minor strawman/argumentum ad absurdum since surely nobody is so mentally deluded that they actually think they are a tree.

You probably still think I'm joking, so I'll warn you that when you realize the above person is really serious, you'll feel like a truckload of bricks just fell on you from a third story window.

This individual goes on to share the story of this Australian actor Keiynan Lonsdale, saying reporters need to stop misgendering him and use his preferred pronoun of "tree."
Fittingly for an article from the makers of the Babylon Bee, what could seem like absurd half a decade ago could turn out to be the new reality.

The most shocking plot twist in any Zack Snyder film

The RedLetterMedia team watched the "Snyder cut" of Justice League...and really really liked it!


How do you search Bing?

Leylah Fernandez wins the 2021 Monterrey Open

As I mentioned yesterday morning, there was a tennis match around 4:30pm yesterday from Monterrey Mexico: the final match for the 2021 Monterrey Open (the 2020 was the last tennis match played before the Wuhan Flu inspired lockdowns). The Open, as I implied, is a relatively minor event, part of the WTA 250 series. As a result of her win, "Canadian" Leylah Fernandez (6/10) gets 280 points and got a bump up in ranking from 77 yesterday morning to 72 this morning (still comfortably second place in the Canadian Women's rankings, behind Bianca Andreescu (7.5/10, 9th place ranking) but well ahead of Eugenie Bouchard (10/10, 118th place ranking).

I missed the first set (Fernandez won in straights), but did catch all but the first game of the second set. For a decent span in the middle of the second set Switzerland's Viktorija Golubic (5.5/10) was holding her own and giving Fernandez a run for her money, but Fernandez's ground game was far too strong. Golubic has an extra decade of age on the 18 year old and she didn't seem to use that extra experience to her best potential: Golubic rarely forced Fernandez to move laterally across the court and the few times that Fernandez was out of position she was generally able to recover while Golubic never seemed willing or able to put her body on the line for any individual shot. Had Golubic been able to put Fernandez on her weak backhand more often it might have gone a different way, but Fernandez seemed to have all the ball control by the time she tied the games up at 4-4, and never let it go. She got one of her two aces in that mop-up operation late in the set, and Golubic's inability to get any break points stopped her one rally that almost cost Fernandez her 5-4 lead. Today Fernandez is already in Miami where she will be taking on Romania's Mihaela Buzărnescu (5.5/10) at 2:30pm in a qualification match.

The most ridiculous part of the entire final however came at the end of the match: when Fernandez won and before the trophy presentation was beginning, the on-air commentators (I was watching the Bein Sports HD 5 feed) talked about how proud all of Canada must be with all the Canadians watching at home to support her. There was just one minor flaw in their reasoning: almost nobody in Canada could watch it.

The WTA does not have a contract with TSN, or Sportsnet. If you had RDS you could watch the replay of the men's Mexican Open, but the only way in Canada to (legally) watch the WTA Monterrey Open was via the streaming service DAZN. Let's just say that DAZN isn't high up on most Canadians' lists of streaming services to subscribe to: most people probably haven't even heard of it. The reason I missed part of the second set (I was out for groceries during the first set) was the difficulty of finding which Bein Sports feed was even showing the WTA event, let alone tracking down a website that would let me watch it.

So no, while some Canadians were probably watching their DAZN subscription, there weren't millions (or hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands, or possibly even mere thousands) of Canadians tuned in to watch "their" girl Leylah Annie Fernandez (she's actually African, which is where her sister Bianca lives and the bikini photo at top was taken) win the trophy.

A "black day" for Miami Beach

As the Miami Open is set to begin, there's a minor problem in the area with niggers acting like niggers always do.

Walking out on the bill is SO common during spring break that waiters are now having to chase down patrons and tackle them on the street. Oh yeah and don't forget the women twerking and blocking traffic which happens on every street corner. But wait there's more

There's always more when tribal folks play tribal games.


Why upgrade?

Last month Kodi upgraded to "Kodi 19 Matrix", complete with new obnoxious splash screen that makes you think your HDMI cable is busted. As a result, huge numbers of Addons (including several "official" addons) stopped working. The official Kodi response is to scream at you and ban your comment, even when your comment never mentioned unofficial addons.

While Kodi is famously nervous about disavowing the only reason people actually use their software, surely they have enough of a sense of self-preservation to understand that their 19.0 upgrade breaks their software. After all, if they are essentially discouraging upgrades, they create an environment where one sizeable chunk of their users downgrades (as I did) to version 18.9, and another stops using their software entirely. The former group, of course, also keeps security vulnerabilities which can impact Kodi long after they think it's a forgotten user base. The latter are people who you've just angered and will never see again.

The rationale is the replacing of Python version 2 with Python version 3. Python 2 stopped being supported, motivating Kodi's "need" to replace it. This is one of those explanations that seems reasonable on its face until you ask an obvious question or six. Python 3 is incompatible with Python 2, a decision itself apparently made because of the nature of those changes. There are a variety of changes, most of which shouldn't require breaking of compatibility. There are, however, two notable exceptions:

  • Python 3 value of variables never changes whereas in Python 2 value of the global variable will be changed while using it inside for-loop.
  • Python 3 exceptions should be enclosed in parenthesis while Python 2 exceptions should be enclosed in notations.

While both are certainly issues, neither are huge deal-breakers, especially if a wrapper or similar software package could be used to simply parse the Python 2 code into Python 3 code. After all, for years Python has already shipped with a program that you can use to change your own code yourself. Why this very code couldn't be used to query a piece of coding, confirm which version it was written for, and adjust the processing accordingly is an exercise left to readers. It might be fairly inefficient, but Python code has never been about efficiency anyways. 

It's always taken as a piece of blind faith that "it's no longer supported so we have to move on", which itself isn't particularly strong. Kodi hasn't done a good job at all of explaining what (if anything) their program can do with Python 3 that it couldn't do with Python 2. It might irk a lot of tech writers to think in this way, but often old boring code is perfectly fine to keep. When the strongest argument against Python 2 is that it breaks things that are tightly intertwined with your operating system, you don't have much of a leg to stand on. [probably because you've pointlessly intertwined your legs with your OS! -ed]

Kodi need not even be the redheaded stepchild of the Python updating family: Debian, for example, is sticking with Python 2.7 for at least 3 more years.

Bonus Kodi insanity: if you submit a bug report with one of their official addons, and they discover you have loaded unofficial addons, they refuse to fix (or even look into) the problem with their official addon.


But was she wrong?

They do get shot a lot in Baltimore...

And before the usual crowd gets their panties in a bunch, just think of it a modern Grimm Fairy Tale. Behave or you'll be shot dead like all those niggers you hear about on the news!

If that can't make these kids behave more like whites, nothing will.

@60_glg - isn't it "obvious" that Canada and the U.S. have different demographics?

As we've noted before, the Shiny Pony is an epic failure on the subject of obtaining Wuhan Flu vaccinations. Obviously this wouldn't be a big deal if our Prime Minister was, say, Randy Hillier who never got too worked up by Chairman Xi's ineffective bioweapon. But it's a different subject when Rat Bastard 2.0 is in power: he was playing up the "vaccines will solve everything" narrative from basically Day 1 (even though, without President Donald Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" we'd be still 18 months away from the first shots).

Of course, most leftists are just as stupid as he is, so they feel the need to defend him. Case in point:
This implies a false dichotomy of course: it is possible to have both a relatively low death toll and vaccines. Indeed there are some 50 countries ahead of Canada on the vaccination curve, several of them (Estonia for example) are also doing better in deaths per million.

However, and this is where Wuhan Flu analysis still seems stuck in a mathematical dark ages, the demographic profile of the average COVID death doesn't match the average demographic of any country. If the virus almost overwhelmingly kills people over the age of 70 then countries with a younger population (like say Yemen with its average age of 20.2 years) will have lower COVID deaths (24.25/million) than countries with older populations (ie Saudi Arabia at 31.8years, 192.16 deaths/million). Estonia's average age is 42.4 years, Canada's is 40.9 years: so if the only thing we looked at was mean age we would have to say Estonia did a much better job than Canada (presuming we're looking at deaths/million in March 2021 as our sole metric: I explained last year why that's a bad idea).

Looking only at mean age may still be inaccurate of course: Yemen's civil war for example could have slaughtered a bunch of their 15-50 year olds leaving a huge number of children and a large number of elderly that would show a low average number but still leave a lot of at-risk 80 year olds.

Canada's population, however, isn't the same ethnically as Estonia. And it's hilarious to see the same left that screams about how we need to immunize "racialized communities" because the virus is so deadly to them instantly ignore that races don't have a level Wuhan Flu susceptibility when it comes time to make crude country-to-country comparisons. To wit:

Saying the U.S. has a higher COVID death rate is just another way to say they have too many black people.

I remember this classic old joke from years ago: I presume it's about Red Indians and not East Indians but since both are true it doesn't really matter:
Q. Why does America have so many niggers and Canada has so many Indians?
A. Canada got first pick.
When talking about "COVID-19 deaths" as Captain Oblivious does, just like talking about "gun deaths", if you aren't looking at the demographics then you aren't really doing any rigorous or even half-assed data analysis.
Saying "deaths are a good measure" is therefore bass-ackwards. As I've said many a time, if you're straight white and born after 1965 you don't have much to fear from the Wuhan Flu. So if your country is mostly straight white and born after 1965 you get a bit of a free ride. Italy's average age is 45.7 years while Serbia's is 38.7: Serbia's death rate is only 40% of Italy's, but how much of that was "free"?

How much of Canada's lower death rate is because Red Indians are on remote reserves while America's niggers are all concentrated in big cities? Also when New York State was such a major early source of COVID problems, can you really describe "overall response" on a national level?

Such questions resolve actually thinking about things, though. None of Shiny Pony's fans are capable of such.

An anticlimactic end to an anticlimactic tournament

Daria Kasatkina (8/10) has defeated Margarita Gasparyan (6.5/10) to win the 2021 St. Petersburg Ladies' Trophy after the latter withdrew in the second set due to a back injury. The all-Russian final and the surprise performance of Gasparyan have been the (only) two interesting things to happen in the tournament, so her withdrawal effectively wiped those narratives off the map. Kasatkina (try saying her name out loud to yourself three times, it really helps you appreciate the media covering the event) now becomes the first WTA player to win two tournaments this year.

Leningrad is hardly a prestige tournament, of course:  Abierto GNP Seguros is also taking place this weekend (Indian Wells is postponed), where Canada's Leylah Fernandez (6/10) will face off against Switzerland's Viktorija Golubic (5.5/10) in what could be dubbed The Battle of the Homely. The alternative going into the semifinals yesterday was a Sara Sorribes Tormo (5/10) vs Ann Li (5.5/10) matchup though, so it's not like we were deprived of the legendary Sharapova (10/10) vs Bouchard (10/10) catfight from Madrid in 2017.

The more attractive WTA stars instead are gearing up for Miami which begins tomorrow, with somebody playing somebody. For six years now I've been complaining about badly designed WTA websites and I think they're actually getting worse.


Fixing tranny bathrooms by taking activists at their word

Look we all know that all trannies, by virtue of claiming to be the sex they ain't, are lying. But these days nobody is allowed to even highlight clear examples of such lies.

So it's important that we make sure that we take their word for it in a way that guarantees they and their disgusting allies will pay the price. For years when the subject of letting trannies into the bathroom they "feel" they belong in, objections on the basis of safety to women have been dismissed and nullified by the insistence that no man would ever pretend to be a woman and go into a woman's bathroom just for the cheap thrills, let alone the more nefarious purposes.

So every jurisdiction who passed any laws forcing establishments to let men who pretend to be women into the women's bathroom should also include a clause stating that no police resources or criminal prosecutions will be brought to bear against any claims of rape or assault occurring in women's washrooms.

After all, ain't happening. Everybody who claims to be "trans" is, and it's a myth that they'll do bad things to the real women they might encounter inside the washroom. Therefore any woman who claims she was raped or molested or other such blather is obviously a lying TERF not to be believed. Just to make it clear we can include a sign such as seen above, a callback to that old joke at the University of Alberta where the underground tunnels in between buildings (which were closed to students in the 80s for fear of sexual assaults taking place therein) should just carry a large disclaimer "warning: rape ahead" so everybody knows what they're getting into.

Oh, and we also will need to include a clause that no civil suits may be brought up against the owner of the bathroom or individual employees for causing or ignoring said "rape" claims (which again are obviously false).

The best part about watching German soccer broadcasts

Earlier today I watched Borussia Mönchengladbach defeat Schalke 3-0 in their soccer match. I was watching the German language feed online, and do you know what the best part of it was?

The commercials. More specifically, that all the commercials featured families consisting of a white father, a white mother, and white kids. Contrasted with the dreck we have to watch in North America...

@RikiJones3 - it's not a superiority complex if it's actually true

Perhaps you've heard about Columbia University's recent "extra graduations" nonsense. It's all okay though because "white privilege" yadda yadda yadda.
Okay, if what Riki claims is true then why won't/shouldn't Columbia University go full out? If they already have separate graduations for niggers and sodomites, why not rename the "main" one the "white graduation"? It can also be "voluntary" and "open to all students", but officially name it the white one. The rationale is exactly the same as it is for the "separate but equal" side-ceremonies.

After all, you don't need to be "the kkk" to celebrate that white culture is terrific and the world was built on the achievements of hardworking white people. There's no reason whites shouldn't be proud of the modern world we built, and Riki knows full well she can't argue the point. The point of a graduation ceremony is to celebrate intellect, achievement, and dedication in pursuit of a rigorous standard of excellence: we've easily checked off all those boxes, as the graphic at the top of this post can attest.

Bonus segregated graduation: If this sounds familiar, it's because we've made fun of this concept once before.

Update 1:49pm: Kurn responds via text message, reminding me that according to woke intersectionality adherents, the main graduation ceremony should be the white one because it celebrates things that they acknowledge only white people have: intellect and being correct.


He really is inferior to Trump in every way

Putin Challenges Biden To Stair-Climbing Contest

@_SJPeace_ - what "y'all built" in Africa isn't worth a cup of coffee in America

Oh please, "ripping" spear chuckers from their third world homes is an act of compassion.

If you don't believe me, you can ask Madonna.

Or we can look at some numbers. Oh those poor downtrodden American Negroes: just not getting their "fair share" of the American Dream (just don't ask why). In fact, their median income is a mere US$41,511 in 2018.

But wait: Stacey Grounded just finished complaining about being "enslaved raped and tortured". For one thing, American slaves were the most well-treated slaves in history. Rape and torture using historic (not modern!) definitions of the phrases just wasn't on the menu (see Le Grand v. Darnall, etc). They also in large part didn't "build the country". The British didn't have a slave trade: the slaves that were in the land now called The United States mostly came from the Dutch and Spanish (a tiny amount from the French). The parts of America a person thinks of when they think of "parts of America built by Americans" are mostly the non-slavery English portions thereof: Philadelphia and Boston and New York (New Amsterdam was partly built on slavery, but basically no physical part of NYC owes its legacy to the Dutch: the ironic exception is in fact Haarlem...). Slavery partially built New France, but that covers southern Nova Scotia as much as it covers New Orleans. In reality in the U.S., the only small parts built by slavery were cotton-producers. If cotton wasn't your local industry, slaves were way more trouble than they were (literally) worth. Meanwhile African Muslims were too busy enslaving blacks to be bothered to get captured and sail across the Atlantic: after all the largest slaving organization in human history was the Ottoman Empire. They also (like places like Brazil and Spain) allowed slavery and engaged in the slave trade long after "hateful" America banned it. Hell, the first ever nigger to be enslaved in America later became free and took on whites as slaves (in America, mind). There's a reason the northern (no cotton) states had no interest in slavery as they joined the Union. You think people in Milwaukee want your folk and their ridiculous fake wigs polluting the rooftop patios?

If only they'd stayed in Africa, eh? "Next time America, pick your own cotton" etc etc. So we looked at the wages of niggers in America, but what about niggers back in Niggeria? Well it turns out that's a lot harder to come by: curiously enough, "racist prejudiced America" keeps racial stats on a variety of topics and basically no other country does. You have to dig deep to discover things like Colby Cosh and John Lott did a few years ago: to wit, white Americans are less likely to be killed in gun crime than white Canadians. If you wanted to know the average income of blacks in, say, Canada, that information is flat out not available. So figuring out what the average income of blacks in Africa is like will be literally impossible. Nobody on the planet can give you the answers. In South Africa it's a different story: the average income for blacks there is US$618.54 (R9,186).

Wait a minute, looks like that voyage to America was awfully profitable! In fact, South Africa whites earn US$6746.97 which is a mere 16% of what the American negro pulls in. Overall South Africa's GDP per capita normalized to their PPP is 13,034 versus 65,298 for the United States.

GDP per capita (or its PPP normalized cousin) aren't strictly speaking incomes: their unit is the "international dollar" . Indeed, the US value of 65,298 is higher than the median household income of any ethnic classification (including whites). GDP is money that the economy produces but it can be invested back into businesses, stored in the stock market or banking systems, but also lost to public-sector (taxation, corruption) and private-sector (niggers breaking into your house) theft.

So it's not exactly what we're looking for but sadly it's the best we can get. If we stick with our 41,511 figure from earlier, pretend it's the normalized income of American blacks, and plug it into that Wikipedia page's World Bank column we get in between Israel and Cyprus in the new 34th spot. Guess what? None of the countries higher up the list are in Africa. In other words, if you created a new African country and every nigger in America magically appeared there and kept his income (ha), it would be the richest country in Africa. By a factor of over 1.3 (Seychelles is the African country highest up on the list, at 30517, and it's worth noting that its population is mostly whites or half-blacks).

So let's forget this "only thing y’all built" nonsense. Whites in Europe and North America (and Seychelles!) built successful functioning societies. When blacks were given their own country to do with as they pleased as free peoples, they got Liberia. Hey look, Liberia is in 180th place (out of 186) on the GDP per capita list: their score is 1491. In other words, living in a country with a job of picking some cotton and making some tea for the whites caused a 28-fold increase in standard of living.

If somebody wants to "uproot me from my home" and increase my wealth twenty-seven times over, they're welcome to.