Did Star Trek: Voyager demoralize yet another podcast?

After maintaining a solid Tuesday posting schedule, the Pensky Podcast spent 10 weeks replaying Patreon coverage before taking another week off, posting one podcast, and now apparently taking another week.

For those who don't know, Star Trek: Voyager's bland and not-taking-itself-seriously tone tends to burn out those who choose to cover every single episode.


Alberta Election Day

It's election day today, and I'll state again what I've stated many many many times.

Anybody left of Danielle Smith is an enemy of Alberta, a valid military target, and must be stopped at all costs

Win or lose, make sure every NDP voter and candidate you know understands that they will never be safe from us.


@storskuffelse - She 100% meets the easy definition of communist

Communism is a socioeconomic system in which yadda yadda yadda, you know full well what it is and what it means.

Peter King up here is upset that somebody accurately described the worldview of Rachel Arab as communist. She employs communists. She desires the end goal of the communist.

However there's an easier way than heuristically parsing through her public statements to determine whether she is or is not a communist.

Communists deserve to be thrown to their death out of helicopters. Rachel deserves to be killed. Ergo, Rachel and the NDP are communists.

So when you come across them in public, treat them accordingly.


@40Zetrel - We all know how this exchange went

How true, how true...

White people: hey you didn't pay for that vodka, come back or I call the cops!

Melissa and her family: *gunblasts*


@Shenaniganiry - "A fetus isn't human" is anti-scientific bullshit

You don't support those who preach such anti-science dogmas, right?

Oh wait, you do: you anti-science retard.


"miniature rainbow swastikas now appear printed on utterly non-anus-related products all across our shelves, from beer to breakfast cereals"

Steven Tucker examines the similarities between the Roman-era "mark of the beast" and the modern one:

The Mark is generally taken by biblical scholars as a reference to the heads of Roman Emperors on coins of the day, without which it was impossible for early Christians to go about their economic business—666 is probably numerical code for “Nero.”

Unless they wanted to starve, persecuted followers of Jesus had to use these coins and thus compromise their loyalty to God by accepting economic fealty to the oppressive Roman State that persecuted them instead. Today, Rome has morphed imperceptibly into Washington.

If this all seems too blatant, another way of Satan making our corporations and their products carry a secret 666 comes in terms of the Corporate Equality Index, or CEI score.

Researching this piece, I found typing “CEI” into a search engine also returns unexpected results for something called “Cum Eating Instructions,” a niche pornographic practice in which sadistic persons on screen instruct viewers in very strong terms indeed to swallow their ejaculate, with no means of visible opt-out. Corporate CEI is just another way of homosexuals like Dylan Mulvaney forcing you to do the very same thing with handfuls of their own small gametes.

However if the Bud Light tranny juice debacle has shown us anything its that the corporation doesn't gain much from it. Tucker explains that one too:
Only ten days after employing Mulvaney, Budweiser had lost perhaps $4 billion in market capitalization, seemingly due to widespread public boycotts spooking investors, illustrating the popular “Go Woke, Go Broke” maxim. Given this, why would boards care about their stupid Cum Eating Index score?

Because failure to open wide and swallow deep will mean you are looked upon badly by America’s three main investment firms, BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street Bank, who appear somewhat ideologically motivated and explicitly prefer to invest cash in firms who push left-wing issues like climate change, white genocide, and making everyone pretend Dylan Mulvaney can have periods.

These banks are among the top shareholders of many big multinational corporations…including Anheuser-Busch, the gender-neutral parent company of Budweiser. As such, they have a big say in who gets appointed to their boards, and as their corporate CEOs—i.e., 666-branded Marxist puppets.

And finally:
But even this may not be enough. As long as Black Trans Himmler’s queer CEI racket continues, many of America’s largest companies will continue not to be motivated purely by profit, because they are really operating as part of a malign, far-left corporatist State, not a free-market capitalist one as before. America’s CEOs, investment funds, and politicians are all locked inside the same shared toilet cubicle together, exploiting their power to make the rainbow Mark of the Beast impossible for ordinary folk to avoid, a genuine gay Gleichschaltung.


@realChasDarwin - So you support removing all faggots from schools, right?

After all, even if you personally believe (despite all evidence) that poofters aren't evil abominations to be cured, you cannot deny that their child molesting tendencies don't belong in public education, right?

@trudykeil - You're as uneducated as a public school teacher

She starts with a lie, and then ends with an argument against her thesis. Let's break them down: