Happy Thanksgiving/Columbus Day

As usual, we celebrate turkey day in Canada by scoffing at pro-Injun activists and their baseless attacks on Chris Columbus, the man who made our modern world the wonder it was (and could be again).


Naomi Toppin - remember this name

For a future series, the 14-year-old girl police say was forcibly abducted in Edmonton's name is Naomi Toppin.

Akbar said the suspect and teen were both co-operating with police. The suspect’s name was not released after the arrest was made, but earlier on Friday, police identified the suspect as Jacques Sennesael.

An Amber Alert that had been issued was lifted after Edmonton police said the 14-year-old girl, whom they initially alleged was the victim of a “forcible abduction” on Friday afternoon, had been found safe.
Jacques Sennesael, even if later found to be innocent, will continue to have his name tied with this story in the etherwebs until the day civilization falls.

Naomi Toppin's name, on the other hand, will not. And I'm developing a keen awareness (especially in the ages of #MeToo and the Kavanaugh Witch Hunts) that the names of kids in Amber Alerts need to be saved for posterity since there's a good chance Naomi's name will come across our attention here at Third Edge of the Sword World Headquarters in North Bethesda, Maryland.