Edmonton Eskimos vs Winnipeg Bluebombers Liveblog

7:17pm: Live from a chilly fall evening in Edmonton Alberta, the 7-5 Edmonton Eskimos take on the team that gave them their first loss of the season, the 9-3 Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It's been a rough few weeks to be an Eskimos fan, after a couple months of it being very very very awesome. The Esks have added their second NFL reject in the month of September, with Aaron Grymes joining Derel Walker as the latest Yankee to try to help the team out. My pizza is on its way, I have a fresh stock of Hoegaarden available for the drinking, and with any luck you can join me as we watch the Eskimos return to their winning form from earlier in the season. Meanwhile K'mpec is at the game taking his fifth consecutive stab at watching the Eskimos win buy the winning 50/50 ticket. Depending on his cellphone service we may be able to check in on him during the action.

7:24pm: Who the hell is this team? Hamilton is presently leading toronto 35-27. Sure the Argos are charging up the field and the 3-minute warning just sounded, but it looks like the Tiger Cats are on a tear. Basically they and the Eskimos flipped positions from the first part of the season.

7:26pm: TSN is going to switch to the Esks game in four minutes, right?

7:28pm: I wonder if my friend in Hamilton is at the game. She would have just watched her team get a big interception to stall Ricky Ray's big drive.

7:38pm: Toronto ties up the game with seconds left, and we still haven't cut to the Eskimos game?

7:39pm: There we go. TSN-3 (which is the one I am tuned to!) is switching to Edmonton.

7:40pm: CF-18s flew overheard for Military Appreciation Night. Last year I watched that game on my back patio. Tonight I don't even have the windows open and probably won't hear them.

1st quarter, 14:55: Matt Nichols takes the field on his own 39 yard line to kick off the non-kickoff part of the game.

1st quarter, 14:40: Great defensive play by the Esks to cost them 4 early. I could get used to this.

1st quarter, 13:17: The Eskimos seriously have to stop running laterally on kick returns. I was watching this endlessly during the two Calgary games. It never works. Press forward and try (and likely fail) to significantly gain yards.

1st quarter, 12:18: The Eskimos with the game's first first-down. Now on our own 33-yard line.

1st quarter, 10:52: The Esks have been running running running. Looks like Winnipeg has figured out our gameplan.

1st quarter, 10:18: See? QB sack and we're 3rd and 13.

1st quarter, 9:48: Did the TSN crew just refer to "Brick Field"? It's Commonwealth, dudes. I don't care what it says on the ground.

1st quarter, 7:32: Nichols's short throw doesn't hit the first down, but the Esks defense is sure giving him a lot of clear routes. Is that the plan? Give them a short-yardage opening and then tackle the receiver before he can make a gain?

1st quarter, 6:48: Medlock's field goal went wide and the Esks made a decent yardage play on the return.

1st quarter, 5:31: Great kick by the Esks puts the Bombers offense in mid-field despite our starting at the goal line.

7:58pm: Aarony Grymes is talking about his return. I see that the Argos did finally come back and win their game, putting Hamilton where they belong -- the bottom of the league.

1st quarter, 5:15: Gryme's wife and kids are gorgeous.

1st quarter, 3:44: Chick blocks a pass and forces Medlock to try another field goal. I doubt he'll miss this one.

1st quarter, 3:18: He does! Still a scoreless game!

8:04pm: A guy in a Winnipeg jersey with "Sask Sucks" was shown in the crowd. Of course his number was thirteen.

1st quarter, 2:30: First penalty of the game? It's against the Bombers.

1st quarter, 1:01: Okay guys, give up the run for a bit. They seem to have adjusted to keep us from succeeding with it.

1st quarter, 0:23: Reilly is sacked, unfortunately the penalty flag is against us. The Esks O-line isn't what it was to start the season.

1st quarter, 0:00: Fog makes up way more yardage on their punt return than I want. Time for the second quarter. Unfortunately the Bombers start in mid-field. I always think it's a shame when we let the opposition have the ball at mid-field to end the 1st and 3rd quarters since on the edges they have to run across the field. Even though it's probably not true, I always imagine it tires them out a bit to have to run 80 yards during a commercial break.

2nd quarter, 14:08: The Bombers make a pass to get a first down only to lose the ball to Grymes. Esks gain possession on the 20 to avoid a red-zone situation.

2nd quarter, 11:57: Reilly tries a long bomb to Bowman who's out of position. For some reason those two don't have the chemistry they did just last season. I noticed that even during the win streak.

8:16pm: This Sobey's "immigrants are awesome" commercial is brutal. The people coming to Canada in 2017 are nothing like the entrepreneurs we had back in J. Sobey's time.

8:17pm: Trivago should be replacing their ads with a "hey Feynman and Coulter's Love Child we're sorry we were offline for almost an hour yesterday" apology ad.

2nd quarter, 10:23: Great sack! Euclid takes down his former QB right at midfield.

2nd quarter, 10:00: Winnipeg claims a roughing the passer on the penalty review. TSN says they have a valid complaint. I don't see it but probably 6,000 slo-mo reviews will prove me wrong.

2nd quarter, 10:00: What a change. 15-yard penalty, because Nichols literally moved his head to cause the ensuing penalty.

2nd quarter, 9:22: Andrew Harris is sacked with another 3rd down for Winnipeg. C'mon Medlock, screw up another easy field goal!

2nd quarter, 8:50: He does! Third consecutive miss! Winnipeg now has a 1-0 lead. It's a hockey game.

8:26pm: Special congrats to my Chicago Cubs by the way who won 9-0 today to get a 92-69 record with one game left to play. It's no 103-58 but we'll take it. Bring on the World Series.

2nd quarter, 8:20: I thought I wsaw a flag at the end of that last play but I guess not.

2nd quarter, 7:45: I love the plays that even fool the camera-man. Everybody and I mean everybody thought Van had the ball, but instead Zylstra gets a first down.

2nd quarter, 7:09: Okay now Van took the ball. Almost another first down.

2nd quarter, 6:36: Third and inches?

2nd quarter, 5:58: Third and one, but after the chains come out the Esks have a first down. Okay, I can get another beer and hopefully call about my pizza.

2nd quarter, 5:33: Duke Williams in deep field and under coverage almost but not quite catches the ball. Funny enough I'm only slightly looking at his arms, my eyes are instead trying to see if there's a flag on the play.

2nd quarter, 4:56: 3rd and 3, and the Esks are trying for a field goal.

2nd quarter, 4:34: Hits the goalpost! It looked so good at first, but no. Bombers still lead 1-0.

2nd quarter, 4:24: TSN just made my Jets-Oilers hockey joke.

2nd quarter, 2:12: Easy no-yardage call.

2nd quarter, 2:06: No no-yard? And the O-line screws up again as Reilly is quickly under pressure and throws a short throw far behind the line of scrimmage.

2nd quarter, 1:40: O-line lets Reilly come under pressure early again and again his throw doesn't go anywhere near a first down. That's too much time to let Winnipeg have the ball.

2nd quarter, 1:32: See Edmonton? Winnipeg shows you how it's done. The kick return is charged up the field at high speed. Sure we force them out of bounds early, but that was the worst-case scenario for the Bombers. Best case would have been a TD.

2nd quarter, 1:10: Winnipeg has to try on the 3rd and 1 here, on their own 49 with a minute left in the half.

2nd quarter, 0:58: Harris with a big first down after an Esks penalty. Now Winnipeg on the Edmonton 32.

2nd quarter, 0:32: Winnipeg makes the first down on 3rd and inches. Just outside the redzone.

2nd quarter, 0:17: Harris taken down and then the Bombers immediately fumble. Unfortunately they recover and Edmonton has too many men on the field. First down on the 5. Harris is injured though, so best case scenario for Winnipeg he's gone for three plays.

2nd quarter, 0:13: Denmark gets a touchdown. Winnipeg leads 7-0.

2nd quarter, 0:06: 8-0 Winnipeg and Edmonton on our own 36 yard line. I suppose we can try for a big play but I'm already assuming this will be the score a halftime.

2nd quarter, 0:00: Boos rain down from the Edmonton faithful as the Esks take a knee and try again for the second half.

8:54pm: The CFL panel is suddenly their usual annoying selves. Mute!

3rd quarter: 14:38: Eskimos luck out when Reilly is charged with an incomplete pass, which was almost a complete pass followed by a fumble.

3rd quarter: 14:08: Van works better as a receiver than a Running Back.

3rd quarter: 13:30: See?

3rd quarter: 13:00: Zylstra is hard to take down! Another Eskimos first down!

3rd quarter, 12:44: Zylstra again, just hitting the first down before going out of bounds.

3rd quarter, 12:22: Esks are in the redzone and Van

3rd quarter, 11:44: First and Goal for the Esks as Watson pushes an extra three yards where it counts.

3rd quarter, 11:38: Maurice Leggett is injured. The Bombers are taking Edmonton's early-season win-streak mojo so it's only fair they take the injury mojo along for the ride.

3rd quarter, 11:19: TOUCHDOWN ESKIMOS! MCCARTY RUNS IT INTO THE ENDZONE! I thought I saw a flag at the end there but apparently not. 8-6.

3rd quarter, 10:51: Esks go for 2 points against my screaming recommendations, and it costs them.

3rd quarter, 10:24: Sewell gets a barely-sack, and now it's 2nd and 11 for Winnipeg on their 34.

9:26pm: Kal-Tire has a contest where you can win a trip to the Grey Cup in Ottawa. That's in less than 2 months. A little late to win that sort of a trip isn't it?

9:27pm: Blair Smith is out for the Esks.

3rd quarter, 6:50: Great throw by Nichols and Winnipeg has a first down at the Edmonton 23.

3rd quarter, 6:25: Oh great. Winnipeg is in the redzone, 1st and goal at the 5 yard line.

3rd quarter, 5:46: Harris rolls into the endzone. Nice try.

3rd quarter, 5:29: Okay that's an actual touchdown. Crap.

9:32pm: Nicole Priest of Edmonton is a traitor. Winnipeg leads 15-6

3rd quarter, 5:09: Edmonton buried at their own 26. Not looking good.

9:34pm: Reilly talking about how adversity makes the Esks a better team. I haven't seen it.

3rd quarter, 3:31: Now it's Walker's turn to push an extra yard after the catch to secure a first down.

3rd quarter, 2:04: Walker with a "catch" that I'm pretty sure hit the dirt, but he gets a 19-yard gain on the play. I'll take it.

3rd quarter, 1:11: Reilly with a bad throw to Walker/Zylstra. He should have punched his own number.

3rd quarter, 0:51: 15-9 after the Esks finally get a field goal.

3rd quarter, 0:23: What would a disappointing Esks game be without stupid penalties?

4th quarter, 14:45: Yikes. The refs reverse their previous call and the Bombers now have another TD. Automatically reviewed.

4th quarter, 12:26: Zylstra with a great catch but unfortunately he's hammered from behind seconds later.

4th quarter, 11:12: Waters makes a field goal and brings the score to 21-12.

4th quarter, 10:48: King makes an amazing block to rob Nichols of a long bomb.

4th quarter, 10:28: Grymes does the exact same thing on another Nichols long bomb attempt.

4th quarter, 10:13: Travon Van has a bag of ice on his leg. Yet another Esks injury...and again, we aren't even on a win streak. The city is still in employment hell, can't Edmonton catch any breaks in 2017?

4th quarter, 9:50: Maas throws the Challenge Flag on yet another "meh" play. He claims defensive pass interference. I don't think it's going to stick. Maas is almost at Chris Jones-level incompetence in deciding how to throw these flags. Remember that insane temper tantrum after his questionable Challenge didn't go through against Calgary?

10:02pm: Predictably, the Esks lose the challenge.

4th quarter, 9:34: Zylstra with another big catch and a 32 yard play as he keeps running and forced the Winnipeg defenders to tag along as he runs to the Winnipeg 25 yard line.


4th quarter, 8:21: 21-19 after the kick. Edmonton is now only two points back for the first time since the first half.

10:09pm: Edmonton Journal reporting a corrupt Edmonton Police Services thug/officer was injured near the Stadium. Good. He deserved it.

4th quarter, 7:20: As always, the Esks are being sunk by dumb penalties. Boateng with an offside.

4th quarter, 6:47: Winnipeg finally gets a penalty. Well they've had 35 yards of penalties to Edmonton's fifty-seven.

4th quarter, 5:17: Horrible throw to Zylstra who still gets the extra couple yards and is close to a first down.

4th quarter, 4:45: Under pressure Reilly throws another lousy throw.

4th quarter, 4:23: Third bad throw in this series hits the dirt and therefore doesn't get intercepted.

4th quarter, 3:31: This time it's Nichol's turn to hit the dirt, though I thought Winnipeg was illegal procedure on that snap. Refs disagreed.

4th quarter, 3:03: Another 10-yard Edmonton penalty. It's okay guys, we didn't really want to win the game.

4th quarter, 2:34: Pick six by Winnipeg and the game is probably over. Esks are about to lose yet again. Walker is the intended target and instead of winning the Esks are losing. 28-19 Winnipeg.

4th quarter, 2:15: Lochard with an okay gain but he had the opportunity with an open field to make a better gain.

4th quarter, 2:07: Zylstra almost holds onto the ball at the 30 but can't make the catch. 2nd and 10.

4th quarter, 1:48: The Esks gamble on 3rd and 3 fails. Congratulations Winnipeg on not sucking like we do. 7-6 doesn't sound good at all. The crowd starts to leave apparently unaware that the cops have closed down the entire area of town because one of their evil officers got what was coming to him.

4th quarter, 1:20: Winnipeg gets another first down at the Edmonton 50. Who even cares any more?

4th quarter, 0:51: Even TSN, who constantly pushes the (admittedly true) "no lead is safe" meme is already posting standings showing Winnipeg won tonight and the Eskimos lost.

4th quarter, 0:22: The Eskimos have their (presumably final) possession. A TD would be nice just for the moral victory. We'll be lucky not to give Winnipeg another possession.

4th quarter, 0:13: With the Esks now falling to fourth in the west there's a strong possibility that they are the Eastern Crossover team...assuming we don't keep losing and fall below Saskatchewan and miss the playoffs entirely.

10:34pm: And that's the game. Final score 28-19 for Winnipeg. Sorry, I'll need a few minutes....


Best. YouTube. Comment. Ever.

From this extended edit of Danny Elfman's classic score.