What's inflation?

Cracked is shocked to discover a decade later a sequel can make more money than the original.


@mrobmused @sjdemas - Viro Fascism replaced the straight arm salute with ditto marks around fundamental human rights

Both of the two women in these tweets above are outright lying. Why is it the Viro Fascist urge to make stuff up?

Was there much evidence that "voluntary compliance" was going to be insufficient at achieving Michigan's public health goals? That's what "we can't afford to expect voluntary compliance" implies, of course: that the cost of "voluntary compliance" was so high versus the (free, in the retarded brains of these chicks) cost of "mandatory compliance".

That there was no evidence of these ridiculous claims in April 2020, or April 2021, or now in July 2021 doesn't deter them of course. Viro Fascists like Sue Demas and Michelle Robinson aren't interested in weighing the pros and cons of various public policy initiatives. They just insist on controlling your life, and are using Chairman Xi's ineffective bioweapon as their excuse to do it.

Which is why the deceit comes baked into the tin. After all, Michelle is part of this "putting quote marks around human rights makes the rights disappear" crowd. Freedom of association is flat out a fundamental human right, as it's a logical corollary from the only real human right: the right to own property. As a result, you have the right to join a sports group with other people interested in freely joining this sports group, and you have the right to assemble on property you have agreed to be permitted on to play them. Governments flat out do not have the right in free society to stop you.

I understand most readers at this point wonder why I'm even bringing this up. This is all basic stuff.

Except for Viro Fascists. They are either too retarded or too evil to agree. Guess which category the two bitches tweeting up top fall into?


Ideas for a (future) rainy weekend

Spend eight hours by watching a double feature of two four-hour movies:

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League (I never watched the theatrical cut)
  • Gone With the Wind

"Now the last thing I wanted was to get in a fight / In Jackson Mississippi on a Saturday night"

Robert Hampton contributes to the ongoing AmRen series about white flight in American cities by discussing the city named after the honourable Andrew Jackson.

Jackson, Mississippi, is no place for the white man — or for its namesake. Last year, its city council voted to remove the Andrew Jackson statue outside City Hall. There was only one vote against, from the council’s lone (white) Republican. Five blacks and a white Democrat woman voted to dump Old Hickory. Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba celebrated the decision as a victory for blacks.
It's worth noting, by the way, that the notion that President Jackson was a man worthy of praise was a mainstream opinion a scant fifteen years ago. Just look at the Pirate-o-pedia entry for Jean Laffite from the 2004 remake of the Sid Meier's classic:

Hampton outlines the problem...
Businesses have been leaving for years. A local news article from 2003 lamented: “Downtown Jackson was once booming with business, but over the years businesses have slowly left. Today, there is only a skeleton of what once was.” That problem only gotten worse. Unlike most Southern cities, Jackson’s population has declined by more than 40,000 since 1980 and is now 155,000.

Jackson’s last movie theater closed in the late 1990s, so you can’t watch a first-run movie anywhere. Sixty years earlier, when the city covered only one-third the land area it does today, it had a dozen movie theaters. This cinema desert has been the subject of academic research.

Crime and terrible schools explain some of the decline. Last month, a city councilman called for the National Guard to patrol the city. In 2020, the city had a record 128 murders. That gave it the second highest rate in the nation at 80 per 100,000 residents (St. Louis is number one at 88 per 100,000). Jackson is set to break its 2020 record this year, with murders up 38 percent over the same period last year. Only two percent of murder cases since May 2018 have gone to trial, and fewer than half of the murders this year have resulted in an arrest.

The schools are a mess. Jackson Public Schools typically get an “F” or “D” from the state and they barely avoided a state takeover in 2018. A report from that time found that only 20 percent of students were proficient in reading and writing and only 18 percent were proficient in math. Funding is not the problem; enrollment is falling and yet the budget remains the same.
You don't have to be a genius to guess at the cause:
Jackson wasn’t always like this. This 1961 documentary on the city’s battle with segregation shows what it once was. White couples walked the streets and business thrived. Jackson was a nice place to live — and watch a movie.

In 1960, it was 64 percent white. Today, it’s only 16 percent white.


@noamb424 - Right, it's only illegal when we do it

Maxime Waters is a domestic terrorist and Mr. Court is guilty of criminally conspiring with domestic terrorists. He should be locked into solitary for a year.


Downgrading Dodin

I must apologize.

As you know, I routinely cover the WTA and rank the players by the only scale that matters: their physical attractiveness. As you also know, I haven't been free to watch as many matches as I would like recently due to the time of day. Weekends, typically tennis catchup days, have been lost to late starts to the morning following the reopening of Alberta bars.

So as a result, until yesterday I hadn't gotten a good look at Océane Dodin in a while, and had given her a 9.5 ranking. In fairness, this seemed like a good idea at the time.

But then I saw her moustache.

She was playing a close match against Romania's Elena-Gabriela Ruse in Palermo and had her on the ropes in the later half of the second set. Ruse squeaked out a win in that set and then dominated in the third to win a 3hr contest 6-7, 7-6,6-1. During the break between the second and third sets we got a good look at Dodin and there it was...

One you see it you can't un-see it: believe me I tried.

As a result of this look at what she looks like live and in person, I have no choice but to downgrade France's Océane Dodin to 8/10 until we can resolve the whole facial hair issue.

Alberta Sports Museum celebrates the 'sport' of anally raping underage children

And one of the child rapist faggots (who, remember, are 100% of the pillow biting community) was anxious to celebrate it.

32nd Palermo Ladies Open Final liveblog

The BNP Paribas Poland Open is just winding down, and the 32nd Palermo Ladies Open Final is about to begin. Liveblog of the latter is below the pagebreak.

We started the day off by watching the BNP Poland Open Final (because I was busy making breakfast I couldn't liveblog it), where Maryna Zanevska (9/10) faced off against Kristina Kucova (7/10). Kucova took an early lead in both the first and second sets, but Zanevska came back from a 4-0 deficit to win the first set 6-4, and then from a 3-0 deficit to ultimately go up 6-5. Four attempted Championship Points later, we ended in a tiebreaker where it was touch and go until the 3-3 point when Kucova's shots started going long and Zanevska won the tiebreak 7-3. Special thanks go to the cameraman who quickly realized that Zanevska's low cut top was easy to see down when waiting to return serve, and positioned the lens accordingly.

Gamergate 0.8 (beta release)

My apologies for the title, by the way...because the key thing about the rise of legendary game programmer Roberta Williams is that she was a woman and back then nobody really got too worked up about it. There was no BS about "representation" and that sort of nonsense. She just got to work making amazing games that people loved.

Obviously, selling the company was the absolute worst thing that could have happened. I think my logic in selling was right. I am convinced I made the right decision based on what I knew at the time, but it destroyed the company. I think of it as like someone who gets killed by crossing an intersection when someone runs a red light. It was impossible to know that the guy coming at you wasn’t going to stop. Maybe there were little signs that with 20/20 hindsight could have been seen, but more likely you wind up in a bad collision and it is a sad thing. Perhaps you should have taken a different route that day? Sometimes bad things happen and there isn’t much you can do about it. But, of course, if I could go back and not sell the company, I would happily do so.


Did Ron Moore invent "okay boomer"?

You've probably heard "okay boomer" from the know-nothing generation who can't even properly define the term (in a minor example, the Mike Stoklasa-William Shatner "boomer fight" is between a Greatest Generation member and Gen-X). It's the same vein as "cool story, bro" which by the way they hate having used against them.

You might also know Boomer as a character on Battlestar Galactica. In the original series, he was the black guy with the...well, booming...voice. In the remake, the character was now a woman, and an asian, and ultimately a Cylon (warning: the proceeding is a spoiler), played by Grace Park (no relation to Linda, and a member of the infamous NXIVM cult that was a major thing in the Canadian media landscape a few years ago which I could have sworn I had written about but I guess not).

That remake, helmed by former Deep Space Nine writer Ronald D. Moore (last seen  'round these parts missing a golden opportunity to retcon replicators), ran in the early to mid-2000s. This interview from 2003, just before Battlestar Galactica's remake would air, featured the following exchange:

IGNFF: What was the dynamic you were looking for in that?

MOORE: It started from the relationship between that character and the chief mechanic & the crew chief, Tyrol. At first Boomer was a man, in my head, and the crew chief was going to be a woman, and there was something about the power relationship that I didn't want to play that's it's the officer man and the enlisted woman. It just felt too boss and secretary. That's a caricature, because it's obviously not, but I wanted it to be a forbidden romance. I wanted it to be something that two people were doing outside the norms, and that would give us sort of, "Why don't officers and enlisted mix? What are the problems with having men and women in the military, serving together?" I wanted that relationship to deliver that, and I thought it was more unusual to give the woman the senior role and the man the supporting role. And then I just called her Boomer because why not? There was a Boomer character, and I didn't have a role for another pilot so "Okay, Boomer."
Wait...did Ron Moore create the term? Admittedly the context was different (apparently 2009 was the first "dismissing a more experienced person sharing their experience" use), but it certainly is a shock to see somebody in 2003 casually drop "okay boomer" into a conversation as a linguistic shortcut.

@TysonMastel - Kenney was just ahead of the curve in social distancing

As I've noted a few times before, the Wuhan Flu lockdown taught us that when faggots started spreading AIDS (or more accurately when we realized faggots were spreading AIDS, the sodomites themselves knew about it a half-decade earlier but like all evil folk tried to cover it up) the solution was social distancing.

That means pederasts like Tyson Mastel being kept from their underage boyfriends, even as one or both were infected with a deadly diseae. Yes, even when they're in hospitals. Again, the past year should remind you how normal Kenney's comments really were.

It's for your own good you retarded fudge packer. This is the world you've demanded, now live in it.


It all started when they misgendered Gerald Ford

America's newly woke military can't figure out how to win a war despite money being no object...you think this might have something to do with the fact that they can't bring a warship up to snuff in less time than almost every war in (modern-ish) history has taken?

In a presentation recorded for August’s Sea Air Space exposition, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday said adding 23 new features to the Ford was a “mistake” the Navy can’t afford to repeat. Gilday said he needs to take “a much more deliberate approach with respect to introducing new technologies to any platform”—preferably one that only introduces up to two technologies per ship and thoroughly tests them on land first.

The USS Ford is the inaugural ship in the Ford-class aircraft carriers, the first new class of aircraft carriers in 40 years. The Navy was eager to cram new tech into the Ford, including a new search radar, electromagnetically powered aircraft catapults to replace traditionally steam-powered catapults, a new aircraft recovery system, and 11 electromagnetically powered elevators designed to shuttle bombs and missiles from the ship’s magazine to waiting aircraft.

But technical problems with the new features led to $2.8 billion in cost overruns and delays, resulting in a total ship cost of $13 billion—not including the actual planes on the carrier.

So the United States military, which maintains its edge due to advanced technology, can't possibly bring advanced technology into service within a decade? Do they not understand what the advanced in advanced technology entails?


WTA 250 (hotties)

There have been two WTA 250 events going on this week: the BNP Paribas Poland Open, and the 32nd Palermo Ladies Open. As is typical of these European tournaments the matches all take place while Albertans are either working or sleeping, but here's a brief summary of the past couple days of action.

On Tuesday in Italy we got to see Ukrainian cutie Katarina Zavatska (9/10) defeat Lizette Cabrera (7.5/10) in straight sets, big-titted local wonder Lucia Bronzetti (7.5/10) took down all-legs (and a tad of badonkadonk) in the form of Bulgaria's Viktoriya Tomova (8.5/10), and Luxembourg's sex bomb Mandy Minella (9.5/10) was crushed by Elena-Gabriela Ruse (8/10). By "we see" of course, we didn't get to see. Valeria Savinykh (8.5/10) lost to American Francesca Di Lorenzo (7.5/10) and her exquisitely shaped ass, the Amazonian Serb Olga Danilović (8/10) needed three sets to defeat pudgy but attainable Kamilla Rakhimova (7/10), Shuai Zhang (6.5/10) defeated Cristina Bucșa (7/10), Danielle Collins (9/10) survived her battle against German butterface Katharina Gerlach (6.5/10), and Lucrezia Stefanini (9/10) lost to the Singaporean from Perth, Astra Schwarma...er, I mean...Sharma (7.5/10).

Also on Tuesday up the road in Poland "we saw" the most American named American ever (Varvara Lepchenko, 7.5/10) defeated Marina Melnikova (7/10) after losing the first set, Aliaksandra Sasnovich (8/10) similarly had to win the last two sets to dispatch Weronika Baszak (6.5/10), Ekaterine Gorgodze (6.5/10) also had to win both after losing the first to "innocent" Russian honeytrap Anastasia Zakharova (8/10), and in the "homely versus ugly" match ugly (Irina-Camelia Begu, 6/10) defeated homely (Ysaline Bonaventure, 7/10) handily in straight sets. On the flip side of the coin Spain's Nuria Parrizas Diaz (9/10) beat cute-but-awkward Magdalena Frech (8.5/10) in her own land, Germany's cutest player Tamara Korpatsch (7.5/10) beat Olga Govortsova (8.5/10), Katarzyna Kawa (7.5/10) beat Tereza Mrdeza (7/10) in three sets, and finally Amina Anshba (9/10) beat Harmony Tan (6.5/10) in straight sets, removing not-Rosalind-Chao from the action.

On Wednesday Poland also saw Varvara Gracheva (7.5/10) take the second set but not the other two in a close match against the ever-adorable Viktória Kužmová (8/10), Jamie Loeb (8.5/10) was humiliated by Belgian bombshell Maryna Zanevska (9/10), Anna Karolina Schmiedlova (8/10) and her legs that neve quit squeaked out a narrow second set win and little else against Anna Bondár (7/0), and Tamara Korpatsch played again and another, better Weronika -- Weronika Falkowska (8/10) also lost in the process. The day ended off less than perfect, with Kristina Kucova (7/10) defeating Romanian Irina Bara (8/10).

Palmero action on Wednesday started off with Elena-Gabriela Ruse winning a walkover against Swiss angel Jil Teichmann (9/10) and depriving us of a gorgeous matchup. On the bright side we [that "we" again, from a person who was nose-deep in spreadsheets while this matchup took place... -ed] got to see France's pride Océane Dodin (9.5/10) take on Vitalia Diatchenko (9.5/10) where the Russian hottie ended up going home, Lucia Bronzetti beat the girl Thok Mok described as "a chunky chinky" Grace Min (6/10), another unpleasant asian in Qinwen Zheng (5.5/10) lost to Romania's Jaqueline Cristian (8.5/10).

Today in Italy, Sharma took down a hotter girl a second time by winning straight sets against Natalia Vikhlyantseva (8.5/10), Danilović powered through two close sets to defeat Zavatska, Zhang barely broke a sweat defeating Di Lorenzo, and America Danielle Collins (9/10) had a rough start before easily defeating Austrailia's Maddison Inglis (9/10) in what can best be called "The Battle of the Pretty". In Poland today Gorgodze defeated Lepchenko, a hottie-versus-hottie contest saw Kateryna Kozlova (9/10) win after losing the first set to Sasnovich, while a different hottie-verus-hottie matchup featured Diaz beating Anshba in straight sets. A much-less exciting pairing saw Kawa defeat Begu, while Zanevska and Kužmová battled for our hearts...Zanevska won.

Both Poland and Palermo are taking tomorrow off and resume play on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it because you might notice that the ratings for these events are far higher than any more recent events. I didn't get to watch much Wimbledon (and yes I still owe you the Friday night at Wimbledon story) but the hotness factor was far lower there than either of these events (Palermo would appear to be the better of the two).

I didn't get a chance to watch or cover the Hungarian Grand Prix or Prague Open last week. In Hungary the quarter-final saw Anhelina Kalinina (7.5/10) win when Danielle Collins retired, and Yulia Putintseva (8.5/10) won in three sets against Dalma Gálfi (8/10) in a bikini-girl battle. Putintseva went on to win in the final.

Over in Prague the final four was Tereza Martincová (9.5/10) defeating Greet Minnen (7/10) and Barbora Krejcikova (6.5/10) beat Xinyu Wang (6/10) before going on to dominate in the final.

Edmonton weather: heavy rain starting the third Wednesday of July

Mother Nature knows we cancelled Klondike Days, right?


Palestine Quiz

I was pretty good at this...are you?


Flashback: C-30 (Internet monitoring of bullying)

As I'm sure you've heard, the disgusting Trudeau Liberals are proposing internet speech controls with the full support of the mainstream media.

They didn't used to support laws about police access to tech company info, but they did used to have two different contemporary opinions about questionable laws. Contrast the language used to discuss this piece of intrusive big-government...
The bill also forces tech providers to provide police with a “back door” for easy surveillance. It also lets police get warrants to track any information sent online, who sent it and from where, and will let courts force other parties to preserve electronic evidence. This last one rather sums up the terror of this new law. While we anguish over Facebook and Google’s increasingly blatant use and storage of our online lives, we’re blind to the ultimate destination of this information. It can now go straight to the cop who asks for it. As the NDP’s Charlie Angus put it, it gives the police a licence for fishing expeditions into all “private communications,” the all-inclusive term used in the bill. Cellphones would become an “electronic prisoner’s bracelet,” Angus said.
With this one...
Brampton MP Parm Gill has introduced proposed changes to the Criminal Code that would make gang recruitment a crime and offer tougher penalties for trying to enlist young gang members.
Gill introduced his private member’s bill in the House of Commons Monday. If passed, Bill C-394 would make recruitment efforts for any type of criminal organization a criminal offence. It would also establish penalty guidelines for those convicted of recruiting and a minimum penalty for recruiting anyone under the age of 18

Not a lot of talk about "terror" anymore is there?

 As the proposed bill begins its long and uncertain journey through the House of Commons approval process, Gill invites the community become part of a discussion on the issue of gangs and gang recruitment. Residents can participate on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ParmGillGangRecruitment and on Twitter using the #EndGangs hashtag.

LibraryLass has and is a useless cunt

What on earth does "thought-terminating cliche with sexist connotations" even mean?