ABC14 News is written by the same script that talks about Kodi addons

How many ridiculous errors can you find in this ABC 14 News story about Grandpa Joe Biden's most recent gaffe?

Biden was one particular of various 2020 hopefuls to go to the South Carolina Democrat Party’s Very first in the South Meal, where he reportedly been given the longest ovation of any of his rivals.
Uh, I'm sorry, is this supposed to be English? "One paricular of various (groups) to (perform activity)" is atrocious.

Uh, but we're not done yet.
“You are the ones who despatched Barack Obama the presidency. And I have a straightforward proposition right here: I am here to talk to you for your assistance,”
Did ABC News get this text directly from the Biden campaign? Or did they type it out themselves. "Despatch" is the English version of the American word "dispatch". If this is Grandpa Joe's continued use of out-of-date terms (c.f. "dogface pony solider") then even by Biden standards it's looney: "dispatch" has been the American spelling since 1755. I think this is the author though thinking "despatch" is the past-tense version of "dispatch". It's like an American article talking about "whisky"...it makes sense in Marylebone but not in Maryland.

I'm inclined however to not give the benefit of the doubt....
However, Biden also raised eyebrows this week when he shared an unverified declare on the campaign trail that he was arrested in South Africa trying to free Nelson Mandela from prison, some thing he had under no circumstances previously shared in advance of. Also previous 7 days, Biden advised CNN his late son, Beau Biden, had served as U.S. legal professional typical. Beau Biden was lawyer normal for the point out of Delaware from 2007-2015.
Um...my brain hurts. What's an "unverified declare"? I'm asking you because Google only knows about this article and a couple of mistranslated Russian reprints of English language news stories that even use it.. Is that what this ABC article is? A Denver news organization reprinting badly translated foreign reports back into English?

That would explain "some thing he had under no circumstances previously shared in advance of"...this sentence fragment is supposed to tie the first portion of the sentence (regarding Biden's supposed arrest) with a final portion (whatever he's in advance of). But the final portion isn't there...it just stops.

Finally, "previous 7 days" (?), CNN was informed Beau Biden had previously been both a legal professional typical" and a "lawyer normal for the point out of".

This article is so word salad I'm not sure it's really news and not some sort of art project collaboration between Bob@abc14news.com and Justin Trudeau to report on Joe Biden in the style of Joe Biden.