@Kim_1968220 - Stop the overdramatic crying about "muh rights and free-dumbs"

Kim hates when people "cry" about people protesting fundamental human rights (recognized over centuries).

Everybody got that? Good.

Hey, so the U.S. Supreme Court agreed that the modern day abortion -- where a human life is ripped into shreds on the flimsy claim that it can't be a real human since he/she cannot move around independently -- is totally something which governments can permit or restrict. It didn't reverse Roe vs. Wade in the sense that it didn't explicitly state that an unborn child (despite all medical evidence to the contrary) has the right to life and all women who try to kill one should be hung from a gallows, but baby steps to pardon the pun.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because unlike piddling little rights like freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, this freedom to get abortions isn't a fundamental human right. When people complained in trucker convoys about losing these rights Kim accused them of crying. So is she similarly accusing the hordes of sluts attempting insurrections across America right now of crying even when some of them literally are?

Well take a look for yourself.
Wow, unlike Tamara Lich that sounds an awful lot like crying. Putting aside the fact that men don't have any abortion rights and many sit in jail because of it, those are pretty hysterical rantings there.

Which one is it, Kim? Are you opposed to "crying" about perceived loss of rights or not? If yes, apply it to your side which clearly is on the far shakier ground.


@bruceskelhorne - Can we keep murderous women out of secure airport areas?

Now that Roe vs. Wade got the final verdict that even Bader-Ginsburg predicted would happen we're seeing even more people who claimed mandating vaccinations (a medical process) were okay because of the unproven contention that not getting vaccinated caused other people harm, while abortions (a murder) are okay because they ignore the biological fact that a human life is killed 100% of the time in the process.

Ignore that for today and give Bruce all the points of his garbage argument: he didn't lose any rights to refuse a vaccine and women have the right to an abortion. That being said, why can't we setup our society the way the Viro Fascists did over the past year?

Every woman has the right to get an abortion.

Women who have had abortions (remember, public healthcare means we will always know) however cannot work for the federally regulated industries, cannot board airplanes or trains, and are forbidden to enter bars and restaurants. [the looser thighs that caused the abortion to begin with are less likely without access to nightclubs, a handy additional consequence! -ed]

If you have an abortion outside of Canada you must be quarantined until you're no longer a threat to more babies (ie. until you're sterile by either your own choice or by the ravishes of time)

Nobody is preventing you from having an abortion. However since you're acknowledged as an unrepentant murderer for safety reasons we have to limit your role in society. You have that abortion right you wanted so badly, but all choices have consequences and Prime Minister Lewis has determined this is the consequence for yours, and actions which motivate you to choose otherwise are for the good of the economy.


The familiar trajectory of trans-testicles like @TheJessieKirk: morally and intellectually superior conservative views require censorship

It took a while due to a couple computer issues and a lost password that turned out to take forever to figure out, my editor finally got his Twitter account up and running, and we could start posting the blogposts we've been making since last October.

One of them was pointing out that this faggot named Jessie Kirk, who's even more mentally ill than even the typical sodomite, thought that author J.K. Rowling was "harming" people by pointing out the unpleasant truth: Jessie will never be a woman. He can cut off all the parts of him that make him think he's a man, "feminize" his face, and it doesn't matter. He won't be a woman.

Claiming it's "harmful" is of course referencing the suicide rate of trannies, which believe it or not is even higher than it is for poofters. The claim by these retarded activists of course is that it's caused by "hurtful speech" such as the "hateful" statements of J.K. Rowling such as....er...."why don't you acknowledge that the fact of your biology means its unfair to have you compete in women's only sporting events"?

Yep, that's all it takes to drive them to suicide. Which of course was the point of the original post: if that's all it takes, then clearly your mental health is even worse off than we previously thought. If simple things like the truth set you off, then eventually one of these "harmful truths" will have bled through past the social media censorship regime they are working so hard to implement and the end result will be a suicide.

To wit: if this is all it takes to kill you, you're going to be killed by it. It's like a severe hemophiliac getting a minor injury (like sodomy it has a fairly effective cure so you have to imagine a scenario where they refuse treatment and instead demand a month to express pride in their condition). It will be fatal, but in this scenario there's only so long before we can protect them from the greater world. If this same "hemophilia pride" individual tried to go out into the wider world than their tragic death would be inevitable.

What was this dude's response? Simple: to whine like a woman that nobody should be allowed to speak the truth to him.

As the post title notes, I'm better than him in every conceivable way. I freely admit he'll never be able to be as good a man as I am, and even if he was just a garden variety faggot who didn't cut off his balls he'd still have the disease of his lifestyle choice weighing him down. Yet if even hearing that causes him such distress?

There are men better than me. Sean Connery is dead, but there's still Clint Eastwood. I'm sure a couple more examples could come to mind. Steven James Anderson, and....well, if we work hard we'll come up with a few more. The point being, if an example of a man who was better than me was brought up, my response wouldn't be to slit my wrists. For ass pirates like Jessie Kirk, that's not the case.

I don't know how I'll die. BBQ fire, duel with another mathematician, lung cancer, or firefight with some nigger trying to steal my car. There are a lot of possibilities. Unlike Jessie Kirk, the answer won't be AIDS, monkeypox, or suicide. We all die from something, it's only a matter of time.

Curing his illness, not covering up the truth about it, is the only way to cure him.

The upside of inflation

As you know, as a result of the West's disastrous spending policies before and during the Wuhan Flu lockdown era, combined with the hypocritical and "harming them more than us" sanctions of Russia in response to their invasion of Ukraine, inflation in almost all western nations are reaching levels not seen since conservative economists taught us how to avoid it (there's a future blog post in there about how those left-wing economists who had a bunch of new and innovative ways to spend money without causing inflation were utterly wrong and trying to put a woke spin on an old failed phenomenon).

The price of potatoes at Superstore this week has doubled from what it was a year ago to $8 per 10lb bag. No fast food meals under $10. Gas pushing $2/L even with provincial fuel taxes reduced. Everything and I mean everything is getting more expensive.

You saw the post title though. What's this upside you speak of? Simple: Amazon has not (yet) raised their $35 minimum for free shipping. As a result, since the things available to buy on Amazon are more expensive (but ditto everywhere else), you can get things shipped in smaller bunches. Typically what I and many others do is add things to cart until reaching that threshold. Sometimes its taken months of waiting to come up with something to buy on Amazon before adding to the other little things reaches that magic number.

There aren't many good consequences of the failed monetary policy of the left who thought they know better than those who came before them. At least we have found one.


@RJDavies_ - Agreed. Let's start with restoring more of the Canada of 1867

I'm sure we can all agree with Richard here that there's a lot that needs to be done to make Canada a more just society. For starters...
I'm sure we can put our heads together and think of a few other...oh, no, wait, it turns out Ricard is a cowardly faggot who works for the Manitoba Liberal Party. Which means he's instead pushing for all the things which in fact make our country less fair...including blathering about "colonization" as if it's a bad thing and not the reason Canada is a country worth improving in the first place.


Edmonton Child Molester Parade cancelled for fourth straight year

Pun intended.

It was a treat when we celebrated it in 2019.

It was the one small fun thing about the Wuhan Flu overreaction of 2020.

It was only moderately funny in 2021 as restrictions were finally (er, almost finally?) over.

Now it just seems like the status quo.

That's right, for the fourth year in a row there will be no #yegfaggotwalk held. According to Trevor Watson, the chubby faggot who's personal preference is diddling the 8-11 year old little boy demographic, there's no plans to have one this year or perhaps even any year in the future. He's too busy touching little boys on city busses while their leftist parents admire his disgusting lifestyle choice at the expense of their own children.

Does that mean that Watson and his fellow evil uranists are just laying low? No, of course not: they and the rest of their illegitimate club are going to be busy waving in your face you nd down the streets, just less coordinated than usual. And of course as most of you now know (and the line for apologies for not listening to me the past decade and a half I've been telling you) they already are busy in your schools turning your kids towards their evil orientation because again 100% of them are guilty of it. Some of them like them older than Watson, a sizeable minority like them younger, and all of them need to be stopped at all costs.

Ironically even as they cancelled the past two years over a disease that only kinda infected their perverted kind more than others, they do it instead in the shadow of a new (well, not new) disease spreading around the globe 100% caused by their wicked ways. For those keeping track, they started this whole endeavour in the shadow of the last disease spread almost exclusively by their inability to have a real loving relationship.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même


Let's go Oilers, honk honk

The Edmonton Oilers are about to start their Game 1 against the Calgary Flames. On a completely unrelated note, earlier this year, the Freedom Convoy held Edmonton protests downtown every Saturday afternoon starting around 1pm.

Of course, Mayor "I'm Literally a Shitface, just look at it" Sohi hated this and could not let it stand. In fact, the City of Edmonton got an injunction against the convoy using its unique voice: its honking. The reason? Officially, to borrow from the nonsense used by Ottawa government whiners, was how horrible and disruptive that honking was. It's just not fair to all the residents, you see, to make them endure all this endless noise. The Edmonton Freedom Convoy, unlike the equally wonderful and justifiable Ottawa version, was only on Saturday afternoons. By 5pm the event was pretty much died down.

In fact, not just honking: the injunction included speakers and anything else that made any noise whatsoever.

Curiously enough, and sorry if I confused you, this isn't "unrelated" to the upcoming Oilers game at all. You see, on Saturday night I was out on Whyte Avenue to enjoy some beers and watch Game 7 of the opening series. A good time was had by all, and during an exciting and well-played while still nail-biting game, the Oilers defeated the Los Angeles Kings and moved onto the second round for the first time in the Retarded Land Acknowledgement Era. As you might expect, people were rather excited about this.

Since the game was played at 8pm for both the benefit of the Los Angeles TV audience and to accommodate the now-eliminated Maple Leafs, the Oilers victory didn't come until around 11pm. Just like in 2006, that first round victory led to a large crowd descending on the avenue (downtown arena be damned). And then the strangest thing happened. Cars started honking: loudly, incessantly, constantly. When I left the strip around 1:15am, the line of cars up and down the road honking over and over and over was only growing.

Unlike the strip from 109th Avenue between 98th Avenue and 104th Avenue where the vast majority of the Freedom Convoy operated, this is right smack dab in a well populated residential area. Unlike the Freedom Convoy, it was late at night. And also unlike the Freedom Convoy, Mayor Shitface hasn't denounced it and the City of Edmonton has taken no legal action against it. (It's worth noting the equally nonwhite and equally freedom-hating bitch who is Mayor of Calgary acted similarly in both aspects).

Leftists online haven't freaked out about people being harmed by all the honking.  If the celebration resumes after every Oilers game it will be even more common, and always at night. Yet the usual losers are completely silent on the issue. Of course we all know why but it still doesn't make it right.


2022 Kentucky Derby

Today is the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby, and because this year it falls on the same weekend as Mother's Day and a birthday party I can't get out of, I'll be missing out on the festivities (unlike last year, where my Kentucky Derby party had record attendance as we all reveled in the joy of openly violating COVID laws). The big story this year, of course, is legendary owner Bob Baffert enduring year one of his two year ban for the Medina Spirit controversy (he at the very least outlived the horse). One notes I actually made a disqualification joke last year referencing the 2019 Derby controversy, so I will keep the streak going.

However as always I will at least quickly run down who I would bet on, if I was betting which I wasn't (note the odds will likely change by the time this post goes up):

Win: White Abarrio (10-1)
Place: Messier (8-1)
Show: Zandon (3-1)
Super-trifecta 4th place: Tawny Port (30-1)
Super-trifecta 4th place after the disqualification: Epicenter (7-2)


@EontheEevee123 - Have you ever considered negros are just really bad drivers?

Hey remember back when I used to do those #yegtraffic bad driver alerts? Those were fun. Anyways one of the gags I did with it was indicate the race of the bad driver. It made a lot of people, including that useless cunt Jesse from 100.3 The Bear, upset. But what I occasionally notified people of was a secret rule I used for it: I only gave the race of the driver when I correctly guessed it before getting a look at them.

Here's the thing: I'm really good at it. I'm well north of 80% accurate at guessing the sex of a driver and at least 75% accurate at guessing their race. In other words, niggers drive a certain way and I know it. Here's the hint as well, they are often bad drivers and were what triggered the infamous bad driver alerts. (Indeed, I referenced their driving habits in this infamous post)

So when folks like Eon try bleating about "racial bias" in policing, it's important that they understand how stupid it really is. Blacks don't drive the same way as whites (much like how they don't "pick up a few things at Athlone Liquor Store"  the same way as whites either) so why would you expect their pullover rates would be equal either? After all, how many percentage of police stops are from behind (where officers don't know the race of the driver)? The infamous Stanford study which Madame Eon quotes later in the thread talks about blacks being pulled over at night when, as Archie Bunker famously reminded us, cops literally wouldn't be able to tell a nigger was even behind the wheel.

Much like how they tend to commit more (serious) crimes and therefore any statistic purporting to look at "disproportionate" outputs without looking at the disproportionate inputs is meaningless, so is this one. Nobody should care how often blacks are pulled over: if they committed 100% of all traffic violations we would expect them to be 100% of the people pulled over, and no harm would be indicated by it.

What it certainly doesn't indicate is that police should be "anti-racist" or "decolonized" or whatever other nonsense Robyn Maynard is yammering about. After all, an "anti-racist" police force would harass innocent Gerald Stanley for the noncrime of shooting a jackpine savage out to do him harm...and we already have that!


"Then now the time is, Commander"

It's May 4th, which is commonly dubbed "Star Wars Day", which means it's now been two years since the disgusting and disgraceful performance by Lethbridge Police. What did I say at the time? Oh, right:

This is 50,000 shades of insanity. As Kate McMillan says, the first thing we need to do is publicly expose and shame the 911 callers. At bare minimum the transcript of the calls must be released so we can determine exactly what information was provided to police.

Secondly, and this is the key: Somebody on the Lethbridge Police Service needs to be fired over this. There can be no wiggle room. A person currently on their payroll needs to be unemployed.

Later that year we learned there would be no criminal charge. Last summer we learned that the officers involved would not be in any way punished for their conduct. The Police Chief at the time, Scott Woods, was only an interim chief and in July of 2020 new Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh took over, and in that time made...exactly zero changes. At no point has he made any amends on the key issue which was that if the officer conduct was according to policy than that policy needed changing.

Mehdizadeh has been completely useless on that front and needs to be made to answer the question: why hasn't policy been changed to prevent this reoccurring? If officers can be demoted for making fun of people in emails, surely policies can be changed to allow demotion for pointing guns at a girl in a cosplay outfit.

The provincial government also has to shoulder some blame: then-Justice Minister Kaycee Madu demanded Lethbridge Police reform their broken system, yet it was entirely over "MemeGate" and a police database search against an NDP cabinet minister rather than the far more serious incident on May 4th 2020.


April Fools Day


It's been far too long

For the first time since 2019, you can (starting just a few minutes ago) have yourself a pint of Guinness and a second pint of green beer at O'Byrnes.

Thank a trucker.


I look forward to Bruce Jenner's obituary

Notorious Edmonton slum landlord and con artist Carmen Pervez is dead.

At about 9:55 p.m., police were called to a weapons complaint at a home in the area of Heath Road and Riverbend Road.

Police said 59-year-old Abdullah Shah was outside the residence in life-threatening condition. Shah, who is also known as Carmen Pervez, was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries, according to police.
Regular readers might recognize the name, or more specifically the names. Is it Abdullah Shah or Carman Pervez? Well, we covered that. In fact, as a curious note far-left Edmonton Journal writer Elise Stolte had no problem referring to him as Pervez as his primary name. It is, of course, how we've known about him for a couple decades now.

This Abdullah Shah thing, while at first glance seeming very Cassius Clay, was what I more accurately noted as more along the lines of sodomites pretending they aren't dudes (or, in the curiously expanding realm of modern society, chicks who want to pretend their bleeding problem was a cosmic error). Specifically, I noted that both name changes are primarily involved for deception:
He's Carmen Perez. He was Carmen Perez when he was in his mortgage scam, and Carmen Pervez is the man who is out on the streets doing the same shady shit he was doing a decade ago. The name change, of course, is so that he can escape being figured out on Google searches. But it is, quite clearly, who he is. Carmen Pervez is how everybody from his friends to his victims knew him as. Calling him Abdullah Shah is to participate in a bald lie.

Yet this isn't the media's rule for dealing with another group who are using name changes to deceptively hide who they are. Trannies are doing the same thing day in and day out. And you know who's culpably going along for the ride? That's right, the same newspaper chain who sensibly kept warning Edmontonians that Carmen Pervez is back.
[apologies for the spelling error in the quote and original post, but ironically its hard to train the brain to not see "Pervez" as the spelling error. -ed]

Global News' Caley Gibson did something that's (morbidly eerie, in this case) referred to by the ridiculous term deadnaming when it's done to a man like Richard Levine yet we all instinctively understand that it would be a crime to the publishing of facts to talk endlessly about an Abdullah Shah as if he burst on the Edmonton social scene around 2013.

Albert Einstein is still alive, and while it might be useful to refer to people by their nom de plume on occasion it doesn't change the fact that Albert Einstein is still alive even if you don't know him by that surname (or the identity of his late brother).


The most inaccurate thing Ted Byfield ever wrote

As you may know, one of the greatest Albertans in history [we'll try to ignore the unfortunate born in Toronto bit, sins of the father yadda yadda yadda.. -ed], Ted Byfield (editor of the legendary Alberta Report and "godfather of Canadian social conservatism" as I believe Colby Cosh called him) , was lost to us just before Christmas. It's still honesty a raw nerve. And I've written before about how I own his greatest work, a collection of Alberta Report columns (excepting one written for, of all things, the University of Alberta Press which I'll discuss at a future date) under the title The Book of Ted.

Well, one of those columns is hauntingly appropriate today, as it opens with talking about "25 years into the future, when I will almost certainly be dead". That 25 years swung by on February 28th 2019, which as the post title implies makes it his most inaccurate column ever. But first, let's read the actual column.
Sixties people should tread carefully in considering the euthanasia question 

Twenty-five years from now I will almost certainly be dead - indeed, for all I know it could happen 25 minutes from now - so the following warning need not be considered self-interested.

If I were now forty-something, rather than sixty-something, I would be exceedingly cautious about leaping on the current bandwagon for legal euthanasia, propelled with the accustomed theatrics last week by Svend Robinson, MP, Burnaby's dubious gift to national politics.

That is, if I were a member of what is loosely termed the "Sixties generation," the generation that now runs everything, the generation with the great big numbers that has made the great big changes, I would think very hard about where this latest liberal social bonanza is likely to lead.

By the year 2019, when your generation is reaching retirement age, an enormous proportion of the population will be in their 60s and 70s, all requiring pensions and extensive, expensive medical attention. But since you have fully availed yourselves of the modern conveniences of birth control and abortion, assuring yourselves that the pursuit of personal advantage is the very essence of life, and thus you have produced relatively few children, you will discover there are far more people to support than there are to do the supporting. Indeed, the generation that will then be running things, and to whom this weighty burden of supporting you has been bequeathed, will not only be relatively few in number. They will also be carrying an enormous tax burden to pay the debts that you, their forebears - being the caring, sensitive, concerned group that you were - ran up heaped upon them.

Then again, these two groups of people - you, decrepit, gasping in your nursing homes, and your tax-burdened exhausted successors, straining to support you - are distinguished not only by numbers, but also by colour. You are almost uniformly white.

And everybody will know what awful people the whites are because for years you have been at such pains to describe in exhaustive detail the sins and failings of your race. Whereas our youngers will be that vast mix of hues and colours you so often and so admiringly envisioned.

Finally, the youngers will be free. They will not be burdened by the taboos, guilts, inhibitions and moral strictures that once haunted their ancestors. You will have liberated them from all that. They will have been taught - in fact had drilled into them - that the big thing in life is ME. My aspirations, my self-fulfilment, my self-esteem, my view of life, my this and my that, are the things that matter. And when they consider you, the pensioned mass of wheezing and unproductive humanity, they may just conclude that none of it is doing a great deal for ME.

How long will it take, do you think, before the obvious solution occurs to them? Surely the sensible, practical thing, the environmentally positive thing, is to implement...what will we call it? Genocide is such an ugly word. How about Populational Planning, administered under the direction of the fore-runner of so much other social advance by then known as Planned De-Parenthood? The name is important; so is the packaging. It will be seen as the Modern Way to Go. No fuss. No cruel months or years on sickbeds. And above all, no big cost.

Some of you of course may resist. There could be ugly scenes. Unscrupulous people might try to hide their parents away. Instances will be cited where the supposedly dying weren't dying at all. In fact were in good health and went about clutching a little note: "I do not want to die." And there will be stories of the wealthy cheating the system. But with tranquilizing drugs, such evasions can surely be minimized. And, of course, there need be no legal hassles. Good old Svend Robinson and his crowd of advanced thinkers got rid of all legal obstacles back in the 1990s. That's what the euthanasia issue was all about, though few seemed to notice at the time.

Today's euthanasia advocates, of course, will scoff at such a vision. All their legal reform is intended to do, they will assure us, is to enable piteous sufferers like Sue Rodriguez to end their lives in dignity, not in agony. Moreover, this is almost assuredly all they do have in mind. But the advanced thinkers are making their customary mistake. They think always in terms of what nice people will do, and then are horrified to discover that the world is not populated entirely by nice people.

Thus over the twentieth century they have reformed the prison system so that nice people won't be mistreated behind bars, and can be quickly freed to make a positive contribution to society. They are then appalled to discover that the people in prison are not all nice, and many use their freedom as a further opportunity to rob, rape and murder. They designed a welfare system so people can be supported by the state until they are able to support themselves, and are astonished to find that not all welfare recipients turn out to be nice, so that many decide not to work again at all. They created medicare to help people in times of medical necessity, and then are amazed that so many people use the system when there is no medical necessity. They set up abortion clinics for dire cases, which might happen to a nice person once in several lifetimes, and then are shocked to learn that people not so nice were using them as a form of birth control.

This peculiar ignorance of how human waywardness seems to corrupt every social advance applies even to learned economists. John Maynard Keynes taught that nice governments could operate on deficits during economic downturns, so long as they ran on surpluses during economic booms. But governments didn't turn out to be quite that nice. They ran up deficits during hard times all right, and then ran up more deficits during good times. Doubtless Mr. Keynes was likewise shocked and appalled. He forgot or never knew the oldest lesson of all. Men sin. And any system established on the presumption that they won't is certain to fail.

Therefore, O younger generation rapidly growing older when you are considering a euthanasia law, do not consider it in terms of what Sue Rodriguez might do with it. Think rather what an impatient heir might do with it. Think what Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot might do with it. Imagine if it helps you, the puritanical state envisioned in Margaret Atwood's novel, and consider what they might do with it. Because they, not Sue Rodriguez, are the people for whom you are legislating.
- Ted Byfield (RIP), February 28, 1994
The first thing you may notice is that many of Ted's predictions never came to pass. At least, not yet...one of the things to prevent it was the rise of the Reform Party and the decade of boring centrist legislation by Prime Minister Stephen Harper (pbuh). That movement, which set the leftist agenda back by almost two decades, was of course architected by the same Ted Byfield who wrote about it. Faggot Svend and his cronies didn't control the wheels of power to the extent they could push their euthanasia legislation into effect until Rat Bastard 2.0 brought it in a couple years ago (and after Ted's presumed future-death). This means you can't say whether Ted's predictions specifically about euthanasia were wrong for another quarter century. Meanwhile of course everything else he wrote about, which continues unabated, will make it a moot point.

Interesting that he already saw the Great Replacement as a threat even in the mid 90s where the rest of us were busy worrying if Mulder and Scully would get together, what exciting new music Kurt Cobain would be writing over the next year, and whether Tonya Harding was in on it. The idea of a lack of social cohesion caused by the brown generation of immigrants being taught to hate the (generally more successful) previous generation of whites was perhaps first given a voice here (Mark Steyn wouldn't put it in a book for another 14 years) and both Steyn and Byfield note that the anti-white rhetoric taught in schools (something conservative movements failed to stop across North America) means the generation gets less and less interested in keeping those racist whiteys around and paying to support them. When the Wuhan Flu swingback inevitably occurs, it may occur to them that they were busy putting their lives on hold so that old white people could be infinitesimally safer.

Also he noted, as so many of us have, that nobody seems to be a Keysian when given the reins of power. The Right (who, in fairness, utterly reject Keynes) cut government expenditures more readily in hard times than good times (when they do at all), while the Left (who, remember, embrace Keynes) never want to cut government expenditures at all.

But of course the reason we look back at this today is to celebrate that for just under three years we got to enjoy the existence of Ted Byfield contrary to his 1994 pessimism, and indeed many years of at least putting off the nightmare he saw coming. Rest in Peace dear sir, you've earned it.


Justin Trudeau, Nazi

Honk honk.

A couple days ago Rat Bastard 2.0 inexplicably outed himself as a Nazi. I know, I know, dust off your old jokes: "people told me if I voted for Maxime Bernier Canada would descend into tyranny...and they were right".

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine:

“Canada condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s egregious attack on Ukraine. These unprovoked actions are a clear further violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. They are also in violation of Russia’s obligations under international law and the Charter of the United Nations.

“Canada calls on Russia to immediately cease all hostile and provocative actions against Ukraine and withdraw all military and proxy forces from the country. Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity must be respected and the Ukrainian people must be free to determine their own future.
Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, proudly defending neo-Nazis. 

He's on the same side as literal Nazis waving swastikas. Isn't that disgusting?

Okay some of you look a little confused. Let's explain.

Have you ever heard of an outfit called the Azov Battalion? In fairness I hadn't, but I'm not up to date on my niche military branches of foreign governments. Anyways, they're a wholly deputized wing of the Ukranian military who is also apparently dedicated (as you might guess) to something called the "Azov movement". That movement is an explicitly "Bajor for Bajorans" sort of group, and since ethnic Ukrainians are white then it is also dedicated to preserving Ukraine for white Ukrainians. This is, indeed, one of the "neo Nazi groups" that Putin has apparently invaded to root out. (Why a group advocating for Ukraine belonging to whites is worse than a group advocating for Canada belonging to Red Indians is an exercise left to the reader, at least for today). All you have to know is that Azov Battalion thinks white people are better than others, or at minimum better to live in Ukraine than somebody else.

The Azov Battalion is fighting alongside their fellow Ukranians against the Russians, and Trudeau implicitly praised them in his statement. Oh, and one other interesting piece of information: here's a photo of the Azov Battalion posing under their organization's flag:

It's not in exactly the same dimensions and orientation as the one you might be familiar with, but your eyes aren't deceiving you: that's a swastika.

It's worth a brief reprieve to note that the swastika wasn't exactly something Adolph sketched out one afternoon: to be frank, he wasn't that good of an artist. 7,000 year old swastikas have been uncovered in Iran and India. As it happens, the world's oldest swastika was found in Ukraine and seems to be a stylized bird (similar to how the Azoz Battalion's swastika looks a lot like the ship from Firefly). If you remember Don Cherry going to Nagano Olympics in 1994 he noted that swastikas were flying from flags all over the place. A swastika itself isn't ipso facto proof of a reference to Nazi Germany. Finland only in the last half-decade removed the swastika from their air force emblem: it had been used for just under a century starting in 1918. So seeing a swastika doesn't immediately mean Nazi. Indeed it's an open topic of discussion whether the emblem is related to the Nazi swastika: remember Ukraine has a dozen millennia of history with the symbol. Facebook, it's worth noting, banned Azov as a "hateful" organization you can't promote on their platform...until today.

Putin disagrees, and wants to purge Nazis from the Ukrainian government and military. Yet Justin opposes this. Now you might think: what's the big deal? For that answer, we have to look to the annals of history, a deep forgotten time (for leftists, at least): three weeks ago.

We recently have it on good authority by Justin Trudeau himself that if anybody in a group of people has a single swastika (even if only one guy three blocks away from everybody except Liberal Party official photographer Adam Scott) then the entire group is invalidated, and any politician who supports that group or their aims is standing with them.

There is no wiggle room. At no point did the Shiny Pony suggest that fighting for the same things the Freedom Convoy advocated for and supporting their movement for change could be decoupled from  "hate symbols" being seen. Indeed its why he refused to even meet with organizers (who hadn't waved any Nazi flags) or the regular truckers in the convoy (who were waving Canadian flags). See a swastika flag = hateful to support them. Plain and simple. So...

When will Justin Trudeau apologize for standing with people who wave swastikas?

These are your new rules, you play by them.


Your Valentines Day fantasy for 2022

Apparently "DJ" is a sex act by which two fingers are used to stimulate the clitoris as if a modern DJ is manipulating a record.

I can't wait for a May-December romance where some 20something expects this when her 50something boyfriend "DJs" her and instead he starts twisting and flicking like he's working on a Yamaha MD8.


Superbowl Sunday

I was in Cincinnati once. I've been to LA a couple of times. I hear those are the teams playing today.

Meanwhile I'll be watching my copy of the Eskimos winning the 2005 Grey Cup, which might just become my new Superbowl tradition (Grey Cup day rewatching various other Eskimos victories including that wonderful 1993 one, and the similar-to-2005-kinda 1987 squeaker against that other disgusting city from Eastern Canada that deserves to die.


@scrotdingersEq - Don't blame me, I never even met the nigger

Yet again, if the vaccine in him doesn't work if I'm not vaccinated then it's no longer a scientific product but some sort of magical talisman with its spooky action at a distance.

On a prosaic level, if the vaccine doesn't work in the bodies if it was injected into if even 15% of the populace doesn't get it done, how were they able to confirm it worked in testing? Or did they skip the "hey is nobody dying of the Cantonese Cough because none of them were exposed to it" step?


@tsengputterman - food belongs to whoever bought it

The best thing about colonialism, and there are so many things to choose from, is that it spread the superior British/Dutch (and to a far lesser extent German/French/Spanish) concept of property to the dark parts of the world that were worse off without it.

Which means, on the pedantic level expressed in the post title, we now properly understand that the person who bought the food is the owner of it. 

Well, that was quick as posts go. Don't forget to subscribe to our email and...oh, right...of course, the stupid anticolonialism folks aren't talking about food in that sense, they're talking in a much more global sense. Who owns, say, jerk chicken?

Which in a way is just them being pedantic. Who owns jerk chicken? Nobody, because "jerk chicken" is a concept rather than an actual physical item (like, say, the jerk chicken I made from scratch using a recipe from a Company's Coming cookbook: Jean Pare owns the copyright on the book, I own the physical book, and I own the physical jerk chicken up until the point where the people at my BBQ ate it in which case they took ownership), and concepts don't have owners.

To wit, the notion of an "invisible hand" is (mostly properly) credited to Adam Smith. However, the idea that he invented/popularized isn't owned by him. The book might have been, the text might have been, but the idea wasn't: the moment that somebody read and internally conceptualized it, the concept spread forth and became in essence public domain. Likewise Jerk Chicken. It doesn't matter who invented it other than a piece of historical footnote, anymore than it's important to remember that the Daiquiri was invented by a specific human we can point to (Jennings Cox). [fun aside, both were adapted from the Taino Indians who were previously in Cuba and Jamaica... -ed]

I can serve a daiquiri in my restaurant without having to share some imagined connection with Cox based on us (presumably) sharing a skin colour and (unlikely) sharing a national origin. Yet Miss Putterman thinks otherwise: she referenced "ownership" as if there was some sort of pennance that should/could be paid to her ancestors who invented...checks notes...Peking Duck. Well I can also serve Peking Duck, I could even call it "authentic original Peking Duck" while putting on blatantly not-found-anywhere-near-Peking ingredients in it (say, Saskatoons) and have it be so popular that it puts the Chinese-owned Chinese restaurant next to me out of business. That's what we call...just something that happens.

After all, one of the things about food is that celebrating the food doesn't particularly reflect on anything else: Turkish (or Lebanese, or even Greek according to preference) food's worldwide popularity doesn't generally align with some sort of Turciaphilic cultural aim. "Turks are jerks" can be uttered while you suck back a Hünkar Beğendi, the same as you can enjoy a couple Taco Bell Grandito's and then wish those lazy Mexicans would stop importing their garbage Latin culture. You can enjoy perogies while enacting internment camps in WWI, have some sushi while not getting worked up about the equally justifiable internment camps in WWII, and feel confident that your most recent trip to Barb and Ernie's didn't mean you supported the Third Reich. Good food is just that, good food. Large numbers of rural Albertans signed onto the wok craze of the late 1960s, support for the (retroactively looking even wiser) Chinese Head Tax was generally unaffected.

Likewise food that is "othered". Alberta has a very significant Scandinavian population, as does Saskatchewan. If you can find a Swedish or Norwegian restaurant (IKEA Kitchen doesn't count!) in either province than all the power to you. Lots of Leb kebob places though. It's almost like a donair tastes better than lefse. After all, isn't it weird that the meat is so smooth on that big rotating stick is still more appetizing than no I don't want to hear what steps come after "first you soak the fish in lye, the semi-toxic chemical we make soap out of". We "other" food when it's disgusting, not when we like or dislike the populace. As noted above, the British Empire was perhaps the greatest human institution ever created, and we would be better off if 1886 England was the pinnacle our own civilization endlessly strove to be more like. On the other hand, British cuisine is so notoriously undesirable that really the only countries they have to insult are Germany and Australia.

If some enterprising negro made a "Lutefisk" that wasn't soaked in (again, semi-toxic!) lye for days and made the thing somehow edible, yes it wouldn't be "authentic" lutefisk in the same way that poutine with lobster meat and bechamel sauce isn't "authentic". (though as an aside, "Italian poutine" with meatsauce and cheddar cheese was being sold at La Belle Province in the early 80s, so even in its heartland they didn't get so worked up over it). Any Dane whose blood boiled that a nonwhite was making Lutefisk "wrong" should probably be committed to a home: to paraphase President Monkey, he didn't build it.

We can (and should) "include" some cultures and not others. We can (and should) "include" some cuisines and not others. These may or may not line up according to taste, and what we certainly should never do is apologize for doing so. It is, in every sense, the right thing to do.

Besides, the best Chinese food ever is ginger beef and those were invented just a couple hours south on the QE2...

Thomas Schneider is smarter than a woman

Thomas Schneider has become Jeopardy's 5th most winning champion.

Oddly enough, that's not how the professional liars in the mainstream media are reporting it. Thomas, you see, has wore a dress and called himself Amy, and therefore has been declared "the winningest female Jeopardy champion" even though he's a dude.

It's a nice gig: we've seen it in sporting events. Global National wanted to talk about the Canadian women's soccer team winning Gold in the Tokyo Olympics without mentioning the inconvenient fact that they cheated by having men on the team. Of course there's no shortage of men who announce they are women (they aren't), competing against the women, and beating them because men are physically stronger. Ask Whitney Houston if you don't believe me.

Hilariously, if you needed further proof men are smarter than women here you go: even a man with severe mental retardation can beat a woman in a contest of the mind. Geesh, sorry ladies, that must be a tough one to bear.

I'm sure they've already gotten over it though. After all, there's another far older game of mental acuity that women simply are incapable of competing against us in: chess. Despite what propaganda you've been fed in entirely fictional stories like The Queen's Gambit, men absolutely destroy women when it comes to chess. Like, it's not even close. Exactly one woman in all of history has been ranked in the top ten at any point.

It's almost as if, and stop me if you've heard this before: men's brains and women's brains are fundamentally different. Even a broken-down man's brain who thinks its a woman's brain, like Thomas Schneider, can operate superior to a woman's brain which is mainly a repository for recipes and a burning desire to watch home improvement shows.

As contests of intellect memorization goes, Jeopardy was one of the areas in which they relatively shine (Thomas becoming the best "woman" and becoming 5th best overall is a level of achievement the women of the chess world wish they were achieving). Even that has been taken away from them by a man who knows Broadway hits of the late 60s and Chinese art during the Zhou dynasty, but is apparently unaware of the scientific fact that you can't change your sex through the magical power of wishing.


@mbiletski - It's Paul's healthcare system, not yours

Sorry, but in a government-run healthcare system the government will run it. Paul Merriman is the health minister for Saskatchewan, so the healthcare system is his to run. If collapsing it is good public policy (hint: it is, but abolishing it entirely is even better) than he should be commended for doing so.

That's mild hyperbole, of course: he could be trying (and failing) to implement real health policy goals for the government, which would cause him to resign particularly if "not collapsing the system" was a goal and that was indeed the result of his stewardship. However, implementing policies even if they stress the healthcare system isn't necessarily a horrible admonishment for which he should be punished, and if you've been watching the news since October 18th you may have noticed no stories about the Saskatchewan healthcare system collapsing (well, no more than you would have heard from 1965 until 2019 anyways).

I've mentioned this a few times, but it bears repeating: so long as healthcare is a public endeavour, it exists entirely to serve us. This is why the "protect the NHS" nonsense or even the "flatten the curve" bit was already pure hogwash. I don't exist to protect the public healthcare system I am banned from abstaining from: they exist to serve me. And I mean serve with all my heart: if we oppose "for-profit" healthcare then nurses shouldn't be paid and if "healthcare is a human right" then doctors cannot be allowed to retire. If the staff are near exhaustion and under tremendous stress, I don't care slaves, keep working until you drop. This is the system you demand and advocate and vote for, so I want the only party suffering as a result to be you and not me.

As alluded above, the solution to these problems is to privatize it. Sadly, neither Miranda nor Paul are clever enough to make it happen.

@glimmer517 - I'm unvaxxed, not staying home, and exactly 0 danger of dying from the Cantonese Cough

Going out of order, the three things you're talking about are:
So what's your point?

Bonus link: One wonders how Eliza will cope with people who aren't interested in the Pfizer Death Juice or ivermectin.

Two weeks to flatten the curve

Welcome to 2022. Does it feel like a fresh new year, the way last year felt like it was going to be a fresh new year?

No, didn't think so.

A year ago, Martok was still drinking the "vaccines will make everything different" kool-aid, for example. Remember all that talk? "Once 70% of the population is vaccinated" then everything will be okay. But then the goalposts kept shifting, and suddenly we were talking about boosters, but don't you dare claim the vaccines aren't as effective as "science" told us it was because that's fake news.

End of June we were really enjoying the end of lockdown restrictions. Yet the moment a dreaded "new variant" comes along we somehow have to reset back to square one. And square one, you'll recall, was "waiting for a vaccine to save us" even as people flat out superior to the likes of Tam and Hinshaw and Fauci were telling you how retarded an idea that was.

And so after a couple of months into the New Year the "2020 won" memes which kicked off in December began to be circulated in earnest, as it became clear that things weren't going back to normal soon: the supply chain was more disrupted than ever, places continued to lock down even harder and openly discussed ignoring the Nuremberg Code because they literally wanted to be Viro Fascists.

Which is another way to say that this felt a lot like a sequel to 2020, rather than a new era. In fact, it's that worst kind, the painfully derivative "we charged you $18 to see the same movie again" type of sequel. So with that in mind, and the extra joy that the "two weeks to flatten the curve" is going to become two years before anything improves, and that you can't reliably expect to book any international vacations or plan large social events for yet another year, it's time to name the year after the year after 2020...

I give you: 2020...too.

Fun science fiction "it could have been worse" notes: