@JamesDubhthaigh - are they too dumb to figure out I.D. because they're black, or leftists?

Why can't niggers get I.D., exactly?

I understand that the traditional inner-city American black method of obtaining wanted items (violent looting) doesn't exactly work at the DMV, since like gift cards hanging at the checkout counter in The Bay they are useless unless they are activated in store (unless they're being sly, which again would really be playing against type).

However surely all but the stupidest black (of which I'm sure there's intense competition, maybe we should have some sort of awards show?) can still understand that all you have to do is go to the Department of Motor Vehicles which is a joke you'd hear at any show at The Apollo, bring your Birth Certificate (don't worry if you don't know who your father is, it's not part of the process) and your Social Insurance Number (and every nigger knows it off by heart), pay a fee (unless it's waived for you, which is an example of black privilege that taxpaying whites don't get), and boom: ID. Or you can just go to the DMV with your glock and threaten all the white people who are paying your freight. One or the other, I suppose.

If it's all too much, then you being disenfranchised is a net good for society and we should all be cheering it on. There's a reason government ballooned into a leviathan in the era where women and non-property owners got to vote. 

@GaryDBenz - So you agree that only oil company executives should decide where pipelines go?

By this logic, there are a lot of areas of public policy [or, apparently, personal policy! -ed] that apparently don't need to be decided by anything other than an extremely narrow cabal. It isn't a new argument, of course, any man who opposes abortion is suddenly told an entire half the population can't have any say in the matter whatsoever (note this doesn't apply to an anti-abortion woman trying to argue with a pro-abortion male). Still, I'm not sure that Gary has really thought about what this belief of his means.

People other than doctors or immunologists or virologists may not be the people you turn to in order to create a vaccine but they certainly have the right to decide whether or not they wish to get one. Imagine a law mandating that every day you have to cross a bridge, and you want to object to having your freedom of movement curtailed despite the fact you aren't an engineer and don't really know anything about bridges. Normal people would look at this and say "well, you shouldn't need to be able to build one or evaluate the costs/benefits of one in order to decide whether you personally will cross it". In this particular case, you might point out what dozens of people you know were hurt crossing this bridge and you know a lot of engineers who are concerned with the bridge: they might try to counter with a paid government engineer saying it's safe based entirely on the fact that no cases of injuries have been reported (because that same government is refusing to log the injuries even as they are reported), which you might decide is fine and good but you don't personally feel safe and don't want to cross.

If this wasn't in response to gun-nut Alec Baldwin shooting and killing somebody, you might think his reference to "the origins of COVID" put this in early 2021 rather than late 2021. After all, after a year of us being told that the origins of the virus were obviously the Wuhan Wet Market (while also insisting it was racist to say that the backwards Chinese culture which fosters wet markets also would share some of the blame), and obviously not the nearby Wuhan Virology Lab which was studying coronaviruses funded by Doctor Fauci (who falsely claimed he wasn't, which is totally what an innocent link to a non-involved party does) which was already caught receiving stealing infectious disease samples stolen from Canada by Chinese Government intelligence operatives, suddenly when the gig was up it turned out that if you listened to the "educated" folks who "weighed in" on the origins of the Wuhan Flu as Gary would request, you'd be completely wrong for over a year while the people who listened to Rush Limbaugh and Tim Pool were already getting all of the relevant facts.

It would be bad if Gary was promoting some sort of "listen to all the geniuses who can do no wrong", but it turns out the "geniuses" tend to be wrong to such a ridiculous degree that it's shocking in fact that we can find anybody who still thinks submitting to these people is a good idea. The problem remains, of course, that the people who insist we "follow the science" are instead "following the scientists". In a perfect world, A and B are indistinguishable. However...

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic.

But officials blacked out almost every word before releasing the crucial documents.
So the "science" that Gary followed for a year changed course (without, one notes, any serious new collection of evidence) once the bullies that coerced scientists into following a consensus (again without any hard evidence) were humiliated in front of the world, yet still refused to be open and transparent and be honest with the so-called scientific processes they were using.

Remember, the discredited "hockey stick" graph by fraudulent fake-scientist Michael E. Mann became discredited after people who were plenty educated but not in the narrow fields under discussion (sound familiar? if not, look at the tweet at the top of this blogpost) tried to analyze the data and found it extremely lacking. Which is why the narrowing of who is allowed to discuss this issue by Gary Benz is so ridiculous and backwards. The same people who champion "diversity" when it comes to asking if enough sexual perversions are present in a specific boardroom or hockey team suddenly don't want anybody other than a tiny group of self-appointed experts collecting or examining data. It's why the Pfizer Death Juice is totally safe and oh you want to look at the actual raw data? Tell your great-grandchildren to set a calendar reminder. 

The tweet above Benz's isn't about the Wuhan Flu at all, as noted, it's about psycho gun killer Alec Baldwin killing somebody with a gun. It posits (with the support of Drew Carey Show star Diederich Baker) that if you haven't worked on a film set with guns you aren't qualified to...checks notes...wait...legally obligated to weigh in on your theory about what happened. Uh, what?

Perhaps now you can see where the lunacy of this "experts in the field only" comes into play. As you'll recall, I was vilified for (accurately) guessing how Lily Tran and Sharnell Pierre died, and for (correctly) identifying some things about Niko Arlia that his family (supposedly the "experts" in "who was Niko Arlia") hadn't acknowledged.

Experts can (and often are) wrong, and we will never hold them accountable if we continue to claim that only those who are part of their often tight-knit community are allowed to weigh in on their claims and, most importantly, which public policies we enact (which can in some cases go against everything "science" is telling us).

@JoyceWhiteVance - cool story, bro

Like all doctors who dream of becoming Viro Fascists, this useless cunt Brytney Cobia is almost certainly lying.

Notice she doesn't mention what about her patients hospitalized due to the vaccine. One wonders if she's also guilty of refusing to log them into the VAERS database.

The smart ones like her make sure it cannot be verified. Sometimes the fakers don't get so lucky.


@SavageDrums - just because blacks have lower IQs that doesn't make them all "idiots"

Guess who makes up the least vaccinated racial demographic is in the United States? (Apologies for the ridiculously bad way they present the data)

Dr. Brandon (no, seriously!) is of course talking about Ontario, but since Canada doesn't even keep these kind of stats we have no choice but to assume that Ontarian negros are as hesitant about getting the Pfizer Death Juice as their Yankee brethren.

More critically, he's explicitly saying that idiots don't get vaccinated. Which means he's still calling American blacks idiots. Whether he's right or wrong, that's an interesting argument to be making...of course, he can't give any "smart people reasons" why vaccinated people should also suddenly be scared of the unvaccinated. When I got my shots to go to the Caribbean they didn't tell me "oh by the way this Hep B vaccine only works if you're only spending time with people who also have the Hep B vaccine" so presumably one or two smart people are going to ask "hey why is this vaccine you just gave me suddenly different than every other one I've ever gotten"?

He doesn't need to, though. He just wanted to call black Americans idiots and he thought he could get away with it.

RedLetterMedia's disappointing Christmas 2021

Last week was the (free) debut of this year's Christmas edition of RedLetterMedia webshow Best of the Worst (a podcast).

It was...not good. It was certainly better than last year's horrible Christmas 2020 where they did "black spine" random videos instead of their usual mix of Christmas and/or another genre. In fact on paper the Christmas 2021 looked really good: for the first time since Jesse was on the show there were three specifically Christmas movies rather than one Christmas film and then some 80s action films featuring Chuck Norris or kicking or alligators or low-grade VHS with a low grade celebrity (or two Christmas movies and a cat horror film).

On top of that, Santa With Muscles featuring Hulk Hogan was one of the films, and the long-awaited Feeders 2. Again, on paper it sounded great. Until it happened.

One of the main problems is Tim, who got too drunk to be effective and was really best designed for low doses anyways. I understand the RLM crew is in a bit of a pickle: Wuhan Flu restrictions kept the Toronto CGI artists away, and likely the higher profile guests like Culkin or Oswalt as well. Meanwhile AIDS Moby is playing with his other god-awful SJW reviewer buddies. which leaves them other fan non-favourite Josh. Ever since Jesse dumped Mike and/or decided she never wanted to be so much as referenced on camera ever again, the size of the potential crew has been diminished.

Still, the movies themselves got almost no coverage. It's like the infamous "sex with Dom DeLuise" episode that ended up being so annoying when they thought their banter was funny that the movies never got discussed. This happened all three times. Yes, yes, Hulk Hogan said the word nigger. Everybody overreacted to him saying nigger...in private, whose public release bankrupted a worthless left-wing rag. He was involved in some pathetic weirdo sex acts. Got it. Yet he was in a famously bad movie, which ended up being totally skipped over by the internet's most famous dissectors of bad movies.

Hopefully next year will be better.


@Rikilamaru - no drug, just being superior to you

It's one of those natural highs you get from knowing that your worldview aligns better both internally and externally, and that the things you support are better and the things you oppose are worse.

Honestly eventually it becomes as natural as respiration, which is what living creatures do unless they are murdered (as a baby is during abortions).


@frasergeorg - either start digging or stop lying

[To-Cum-Less-Sex-whatthehellisthatword? Isn't Kamloops already an injun name? -ed]

Of course, the key fact remains that 215 days after this claim about "discovering 215 graves" was made, and about 185 days after we were promised a "full report" there's still not been a single verified dead Red Indian child dug up from the Kamloops Indian School...or, for that matter, anywhere. They should be finding a kid a day, instead they haven't even bothered looking.

Zero. George claims 215. Sounds like he needs to spend more time taking math in school, maybe we'll have to have him live in one? I know, I know, I'm recycling my old jokes.

But I'm okay with that, because activists like George are recycling the same lies. No graves have been found. No children dug up. The To-Cum-Less-Sex Tribe can't point to a single member they've lost due to the excellent Residential School system. Of course, they don't want to. That would start to uncover truths they don't want to address like what would happen if they started digging and found no children's bodies. Or less than a dozen and no sign of foul play. For a group who claims to want to "never forget what happened to them" (ie. they were educated in the superior British system and died as a far lower rate than would have happened in their wandering stone aged 'civilization') they sure aren't interested in discovering what happened to these kids. Did they all die of malnutrition? Were their necks snapped? Shot or stabbed? Died of the same TB that their race always succumbed to? Scalped by their own people and cannibalized or buried hundreds of miles away from the Kamloops School Site? Died in the fire we already know happened and can't be blamed on any educational system?

Nope, they've decided without actual evidence that a crime was committed and whites are guilty of it: as we've noted before, the evidence isn't there and they've learned their lesson from last time. Their problem isn't with the children who didn't return home. Their problem was that telling the truth about Residential Schools would make it clear that it was for the best that they fled "home" and never once looked back.


Christmas 2021

Telegraph advises that Die Hard 2 is a better Christmas movie than Die Hard.

But here's the real contrarian take: Lethal Weapon is a better Christmas movie than both of them.

Bonus Die Hard 2 link: Air traffic controllers say there's a giant plot hole in the film. They aren't talking about the real plot hole though: how did they "get through to the government" to send the (fake) special ops team if they had lost all communication?


RIP Ted Byfield

We lost perhaps the best of Alberta today. I long ago lost the ability to enjoy a beer with him at the Beverly Crest Hotel, now the chance to meet him entirely (I missed my best chance in 2003).

It should be all of our mission going forward to build a better Alberta where we grow more Ted Byfields and use that army to destroy the faggot agenda once and for all.


Funny how all the Wuhan Flu conspiracy theories keep coming true

Remember when the smart set laughed at all the rubes who talked about getting "microchipped" by the Pfizer Death Juice?


Reminder: conversion therapy is effective. That's why they want it banned

Charlie Jacobs tells his heartbreaking and yet ultimately uplifting story.

First the heartbreak:
I also didn’t know that the older cosplay community groomed the younger cohorts. 

During that same time period, my daughter went through Teen Talk—a Manitoba, Canada-based program that says it provides “youth with accurate, [nonjudgmental] information” on “sexuality, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity, and anti-violence issues”—at her public school.

She came home with a whole new language. She and all her girlfriends discussed their labels—polyamorous, lesbian, pansexual. None of the five girls chose “basic,” their term for a straight girl. 

Now, I was worried.

She distanced herself from her old friends and spent more time online. I checked her phone, but I was not astute enough to know that she had set up “appropriate” fake social media accounts for my viewing.

An older girl showed romantic interest in her. I barred that girl from our home.  I learned later that she had molested my daughter.
Then the curing her of her disgusting lifestyle choice:
I followed the advice of Parents for Ethical Care’s podcasts and the book “Desist, Detrans & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult” by Maria Keffler.

I worked hard to take back the close relationship my daughter and I had once had. I bit my tongue until it bled. I took her anger and only responded with love or walked away when I knew I would respond poorly.

I caught her in vulnerable moments and hugged her or climbed into her bed. I stopped looking at her as though she were the victim of a scheme or a monster.

I let her know that I would never stop fighting for her.  I let her see my posters from the protests I attended.  I peppered her with questions that demonstrated the illogic of the gender ideology. I happened to have funny gender-critical memes on my computer when she walked into my office. Most importantly, I held my ground. I refused to accept her delusion with compassion.

I know that I have to continue to be tenacious as the gender ideology has crept into every facet of life. But for now, I can breathe a sigh of relief.   


This is my ancestral land (my parents visited me once)

You just can't please the jackpine savages.

“We work so hard to get our name out there so people understand our treaties and our territory and then all of a sudden, on one of Canada’s biggest stages, we’re ignored and that stings a little,” Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Gimaa (Chief) R. Stacey Laforme said in an interview.

Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council secretary Leroy Hill delivered a land acknowledgement when the Grey Cup arrived in Hamilton’s Bayfront Park on the Tuesday before the game and addressed the sold out Tim Hortons Field crowd prior to kickoff alongside young Indigenous football players.
For those keeping track, the Gimmie-Credit Indians and the Had-No-Saucy-Sneeze Confederacy are two different groups. So when Leroy Hill stood and claimed that the Grey Cup was being played on his tribe's "sacred territory" yadda yadda yadda, was he outright lying? Did he falsely claim that his tribe owned the land? Was the vaunted oral history in error? After all, when the British wisely took over this empty continent they unwisely paid lip service to who the Red Indians claimed were the proper "owners" (whatever that means in their backwards tribal thinking) of the land in question: these treaties which pretended a couple wandering tribes were equivalent to Russia or Switzerland still had to pick a "current owner". So is this the Had-No-Saucy-Sneeze Indians cleverly retroactively seizing the land from around Hamilton?

As Martok noted, however, this is a common issue: when they do the insultingly stupid land acknowledgements before Oilers games they mention about 4 or 5 different tribes. Again, they can't all be the people who Britain bestowed the awesome and ideally pointless title of  "previous owners of the land".

Of course, the issue is that of course more than one group could have been in the same general vicinity of Edmonton or Hamilton over the 18,000 years of human migration through the region.  That is, in fact, the key problem with these land acknowledgements: we're rewarding the most recent thieves of the land to use their own failed logic against them. Since all Red Indians came from Mongolia over the Bering Strait land bridge (and hilariously we let them pretend their demonstrably false creation myth is a real thing), the "first" occupants of north-central Alberta were then forced farther south by the invaders from Alaska who "stole" their land (after fleeing Alaska from the land-thieves coming after them). There's no reason to presume that the migration patterns within North America differed from any other prehistoric (or early historic!) human migration pattern: it's easier to just flee south to empty lands rather than waste energy defending yourself against the people nipping at your heels from the north, and if there are people to your north fleeing invaders from farther north it's easier to invade the decadent folks to the south instead. So therefore every Oilers land acknowledgement should acknowledge that the Yahgan People were the proper owners of the land and the evil Cree and Blackfoot should feel ashamed that they were ever hanging around the neighbourhood.

Which brings us around to the obvious, of course: if the Cree simply were the secondmost recent occupiers of this land, why not include the most recent occupiers: to wit, the British? Almost as if, and stop me if you've heard this before, we shouldn't give two shits who else land "belonged" to other than the current owner: in this case Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and all her rightful non-Charlie heirs.


@mitkills and I have the simple catch-all response


(a helpful reminder to anybody who wants to discuss this article, make sure that you use my preferred pronouns: by your own rule you're a hater if you don't)


@MichaelOwerri - so much for evidence based policy, eh?

Hey remember when lying leftists (but I repeat myself) pretended to care about something called "evidence based policy"? Those were fun times, weren't they?

Did a segregated military have better or worse unit cohesion than the current woke military? You might argue that the Vietnam-9/11 era of the military had better cohesion than either, but that's not the dichotomy Michael is asking for.

After all, the claim of the thread is that "a more diverse army is more cohesive". There's no evidence to support this. Indeed, the fact that they have to devote resources into "diversity" automatically makes it less effective, less useless: now you not only need to show diversity provides an improvement (and there's no evidence of this) but that it shows enough improvement to overcome the lost effort and resources in promoting and sustaining it. There's a "chief diversity officer" for example: that's a salary and a bunk in the ship and an office desk and computer you didn't have to spend before.

You might say that in the demographic reality of the current United States that diversity is going to be essential, but that's still not an argument in its favour. The US Army could still be better off in a world where they are used to use deadly force to ensure border security and keep those from shithole countries and cultures from invading and changing their society for the worse.

"Could" is probably too wishy-washy above, I apologize. The US Army would still be better off in a world where they are used to use deadly force to ensure border security and keep those from shithole countries and cultures from invading and changing their society for the worse.


The New York Times is the world leader in misinformation

I'm not implying that this article about the risk of catching the Cantonese Cough based on age and vaccination status is itself misinformation. That term describes 99% of what the NYT actually publishes, but the key takeaway is this:

If two weeks earlier you had put up a YouTube video saying this exact same thing (maybe you are a time traveler and decided to simply read a future NYT article), the morning that the New York Times published this story your YouTube video would have already been removed for promoting misinformation.

Related: YouTube has punished Rebel Media for telling the truth against the Official Lie.


Rachel Arab thinks she cares about your family more than you do

Perhaps you heard about the "youngest Alberta COVID death" which turned out to be total bullshit. Simone Spitzer knew it was bullshit, and raised such a stink about it that finally Hinshaw blinked.

Well surprise surprise, the useless bitch who is Rachel Arab decided to go all White Knight in favour of the family while she spit on their own activism against her and her sick agenda.
Whoops, turns out that the loved ones didn't seek "comfort" from lying Hinshaw, but instead that it was unacceptable to use Spitzer's death to push the Alberta Government's evil Wuhan Flu agenda.

That goes triple for Notley, who thinks that pushing official misinformation is more important than honestly handling your own family's grief. At the same time that Rachel Arab was spewing her moronic garbage online, Simone Spitzer was trying to find a social media platform that wouldn't ban her for the crime of speaking truth that went against the Official Lie. It took hundreds of people spreading her story and constantly (and justifiably) harassing media and AHS officials to stop lying and apologize.

They finally did. Rachel Arab didn't. When you see her in public, force her to apologize using any means necessary. Maybe a punch to the back of her head will smarten her up.