We like hot girls, not feminist-whipped douchebags

There are a lot of things to criticize in this list of "50 sexiest women you've never heard of, but sand-in-his-vagina victim "Tommy K" really pathetics it up at the end:

I really like your site but articles like this annoy me. First of all, listing women in some order of attractiveness makes you look like archaic, stuck-in-90′s lad culture, drooling oafs.
Despite covering the kind of topics (games, movies, wwe etc) that are predominantly aimed at men, I’ve never thought of Whatculture as being an exclusively male website, will you be doing a top 50 sexiest males as well?
I read your articles because they provide information about topics I am interested in, therefore providing a service. This article seems to say “Hey Guys! Why not masturbate over these girls?” and very little else.
Secondly, using the words “…you’ve probably never heard of” is incredibly condescending towards your readership. It’s suggests some kind of cultural superiority on your part, as if you have an all-encompassing knowledge that us, the lowly reader, can only dream of having.
WhatCulture has always, to me, had an inclusive, welcoming “made by us, for people like us” sort of vibe. By suggesting that your readers “won’t have heard of” certain things is an insult to our intelligence, and our knowledge.
So Tommy, you think that showing 5 still photos of women's faces on a page is something guys will be masturbating over? Now who's stuck in the 90s?