@JamesDubhthaigh - are they too dumb to figure out I.D. because they're black, or leftists?

Why can't niggers get I.D., exactly?

I understand that the traditional inner-city American black method of obtaining wanted items (violent looting) doesn't exactly work at the DMV, since like gift cards hanging at the checkout counter in The Bay they are useless unless they are activated in store (unless they're being sly, which again would really be playing against type).

However surely all but the stupidest black (of which I'm sure there's intense competition, maybe we should have some sort of awards show?) can still understand that all you have to do is go to the Department of Motor Vehicles which is a joke you'd hear at any show at The Apollo, bring your Birth Certificate (don't worry if you don't know who your father is, it's not part of the process) and your Social Insurance Number (and every nigger knows it off by heart), pay a fee (unless it's waived for you, which is an example of black privilege that taxpaying whites don't get), and boom: ID. Or you can just go to the DMV with your glock and threaten all the white people who are paying your freight. One or the other, I suppose.

If it's all too much, then you being disenfranchised is a net good for society and we should all be cheering it on. There's a reason government ballooned into a leviathan in the era where women and non-property owners got to vote. 

@GaryDBenz - So you agree that only oil company executives should decide where pipelines go?

By this logic, there are a lot of areas of public policy [or, apparently, personal policy! -ed] that apparently don't need to be decided by anything other than an extremely narrow cabal. It isn't a new argument, of course, any man who opposes abortion is suddenly told an entire half the population can't have any say in the matter whatsoever (note this doesn't apply to an anti-abortion woman trying to argue with a pro-abortion male). Still, I'm not sure that Gary has really thought about what this belief of his means.

People other than doctors or immunologists or virologists may not be the people you turn to in order to create a vaccine but they certainly have the right to decide whether or not they wish to get one. Imagine a law mandating that every day you have to cross a bridge, and you want to object to having your freedom of movement curtailed despite the fact you aren't an engineer and don't really know anything about bridges. Normal people would look at this and say "well, you shouldn't need to be able to build one or evaluate the costs/benefits of one in order to decide whether you personally will cross it". In this particular case, you might point out what dozens of people you know were hurt crossing this bridge and you know a lot of engineers who are concerned with the bridge: they might try to counter with a paid government engineer saying it's safe based entirely on the fact that no cases of injuries have been reported (because that same government is refusing to log the injuries even as they are reported), which you might decide is fine and good but you don't personally feel safe and don't want to cross.

If this wasn't in response to gun-nut Alec Baldwin shooting and killing somebody, you might think his reference to "the origins of COVID" put this in early 2021 rather than late 2021. After all, after a year of us being told that the origins of the virus were obviously the Wuhan Wet Market (while also insisting it was racist to say that the backwards Chinese culture which fosters wet markets also would share some of the blame), and obviously not the nearby Wuhan Virology Lab which was studying coronaviruses funded by Doctor Fauci (who falsely claimed he wasn't, which is totally what an innocent link to a non-involved party does) which was already caught receiving stealing infectious disease samples stolen from Canada by Chinese Government intelligence operatives, suddenly when the gig was up it turned out that if you listened to the "educated" folks who "weighed in" on the origins of the Wuhan Flu as Gary would request, you'd be completely wrong for over a year while the people who listened to Rush Limbaugh and Tim Pool were already getting all of the relevant facts.

It would be bad if Gary was promoting some sort of "listen to all the geniuses who can do no wrong", but it turns out the "geniuses" tend to be wrong to such a ridiculous degree that it's shocking in fact that we can find anybody who still thinks submitting to these people is a good idea. The problem remains, of course, that the people who insist we "follow the science" are instead "following the scientists". In a perfect world, A and B are indistinguishable. However...

This newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain a cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic.

But officials blacked out almost every word before releasing the crucial documents.
So the "science" that Gary followed for a year changed course (without, one notes, any serious new collection of evidence) once the bullies that coerced scientists into following a consensus (again without any hard evidence) were humiliated in front of the world, yet still refused to be open and transparent and be honest with the so-called scientific processes they were using.

Remember, the discredited "hockey stick" graph by fraudulent fake-scientist Michael E. Mann became discredited after people who were plenty educated but not in the narrow fields under discussion (sound familiar? if not, look at the tweet at the top of this blogpost) tried to analyze the data and found it extremely lacking. Which is why the narrowing of who is allowed to discuss this issue by Gary Benz is so ridiculous and backwards. The same people who champion "diversity" when it comes to asking if enough sexual perversions are present in a specific boardroom or hockey team suddenly don't want anybody other than a tiny group of self-appointed experts collecting or examining data. It's why the Pfizer Death Juice is totally safe and oh you want to look at the actual raw data? Tell your great-grandchildren to set a calendar reminder. 

The tweet above Benz's isn't about the Wuhan Flu at all, as noted, it's about psycho gun killer Alec Baldwin killing somebody with a gun. It posits (with the support of Drew Carey Show star Diederich Baker) that if you haven't worked on a film set with guns you aren't qualified to...checks notes...wait...legally obligated to weigh in on your theory about what happened. Uh, what?

Perhaps now you can see where the lunacy of this "experts in the field only" comes into play. As you'll recall, I was vilified for (accurately) guessing how Lily Tran and Sharnell Pierre died, and for (correctly) identifying some things about Niko Arlia that his family (supposedly the "experts" in "who was Niko Arlia") hadn't acknowledged.

Experts can (and often are) wrong, and we will never hold them accountable if we continue to claim that only those who are part of their often tight-knit community are allowed to weigh in on their claims and, most importantly, which public policies we enact (which can in some cases go against everything "science" is telling us).

@JoyceWhiteVance - cool story, bro

Like all doctors who dream of becoming Viro Fascists, this useless cunt Brytney Cobia is almost certainly lying.

Notice she doesn't mention what about her patients hospitalized due to the vaccine. One wonders if she's also guilty of refusing to log them into the VAERS database.

The smart ones like her make sure it cannot be verified. Sometimes the fakers don't get so lucky.


@SavageDrums - just because blacks have lower IQs that doesn't make them all "idiots"

Guess who makes up the least vaccinated racial demographic is in the United States? (Apologies for the ridiculously bad way they present the data)

Dr. Brandon (no, seriously!) is of course talking about Ontario, but since Canada doesn't even keep these kind of stats we have no choice but to assume that Ontarian negros are as hesitant about getting the Pfizer Death Juice as their Yankee brethren.

More critically, he's explicitly saying that idiots don't get vaccinated. Which means he's still calling American blacks idiots. Whether he's right or wrong, that's an interesting argument to be making...of course, he can't give any "smart people reasons" why vaccinated people should also suddenly be scared of the unvaccinated. When I got my shots to go to the Caribbean they didn't tell me "oh by the way this Hep B vaccine only works if you're only spending time with people who also have the Hep B vaccine" so presumably one or two smart people are going to ask "hey why is this vaccine you just gave me suddenly different than every other one I've ever gotten"?

He doesn't need to, though. He just wanted to call black Americans idiots and he thought he could get away with it.

RedLetterMedia's disappointing Christmas 2021

Last week was the (free) debut of this year's Christmas edition of RedLetterMedia webshow Best of the Worst (a podcast).

It was...not good. It was certainly better than last year's horrible Christmas 2020 where they did "black spine" random videos instead of their usual mix of Christmas and/or another genre. In fact on paper the Christmas 2021 looked really good: for the first time since Jesse was on the show there were three specifically Christmas movies rather than one Christmas film and then some 80s action films featuring Chuck Norris or kicking or alligators or low-grade VHS with a low grade celebrity (or two Christmas movies and a cat horror film).

On top of that, Santa With Muscles featuring Hulk Hogan was one of the films, and the long-awaited Feeders 2. Again, on paper it sounded great. Until it happened.

One of the main problems is Tim, who got too drunk to be effective and was really best designed for low doses anyways. I understand the RLM crew is in a bit of a pickle: Wuhan Flu restrictions kept the Toronto CGI artists away, and likely the higher profile guests like Culkin or Oswalt as well. Meanwhile AIDS Moby is playing with his other god-awful SJW reviewer buddies. which leaves them other fan non-favourite Josh. Ever since Jesse dumped Mike and/or decided she never wanted to be so much as referenced on camera ever again, the size of the potential crew has been diminished.

Still, the movies themselves got almost no coverage. It's like the infamous "sex with Dom DeLuise" episode that ended up being so annoying when they thought their banter was funny that the movies never got discussed. This happened all three times. Yes, yes, Hulk Hogan said the word nigger. Everybody overreacted to him saying nigger...in private, whose public release bankrupted a worthless left-wing rag. He was involved in some pathetic weirdo sex acts. Got it. Yet he was in a famously bad movie, which ended up being totally skipped over by the internet's most famous dissectors of bad movies.

Hopefully next year will be better.


@Rikilamaru - no drug, just being superior to you

It's one of those natural highs you get from knowing that your worldview aligns better both internally and externally, and that the things you support are better and the things you oppose are worse.

Honestly eventually it becomes as natural as respiration, which is what living creatures do unless they are murdered (as a baby is during abortions).


@frasergeorg - either start digging or stop lying

[To-Cum-Less-Sex-whatthehellisthatword? Isn't Kamloops already an injun name? -ed]

Of course, the key fact remains that 215 days after this claim about "discovering 215 graves" was made, and about 185 days after we were promised a "full report" there's still not been a single verified dead Red Indian child dug up from the Kamloops Indian School...or, for that matter, anywhere. They should be finding a kid a day, instead they haven't even bothered looking.

Zero. George claims 215. Sounds like he needs to spend more time taking math in school, maybe we'll have to have him live in one? I know, I know, I'm recycling my old jokes.

But I'm okay with that, because activists like George are recycling the same lies. No graves have been found. No children dug up. The To-Cum-Less-Sex Tribe can't point to a single member they've lost due to the excellent Residential School system. Of course, they don't want to. That would start to uncover truths they don't want to address like what would happen if they started digging and found no children's bodies. Or less than a dozen and no sign of foul play. For a group who claims to want to "never forget what happened to them" (ie. they were educated in the superior British system and died as a far lower rate than would have happened in their wandering stone aged 'civilization') they sure aren't interested in discovering what happened to these kids. Did they all die of malnutrition? Were their necks snapped? Shot or stabbed? Died of the same TB that their race always succumbed to? Scalped by their own people and cannibalized or buried hundreds of miles away from the Kamloops School Site? Died in the fire we already know happened and can't be blamed on any educational system?

Nope, they've decided without actual evidence that a crime was committed and whites are guilty of it: as we've noted before, the evidence isn't there and they've learned their lesson from last time. Their problem isn't with the children who didn't return home. Their problem was that telling the truth about Residential Schools would make it clear that it was for the best that they fled "home" and never once looked back.


Christmas 2021

Telegraph advises that Die Hard 2 is a better Christmas movie than Die Hard.

But here's the real contrarian take: Lethal Weapon is a better Christmas movie than both of them.

Bonus Die Hard 2 link: Air traffic controllers say there's a giant plot hole in the film. They aren't talking about the real plot hole though: how did they "get through to the government" to send the (fake) special ops team if they had lost all communication?


RIP Ted Byfield

We lost perhaps the best of Alberta today. I long ago lost the ability to enjoy a beer with him at the Beverly Crest Hotel, now the chance to meet him entirely (I missed my best chance in 2003).

It should be all of our mission going forward to build a better Alberta where we grow more Ted Byfields and use that army to destroy the faggot agenda once and for all.


Funny how all the Wuhan Flu conspiracy theories keep coming true

Remember when the smart set laughed at all the rubes who talked about getting "microchipped" by the Pfizer Death Juice?


Reminder: conversion therapy is effective. That's why they want it banned

Charlie Jacobs tells his heartbreaking and yet ultimately uplifting story.

First the heartbreak:
I also didn’t know that the older cosplay community groomed the younger cohorts. 

During that same time period, my daughter went through Teen Talk—a Manitoba, Canada-based program that says it provides “youth with accurate, [nonjudgmental] information” on “sexuality, reproductive health, body image, substance use awareness, mental health, issues of diversity, and anti-violence issues”—at her public school.

She came home with a whole new language. She and all her girlfriends discussed their labels—polyamorous, lesbian, pansexual. None of the five girls chose “basic,” their term for a straight girl. 

Now, I was worried.

She distanced herself from her old friends and spent more time online. I checked her phone, but I was not astute enough to know that she had set up “appropriate” fake social media accounts for my viewing.

An older girl showed romantic interest in her. I barred that girl from our home.  I learned later that she had molested my daughter.
Then the curing her of her disgusting lifestyle choice:
I followed the advice of Parents for Ethical Care’s podcasts and the book “Desist, Detrans & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult” by Maria Keffler.

I worked hard to take back the close relationship my daughter and I had once had. I bit my tongue until it bled. I took her anger and only responded with love or walked away when I knew I would respond poorly.

I caught her in vulnerable moments and hugged her or climbed into her bed. I stopped looking at her as though she were the victim of a scheme or a monster.

I let her know that I would never stop fighting for her.  I let her see my posters from the protests I attended.  I peppered her with questions that demonstrated the illogic of the gender ideology. I happened to have funny gender-critical memes on my computer when she walked into my office. Most importantly, I held my ground. I refused to accept her delusion with compassion.

I know that I have to continue to be tenacious as the gender ideology has crept into every facet of life. But for now, I can breathe a sigh of relief.   


This is my ancestral land (my parents visited me once)

You just can't please the jackpine savages.

“We work so hard to get our name out there so people understand our treaties and our territory and then all of a sudden, on one of Canada’s biggest stages, we’re ignored and that stings a little,” Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Gimaa (Chief) R. Stacey Laforme said in an interview.

Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council secretary Leroy Hill delivered a land acknowledgement when the Grey Cup arrived in Hamilton’s Bayfront Park on the Tuesday before the game and addressed the sold out Tim Hortons Field crowd prior to kickoff alongside young Indigenous football players.
For those keeping track, the Gimmie-Credit Indians and the Had-No-Saucy-Sneeze Confederacy are two different groups. So when Leroy Hill stood and claimed that the Grey Cup was being played on his tribe's "sacred territory" yadda yadda yadda, was he outright lying? Did he falsely claim that his tribe owned the land? Was the vaunted oral history in error? After all, when the British wisely took over this empty continent they unwisely paid lip service to who the Red Indians claimed were the proper "owners" (whatever that means in their backwards tribal thinking) of the land in question: these treaties which pretended a couple wandering tribes were equivalent to Russia or Switzerland still had to pick a "current owner". So is this the Had-No-Saucy-Sneeze Indians cleverly retroactively seizing the land from around Hamilton?

As Martok noted, however, this is a common issue: when they do the insultingly stupid land acknowledgements before Oilers games they mention about 4 or 5 different tribes. Again, they can't all be the people who Britain bestowed the awesome and ideally pointless title of  "previous owners of the land".

Of course, the issue is that of course more than one group could have been in the same general vicinity of Edmonton or Hamilton over the 18,000 years of human migration through the region.  That is, in fact, the key problem with these land acknowledgements: we're rewarding the most recent thieves of the land to use their own failed logic against them. Since all Red Indians came from Mongolia over the Bering Strait land bridge (and hilariously we let them pretend their demonstrably false creation myth is a real thing), the "first" occupants of north-central Alberta were then forced farther south by the invaders from Alaska who "stole" their land (after fleeing Alaska from the land-thieves coming after them). There's no reason to presume that the migration patterns within North America differed from any other prehistoric (or early historic!) human migration pattern: it's easier to just flee south to empty lands rather than waste energy defending yourself against the people nipping at your heels from the north, and if there are people to your north fleeing invaders from farther north it's easier to invade the decadent folks to the south instead. So therefore every Oilers land acknowledgement should acknowledge that the Yahgan People were the proper owners of the land and the evil Cree and Blackfoot should feel ashamed that they were ever hanging around the neighbourhood.

Which brings us around to the obvious, of course: if the Cree simply were the secondmost recent occupiers of this land, why not include the most recent occupiers: to wit, the British? Almost as if, and stop me if you've heard this before, we shouldn't give two shits who else land "belonged" to other than the current owner: in this case Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and all her rightful non-Charlie heirs.


@mitkills and I have the simple catch-all response


(a helpful reminder to anybody who wants to discuss this article, make sure that you use my preferred pronouns: by your own rule you're a hater if you don't)


@MichaelOwerri - so much for evidence based policy, eh?

Hey remember when lying leftists (but I repeat myself) pretended to care about something called "evidence based policy"? Those were fun times, weren't they?

Did a segregated military have better or worse unit cohesion than the current woke military? You might argue that the Vietnam-9/11 era of the military had better cohesion than either, but that's not the dichotomy Michael is asking for.

After all, the claim of the thread is that "a more diverse army is more cohesive". There's no evidence to support this. Indeed, the fact that they have to devote resources into "diversity" automatically makes it less effective, less useless: now you not only need to show diversity provides an improvement (and there's no evidence of this) but that it shows enough improvement to overcome the lost effort and resources in promoting and sustaining it. There's a "chief diversity officer" for example: that's a salary and a bunk in the ship and an office desk and computer you didn't have to spend before.

You might say that in the demographic reality of the current United States that diversity is going to be essential, but that's still not an argument in its favour. The US Army could still be better off in a world where they are used to use deadly force to ensure border security and keep those from shithole countries and cultures from invading and changing their society for the worse.

"Could" is probably too wishy-washy above, I apologize. The US Army would still be better off in a world where they are used to use deadly force to ensure border security and keep those from shithole countries and cultures from invading and changing their society for the worse.


The New York Times is the world leader in misinformation

I'm not implying that this article about the risk of catching the Cantonese Cough based on age and vaccination status is itself misinformation. That term describes 99% of what the NYT actually publishes, but the key takeaway is this:

If two weeks earlier you had put up a YouTube video saying this exact same thing (maybe you are a time traveler and decided to simply read a future NYT article), the morning that the New York Times published this story your YouTube video would have already been removed for promoting misinformation.

Related: YouTube has punished Rebel Media for telling the truth against the Official Lie.


Rachel Arab thinks she cares about your family more than you do

Perhaps you heard about the "youngest Alberta COVID death" which turned out to be total bullshit. Simone Spitzer knew it was bullshit, and raised such a stink about it that finally Hinshaw blinked.

Well surprise surprise, the useless bitch who is Rachel Arab decided to go all White Knight in favour of the family while she spit on their own activism against her and her sick agenda.
Whoops, turns out that the loved ones didn't seek "comfort" from lying Hinshaw, but instead that it was unacceptable to use Spitzer's death to push the Alberta Government's evil Wuhan Flu agenda.

That goes triple for Notley, who thinks that pushing official misinformation is more important than honestly handling your own family's grief. At the same time that Rachel Arab was spewing her moronic garbage online, Simone Spitzer was trying to find a social media platform that wouldn't ban her for the crime of speaking truth that went against the Official Lie. It took hundreds of people spreading her story and constantly (and justifiably) harassing media and AHS officials to stop lying and apologize.

They finally did. Rachel Arab didn't. When you see her in public, force her to apologize using any means necessary. Maybe a punch to the back of her head will smarten her up.


When "following the science" is code for "ignoring logic"

Another deadlier variant that the vaccine doesn't protect you from?

Doesn't this make all the Viro Fascism about mandatory vaccines pointless? If only somebody could have warned us about this before it even started.

Emily Mertz is an enemy of the people. Your mission is to destroy the enemy.

Emily Mertz is a far-left fake news presstitute. She's a third rate cunt who gets paid to lie to you.

Take, for a semi-random example, her this old article about Alberta pro-lockdown protest (and not that's not a typo).

Now if you rely on lying sacks of shit like Emily for your news, you'd be unaware that there are weekly anti-lockdown protests going on. Global News refused to publish any stories about them. But they were quick to jump onto one that supported Emily Mertz's inferior worldview, weren't they?

Also let's compare how she compared this to how she compared...well, she refused to cover the anti-lockdown rallies, so how about when a rally organizer was arrested for wanting to do what her activist pals wanted to revert to illegality?
The person who organized a protest in Red Deer Wednesday has been charged under the Public Health Act.
Now the lockdown one:
Medical professionals helped organize two rallies Friday at noon showing opposition to the Alberta government’s plan to lift mandatory isolation rules, scale back contact tracing and COVID-19 testing.
So this lying bitch starts off with an especially retarded appeal to authority. After all when doctors and nurses speak out against masks or lockdowns you need fifteen advanced degrees in virology to weigh in, but not when rallying a bunch of morons who want more controls brought in on my life.

Note even the contrast in headlines: "Albertans protest ending mandatory COVID-19 isolation, masking and testing changes" versus "Organizer of U.S. election result protest in Red Deer charged". The organizer who was charged was also Albertan. Shouldn't he be promoted as such?


The CBC apologizes to Donald Trump (10 months late)

I hadn't noticed it at the time, but check out this CBC story about reusing facemasks:

Belinda Heyne, professor of chemistry at the University of Calgary, is part of a team who worked to develop a new method that uses a cheap blue dye and light in order to decontaminate medical masks.

"The dye, which is called methylene blue, [is] activated by indoor light. The methylene blue, through its activation, is enabling to take out the energy of the light and giving it to the ambient oxygen that we have around us," Heyne said.

"That's energizing oxygen, and then the oxygen is becoming reactive, and this is what is killing the virus."
You can use light to disinfect things and kill off the virus, you say? Funny, I think I've heard that before...

After all, some of you reading this will think you know the "fact" that President Donald J. Trump suggested drinking, injecting, or perhaps ingesting bleach. Please, point to where you find that in President Donald J. Trump's full remarks as per below:
So, I’m going to ask Bill a question that probably some of you are thinking of if you’re totally into that world, which I find to be very interesting. So, supposing when we hit the body with a tremendous, whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light, and I think you said that hasn’t been checked, but you’re going to test it. And then I said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or in some other way. And I think you said you’re going to test that too. Sounds interesting. And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.
This is in response, by the way, to a previous discussion regarding new potential treatments, including off-the-wall ideas in response to a novel coronavirus. Just like with HCQ, the media also likes to pretend that Trump came up with these ideas by himself out of the void and not in reaction to the actual science going on (the French HCQ study was instantly forgotten).

"We're number two!"

Hey there 2021, this is the 436th post and officially makes you the second most prolific in blog history.

Post #3600, baby!

Yes, indeed, this is not only the 3600th post ever on this blog, but the tying post to put 2021 past 2015 and into first place for number of posts in a calendar year.


My fake vaccine passport works just fine and any personal information that leaks out will also be fake

Which works better than you suckers who signed onto the Viro Fascism equivalent of the last two passes out of Casablanca.


This evil leftist is teaching your children

Like all leftist retards, she automatically acknowledges she's lost the debate before even holding it.

Also typical of leftists, they can't handle the simple daily tasks to which they are supposed to be there to primarily do. Burn her, Drayton Valley. Burn her.

Bonus fun: she's so stupid she actually believes the lie that there were 215 dead kids found in the Kamloops schoolyard.

Update, November 26 5:44pm: Would you look at that? The cowardly leftist already took it down after conservatives started sharing it.


@GregLynn9418 - If the truth hurts, it's not the truth-teller's fault

There's nothing "decent" about telling somebody whose brain is broken that "no you're good it's the universe that's wrong".


Odometer reading

On my drive into work this morning, the odometer on my truck rolled past 200,000km.

This was expected, so before leaving the house I noted in a mass text that my current odometer reading was 199,993.

Every male text recipient had comments along the line of "that's awesome" or "sweet, mine should roll over before the new year" or "brings a tear to my eye".

Every female text recipient had comments along the line of "what do you mean?"

So this evening I asked Thok Mak (who's original comment was "so she's not a virgin anymore") "do women not understand odometers, milestones, or mathematics?"

His answer: "no, no, and no".

Let the Eastern Western Bastards Freeze Drown in the Dark

It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of socialists.


@TheJessieKirk - Your brain is (still) broken. If truth makes you suicidal then I'm very sorry but you're already dead

Suing doesn't quite make the cut, does it?

If "making statements" is harmful then we just need to make more statements.

Every tranny is mentally ill. The "transwomen" are mentally ill faggots while "transwomen" are mentally ill dykes. Of course uranists and dykes themselves are mentally ill, so we're probably into some exponential calculations of their complete and utter insanity.

Of course, as with all crazy people with utterly fictional delusions, the truth can be painful and cause them "harm". Doesn't matter. We need to speak the truth louder and more often until they change. Their "harm" isn't worth the "harm" to objective reality.


@TheJessieKirk - Your brain is broken. If truth makes you suicidal then I'm very sorry but you're already dead

If "making statements" is harmful then we just need to make more statements. If words harm you, then you deserved the harm.

Every tranny is mentally ill. The "transwomen" are mentally ill faggots while "transwomen" are mentally ill dykes. Of course uranists and dykes themselves are mentally ill, so we're probably into some exponential calculations of their complete and utter insanity.

Of course, as with all crazy people with utterly fictional delusions, the truth can be painful and cause them "harm". Doesn't matter. We need to speak the truth louder and more often until they change. Their "harm" isn't worth the "harm" to objective reality.


A Third Edge of the Sword biology lesson for @HamletHologram

When you see this mentally ill faggot, beat him across the face with a lead pipe. I guess it doesn't have to be lead, or even a pipe. The important thing to do is to keep beating him in the face until the pipe (or bat, or thing that isn't your fist because you don't want to get AIDS) gets a good quantity of his blood on it.

Then find yourself a lab. It could be an NCIS-style forensic lab, or you could try 23-and-Me if they accept blood (they don't). You could even get one of those home test kits but I'm sure Gary would object to that not being the current science or yadda yadda yadda. Ideally, you go to a cutting edge genetic research facility, really get the most up-to-date science we have available.

Anyways, have them test the blood from your pipe. Ask them a simple question: which biological sex is the person the blood came from?

You'll be pleasantly non-surprised to learn that they can answer this from one piece of biological data and there are only two possible answers. Well, one possible answer, since he's a guy. Fun fact, it wouldn't even be able to tell that he's a faggot (unless he had AIDS, and even then we can only say with 99.999% certainty): the long-hyped search for biological evidence they're "born that way" has stalled out (and again with "5 bits of biological data, a favourite number of theirs apparently).

@Steph_NStuff - Fortunately that door swings both ways

So that means we get to include the Alberta man who earlier this month was vaccinated by employer mandate against his will, wasn't feeling well afterwards, was sent home from work, and died in a single-vehicle car accident? Caused by a possible heart attack?




A post-pandemic question

Presuming the pandemic ever ends

Can anybody take House Arrest seriously as a punishment ever again?

After basically two years living under house arrest, which our elite assures us is totally okay and justified for the good of the world, who could look at a house arrest or halfway house sentence and declare yes, this is totally acceptable as a punishment and deterrent to committing a crime?

House arrest is now well known and understood to be "that thing the government forced on all of us just because Chairman Xi let his bioweapon get away from him a little early and assured us was for our own good and we'd go to real jail if we balked at it".


@suestroud - Who "harasses" whom?

So let's take a quick theoretical straw poll. Which group "harasses" the other more?
People who don't wish to wear a mask when they encounter a mask wearer?
People who want to wear a mask when they encounter somebody without a mask?
Is there anybody who thinks the answer is (1)? Anybody?

After all, we dubbed folks like Mr. Stroud or Mr. Mickleburgh as "Viro Fascist" for a reason, didn't we? It's hardly scientific but are there a lot of YouTube videos about people confronted (harassed) about refusing to wear a facemask? Yep, and sometimes it's even fatal (because, you know, it's all about your health)...

Are there cases going the other way around? Yes, but extremely rare. In fact, when it happened in BC this May it was a news story. Hilariously one of the comments regarding this masked woman being harassed for wearing on was:
Another argued the man “is a hero, he is doing the right thing by giving the mask community a taste of what it’s like to be harassed for not wearing a mask.”

One person called it “Karma” for all the people “being assaulted on buses or Skytrain for not wearing a mask.”

Call me when the mask wearers are harassing the unmasked for "payback" rather than "angry that we aren't doing our part" (and yes, I've been harassed for not wearing a mask in the store as well, and the quick answer is "I don't have to, it's against my religion" with the chance for the followup if the harassment continues "by the way beating the shit out of you is not against my religion"). It's unclear how Stroud thinks that the elaborate plan of the unmasked is to bully others: I don't know about him but I see masked people driving along in their cars all the time (and now windows are always rolled up). I think they're morons in the same way I think people with those Vancouver Canucks window stickers are morons. Somehow I let these retards go along with their day without any interference from me.

What we "want" of course is the freedom to not wear a mask if we don't want to. Dead stop. That's the thing about liberty that Viro Fascists like Mr. Stroud and Rod Mickleburgh are so oblivious to. Rod's line about "I will never understand the fierce resistance" is very telling. He's such a fan of intense government control that the idea people aren't interested in complying apparently literally hasn't occurred to him. If you want to know why so many idiots write for the Globe and Mail you may have just found one of them root causes you hear so much about.

Not wearing a mask literally does represent freedom when the government mandates wearing one, especially when that mandate is brand new, unknown to human history, and comes and goes based entirely on what other people are up to right now. That the masks themselves are ineffectual hardly matters. They could prevent the spread of the Wuhan Flu 100% of the time and the moral case for mandating them still doesn't exist.


Free advice for Ezra and Pastor Arthur

Arthur should give regular interviews to Rebel Media, or alternately Rebel Media cover his speeches. But then, after he finishes his own piece and has to give this disgusting "equal time", simply cut to another segment.

Alternately, Pastor Arthur should deliver all his addresses with a sound system. Loudly boom into the mic during his speech, and when the "equal time" portion comes up instead, have the sound guy turn off his mic and just play music or something as Pastor Arthur talks quietly into a dead microphone.

Have some fun with this moronic ruling.


Your handy guide for Edmonton School Board choices

Editor's Note: this piece is in regards to an ongoing election campaign. It identifies specific public figures who have, through their public actions, demonstrated viewpoints which all right-thinking people find abhorrent and will continue to fight regardless of attempted interference in matters of public policy.

Tomorrow is the municipal elections, which includes school board candidates. It can be a tough decision to make since 90% of the time the candidate is somebody you've never heard of, they provide little concrete evidence of their political aims, and haven't even provided your home with any promotional material.
Edmonton Public Teachers asked candidates to take a pledge committing to seven principles, including respecting the privacy of students who join a gay-straight alliance. Twenty-nine of the 40 contenders have signed it.
As we've noted many a time, these Faggot-Familiar Alliances are purely evil. The uranists love them because they provide more underage boys to molest, and the general left loves them because anything evil gives them the tickles. But the pledge contains even more horrible ideas promoted by the corrupt Alberta Teachers Association:
"I pledge that if elected as an Edmonton Public School Board trustee, I will:
1. Publicly oppose any piloting or implementation of the new K-6 draft curriculum and any future curriculum that does not comply with all parts of this pledge.
2. Actively weave the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls To Action into school cultures and classrooms.
3. Advance anti-racism education in our schools.
4. Support the right of students to join Gay-Straight, Queer-Straight, or Gender-Sexuality Alliances in schools without their parents/guardians being notified.
5. Petition the government to fully fund Specialized Learning Supports for disabled students and students with diverse needs.
6. Advocate for increased money for public education to ensure adequate, predictable, sustainable funding for school divisions.
7. Insist the government use public tax dollars for the public school system ONLY."
Let's first briefly go through these, why the union wants it, and why anybody who isn't a retard doesn't.
  1. First off is the "new K-6 draft curriculum". I haven't written anything about it because its incredibly anodyne and quite frankly still puts too much far left activism in front of students under the guise of learning. Alex Ahmed summarized it for the Western Standard back in March and he was more than a little too rah-rah in favour. For one thing, Willie Littlechild praises it for telling his favoured lies about Red Indians. Anything validated by him is fundamentally flawed and needs to be changed until he absolutely hates it: the "history of Residential Schools" is entirely from the (false) side of the activists. There's an entire section on nigger history too, in case you thought it was something approaching rational with the big red exception. Meanwhile since the rest of this pledge demands future curricula follow the six remaining tenants, read on to see how ridiculous this line is.
  2. Next is the idea of "weaving" the TRC calls to action into schooling. Of course, as you're well aware, I've already opposed all 94 calls to action and why. Gee I've had to link a lot to that one lately.
  3. Remember, when these leftists talk about "anti-racism" it has nothing to do with racism. What they call "racism" not only isn't racist, it's a good thing. This is, of course, the horribly toxic CRT which "educators" who are actually advocates have been promoting in the U.S. so heavily this past year (and in Edmonton too, as it happens).
  4. I already linked above to how horrible the Faggot-Familiar Alliance has been, but just in case you need convincing here's another one.
  5. Hey do you remember the "short bus"? Even if you weren't around in the era that retard kids were put in their own special class you remember the Chris Rock routine about it. Well these days they instead put the kids in with the general population with special (unionized, typically) "support staff" to help calm the "down kid" down when he starts hollering and clutching his ears for no apparent reason. In the shot bus era the only kids whose "learning" was disrupted were the other retards: no loss to society. But now of course it's a distraction to all kids. I'd much prefer a candidate advocate an end to "support staff" for retarded kids and instead put them all in a room and work on spending the next 12 years teaching them not to eat glue. Having them waste a seat and their tantrums waste a lecture teaching students who might benefit from learning about fractions or (less likely) phonics befits nobody
  6. More money for public education? No, how about less money. To pick a semi-random number out of a hat, how about...$1.886B?
  7. Then finally they really hate charter schools. They really really hate parents being able to make educational choices that NDP pillow biters aren't in favour of. Nevermind of choice the improved educational outcomes (both in academic and non-academic areas of measure) which school choice causes, there's also the moral aspect. Quinn and her shitty teachers want to undermine parental education on subjects that they know next to nothing about. Giving parents the right to say "no thanks" without also robbing them for a public education system they have clearly lost faith in is a no-brainer.
pun intended

So now that we know why trustees who signed this pledge deserve to be exiled from Alberta on pain of death rather than elected to public office, the question becomes who agreed to this garbage? Again, Quinn has helped us out here.
Ward A (public, north):
Only one candidate, Everline (or is it Everlyn?) Olee, did not sign the pledge. That, and a Mike Nickel endorsement, puts her above every other candidate (especially #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker nutter Belen Samuel).
Ward B (public, northeast):
Again, only one candidate, Esther Ekpe Adewuyi, did not sign the pledge. There isn't much else on her website to say anything about her good or bad, but at least she isn't signing up for promoting FFAs.
Ward C (public, northwest):
This time you have two candidates: Leticia Gomez and Lisa Shefsky. But don't just flip a coin! Gomez actively wants more done to advance the lie that Residential Schools were harmful, while Shefsky actively promotes traditional values including the fundamental human right to free expression. She opposes the draft curriculum for the same reasons I did: it's too leftist (she throws in a bone about it being too contentious just for fun).
Ward D (public, downtown): 
Your choice for Ward D couldn't be more clear. There are two candidates: one of whom signed the pledge and the other did not. It gets better than that though: the candidate who did was none other than anti-white criminal Trisha Estabrooks:
The Edmonton School Board then joined the fray, declaring that they too were searching for the identity of the dastardly thought criminals. Trisha Estabrooks, chair of the Edmonton School Board, declared the Instagram page “blatantly racist” in an interview with Global News. Estabrooks also seemed to promise further changes to the school curriculum, saying that this would be part of the discussion moving forward.
Getting rid of the disgusting cunt who opposes the entirely sensible phrase WHITE LIVES MATTER is a worthy goal on her own, even if her non-pledge-signing opponent Jen Martin turns out to be shitty (which, indeed, she sort of is).
Ward E (public, west):
Yet again only one candidate, Dawn Hancock, didn't sign the pledge. Like with Adewuyi above her website is so general in its scope you can't say much good or bad about her (except "diversity" and "social wellness tools" should never appear in any serious politician's literature.
Ward F (public, south-central):
I am very very very very very very very sorry, Ward F. Every single one of your candidates signed this evil document. I hope next time these names door-knock for support you knock back and hard. Your best option here is to spoil your ballot by clearly writing the name DONALD J. TRUMP rather than legitimize the ugly winner of this 'race' (where nobody disagrees).
Ward G (public, east):
There are two candidates to choose from again: Angela MacLaggan and Inderjeet Kaur Tuli. Since the latter has a locked Facebook account he clearly doesn't want the principled conservative vote. MacLaggan doesn't say much on her webpage, so if you happen to have access to Tuli's information and see something you like, I guess vote for him and leave a comment below as to why.
Ward H (public, southwest):
There are again only two candidates overall, and one who didn't sign the pledge: William (Bill) Haines who apparently isn't confident you know that Williams can be called Bill. CBC couldn't find a candidate page and instead only a Twitter thread about posting Rat Bastard 1.0's Charter of Rights and Freedoms in schools where he ultimately talks about charter schools being a cure for things like the Residential School System. He seems to be authentic about it, and I suppose it's no less crazy than advocates for a central public education system (as half the trustee candidates seem to be) suddenly finding it bad when it taught Red Indian kids out of necessity.
Ward I (public, southeast):
It's a big slate in this ward but only one of the seven candidates, Corrine Rondeau, didn't sign the pledge. (Another is called Ricardo Casonova which sounds like a joke candidate Adam Thrasher put up). Rondeau's platform doesn't inspire confidence (yes Corrine, it's corporations the public schools are selling out to, not to intersectional niggerfags with an agenda) but it's best we can do for you.
Ward 77 (Catholic, southeast):
For semi-obvious reasons Catholic school trustees didn't get the public school chapter survey. Surprisingly the ATA didn't have their Catholic teachers union involved as well. It doesn't help that only Ward 77 even has an election: the other 6 wards won by acclimation. There isn't much to say one way or the other here: Laura Thibert approvingly quotes SJW Pontiff Francis, so I guess that's a knock against her. Then again, Kara Pelech is somehow concerned there aren't enough Red Indians graduating. Pleasing your enemies doesn't make them your friends Kara.


Edmonton Library Mayoral Forum

Last Wednesday night was the Edmonton Public Library's mayoral forum in the race to replace that cowardly fag-loving piece of worthless shit Iveson who deserves a lead pipe to the back of the head. I was hoping to liveblog it, however I ended up having to work until right to the moment it started, so instead I'm just able to review it after the fact (and this review taking so long, you might guess, is also related to how much work has monopolized my time).

The first thing to remember is the bias. It starts immediately with the ridiculous and false claim by Pilar Martinez that the Edmonton Library is on something called "Treaty Six territory". It's not: this is white man land belonging to Her Majesty Queen Victoria's successor. We should be all celebrating about that rather than droning on about how much of a shame it is that some jackpine savages aren't still wandering around ineffectively killing animals for food. (more on them later)

The bias is in more than just the worthless blather about Red Indians though: look at the contents of the actual questions being asked. (more on that later too)

Obviously EPL is going to push their "more money for us" agenda, but then it extends to "more money for all sorts of left-wing bugaboos". In addition to "how will you fund the libraries which exactly 6% of people in the city actually care about" there's nonsense about "climate change", "diversity and inclusion", and homelessness. There were also some generic questions about "what's your vision for the city", "how will you work with other council members", and "how will you work with other levels of government", and then a couple token ones about fiscal responsibility and economic recovery, which fully half of the candidates reacted to like it was kryptonite. Rat Bastard 2.0 isn't the only one who "doesn't think about monetary policy" much.

I suppose it's worthwhile to review who you were even listening to.

Amarjeet Sohi is a corrupt Trudeau Liberal (but I repeat myself). If he wins, arm yourself heavily and be prepared to storm City Hall on its first day.

Mike Nickel was the strongest small government even-remotely-conservative voice on City Council back in the sensible 90s and early 2000s, and in the last couple of elections was the only candidate who didn't want to blow a trillion dollars on everything. Is he still like that now? Uh, not really.

Kim Krushell was Nickel's opposite: there wasn't a wasteful program with my taxes that she wasn't willing to spend on. Is she still like that now? Uh, yep, if not worse.

Michael Oshry is trying to be the "bridge candidate" between social responsibility and fiscal responsibility. However he has disqualified himself. See below.

Cheryll Watson is a tech investor who founded Innovate Edmonton, is part of the Downtown Recovery Task Force, and is single-handedly keeping Edmonton's Botox industry alive.

Diana Steele is a hippie who drives a Tesla.

Brian Gregg is a hippie who plays a guitar and hates your fundamental human rights.

Finally Rick Comrie (yes, that Comrie) is the candidate we deserve, but sadly unlikely to be the mayor we get.

Gregg really loves the library, by the way. So much he wrote a song about it. Thankfully we didn't have to hear it, but he did envision people being able to go to the library to watch an Oilers game for free and "browse without surveillance" (though to be fair I do use the library internet connection whenever I have to email faggots about how I'm going to execute them). They all seemed to have some vision for the Edmonton Library other than "60% spending cuts starting on the first day". They all vow to be a library "advocate" (Nickel called it a "good run ship" and blathered about their social function) even though Steele didn't know if library cards were free. Watson thinks the downtown library is a "model" and "leader" despite the fact it's just awash in drunken Red Indians and druggies, and an international laughingstock.

In general they were all so lovey-dovey, partly because most all of them were scum sucking leftists. They were so certain that other scum sucking leftists were going to be city councilors that they were happy to work with the "great crop of candidates". Mike Nicol tried discussing a marketplace of ideas and I'm pretty sure censorious Sohi almost died.

Audience members were allowed to ask questions, by the way. So yes, I was able to ask questions. What kind of questions, you ask? Well, questions like...

  1. If you want to connect with all voters and not just ones whose opinions meet the strict windows imposed by Big Tech, will you all promise to join Gab as mayor?
  2. Vision Zero is expensive, impossible, and represents a very sick war on cars. Will you pledge to end it?
  3. The Blatchford development is officially a failure, will you vow to reopen the downtown Edmonton airport?
  4. All the smart people had us spending billions to improve downtown office space through mass transit. COVID has ruined both of these, will you promise to not sign onto pie-in-the-sky future endeavours?

Instead of course they "moderated" which meant that the questions would all come from people they wanted to be asking. Unlike a real life forum with a lineup at the microphone, they are able to apply that bias even more viciously and ensure questions only were based on leftist nonsense.

So instead they got audience questions that you could imagine came right from Jack Layton's diseased penis, like "how can you help build a welcoming and inclusive diverse city". Oshry and Krushell try talking a decent line about promoting business. Oshry points out that as a Jew there's a bunch of people in the city that want to kill him but strangely enough can't bring himself to point out that "diversity" is the reason it became a problem. Gregg seems to think that we should be working 20 hours a week (like "hunter gatherer societies" and therefore Edmontonians need to work fewer hours for more pay. Can you guess he's a dipper?

On the topic of pandemic recovery Nickel wants us to return to blue collar roots which is nice, Comrie wants to improve roadways and stop pandering to whiny cyclists, so I enjoyed the first part of this question. Sohi of course can't think about economics without thinking they are "tied" to "social equity and climate change" and doesn't think we can improve as a city without using less carbon which is exactly backwards of course. He thinks "societal issues" are why the economy isn't helping certain lazy nonwhite races. Not wanting to be out-retarded, Steele thinks the problem is that we haven't cured homelessness and mental health.

So switch directly to homelessness. Nye notes that the city has been "working on this for many years". Yeah, and how is that going? Billions wasted, again, and apparently we're setting new records. South Park knew how this worked, and every conservative in 2009 knew how this worked, but leftist journalists and politicians seem to think the solution is we just didn't get it 100% perfect the first time. Krushell thinks the solution is to be "more collaborative" approach even though that's what we did last time. She also thinks "safe injection sites" that "save lives" is important even though my plan (spike every needle at the "safe injection site" with rat poison) would solve the problem of homelessness she's talking about. Oshry mumbles something about "we can do better" (who's this "we" kemosabe, I don't create a single homeless person) and then wants to put 200 more units a year in "supportive housing" which wait we've been doing since 2009 at great cost and remember the problem has gotten worse. Gregg and Watson think the problem is "not enough community hubs" and "criminalization of poverty" rather than "not enough people leave out 2/3rds of a pizza in their trash bin after lacing it with cyanide".

Next of course is "climate change". Nickel and Oshry both think the solution is government working with the private sector, by spending billions in "climate change initiatives" that a little corporate welfare would fix right up. Steele in the meanwhile thinks people "just don't know" about climate change, and Krushell promotes how we already have an "action plan" that needs to be acted on and yet the problem hasn't apparently been fixed. More of the same continues to be the solution even though it didn't work last time.

Remember talking about lazy Red Indians earlier? Well it continues. They started by talking about "urban indigenous" which is a fancy term for Indians who aren't living on the reserve like the treaty told them too. Remember "Treaty 6" they were all up about earlier? They didn't. Also, this is all about "living up to" the ridiculously far-left "Aboriginal Accord" which, like the TRC, nobody should be in favour of.

So of course they all -- even Comrie! -- signed up for the Kool Aid. Sohi actually talks about how he helped bring about TRC recommendations as if they are a good thing, and promotes the stupid Injun names around the city as another example of things he wants more of. He insists "they need to be in the drivers seat" even though they are a minority. Gregg did nothing but spout a lot of Injun words and wants a powwow arena built (because building arenas has worked so well for us) and urban reserves within Edmonton even though Treaty 6 was explicit that this is white man's land, and no matter what your opinion of how Edmonton is run and lived in it's in far better condition than any reserve. Left on their own Red Indians pollute and generate atrocious living conditions.

Finances at least became a sort-of-topic, nobody but Comrie really spoke out about it. Krushell and Nickel made a nod towards reducing taxes in Edmonton, but they don't notice that all the things they want Edmonton to do is going to cost money and we could get huge savings just by not spending the money for all these bugaboos. Oshry talked a good game on reducing the size of government, again forgetting everything else he's been saying all night.

Edmonton's LRT expansion has also been a giant failed disaster. Billions spent, traffic disrupted, all for a transit model that no longer works because everybody is working from home and social distancing. This was my question from earlier, remember, but this one they framed as "what are your plans to ensure equitable transportation options while setting up Edmonton to be a leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions". Sohi, like the Liberal piece of shit that he is until we beat him until he's covered in maroon welts, again promotes his role in creating the ridiculous mess we have while assuring us that we just need more and more of his "solution" to a problem we didn't have. Gregg's problem is that humans have choices: we "travel way too much" and "don't live nearer to where we work" because that's totally how normal people choose where to live. So having autonomous vehicles where Gregg, and not us, decides when and where we go. He's not 100% wrong that  we might be spending on yesterday's solution, but his ideas are worse than the old ideas: also halfway through he realized how personal choice would negate his spending plans and had to swing back around. Comrie again stole the show by going negative on these people and complaining about transit being an ideological rather than pragmatic approach. He and Gregg sniped at each other a couple times but this was where it got really noticeable.

How will Edmonton's next million people get here and what city will it be? Steele wants homelessness cured so Elon Musk visits, Krushell thinks the vulnerable need protection and that's somehow the mayor's job, while Oshry is against sprawl and wants the next million people to be within Edmonton's current borders. I guess eventually that means he's against amalgamation...or for it. He then wants "cool and interesting things" built in the city. Not to harp on the point but the last time council built something cool and interesting it was the funicular that I might have been the only person in traditional or social media to speak up against...spoiler alert, the Oshry camp was wrong and I was right.

The question then came up about working with other levels of government. The key thing to note, of course, which none of the candidates seemed capable of doing and I brought up almost twelve full years ago is that municipal government exists entirely at the province's whim: this really got people mad at Doug Ford a couple years ago, as you may recall. So immediately Gregg announces that his goal is to remove the UCP from power. Well that's mine too Gregg only I want them replaced by a right-wing alternative while his preferred party wants to take away my human rights. Gregg has a guitar, I have unlicensed guns. We can play it your way if you want, chump. Watson wants to join forces with a city that elected a child molesting Muslim sodomite, Sohi wants to "build a coalition" which if you'll recall didn't work well the last time he tried that. Only Comrie made sense here, denouncing the sick ideological agenda of Mayor Coward and his ilk which meant that they partnered with a dangerous federal agenda that legally they aren't allowed to have anything to do with.

Urban sprawl is still an issue, thinks the Edmonton Public Library. Everybody seems to love infill: Krushell loves it, Oshry loves it (though he casually mentioned the entire 20 people who "infilled" Blatchford in that disaster) just thinks the city needs to manage it better, Nickel loves it and just wishes people wouldn't try to escape city limits, and Steele loves it and just wants builders to admit that "social conscience" is important. Downtown Edmonton revitalization and promotion was discussed, and believe it or not nobody complained about the stupid fucking funicular. Watson wants to centralize businesses downtown and provide policing and transportation as required, though it's nice she wants to improve street parking. Comrie wisely notes that most people don't live or even work downtown, thought it would be nice if he brought up previous "improve downtown" disasters other than the roadways around Rogers Place. I would have tongue in cheek suggested that the best course of action would be to remodel Churchill Square and the Milner Downtown Library. Sohi can't imagine the city not having a thriving downtown, talks about all the stuff he did to improve downtown, and not to harp on this point but the retard apparently had no problem saying this without noticing that it didn't succeed. Also you'd think this was 2019 or something. Sohi and all the "experts" poured money into making downtown a business and cultural and residential hub just in time for the world to discover they mostly don't need to go into the office and certainly don't need to live in a 700sq.ft. hole in a building that nobody can easily get to and/or visit. The only reason Sohi doesn't sound like a complete moron of course was Gregg who lives in Rossdale and is constantly downtown playing guitar with an old hat on the ground collecting pennies, and thinks downtown needs more parks and free services and programs and oh look we're spending yet more money. As with the transportation, he accidentally stumbles into libertarianism and then has to run away from it ASAP.

A viewer wanted to know how candidates would improve innovation and the economy. Oshry had so little to contribute besides "owning a software scam company" he took time to plug his overall campaign. Nickel takes credit for legalizing pot and speeding up the approval process for manufacturing facilities. One of these is worth being proud of, I suppose. Steele obviously has no examples but she added to our "cultural economy" by putting out regular Wuhan Flu videos where she acted like every Viro Fascist does: demanding people follow the rules and demanding yet more rules. I won't comply, Diana. Put out 500 or 5000 videos about your "expectations" of me all you like. Krushell also founded software scam companies and wants more P2P organizations.

Discussing community leagues, Comrie is in favour of more community leagues but wants social program spending to be slashed elsewhere to help pay for it. Sohi needed community support years ago which is an argument against them better than anything I've ever heard. Sohi then ignores his earlier collaboration by denouncing provincial spending cuts. Hey he's a Liberal through and through, he can't go 45 seconds without lying about what he just said. Gregg reiterated more social services including emergency shelters in all 153 community leagues because that's totally what Lago Lindo is missing out on. Watson wants to give community leagues more...money? No, autonomy, by reducing city spending rules and regulations. Honest question none of the candidates asked: what percentage of Edmontonians know which community they're in and use any of these services?

So that was the whole thing. Again, the ridiculous biases of the questions really shone through. By far the best choice of the night was Comrie...which is why earlier this week he backed out of the race. I guess that leaves Nickel as the next best choice and Watson far down in second place. After that is probably Krushell and Oshry in a battle for even more distant third place, with the rest of the trash scurrying along the bottom of the seacan.

It's worth noting at the end, to bring it all together, how atrocious all this love for the myth of the Red Indian has been in this whole thing. Every time somebody opens up with a "land acknowledgement" it's always a signal they are going to be endlessly lying. For a minor example, did you get a thing from Oshry in the mail? Since I've improved upon it the readability is low, here's the gist:

I acknowledge the traditional land on which Edmonton sits, the Territory of the Treaty 6 First Nations and the homelands of the Métis people. We acknowledge the achievements and contributions of local First Nations people to the development of the region, especially in the 144 years since the Treaty was signed; and to celebrate the collaborative relationship enjoyed today by the Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations and the City of Edmonton.

As we've covered before, Edmonton squarely sits on white man's land and thank Christ, because we can see on the reserves how badly Injuns bugger things up when they're given more "voice". At least his little spiel covers a bit of this: the reason this is the "homeland" of the Metis is because they by definition are half-white and therefore started here. Red Indians, of course, started in Mongolia and themselves are land thieves. What, you think the people in Peru in 1491 crossed the Bering Strait and decided for no real reason to keep wandering? It's because, as in all prehistorical migrations, they were forced out by people coming in behind them. Every Indian tribe in Canada has blood on their hands. And while "prehistorical" over here basically ends around 1580, the "Confederacy of Treaty Six First Nations" was never a thing. Half the tribes hated each other, and the other half were only roaming the territory they were due to wars between other tribes getting in the way.

Essentially since Confederation the "development of the region" was done by whites, with Red Indians dragging their heels and having tantrums about development to this very day. I think I made a graph about that once...

There's no need for the City to "collaborate" with anybody except for the lazy bums next door stealing power and water. You'd think with that sweetheart deal they'd be a little more appreciative. A real mayor would give them a choice: if you want us to keep getting water, we never again spew this "traditional lands" bullshit (the first person on my property was a white man; the injuns never set foot on it), or you get your own water somehow. That Oshry and so many other candidates can't do this is why you never should give them a minute of your support, and never stop calling your ward by the proper number and not some lazy Injun gibberish.