Hi-Yo Fringe Review Preview

Yes, I am alive, thanks for caring.

I have so far seen 4 Fringe plays this year. When I get my computer back (within 10 days, I hope) I will post reviews...though too late to influence anybody.

Quick summary: Oppositie of Infinity, My Morocco, and Are Ya Dating are all faggot-free plays. I unfortunately cannot say the same of Soul Survivor, as a sodomist asian is one of the characters. Judge your fringing accordingly. And don't forget your cowboy hat (and digital camera?).


Terrorists planned to use liquid explosives on my hard drive?

Everybody is busy reading about the big story today. My computer is still offline (just updating this from a friend's PC). Updates, links, etc. will be in a week or so.

Go read up on what the terrorist sons-a-bitches are up to now. And to think we cheerfully ate their kabobs over Heritage Days...


A clue on where to stalk me tomorrow

I will be attending Edmonton's Heritage Festival tomorrow all-afternoon, eating delicious meat dishes from around the world. Always is a treat and a thrill for me.

No idea how long this link will work, but Weather Network reports 11 degrees in the morning with fog patches, warming to 20 and mainly sunny in the afternoon, cooling to 16 and mainly clear in the evening. In other words, the rain nightmare of Friday won't be reoccuring: chance of precipitation is only 20% with humidity below 50%.

Bonus Software: You can download WeatherEye for PC platforms from the Weather Network homepage. Never have to visit my blog for the "Edmonton Weather" link ever again! Er, waitaminute...


Hanging Chicos?

With the crazy stuff in Lebanon going on right now, North Korea going completely haywire, Fidel Castro's slow Chretien/Klein-like fall from power, and everything else tying up the summer, I for some reason woke up this morning with the question on my mind:

Er, what the hell happened with the Mexican election dispute? (I briefly blogged about it one month ago today)

The answer, from what I've been able to piece together from Google News, is that things are still fairly unstable and might get worse.

Here are a few of the Google News headlines on the topic from the past couple days:

Leftists block Mexico stock market, tempers rise

Mexican president asks protestors not to play with fire

Demonstrations, drugs hit Mexico in pocketbook

Sit-in more party than rebellion

Mexicans sign letter to call for defense of public institutions

Crime, unrest hurting tourism in Mexico

Mexico leftist faulted for election protests

Freak hailstorm compounds Mexico vote protest chaos

Mexico leftist threatens more protests -- of note, this is from 2 days ago before the stock market sitin/protest/invasion

Election Protests Cripple Mexico City

Mexican Vote Rift Bad for Business

Violence, political unrest in Mexican tourist spots make many rethink trips


308 posts later, and its still not fixed!

One of my longest posts ever was this one about my problems incorporating an Ali Magik Chipset on my motherboard with the fancy 300GB Maxtor hard drive. Other posts brought up the subject with less details. Well today I drove home to my parents farm and stole the computer I helped my mother pick out in February.

So now I'm gonna clear the 90+GB of por digital photos I have accumulated onto her 300GB hard drive. And then wipe mine, and install my DOS/Windows/Linux trifecta and then take it into a guy at work who can fix it for $50. So naturally, I am about to lose internet for up to a week. More posting delays...try to act surprised.