"I didn’t realize you were able to build the world’s sole superpower merely by picking cotton"

Two Taki Mag articles in two days, eh?

Well, Jim Goad's article from a couple weeks ago asking "Do Black Feelings Matter too much?" is definitely worth the price of admission.

I believe the current national crisis has not been caused by an undervaluation of black life but rather an unwarranted reverence for—and fear of—black people’s feelings. Despite the torrents of propaganda, there is no defamation of blacks in the media. Instead, it is constant unrealistic praise. Black Americans have received so much sympathy, they appear to be overdosing on it.

Obviously no one gives a shit about my feelings or those of any white male at this point. You’ve made that brutally clear. And yet we haven’t burned buildings over it. Maybe we’re less insecure? Maybe, despite all your efforts, we feel far less shame about our history than black people feel about theirs?
We hear all the time about black rage, but never about black shame. It’s almost as if they have nothing to be ashamed of and countless reasons to be proud.

I’ve long thought that what underlies black rage is black shame. After all, it would seem to be quite a blow to the self-esteem to have such a history of being conquered and exploited and always winding up on the bottom no matter where you go or who surrounds you. It might make one wonder why this has been so easy to do historically. It might even lead an introspective person to suspect the deficiencies might lie with themselves rather than with everyone else.
I've obviously asked the same about Red Indians vis a vis Residential Schools: why did the same model that worked in Britain and India fail in Canada? Is it possible your race has inferiority?
No, white boy, shut yo’ pasty pink mouth, because BLACK LIVES MATTER MORE THAN WHITE FEELINGS.

When it comes to feelings, white men face an impossible scenario—they are either presumed to not have feelings at all (because they’re monsters), or they’re mocked for expressing any feelings at all—boo-hoo-hoo, white boy, go drown in your tears. The only feeling they’re permitted to express is a deep and incurable sense of self-hatred.

Explain to me why I should care about the feelings of people who don’t care about mine. I can’t spare a single feeling for someone who wishes me dead.
I can't.

Why is the new Alberta Lieutenant-Governor evil?

Who's bright idea was it to choose a Lieutenant-Governor who worships Mohammed, the child raping fake prophet who worships Satan the enemy of the one true Lord?

This scum, after all, has been promoting the great fundamental evils of public healthcare and education. And of course she's been involved with the Aga Khan...

Remember the immortal words of Kate McMillan: the great thing about only hiring old white guys is that you don't have to be labelled when you fire them.


Was the Wuhan Flu shutdown worth it?

According to the American Institute for Economic Research, the answer was no.

After 100 days, we are in a position for some preliminary analysis of the performance of locked down states versus those that did not lock down. AIER has already published the evidence that lockdown states had higher rates of unemployment.

The Sentinel, a nonprofit news source of the Kansas Policy Institute, confirms our research by reporting the following data: locked down states have overall a 13.2% unemployment rate, while open states have a 7.8% unemployment rate.
Alberta's unemployment rate in May was a shocking 15.5% by the way, and we were one of the lesser lockdown provinces.
In terms of health, locked down states have nearly four times the death rate from COVID-19.
So that's two negative aspects of the lockdown.

To be fair, as I noted elsewhere COVID isn't over so you can't just say "place X did better than place Y". The lockdown states will have smaller 2nd/3rd/9th waves and therefore may have gotten most of the deaths out of the way early, and the other states will catch up and surpass them. Let's still keep in the back of our head perhaps the most critical COVID issue that nobody looks at:

COVID-19 transmission rates increase along with your likelihood of dying.

Seriously, that one single aspect of the Wuhan Flu (if true) explains almost everything we've seen around us.
To be sure, many mitigating factors may exist. Open states may have had fewer long-term health facilities housing people with low life expectacies; in every state, these account for roughly half of all deaths from COVID-19. In fact, “deaths among a narrow 1.7% group of the population are greater than deaths from the other 98.3%.”

Population density between the states also varies and that could have been an explanatory variable. The open states also lacked governors who mandated that nursing homes accept active COVID-patients. Earlier this month, we published some more detailed research “Unemployment Far Worse in Lockdown States, Data Show” by economist Abigail Devereux who found similar results.

A routine trope in the media is that people who oppose lockdowns are pushing freedom and wealth over safety and health. But as we can see from this clean examination of the results, the open states experienced less economic pain and less pain from the disease itself.

Peak outrage

Did you know this is being spread legitimately by people who missed the watermark?

Unrelated: Coke is upset that your social media accounts aren't being censored enough.

I called a black guy the N-word" yesterday: Not-Employable.

Two years ago, David Cole noted that saying "nigger" is now an act of justifiable defiance.

Lamar specifically chose a white girl to come up on stage to perform with him. And he specifically chose “m.A.A.d. City” as the number to be performed. So, as requested, she began to recite the lyrics. And when she said “nigga,” Lamar stopped the show and publicly humiliated her, encouraging the audience to boo and insult her as he scolded her for doing exactly what he’d asked her to do. By the next day, the girl had been threatened and harassed off social media. That the woman in question is rotund and unattractive only made it worse, as she proved perfect grist for the meme mill.
Race aside, let’s focus on the unequal power dynamics at play here. A multimillionaire rapper humiliated, scolded, and whipped up a hate mob against an absolute nobody who wielded zero power in the situation. Remember the days when leftists claimed to side with the powerless and disenfranchised, regardless of race? But today’s media elites not only sided with Lamar, they actually applauded him for bullying the girl. Mind you, these same elites will no doubt extol the virtues of Spike Lee’s upcoming film BlaKkKlansman, which is filled with white actors saying “nigger.” Because those actors are just “playing a part.” But isn’t singing a song roughly the same thing? Does one actually have to be an American-born Vietnam vet to sing “Born in the U.S.A.”? I’ve karaoke’d to “Bohemian Rhapsody” more times than I can recall, but you know what? I’ve never actually killed a man in real life. What’s the difference between a white chick saying “nigga” while reading song lyrics at the request of the author, and a white guy in a Spike Lee film doing the same while reading from the script? In both instances, the whites are reciting the words of a black man at the request of the black man.

And if was true two years ago, it's easily 8x more true now, so it's even more important. You may note that, perhaps remembering reading this column when it first came out, I have been more aggressive both on this blog and in real life with saying "nigger". Because they tell us we aren't allowed to. And they don't get to decide that.


Doesn't that make you feel better?

In the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker era, I think we can mathematically express the new importance of speaking up by using the formula ex, where "x" is the number of years since an article talking about how important it is to speak up against censorship by saying something: since May 29 was 2 years and 1 month ago (2.0833 years), then e2.0833 = 8.03119499. That sounds about right.

Meanwhile, on L'Affaire Lamar Jeremy Helligar writes in Variety:
Even today, for many of us, when a white person utters the N-word, it’s like the sound of a whip slapping the back of a slave. Because of its loaded history, it will never be OK for white people to use the N-word (not even if it’s Eminem, though he inexplicably seems to get a pass from the hip hop community), no matter what the circumstance.
Well shit, if the mere word nigger to you is like a whip slapping the back a slave then let's just re-introduce both whips and slavery until you can figure out the difference, Jeremy.



Purportedly in order to allow for affirmative action (despite all the evidence it makes everybody worse off), California has proposed changing the State Constitution to allow racial discrimination.

If you think you read that wrong, you aren't alone. Jon Miltimore at the Foundation for Economic Education and Guy Birchall in RT both were equally credulous.

It's worth noting, of course, that a theoretical future California government could institute a "Black Lives Aren't Worth $10,000" bill mandating all employers cap black employees salaries at $9,999 per year and while it may fall afoul of federal regulations, if it happens to be in a state-regulated industry there will be no legal ability to block it through the courts.

Is this the "anti-racism" future they really want? Apparently so. As Miltimore puts it:
equality before the law is arguably the greatest pillar of a liberal society. It’s an idea that reaches back across time and civilizations, from philosophers like Guan Zhong (720 B.C. - 645 B.C.) to historians such as Thucydides, who at the funeral of Pericles stated, “If we look to the laws, they afford equal justice to all in their private differences; if to social standing, advancement in public life falls to reputation for capacity, class considerations not being allowed to interfere with merit; nor again does poverty bar the way.”

Equality before the law is at the heart of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the enumerated rights carved out by the General Assembly of the United Nations at its third session in 1948. In Article 7, it states clearly and proudly: "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law.”

To abandon such a principle is to abandon a cornerstone of the Enlightenment and classical liberalism, one of the greatest individual rights that has protected individuals from arbitrary rule and government abuse for centuries.
Zhong? Thucydides? 1948???? All just tossed aside in the "dead white male equals bad" brainless paradigm of these idiots. The measure has to go onto a ballot, but whether or not it will be successful it's important to remember that it even got this far.

The Truth about Tamir Rice and Elijah McClain

Extremist activists behind #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFuckers are now making a big deal about a couple old deaths.

One of them is Elijah McClain from Colorado who died while fighting with police who never drew their weapon.

The other is Tamir Rice, a 12 year old kid who was playing with a cap gun.

In the case of McClain, the first thing to remember is even though he hadn't committed a felony he was being questioned as he met the description of a suspicious person complaint: he was wearing a ski mask (it was in Colorado....in August) and waving his arms around. Upon being questioned he violently attacked the officers to such an extent that he knocked some of their body cameras off. The footage before his death showed he initiated the fight. No officers drew their guns: like George Floyd he seemed to have a drug problem as he was vomiting several times after the scuffle. He either died of an allergic reaction to the ketamine paramedics administered to sedate him (even when down he was extremely violent), or an asthma attack.

Rice, on the other hand, wasn't just playing with a cap gun: it had been illegally modified to resemble a real gun by removing the orange identification caps. He was pointing it at passerbys and then at officers with aggressive "I'm preparing to fire" body language such as lining up the sights and entering a stiffened stance. Additionally, and here's the next bit people don't know, Rice was 12 years old, but was 5'7" and 195 lbs, 3 pounds and 2 inches smaller than the average American 20 year old. Indeed, the photo below shows both the toy gun with the cap removed, and the real life Colt M1911 it was meant to emulate.

You may see "Colt M1911" on the top gun, but guess what? It's the fake. The point being that none of the defenses against this shooting hold water: he certainly wasn't a "little boy" and he was holding what appeared to be a legitimately lethal firearm.

In both the cases of McClain and Rice, the facts still support what has been the conservative position this whole time: there is no systemic racism causing blacks to be unfairly shot by police. Almost every case, once you hear the story about it, is about a violent nigger who behaved badly and died as a result of it. Unfortunately, the far-left keeps screaming this lie because of how effective it is: Colorado initiated a new witch hunt to try and endlessly search for a crime to charge the officers with in the McClain case (even though if there was any error it was the paramedic). The Tamir Rice case will be more difficult as the officers were already charged and a Grand Jury dropped them, but you know the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFuckers psychos will be braying for this.

Not entirely unrelated: As part of the general allegy to the truth these far-left activists are known for, one of the big pushers for this is Kristen Clarke, who has been leading the charge to get VDARE banned from the internet for the crime of speaking truth to her ugly group's power.

Queen of Blades

I had always known that Glynnis Talken Campbell had lost her job as Nancy Sarah Kerrigan's voice actor in the years between StarCraft and StarCraft 2.
Fans who attended BlizzCon last year or watched the Kerrigan reveal trailer on YouTube were overjoyed when Campbell's voice purred from the shadows towards the end of the clip, assuming that it signaled a return of the character's original voice. Sadly, this isn't so. According to Campbell, the voice work done in that trailer was considered an audition for the role, and Blizzard has decided to go in another direction.

Glynnis has now confirmed with StarCraft Legacy that Blizzard has red-lighted her reappearance as Sarah Kerrigan.
Well, it just figures, doesn't it? Blizzard just gave me my Dear John phone call. Basically, it was "We can still be friends—we just don't want to see you anymore." Ha ha! Ah well...that's showbiz. Anyway, thank you for a wonderful and touching article—it's a great going away present, and I'll cherish it.
Along with this sad news, it also seems that the original voice of Jim Raynor, Robert Clotworthy, will not be reprising his role in the sequel either, though Raynor's increased age and newly acquired drinking problem might have played a part in the new casting.
I had heard the rumour before that Campbell's increased age and cigarettes had been the reason for the switch. The Kotaku article claims it apparently applied to Clotworthy as well, however Clotworthy is the Raynor voice actor in both games.

In the GameFAQs article I linked to above user DSMobster quips:
They used her voice in an early trailer and it sounded fine.
Then they told her to **** off and got a new VA because they wanted to make sure that the voice was as stereotypical as her dialogue
GraniteOctopus follows up with:
simply put they put in tricia helfer because shes famous and stupid people want to do things to her.

For those wondering what things people would want to do with Tricia Helfer...

This day in (blog) history

Ten years ago today I compared Taylor Hall and Taylor Lautner.

So this is a good time to tell my Taylor Hall/Jason Strudwick story.

Years ago Martok and I were out drinking on Whyte Ave on weekend night, having a good time, drinking beers and crushing pussy, all that fun stuff. Anyways I think we were calling it an early night, it was sometime before 2am when we went to Funky Pickle for a bite of late night eating. As usual I waited until a good pizza came along (something with lots of meat and absolutely no artichoke hearts or creamed corn) so we were in there for a little longer than usual. On our way out Martok asked me if I'd noticed who was in the pizza place with us. It was Oilers 4th liner Jason Strudwick.

This is a live photo we took at the time. It has not been digitally altered.
We were walking past a smoker who informed us that Jason Strudwick had been inside Funky Pickle for hours hitting on everything with legs, and without success. It was a funny little story and we never would have thought anything of it except for what happened next. We continued westbound past the abandoned lot which is now the Raymond Block, and just after we passed the Tim Hortons (I can't remember if we passed Scotiabank or not) we came across this asian kid coming the other way. Mere minutes after finding out about Jason Strudwick unsuccessfully picking up fatties at the Funky Pickle, he excitedly tells us about other Oilers out and about:
I just saw Taylor Hall drive by in a limo and he had two hot blondes on either side of him!
Artists representation, obviously. Not a real photo.

You've perhaps heard of the old baseball adage that home run hitters drive Cadillacs and singles hitters drive Fords. This is the Edmonton Puckbunny version of that adage: Hart-candidate first liners get limos with blondes, 4th line grinders strike out at the Funky Pickle.


Might as well have kept the Red Ensign then...

The Post Millennial reports that a Halifax newspaper worries that putting a Canadian flag in their newspaper could upset people and warned them ahead of time.

I mean, I hate the Canadian flag and would never fly it, but it seems slightly bizarre that the left would sign onto the same thinking. Will they join me in flying the Alberta flag on Wednesday instead?

Tech bias? What tech bias?

Big Tech's far-left impulses take another step with Instagram ruling Christian pastors are "harmful to the community" in a way that leftists blathering about merely killing conservatives isn't.

Not possibly related to all the niggers looting their product

Nike reported a surprise loss.

A lot of this, of course, is falling out of the Wuhan Flu. But it's also partly a reminder that you can hire the woke man of the hour to be your spokesman and still lose out in the end: especially when you're being looted and never will sell a shoe to a Colin Kapernick fan ever again anyways.


"If your strength is small, don’t carry heavy burdens"

The Epoch Times is finding experts to pass judgment on the Three Gorges Dam.

Of course, if you ask the Chinese, this is a total lie and nothing to see here.

Apparently the dam is "elastic" and that its meant to be deformed.

We shall see...

Residential Schools were great, even if they weren't genocide

Helpful hint: Everything Paul Bunner wrote about Residential Schools is 100% correct.

What Bunner wrote:

Cardinal’s narrative contained all the elements that inform debates over Aboriginal policy today except the one that is the most powerful driver of guilt, grievance, power and money: the “holocaust” that was allegedly perpetrated against Aboriginal children through the Indian Residential Schools system.

It is odd that he overlooked it. In 1951, at age 6, Cardinal entered the Joussard Catholic residential school in Northern Alberta. He spent 10 years there before moving to a regular Catholic high school in Edmonton, where he graduated as class president. The Unjust Society devoted a chapter titled “The Little Red Schoolhouse” to excoriating residential schools for imposing Christian and European values on Aboriginal children. Cardinal even used the term “cultural genocide,” in what may have been its first coinage. However, he was strangely silent on the litany of horrors we now associate with the schools, including ghastly physical and sexual abuse, mass graves of unnamed children, tyrannical teachers and diabolical nutritional experiments. The worst abuse Cardinal recounted was “a misfit, has-been or never-was” teacher in Grade 8 who was so incompetent “I found myself taking over the class.”
he best that can be said of Harper’s apology is that it was a strategic attempt to kill the story and move on to a better relationship between Natives and non-Natives. Unfortunately, it only appears to have deepened the conviction that Church and State conspired not only to “kill the Indian in the child” but also to physically exterminate the whole race. The Aboriginal grievance and entitlement narrative continues to gather momentum, as evidenced by last year’s prolific Idle No More protests. And the $60-million Truth and Reconciliation Commission, far from working toward its stated objective of getting the whole story and then getting over it, appears wholly dedicated to the permanent entrenchment of a one-dimensional caricature of the history of residential schools.

The dangers in this ought to be obvious and can hardly be overstated. Already, vast swathes of the public education system are uncritically regurgitating the genocide story as if it were fact, thereby adding to the legions of Canadian voters who will be suckers for future Phil Fontaines and Harold Cardinals and their never-ending demands for more tax dollars and greater political autonomy. It will slow any progress on integration, democratic reform and financial transparency on reserves and do nothing to reduce the terrible social pathologies afflicting Indians on and off the reserves. Worse, if future generations of young Aboriginal people are indoctrinated in the belief that Canada wilfully tried to annihilate their ancestors, some of them, at least, will be ripe recruits for radical segregationist movements, perhaps even violent insurgencies as imagined in Douglas Bland’s frighteningly plausible 2010 novel Uprising, about Aboriginal terrorism in near-future Canada.
Context is also needed to refute the “intergenerational legacy” of residential schools. The idea that victimization of one generation automatically passes to their descendants defies human experience. If it were true, the survivors and descendants of the Nazi Holocaust would be humanity’s basket cases instead of a people who have prospered like few others. In the case of residential school students and their descendants, stories of the latter plundering the former suggest that the compensation payouts themselves may be a source of corrosive intergenerational strife.

Finally, we all need to acknowledge that what Prime Minister Harper said in a 2006 speech in London, England, about the history of Aboriginal relations in Canada was far truer than most of what he said in his 2008 apology. Invoking the colonial era, when Europeans of various stripes relentlessly butchered and oppressed aboriginal people elsewhere in the Americas, Africa and Asia, Harper noted, “[I]n the Canadian context, the actions of the British Empire were largely benign and occasionally brilliant ….The treaties negotiated with the Aboriginal inhabitants of our country, while far from perfect, were some of the fairest and most generous of the period.”

This was absolutely and unequivocally true. The British treated Natives in this country more benevolently than they did any other indigenous peoples within their empire. Canada inherited that legacy and maintained it, even as our neighbours south of the border continued to lynch blacks and slaughter Indians. The bogus genocide story of the Canadian Aboriginal residential schools system is an insult to all of us, Native and non-Native, dead or alive, who are justifiably proud of the peaceful, tolerant, pluralistic history and values of our great country. We should fight like hell to defend it from those who would corrupt it.

Mona Wang is a hysteric bitch

Over in BC, mentally ill Mona Wang is upset the police manhandled her during a wellness check:

According to a civil lawsuit, Wang’s boyfriend called 911 while Wang was in mental distress and asked for a health check.
Part of the interaction between Wang and the RCMP officer, Const. Lacy Browning, was captured on the building’s surveillance camera.

Video footage shows the student being dragged down the hallway by Browning.

In the civil claim, Wang states that Browning handcuffed her and dragged her down a hallway after finding her lying semiconscious on the bathroom floor, next to empty pill bottles.

The lawsuit also states that as a result of the incident, Wang suffered bruises to her face plus broken blood vessels in her left eye, a swollen right eye and bruising to her right temple.
The important part of this whole story is Wang's boyfriend called 911. Because the psycho bitch was being violent, presumably. Unlike in the States, we don't get to hear the 911 calls that would answer a lot of questions.

Which comes to the ultimate problem: the reason police have to show up for wellness checks is because these psychotic crazies like Mona Wang are dangerous. Hundreds of Mississauga Derka Derkas just finished protesting the death of a guy who was killed by police during a "wellness check" when he aggressively charged at them with a knife. There are calls to stop having police show up entirely, which is fine by me with a single caveat:

All Wellness Checks should be performed by unarmed far-left social workers. One at a time.

This would solve at least one problem! There still, unfortunately, is the problem that these mentally ill nutters with edged weapons can cause harm to the general populace. After all, that's why the police were being called into wellness checks anyways: paramedics and others who can provide care to these crazy people were in danger of dying. Since we've decided to make sure the far-left social workers get slaughtered first that will presumably resolve this issue. The next issue, then, is the homeless and crackheads who don't just fest in crazy by themselves and only lash out against the people who would help them, but instead are out in the streets threatening citizens and breaking into our homes and vehicles. Since apparently we don't want the police dealing with these people there's one other minor thing we need

Citizens should be allowed to own all manner of firearms and legally carry them in public both open and concealed, so that we can protect ourselves and perform impromptu "wellness checks" when we find them in the quonset.

With these two minor changes, I agree that the police should never be doing a "wellness check" or indeed dealing with the mentally ill ever again.

Happy birthday Robert Davi

So last night I was watching the RedLetterMedia review of The Last Dragon (featuring Macaulay Culkin) and Macaulay briefly started discussing the "classic" film The Goonies.

I watched I think half of The Goonies at a friend's place once and I don't have fond memories of it, so it's not really in my brain. Anyways the clip they showed clearly showed Robert Davi (Kohla from Stargate Atlantis) so I checked the IMdB page to confirm. And surprise surprise, today is Robert Davi's 69th birthday.

Also of note, Davi is a staunch conservative who endorsed George W. Bush (pbuh) and later Donald Trump. For some additional SciFi plus conservative linkage, in 2016 Robert Davi replaced Babylon 5's Jerry Doyle as the host of his syndicated radio show after his tragic death.


Never Kneel

VDARE may be going dark in the next few hours.



A male captain would have thought of it


This is some prime #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker logic right here..


Trek beer

Hey remember back in the day when the "who would you like to drink a beer with" was going around? Well I thought I'd do one for Star Trek. We're talking actors here, not characters.

Who from each Trek series would you most want to drink a beer with? Pretend they're all still alive.

Star Trek: The Original Series
Easy choice here: James Doohan not only was a Canadian war hero who invested a sport but was by the far the most fun TOS cast member on the convention circuit.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
This is a tougher one. Both Michael Dorn and LeVar Burton offscreen were fun people to be around. Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton of course have their heads so far up their asses that you don't want to deal with them. Still, have to go with Jonathon Frakes.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
This is absolutely the toughest series to decide this with. Obviously you'd want to sit at a bar with Nicole deBoer or Terry Farrel. Even Nana Visitor's boobs are still holding up with time pretty good. But as a nearly unavoidable rule you'd want to drink beer with a man and actually enjoy the company. Since DS9 has such a large recurring cast you might want to have a drink with Jeffrey Combs, J.G. Hertzler or even Robert O'Reilly. And we can't forget Mark Shepard, the rather enjoyable "actor" who played Morn. This time though it's Michael Dorn versus Colm Meany and this time I have to give it to Dorn. He's more laid back and enjoyable, Meany by all accounts is in real-life a bit of a prick (and a tad punchy when drunk).

Star Trek: Voyager
Robert Duncan McNeill, while more than a little on the nerdy side, is ultimately the only human being on that show. I don't mean the character either, I mean all the other actors seem slightly crazy. You might enjoy again a drink with Jeri Ryan (who has aged quite well) but it isn't for the camaraderie.

Star Trek: Enterprise
This is another tough one, and for the first time I have to give it to the series lead Scott Bakula, who's folksy real life persona is a little more appealing than Connor Trinneer, Bonus points again if you find yourself sitting next to Linda Park at a bar though.

Star Trek: Discovery
This is not a real Star Trek show and does not count.

Star Trek: Picard
This is not a real Star Trek show and does not count.

(click to view full-size)

Not even remotely related: Other than #1, I don't think anybody can defend this list of "science fiction's greatest beverages. Romulan Ale (mentioned in at least three Star Trek movies and once as a plot point) is behind a Babylon 5 themed drink that is not mentioned in the episode nor mentioned on the infamous Lurker's page

Systemic racism in Canada

The NASCAR hate crime hoax

Editor's Note: I tried to get the "Sports" tag removed from this post as NASCAR is not really a sport but there seemed to be some sort of software glitch.

Conservative Treehouse provides a much more likely explanation for the "noose" incident than the mainstream media.

Lesson from this: diversity is a weakness and NASCAR should have remained whites-only. The one negro can't be worth all the bullshit you have to manage as a result.

Update, June 25 2020 9:42pm: Surprising nobody on the right but apparently everybody on the left, Bubba Wallace really is the next Jussie Smollett (though presumably minus the sodomy) as confirmed by the FBI investigating (including the photos Conservative Treehouse posted) and immediately determining there was no crime. It's worth noting it's been quite the week for fake nooses.

This is how these people live

Imagine cutting ties with your best friend because she was mean to somebody you never met.

This is the sick world that these woke people want to create. Can you imagine?

Last week influencer Sasha Exeter shared a series of unpleasant messages in which Jessica allegedly threatened to sue her - and the bitter controversy that followed led to the Canada-based mother-of-three being fired from her presenting role with CTV and her job with Good Morning America.

Speaking to Page Six, the source said: 'The white privilege row has really given Meghan the excuse she was waiting for to cut Jess off for good.

'I don't know what the tipping point was, but Jess has been on the outs for some time.

'Their friendship is definitely not what it was. And really, how can you have such a close friendship when one person is basically making a career out of the friendship?'

DailyMail.com exclusively revealed last week that Meghan had been left 'absolutely mortified' by Jessica's 'tone-deaf' threats to Sasha, and told close friends that she can 'no longer be associated with her'.

'Meghan is absolutely mortified that she's been dragged into this complete mess. She said Jessica is in no way a racist, but the way she handled the situation (with the fashion influencer) was tone-deaf and heartbreaking,' a close friend of Meghan's said.
What's "tone deaf"? That she dared to be aggressive to a negress?

If that's not allowed anymore, than get rid of every negress. If this is the world they want to create, a protected class that cannot be criticized, then they all need to be removed from our society. Starting with the woman who spoiled a Prince.


"They're like children really--get 'em in a big group, fill them with firewater, it's like tossing a cigarette in a powderkeg"

Lest you think that the modern era of pretending racial violence only works one-way and "peaceful protests" can be characterized by violence, think again.

In January 2003 Colby Cosh wrote about a curious attack on the Edmonton LRT system...

The Edmonton police are still investigating a New Year's Day incident on the subway in which a crowd of Indian youths randomly antagonized, attacked, and beat five white teenagers. But they've made up their mind about at least one thing: no hate here!
Edmonton police admitted Tuesday they may have been "a little premature" to conclude an attack by a group of native teens on five white teenagers on the LRT was racially motivated. ...Police originally described the incident as a racially motivated attack by about 30 native teens on white teenagers. Now, however, police say there were only about five teens involved in the attack and there is no firm evidence that racism was a factor.
But look a little closer at the story--you'll have to. It is still undisputed that the five victims were outnumbered by a group of at least 15 native Indians who entered the train together. Police spokesman Wes Bellmore wants us to state and accept that only five of the Indian kids were "involved in the attack" because they were the only ones doing the actual physical attacking. If you stand around intimidating other passengers who might have come to the aid of the victims (which they notably did not), well, that's not "involvement", apparently.
Funny enough, when it's police officers not involved in putting a knee on a criminal's neck it doesn't seem quite so benign to the press does it?

Well at least one thing has changed since 2003. Apparently not much else has.
And what of this "lack of racial motivation"? Are the police saying that no one in the mob of attackers shouted "Let's fuck up these white bitches," as was reported previously? No indeed.
"Racial comments that were reportedly uttered by someone in the group of attackers cannot be attributed to any one person," police spokesman Wes Bellmore said...
By this standard, if someone shouts "Hang the nigger" and an all-white crowd responds with a lynching, there's no "racial motivation" involved unless you can "attribute" the original battle cry to "any one person"
But of course, equal opportunity and fairness is never part of their repertoire is it?

Most of Cosh's concern though was the rest of the story, that the fact the jackpine savages were also drunk was being excused away by the cops. That too rings awfully familiar, drunk Red Indians expecting a free pass from both police and media is also a familiar story in 2020.

Flashback: You might be confusing this 2003 story with the 2018 story where there were swarming sprees along the LRT line. Also, previous discussion of the LRT and it's role in Edmonton crimes can be found here.

COVID Trudeau


Wuhan Flu means an end to immigration

This discussion about a new poll talking about immigration spurred a reminder in my brain about how Canada's immigration policy will need to be obliterated and our borders permanently closed to new arrivals. The rationale for this comes from one J.Trudeau of Montreal. You may be moderately familiar with him.

As you may be dimly aware, levels of government all over the world have broken private enterprise into two basic categories: essential and non-essential. While how they actually break these categories up is almost always hamfisted and illogical, the theory at least is that we have to keep some things open so that people can stay alive. Even if the Wuhan Flu had a 90% death rate, you'd still need to keep grocery stores and power plants open: you can't live without food. Back in March (remember March?) when we were told the shutdown was only going to be two weeks (3 tops!) this rationale made sense.

In the long-run, every business is essential.

Over a long enough timespan, however, there are no unessential businesses: every business is essential. By which I mean that if the company didn't exist to provide people with a good or service that they wanted or needed, it wouldn't be there in the first place. The "wanted" versus "needed" in that previous sentence may have you thinking we're back to essential and nonessential, but remember that in our modern economy the consumer is only half of the equation. The producer (by which I mean both the entrepreneurs and the employees) are the other half of the equation: the importance to this company to them has nothing to do with what the good or service actually is. The only thing producers care about is that the company makes money which can then be redirected to them. To keep their expected lifestyle up, to allow them to be consumers in their own right, put food on the table...doesn't that last one sound awfully, I dunno...essential?

So yes, in the long run every business is indeed "essential". Which brings us back to the words of one J.Trudeau of Montreal: I don't know why it's important to listen to him, but apparently it is:

“This will be the new normal until a vaccine is developed.” He said the reality of Canadians dealing with COVID-19 through the summer was one of the “better” outcomes. “The path we take is up to us. It depends on what each of us does right now. It will take months of continued, determined effort,”
Just until there's a vaccine, eh? So mid-2021 then? Or later? Like, much later? Like possibly never?

Well if the "new normal" means businesses can't reopen, then what we're essentially saying is that a huge proportion of the Canadian workforce is not necessary. When you deal with unemployment figures you generally have to balance the inefficiencies of the job market (people who can't be matched up with ideal jobs) and the general health of the economy (there aren't enough jobs for the people who want them). In this case, the latter issue is by far the dominant one. This means immigration must go.

Immigration, from a purely economic standpoint, both brings in new workers that have found ideal jobs to be matched into, and also bring in money and growth for more jobs to be created. However the COVID lockdowns have made both arguments nonsensical: most ideal jobs are nonessential, and so are most jobs that are going to be created. The government has already artificially induced a massive labour surplus, and immigration is not legally allowed to increase the demand that would help bring it down. Once you've already decreed that a large chunk of your population is "useless" (which, frankly, they are when their employers cannot be open) what's your motivation for bringing more people in? From a labour market perspective Canada is now not only full it is in fact overflowing: if only "essential" businesses are required than Canada has far more people than it needs, and as a result the Shiny Pony must ban all immigration until at least 3 months after a vaccine for COVID-19 is widely distributed.

Related "leftist cause disproves need for immigration": This isn't the first time this has come up:
A departing Alberta Liberal senator says opponents of the Kyoto accord never mention the fact that, if there is a loss of jobs in Canada from the environmental deal, it will be suffered by immigrants -- not "blue-eyed" Canadians.

Senator Nick Taylor, who reaches the mandatory retirement age of 75 on Sunday, said the rate of immigration in the country will simply have to be adjusted downward if Kyoto opponents are correct in their predictions that 300,000 to 400,000 jobs will not be created in the next 10 years because of the accord.

"Little blue-eyed Canadian boy is not going to be unemployed by Kyoto. Who may not be employed is his grandchild, or the immigration rate will have to be adapted to the jobs we are creating, as time goes on, which we do now," said the outspoken senator.

In defense of lynching

Can we all agree that thugs like this should be severely punished by the legal system and possibly also outside of it?

"A neoconservative is a liberal who's been mugged by reality. A neoliberal is a liberal who's been mugged by reality but has refused to press charges."

Eventually violent niggers will damage so many homes the American populace will demand a return to slavery.

Father's Day 2020

Remember what I said yesterday? Yeah, turns out it was important.

Today is not the longest day of the year. My annual joke is diminished slightly by being actually true:
National Indigenous Peoples Day isn't the longest day of the year...it just feels like it.

There are more than a few fathers today who are not happy that they have to share their day with a bunch of lazy Red Indians who are not known for their strong familial bonds and stable fatherhoods. However, they don't also have to share the longest day of the year with them. That was actually yesterday. This just feels the longest as a pathetic child-race tries to pretend that they are noble victims and not savage assailants.


Summer Solstice

Today in Edmonton there is 3 more seconds of daylight than yesterday, and tomorrow will have 2 seconds fewer daylight than today. 3:43pm today (by no minor coincidence, the time of this post) represents the technical Summer Solstice.

It's worth noting the solstice can be different than the longest day of the year: when the solstice happens between midnight and 6am (for those who are confused, the curvature of the earth doesn't care about whether or not the sun is visible at your specific point on the globe) the longest day of the year is technically the day before because less than 1/4 of the day daylight is getting longer and 3/4 of the day daylight is getting shorter. Similarly, when the solstice falls between 6pm and midnight the first few hours of the day are further from the solstice than the first few hours of the next day.

However, the longest day of the year is not tomorrow. That will be important later.

Central Africa Autonomous Zone

(click to view full size)


No charges pending for the defacers of the Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill statues

Ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a man he claims spat in his face.

Mr Robinson, 37, was detained at a protest rally at Hollywood Retail Park in Barrow, Cumbria, on Thursday.
For those keeping track, yet again while telling people that Jonathon Yaniv and Bruce Jenner are their real names gets you banned from social media, BBC has no problem telling you that Tommy Robinson is actually Stephen Yaxley-Lennon...


Post-WWII America: benignant but dismissive of Nazis (just like Antifa, right?)

(I never knew Downfall had other scenes!)

A couple weeks back I posted a YouTube comment where I noted that the generation who best knew the Nazis also had no problem depicting them as cuddly or goofy (click to view full size):

I don't know if you happened to notice, but in the 25 years after the Second World War when most of the people who fought or were otherwise impacted by the Second World War were still alive, Nazis could be depicted regularly without much fuss.

Star Trek put its two lead (Jewish) actors in Nazi uniforms in one episode where they backhand praised the Nazis for running such a tight ship (shame about some of the other stuff though). Hogan's Heroes took place in a Nazi POW camp where both Klink and Schultz were portrayed as affable buffoons you just wanted to hug whenever their schemes went south (and 2/3rds of the episodes were Hogan and company enacting a scheme to keep the two in charge of the Nazi prison camp so things stayed light and fun). McHale's Navy was jovially sparring with the Nazis on such missions as retrieving a bottle of wine or competing in a swimsuit pageant. Hell, Springtime for Hitler. Except for the last one, all were geared as family entertainment.
I'm hardly the first to notice this, and it's something that's been floating in my brain for years. However it's been more common in my head when you notice social media is full of violent Antifa thugs who are convinced they are part of a 80 year program to destroy Nazis.

But here's the thing that makes you wonder: back in the late 70s when neo-Nazism was basically unveiled to the world (it was so invisible before about 1976 nobody even knew it was a thing), and World War Two veterans were common, why wasn't "antifa" a thing? Like, at all. Until the late 1980s it didn't even remotely exist. So if these antifa losers seem to think they've always been part of the group "fighting the Nazis" this whole time, why do they think it died out?

I think a big clue comes from the 1960s media referred to above. Nazis weren't really that big a deal. They were the other side that the war was fought against, but so what? Outside of the lineage of the Franco-Prussian war (France vs German), World War I (Triple Alliance including France vs Central Powers including Germany), and kinda World War II (Allies trying to liberate France vs Germany which had mostly conquered France), most wars featured countries you were expected to be friendly with to some degree half a generation later. Italy pivoted within the Second World War. Even though non-Nazi Germany was the ally after 1945, I don't think you'd find most soldiers thinking they were still that horrible thing we fought and had to keep on fighting. In general though the war you fought against a power one conflict was your ally the next. It was 1911 before Britain stopped supporting the rail link between Berlin and Baghdad that was part of the German-Ottoman alliance, for example. Russia and Germany were full-on allies in 1890, but by 1908 were adversaries.

If, for example, Chile elected a Nazi government in 1959 it's not like all the WWII soldiers in Canada and Russia would travel across the globe to declare war on them again. Sure we'd worry about the Jewish population, but Chile did end up implementing a military dictatorship in the 1970s which chased the Jews out anyways (though to be fair Pinochet had no anti-Semitic intentions). I don't think if an American GI got a knock on his door in 1963 asking for signatures or money to support the American Nazi Party it would motivate him to get his gun or punch the guy or any other antifa fantasies. Indeed no small number of American soldiers sympathized with some if not all of Hitler's goals...after all, a statistically significant number of them also supported the other large socialist government. Most former WWII soldiers who embraced communism disapproved of the pogroms and the purges in the same way the former WWII soldiers who sympathized with the Nazis also objected to gassing six million Jews. That generation understood war, understood soldiering, and most critically could separate positive and negative aspects of the regimes they fought with.

British troops much respected the German soldiers for their skills, American troops for their bravery (especially in the Russian campaign). They could watch shows where a Nazi officer was shown not to be in any way evil and nobody fretted over it: Wilhelm Klink after all was also a WWI veteran as many German soldiers were, it's not like he was committed to the Nazi cause in 1943 anymore than he was committed to the Social Democratic cause in 1914 (they were nominally the German government, though the Empire's political structure is a little Byzantine to our eyes. von Bethmann-Hollweg was not an SPD man).
Oh yes, heil Hitler.
- Col. Wilhelm Klink
You could ask most anybody in Britain, America, even France to a limited extent and possibly even in Russia and find people who would tell you without any trace that most "Nazis" were generally good people just stuck working for a crooked regime. This modern rise of "Nazis are the worst thing ever", closely tied with "everybody I don't like is a Nazi", would be alien to these WWII vets. To paraphrase Stephanie McLeans' nonsensical tweet above, nobody in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1944 thought they were part of an "anti-fascist organization", they were part of the Canadian Government currently at war with Nazi Germany (which itself wasn't "fascist", that phrase was really only used to describe Italy and later the Italian Social Republic). In fact, there was a fascist government in Spain that the Canadian Armed Forces left totally alone. Next time you see a big Antifa rally ask them if they will agree to leave alone the Pegida rally down the street that has a non-belligerence policy in place?

So the next time Antifa tries claiming any consistency with the anti-Hitler communists of WWII Germany, remind them that it was mysteriously when the Greatest Generation started dying out before Antifa ever dared to show their face in public again, and only once the Greatest Generation was essentially gone before they tried retroactively including them in the membership.

Memory Lane

Hey I remember traveling to foreign places and eating in restaurants in those foreign places...

Come back Senator McCarthy, all is forgiven!

John Cleese successfully fought back and now the classic (but overrated) "The Germans" episode of the classic (but overrated) sitcom Fawlty Towers has been un-banned by the BBC (with the now-requisite "cultural warnings" for triggered and confused millennials).

That's right. Overrated. It's less funny than A Fish Called Wanda, and "The Germans" isn't even its best episode.

This is just the standard story you see over and over. The comments in the Variety article did catch my attention.

June 13, 2020 at 3:36 am

You can’t compare slavery in Greece to slavery in America. For the most part, slaves in Greece lived almost just as well as their masters. Total opposite of how Africans were treated here in the US.
Actually quite backwards. American slaves were the best treated slaves in the history of the planet. There were laws protecting slaves from starvation and mistreatment in America, unique in the planet's history. Indeed, the whole reason "redneck" and "hillbilly" are a thing is because...
I'd rather be a nigger and plow ol' beck
Dan be a white hill-billy wid a long red neck
Those would be slaves happy they weren't white, for those keeping track.

But what really caught my eye was this exchange:
June 12, 2020 at 3:52 pm

Lefties are pussies. Can I say that? They don’t want to hear any opinion that differs from their own. Burning books is a tool of the left. Censorship is a leftist tool. Lynching was done by the leftist Klansmen to silence the black leaders. Pol Pot, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, ad infinitum. They all used censorship and liquidation to remove “dissent.”
Media are leftists, and so use censorship as well. Ironic, no?
Reply Report comment

June 12, 2020 at 8:03 pm

Right, because it was liberals who created HUAC and the Blacklist, not to mention the KKK, the John Birch Society and the American Nazi Party. Were you born ignorant or is this something you work at?
Um, did "cadavra" not see the whole original article? Liberals have created the new HUAC and blacklist. Speak out against this stuff and you're done. Dee Nguyen has been fired from The Challenge. The Federalist is compiling an ever increasing list of people fired for "un-woke" opinions. So I guess it's not the HUAC but the new HUWAC. That's progress is it? Now mass firings for supporting an ideology the people in power dislike is blacklisting people and everybody shrugs.

The same people who endless blather about "McCarthyism" and release unwatchable films like Trumbo are quick to judge others for not being sufficiently ideologically in-step with the times. For this to be an attack on conservatives in 2020 is absolutely unacceptable. Don't let them get away with it.

And yes, I know that Senator McCarthy had nothing to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee.

#BlackLivesMatter ruins black lives

(via Blazing Cat Fur):

The BLM movement could not be more wrong
Its key claims don’t stand up to scrutiny and its proposals would be a disaster for black and white people alike.

One of the most dispiriting aspects of recent events has been the uncritical acceptance by large sections of society, government and our institutions of the political programme of the Black Lives Matter movement. A wave of emotion has washed over our culture which seems to have robbed people of sound judgement. BLM’s objectives stand out as nonsensical even at a cursory glance.

BLM is primarily a radical movement which, contrary to its name, is disingenuous about black lives. Its fundamental aim is not protecting black lives, but revolution. UK BLM campaigners fail the sincerity test in preferring to topple statues of 17th-century Bristolian slavers over highlighting the fact that real human beings are sold in Libyan slave markets today. As Dr Tony Sewell has noted, BLM as a political project is more interested in fostering white guilt than improving the welfare of black people.

And then they came for...

Now they've taken away your beloved Aunt Jemima.

It was announced on Wednesday morning that the line of pancake mix, syrup, and other breakfast foods will be debut a new look as part of Quaker’s push to “to make progress toward racial equality.”

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype," said Kristin Kroepfl, vice president and chief marketing officer of Quaker Foods North America, in a statement shared with Fox News. “As we work to make progress toward racial equality through several initiatives, we also must take a hard look at our portfolio of brands and ensure they reflect our values and meet our consumers’ expectations."
Actually, stop me if you've heard this before, but Aunt Jemima is based on a real person that BlackHistory.com actually promoted. The name "Aunt Jemima" was from a blackface woman in a minstrel show, and the two white founders of the company decided to find and cast a black actress in the role. This was, as you might guess, the progressive view in 1889.

But now the woke mob has come for her. Nevermind that since the 1960s Aunt Jemima has never been based on a real person. Instead she has continued to get younger and thinner, but that's because modern audiences are less likely to associate an older overweight woman with quality foods. Instead Aunt Jemima has been a weird mix of sex appeal and authenticity. It's worth noting that Uncle Ben has continued to get older and older so he now more resembles Morgan Freeman than a black Mr. Hooper. Uncle Ben, by the way, is also being possibly phased out.

Apparently one of the big objections of Aunt Jemima is that she used to wear a headscarf. Seriously. I guess in their twisted view of the world this woman is culturally appropriating slave clothing.

Bonus WTF: The creator of the original Aunt Jemima minstrel show was not only black but appears to be Eddie Murphy having traveled back in time.


Today is "Juneteenth" which was always -- always -- a minor event in world affairs. Specifically it's the day that a Texas army officer made a decree that didn't make any legal or practical changes to the status of slaves in Texas and was completely irrelevant everywhere else on the planet.

Naturally, since #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker is the hip thing this year, uppity blacks across America want to treat this on par with Independence Day.

For a point of comparison, yesterday marks The Battle of Waterloo where the Hundred Days War (and therefore the Napoleonic Wars) ended. That's right, just yesterday was the anniversary of a historic event that made a massive impact on world affairs. Slavery in America, despite its big media push as of late, was neither unique nor particularly interesting. The Napoleonic Wars were a major worldwide event that included the Hundred Days War, the War of 1812, and the Barbary Wars.

Also the Battle of Waterloo was a decisive final victory. Without "Juneteenth" the slaves in Texas would still have been free by December 1st when the Thirteenth Amendment was ratified. Slavery in Texas was legal on June 18th and equally legal on June 20th. In other words, this event is a nonstarter, which is why the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker types are insisting now it be a national U.S. holiday. Waterloo Day isn't a holiday in England or Canada. Until it is, tell them to shut up, stop rioting, and go to work.

Bonus hilarity:
"Racist myth": blacks aren't very good at math.
"Woke take:" we can't possibly put a number in the name of a single-day holiday.

Build Your House Upon the rock

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash."


Memo to Arsh Khaira

Colonialism was awesome.

Everything in this song is a lie.

Khaira wails through the glass ceiling, “You’ve taken the lion’s share of their pride, so we’ll cast our votes for only your side. Losing their rights, I’m losing my mind, can’t break the chains you’ve tied on so tight.”

His single is specific — citing the 19th century opium wars, the 1947 Partition of India and the titular blood diamonds mined in war-torn Africa — but also a general expression of both outrage and hope.
What was wrong about the Partition of India? It prevented a bloody civil war: the colonial English know that dark-skinned people can't help but be insanely violent.

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

Sorry "MIT researchers", but you guys aren't going to be convincing anybody of your "safe and unsafe" places to avoid the Wuhan Flu anymore.

In law there's the principle of falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus: once you've caught a witness lying about one thing, they no longer can be trusted about other things. And with health experts suddenly saying that "systemic racism" (which hasn't been shown to exist) is more important than economic activity (which has been shown to exist) then the list of "this is okay, this isn't" is going to be met with scorn.

You could have avoided all this, but you didn't. You sided with the far-left wackos at Slate and now you'll have to pay the real-world price of irrelevancy. You brought this on yourselves, don't go whining to us about it.

Deport Jagmeet Singh

Idiots like him don't belong in Canada. Pick a random country and force him to move there at gunpoint.

And pray he resists.

Why streaming isn't the future

We've often heard about how streaming media is the future. We can see, though, that there's a massive downside: they, not you, get to decide what you get to watch.

It started years ago actually: in 2012 a woman's Kindle was wiped of books she had already bought. Keep that in mind, this will be important later. The infamous game "Hatred" (which I have a copy of) was removed from Steam. It was later added back in.

With the latest round of hypersensitive media companies banning media works that aren't "woke" enough, it's getting even worse. Gone With the Wind, The Dukes of Hazzard, and a large number of TV shows featuring blackface jokes have been recently removed from streaming services.

Now it's true that streaming services add and remove programs all the time, and while annoying its not the worst thing in the world. But remember the Kindle event from earlier? When the Too Human video game was ruled in violation of copyright Xbox 360 removed the game from the hard drives of users who had already bought it. We've already established that you can buy it and then they can electronically take it from you if you bought it digitally.

They can't take your physical media, of course. They also hilariously can't take your illegally pirated copy. In yet another blow to the "discless future" of media the fact that their servers decide whether or not you have access means that owning digital copies only works when you can independently manipulate them away from their database (which most modern DRM will not allow).

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn talked about this last week: (just ignore how Mark at 2:54 gets confused by Tucker not explicitly stating his thesis earlier)

They can't take your physical copy of a book or the ebook you downloaded off of µTorrent. They can take your copy from Kindle. Remember this power you give them when you let them decide if you get to watch in return for them letting you decide merely when and what you watch.

Of course this implies there was a "problem" to begin with


Canada is back!

In the same way that years ago President Monkey managed to alienate existing allies even as he preached about his international savvy, the Shiny Pony not only failed to get Canada a worthless UN Security Council seat but in fact got fewer votes than the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) did when he attempted to secure us a seat a decade back.

For those keeping score, Canada has been throwing millions of dollars of tax money since 2017 in an attempt to obtain this coveted (?) international prize. A year ago CBC reported over a million had already been spent solely on the schmoozing, not counting the millions wasted on ineffective UN agencies and NGOs that make us sound caring even as middle aged women in Winnipeg holding down two jobs are (metaphorically) beaten and robbed to pay for it all. Back in February Spencer Fernando reported Trudeau had wasted another $10M alone. The funny thing about trying to keep the score is that we can't even keep up. For one thing, the Shiny Pony's government isn't releasing any recent spending numbers.

You might think this is an exaggeration and it is, but as I wrote last month it's a very small one: this woman would be shot and killed for noncompliance:

  1. I don't pay my taxes
  2. The government says I have to, and sends me a bill
  3. I ignore the bill, but take all my money out of electronic means and keep it in my house
  4. The government sends a bill collector to my house
  5. I refuse to let the bill collector in
  6. The bill collector comes with police officers with guns
  7. I still refuse to let the bill collector in
  8. The cops break down my door and if I try to stop them, they pull out their guns and shoot me
And what, pray tell, are we to do with the seat once we get it? Even CBC was forced to admit that Rat Bastard 2.0 didn't have an actual strategy to put forward about why we wanted the seat and what we expected to accomplish with it.
"We've not yet seen any articulated vision of why we actually want to get the seat," David Perry, a vice-president at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, said.

He pointed out that having a clear objective the government could point to — like a better engagement strategy for Asia — would paint a more transparent picture for Canadians and UN members.

Perry added that it's not a matter of throwing money at the campaign: The visibility of the prime minister and foreign affairs minister can be just as valuable as a dollar figure.

"It's tough simply because we haven't articulated a view of why they should vote for us."

Blanchard rejected the idea that Canada hasn't been clear with its objectives. He raised five points that Canada's security council tenure would focus on: Sustaining peace, promoting women, climate change, economic security and promoting multilateralism.

Canada has used past Security Council positions to fight apartheid in South Africa and limit the trade of blood diamonds.
Even for a Frog Blanchard is a retard. Perry was talking about a clear objective and instead we blather about chicks cars and the third world war in the most open-ended and generic of terms. By contrast, when the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) applied for the seat he in fact cut our international expenditures. He wasn't interested in obtaining the seat through bribery (unsurprisingly, the Liberal Party of Canada immediately tried bribery) but through principled dedication to a specific set of causes. He wasn't willing to sell out Israel or our energy sector just to schmooze at the United Nations. The Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) articulated his vision (unsurprisingly, the boring policy wonk tried campaigning on policies) and while he was definitely interested in the seat and lobbied for it, it was clear that he wasn't going to sacrifice the foreign policy goals of his government just to get it.

In fairness the Little Potato didn't sacrifice any foreign policy goals either, but that's more because he doesn't have any. Instead he just wasted millions that will go to corrupt warlords and more corrupt UN goons. All of that for fewer votes than Canada received in 2010. It turns out that shameless bribery doesn't produce results as good as old fashioned rectitude and outspokenness. Yes Canada failed to secure a seat in 2010 which was certainly a blow to the national ego, but if you lose while standing up for what's right it sure feels better than losing while bending over every way and bankrupting the treasury in a series of futile gestures. Let's not forget, of course, that Red China is the reason we didn't get that 2010 seat: we weren't compliant to them back in those days.

Contrast with now.

Nobody tell her about Red Indians

You'd be surprised how many "self governing" groups are actually ridiculously dependent on others...CHAZ is just borrowing a page from the Wet Soup Tribe playbook...

"Be vewwwwy quiet, I'm hunting Antifa"

These meme, going around about the recent news that Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam will no longer have their guns, brings up an interesting point.

Are there any plans for Marvin the Martian to lose his space gun?

Or is this like Justin's gun grab? White farmers lose their guns used for legitimate purposes but the blacks are allowed to keep theirs to commit crimes?

The know the same amount about economics


Antifa can take my knee in their tiny balls

Rex Murphy finally speaks out on L'Affaire du Rex Murphy: (emphasis mine)

Finally, on the matter of my own minor turmoil about Canada. The editors judged the column was poorly edited.

I disagree with their judgment, yet have no problem with them holding it, and publishing it. I had no problem with a column criticizing mine appearing in the Post soon after.

My view, however, is that the edit was fine, the piece said what I wanted it to say and therefore all and any flack, such as there be, comes home to me, and me only.

Finally, as there seems to be a tad of curiosity on this point, I stand by the column. I will not apologize for it; nor apologize for any part of it, word, comma or space between words. I will even stand for the semicolons.

And for those who wish to jump on it — feel free, knock yourself out, as a friend of mine puts it. I’ll even set up a trampoline to give a little extra height on the jumps, and provide cushions for those (likely many) who miss their bounce.