Nenshi4Premier: because once you get rid of the one who thought she was a princess, get one who thinks he's a queen

I tweeted about this earlier today, but have you noticed that since Red Redford's plans for a personal residential penthouse suite were confirmed by FOIP requests, Calgary Naheed Nenshi has yet to step back from his outrageous statements on the night Premier Mom got aborted. Again, what Nenshi said was:

"I want to remind people that this is also a human story," he said.

"It's about a real person. A good person. A person who loves this province and has worked hard and made incredible sacrifices for this place. And it's the story of a system that takes somebody like that, chews them up and spits them out."

Nenshi says what happened to Redford is an example of why many people don't choose a life in politics.
That's right buddy, your "good person" (and infamous thin-skinned bitchy bully), who made incredible sacrifices for this province (I mean, the Sky Palace was confined to a single story of the building!), was "chewed up and spit out" (after such trivial things as $131,000 trips featuring expenses paid vacations). She loved the province so much, she was willing to bilk the hardworking taxpayers who made it the shining achievement it was before she showed up in order to jet around with her teenaged daughter. She's a single mother, you know. I mean, sure it's because she's walked out on two separate husbands. But that's because of all the hard work, you know. No other Premier has ever had to balance a family and a political life at the same time. I suppose if only they'd have run out on their wives, then Nenshi would support them.

"The right-wing MLAs that still remain in this PC caucus were pulling her away constantly from the agenda that got her elected leader, and that's why she was unable to fulfill her mandate as leader," he said.
Really? You mean that not only are there right-wing MLAs left in the PC party, but that if it wasn't for them Redford's record would have been even further to the left?? What else was there left for her to do, collectivize the family farms and paint giant portraits of her on the sides of buildings? If you're reading this Alison, that last bit was not a suggestion by the way.

Nenshi cannot really believe this, of course, but he has to keep the myth of dark forces on the horizon unfairly turfing politicians who waste the public purse and personally live off the high hog as a result. For those paying attention to civic politics in Calgary, don't be afraid to audit his books now and then if that's what he's so terrified of.

"There will be lots and lots and lots of opportunities to talk about lots and lots and lots of different people," he said. "I can tell you, regardless of whatever role I'm in personally, I will take a very serious part in this next election, always fighting for the interests of Calgarians and Albertans.”
So...this is a change of pace for you then, is it?

Ultimately, if what happened to Red Redford keeps other people like her and her socialist ilk out of politics, great! If nothing else, if Nenshi thinks its a good idea not to be Premier, that's something I'd like him to consider. After all, as the title of this post notes, we didn't get rid of one Premier who thought she was a princess just to replace her with another.

okcupid vs Brendan Eich

News today that a dating website asked its users to boycott Firefox because...well, take a look:

Politics is normally not the business of a website, and we all know there’s a lot more wrong with the world than misguided CEOs. So you might wonder why we’re asserting ourselves today. This is why: we’ve devoted the last ten years to bringing people—all people—together. If individuals like Mr. Eich had their way, then roughly 8% of the relationships we’ve worked so hard to bring about would be illegal.
First off, all Brendan Eich did was donate $1000 to a "Super PAC" who was dedicated to fighting poofter marriage. So when okcupid claims "if he got his way, than faggot unions would be illegal," they're lying. He's not talking about resurrecting prosecutions for sodomy (that would be me). All he did was donate money to a group dedicated to preventing fake cocksucker unions from being legally recognized, forcing people to pay "spousal benefits" to non-spouses.

For a little bit of context, in 2008 President Monkey was also against uranist nuptuals (with a curious exception for Eich's home state). So is the hit against Brendan Eich only that he's no further left than America's worst president? Really?

We all know what this is: the faggot fascists striking again, trying to make it clear that no opinion of their sick lifestyle that isn't 100% sycophantic [there's an STD joke in there somewhere, right? -ed] is beyond the pale and cannot be allowed to even be held privately by individuals regardless of the (totally evil and wrong) non-involvement by their organizations. We saw it with Duck Dynasty, we saw it with Chik-Fil-A, and we will see it again.

Unless it's stopped.


David Suzuki steals Ezra Levant's beer

Back a few years ago, David Suzuki made a beer fridge commercial. I came up with my own idea for a video that would demonstrate how ridiculous this commercial really was. Here's my take:

Well, the gag about wanting to throw Stephen Harper in jail got more popularity this week when Gawker pushed to prosecute (and persecute) the Mark Steyns and Rush Limbaughs of the world. Also tonight is Earth Hour. So if you were watching Ezra Levant on SUN-TV last night, you may have seen this:
I guess it was too much to ask that Ezra would be able to drop the ethnic slurs and say "goddamn" on the air, wasn't it? Regardless, this year for Human Achievement Hour we at Third Edge of the Sword world headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark will be turning all the lights on at 8:30pm. You should do the same.


Sic semper tyrannis

Ding dong, the witch is dead.

Everybody was shocked tonight when Premier Mom, Alison "Red" Redford, the worst Premier in the history of the province that even contains two Liberals, announced her resignation.

It was quite the speech, where she refused to admit that she did anything wrong, refused to admit that her policies were despicable, refused to acknowledge the measurable harm she'd done Alberta, and then just basically told the leftist hordes to pick up the mantle where she left off.

And then she stormed (we hope, we pray) out of our lives forever. We can also hope and pray that she took her spending scandals with her, her entitlement culture with her, her far-left turns with her, and her bizarre budgeting practices with her. I'm not entirely sure that we're that out of the woods yet. It's certainly a step in the right direction though. Third Edge of the Sword pretty effectively nailed her early on with the sort of horrible signs that would eventually coalesce around her and bring her down. Here's Red Redford raising your taxes, here's a post called "Redford's Arrogance", her continuation of spending on public sector unions, and finally her support for horrible "progressive" causes that deprived you of your rights, which we saw happen earlier this week yet again.

So now that Red Redford is out of our lives, it's time to celebrate...

This is 16 year old scotch: Lagavulin Islay Single Malt to be precise. This scotch was aged 6.62 times longer than Red Redford was the Premier of Alberta. As my own way to stimulate the Alberta economy, I went out and bought some. Like Red Redford this morning, I didn't plan on doing this tonight.

Red Redford cried during her speech. Her cries were tears of pain. I'm crying as I drink this delicious scotch. My tears are tears of elation.

We're free. Or at the very least, we're more free than we were 12 hours ago.

Update, 9:53pm: Lots of digital ink being spilled on this tonight. As usual, if you want a great accounting of things besides me, here's Colby Cosh explaining Alison Redford to Ontario. Also worth a read is Don Braid's analysis of the "bully" (and I still hate that word, not that it appears in the column) angle behind Red Redford's demise).


Happy St. Patrick's Day

For those of you in Alberta, the pubs open at 10am on Monday, time for you to get yourself in there.

For a warmup, take the main contribution to St. Patrick's Day from Alberta, the Irish Rovers (who wound up in Calgary from Belfast via Toronto):

(and for those of you in Boston and New York, enjoy what may be your last fag-free St. Patrick's Day parade!)

"Girls Can't"...be boys. Sorry, Ellen.

What's with Ellen Degeneres silly "Girls Can't" ad, infesting both your television and YouTube viewing experiences?

Ellen, you don't want to be a girl. Few people on earth would even mistake you for one. "Girl power" works better for those who don't cry themselves to sleep every night wishing they had a penis.


A couple other Irish drinking songs


Still not Oscar-the-Grouchy

Hey remember a week and a half ago when I wrote this?

Would you believe I still don't know? I think the Gravity director won something?


This Day In (Blog) History

Seven years ago, I was watching a horrible moment in the Alberta Legislative Assembly where Gary Mar (at one point considered a "Red Tory", but in Red Redford's Legislature he would basically be Ernest Manning reborn) droned on about International Women's Day. Raj Sherman and Laurie Blakeman chimed in, just to remind you that even in Alberta in 2006 there were people actually further left of Gary Mar.

It's International Women's Day again today...instead of sandwiches, all they give us is a horrible Google Doodle sequence featuring a bunch of chicks posing for the camera. Such is progress, I'm afraid.


Ignorance is Bliss

It's now 12 hours after the (some number) Oscar broadcast, and I still very cheerily know absolutely nothing about what happened, who won, or even who showed up wearing what.

You're jealous, I know.