2021 French Open early round results

The 2021 French Open is off to a rough start.

As we've discussed before, one of the worst things about watching some early matches is when two hotties face off, and it becomes a guarantee that one of them will be eliminated and won't be seen again until perhaps Wimbleton. Well so far Roland Garros has generally avoided this issue: instead, the uglies have been consistently beating the attractive players.

There were exceptions: Sunday's action saw Victoria Azarenka (8/10) defeat Svetlana Kuznetsova (6.5/10), Aliaksandra Sasnovich (8/10) needing a rare-for-the-day three set match to beat hometown's Diane Parry (7/10). Veronika Kudermetova (9/10) defeated Amanda Anisimova (9/10) in one of those "why is this a first round seed" matches, Elena Vesnina (8/10) beat Olga Govortsova (8.5/10), Danielle Collins (9/10) took down Xiyu Wang (4.5/10), Elena Rybakina (7/10) beat Elsa Jacquemot (6/10), Ana Bogdan (8.5/10) beat Elisabetta Cocciaretto (6/10), and Kateryna Kozlova (9/10) was taken out by Ajla Tomljanović (8.5/10). While we might have other reasons to be upset by it, in the looks department Patricia Țig (6/10) losing to Naomi Osaka (6.5/10, formerly7/10) isn't the worst thing in the world. Paula Badosa (8.5/10) beat Lauren Davis (8.5/10)as well.

But the day also saw Canada's Leylah Fernandez (6/10) eliminate hottie Anastasia Potapova (8.5/10), Ana Konjuh (8.5/10) lose to Aryna Sabalenka (6.5/10), Angelique Kerber (8/10) lose to Anhelina Kalinina (7.5/10), Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova  (6/10) defeat the lovely tits of Christina McHale (8/10), and while Nao Hibino (7/10) is probably the best looking asian player in the WTA we didn't want to watch more matches with her instead of Nina Stojanović (8.5/10). In a minor example, Danka Kovinić (7/10) in an impressive overtime beat cutie Clara Burel (7.5/10).

It's also interesting that the French Open is taking place in Paris, where the Wuhan Flu has inspired a longer curfew than the Nazis imposed. As a result, announcements during the afternoon matches alluded to the gates closing before matches even finished: the WTA was mostly unaffected but the later ATP events saw empty stands.

Variety always lies about conservatives

Variety published a "worst songs of 2020" list article, and of course musicians who have opinions they dislike are the top of the list.

Yet here we are the end of this anything-can-happen year, with Van the Man having written not one but four horrific anti-lockdown songs, three of which he recorded himself, assigning the last to Eric Clapton, whom we can only assume was the victim of a blackmail scheme.

In fact, their declaration about the political opinions of Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Jake Paul, and Lil Pump basically takes the place of any discussion of the actual music.

How does this compare with Variety's list of  "worst songs of 2019"? It doesn't. It literally can't because they didn't get around to actually writing one. In other words, Chris Willman just wanted an excuse to insult people whose views are superior to his own.

Naomi Osaka is a dangerous lunatic

Naomi Osaka (7/10) has been making waves in the lead-up and now opening rounds of the French Open. Not for her phenomenal play or big upsets or horrendous mistakes on returning serves. No, she's making waves after the recent announcement that she's mentally unstable and is a danger to herself and others.

She didn't directly state this, of course. She couched it in (ironically) media friendly terms while announcing she would refuse to talk with the media in her (mandatory) post-game scums. You see, dealing with people asking her questions about her performance is harming her mental health. It's depressing, says Osaka, to answer questions about your performance in a internationally popular sport in which you've spent your life aiming to excel in.

The 23-year-old said in a statement on Wednesday that she would not "do any press during Roland-Garros" because "people have no regard for athletes' mental health."

"We're often sat there and asked questions that we've been asked multiple times before or asked questions that bring doubt into our minds and I'm just not going to subject myself to people that doubt me," she said.

Now on one hand you almost want to applaud her: Donald Trump style she's decided to take the media to task. Of course, President Trump still gave press conferences and simply challenged them to their faces. Osaka wants to run and hide because her inferior brain is unable to handle being asked the same questions without either giving the rote answer or coming up with clever new responses. She's not upset with the media narrative (even though she has had cause to be when the shaved ape whined about their match a few years ago), she's mad that she's being asked questions that cause her to "doubt" herself. If it's true that her mental health is at risk, she's a danger to herself and others and needs to be immediately removed from Roland-Garros and locked away in a rubber room until she's cured.

Unfortunately that hasn't even come close to happening: she received a $15,000 and a threat to be removed from the tournament entirely. They have also not apparently followed up with her (media narrative-framing) request to have her fines donated to so-called "mental health charities". She of course is always only one loss away from being eliminated from the French Open the typical way, but we can't count on the world #1 ranked player not savagely murdering somebody in that event. After all, she's fucking crazy.

That is, of course, us taking Osaka at her word: it's of course 1000% possible that her mental health is a bullshit cover story for the reality that she just doesn't want to have to answer questions that she doesn't like. By couching her cowardly actions in the trendy buzzwords of "mental health" she is, as noted above, using that same major media presence that she supposedly hates in order to try to get what she wants through subterfuge. It's not entirely unsuccessful: Tumaini Carayol in The Guardian (of course) gushes about how brave her stance is and throws in some random President Trump hatred because again this is The Guardian and no take is too retarded. NBC's Chris Kluwe frames it in terms of bad takes by journalists, that superstar athletes wish would just go away (until, of course, it's time to broadcast the games. One wonders if Osaka's stance would change if all broadcasters decided they would cease to cover her games and bury her tournament wins on the bottom of page C27) and let them get on with the business of being superstar athletes. At least her points out the long-term economic impact of her decision:

Without the media's being able to interview athletes, that connection dwindles, and salaries go down as fans spend less money. From a financial perspective, giving the media more access to athletes means more money for athletes, so it's understandable why it's considered part of the job.

The problem, of course, is that just because something makes people more money doesn't necessarily mean it's the best course of action. For too long we've ignored the mental health of professional athletes, demanding that they be warriors able to withstand any sort of pressure no matter what it takes to do their job. It's time that we, as a society, have an honest conversation about the damage that can cause — which Naomi Osaka's statement beautifully illustrates. Mental health is important no matter who you are, and athletes are first and foremost human beings.

Indeed, and like most human beings, "mental health" has emerged as a quick cure-all to what we sensibly used to call being weak. Osaka is weak. She is inferior. If she really is crazy she needs to be locked up and (optionally) cured. If she's using this as a scam she needs to be harrassed every minute of every day until she cries herself into a ball and disappears forever. Athletes have complained about bad media takes before (we've covered this topic before, in fact), and obviously every conservative has far more reason to refuse to play the media's games than every athlete combined.

Yet it's the most woke of the athletes who tend to get the most sympathetic of coverage who want to control when and how they are portrayed by the press. English soccer players are campaigning to control what you say about them on social media. After Oilers defenseman Ethan Bear was criticized for the role his uncivilized play contributed to the recent Oilers sweep, and how that was tied to his uncivilized cutlure, the media was quick to take his side against "hateful" comments. (as is typical in these stories, we're also never told or shown what the offending comments are so we can judge for ourselves). Osaka seems to want the best of both worlds: exposure of her sport and her own matches, but then the ability to hide away when people want to talk to her about topics she doesn't want to talk about. Her opposition to the media is very one-sided and shallow, and rings hollow.

Just like you'd expect from a nutjob psycho.

Update, 7:19pm: The crazy bitch has voluntarily taken a break to cure herself of her dangerous insanity and withdrawn from the French Open (and presumably tennis on the whole)

What I would do as Prime Minister

Okay, I'm sure you can think of a lot of items on this list...but after the recent John Cena apology for daring to call Taiwan a country, this thought that I had from months ago seems all the more important today.

As Prime Minister I would only recognize one China, and it's capitol is Taipei and its President is Tsai Ing-wen.

The Canadian Government would no longer recognize any country with a capitol in Beijing. I would ensure that Canadian Government communications only recognized it as a "gangster" or "criminal" organization run by "Warlord Xi". No Canadian consular services would be provided within those borders, and no residents of that territory would be permitted on Canadian soil excepting as refugees who vowed to cut all ties to that "country". It wouldn't take too many other countries signing on before things would start to change for the better over there. Recognizing the country of "China" and only speaking about Taiwan would be a huge start.

It goes without saying that the independent nation of Alberta will never recognize the legitimacy of any communist country (including Canada!)


9 Things That Don't Make Sense in Screenrant's 10 Things That Make No Sense About Star Trek: The Motion Picture (and one that does)

A few years back Derek Dravin wrote an article for Screenrant about how there are ten logic issues with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (cue random Kolinahr jokes here).

Except there aren't. With a single exception, all nine items on his list aren't logic holes at all (or at the very least very different logic holes than he thinks there are). Let's go through them.

#10: "Long, Agonizing Shots"

This is what we in the modern world would refer to as fanservice. As I wrote in the YouTube comments to the Pensky Podcast's review of the film:

The thing to remember about this movie more than anything else is that this is the earliest known example of fanservice known to man. Fans of the original series waited a decade of writing letters and watching reruns before the movie came out. Huge amounts of the movie are thank yous to the fans who made it possible. The most obvious, of course, is the meeting on the rec deck where Bjo Trimble and numerous other Trekkies who were responsible for the movie existing got a chance to show up on screen and interact with the crew of the Enterprise.

Similarly the slow Scotty/Kirk visually inspect the redesigned ship is entirely a chance for the fans, used to seeing a plastic ship on a string be shaken by a hand with a green filter, to watch their favourite ship slowly re-revealed to them on the big screen with a big impressive musical sting to go with it. As for the slow reveal through the dock, Wes you're a Boston guy, you've surely gone to the USS Constitution. At first you're walking down that street and just getting peeks of the ship through the fence, and then you finally get to the dock and the entire ship is revealed to it in all its glory. It's exciting and frankly it and the departure scene gets me every single time.

By contrast, Dravin says:

Part of the problem involves succumbing to the trappings of 1970s sci-fi cinema clichés, which usually involve a hefty dose of artsy pretentiousness.

This film is no different, and it plays out in all the wrong ways, beginning with an agonizingly slow first act that spends more time gawking at the exterior of the Enterprise in space dock than it does setting up the story. In fact, the Enterprise doesn't even get underway until 36 minutes after the film begins.

Again, remember that fans had been waiting a decade to see their favourite ship: getting to see the starship Enterprise filling the big screen with Jerry Goldsmith's incredible score similarly filling your ears wasn't considered a con at the time of release. Some of the longer shots of V'Ger later in the movie seem unnecessarily long, but Dravin only talks about the early Enterprise reveals which absolutely are what fans wanted. As I noted, it's one of my favourite parts of the film: quite often I shut it off once Spock arrives and the ship successfully goes to warp.

#9: "The "Only Ship In Range" Cliché"

Congratulations Derek Dravin, you got one. So far you're one for two on the logic hole. The Enterprise being the only ship in range makes absolutely no sense. For one thing, the initial attack on the Klingon cruisers (by the way, another amazing display of technical wizardry and astounding music to please the fans in the opening of the film) took place in Klingon territory as dialogue on Epsilon Station during the attack confirmed. So at the start of the film, V'Ger is in Klingon space on the way to earth. Let's pretend then that no giant space cloud is involved, let's Star Trek Into Darkness this and pretend that the I.K.S. Amar and it's two sister ships decided to fly to earth and bomb it into the stone age. Presumably they fly along the same path as V'Ger, which was 3 days away. Are you telling me that Starfleet doesn't have any ships guarding the border? After all, Epsilon Station is messaging USS Columbia telling it to rendezvous with the USS Revere, implying both ships are in the general vicinity of Epsilon Station. Yet the closest ship in range to the Klingon border is not only all the way at Earth but also stuck in spacedock with a minimum of 12 hours of repair required? Where the hell is the rest of Starfleet? Again this is bad enough if V'Ger was in a random vector 3 hours from Earth, but the flightpath takes its way through a highly militarized area of space and still no ships are hanging around.

#8: "Uncouth Starfleet"

I'll let Dravin kick off the conversation this time:

While the V'ger threat did appear out of nowhere, giving Starfleet little time to react, it seems odd that they would have given Kirk command of the Enterprise over the authority of its current Captain, without even consulting him first.

Two things need to be parsed out here: first, has Dravin never worked a real job in his life? All sorts of times you have assignments taken away from you (often because of personal connections your replacement exploited, like Kirk does here with Fleet Admiral Nogura) without consulting you first. "Mr. Griffin, with their new government contract the Pensky File has become our most important contract and you're brand new to our Account Facilitator role, so we're taking it away from you and giving it to our Senior Facilitator since it needs his full attention. Actually wait, hold on...did you want us to take away a high visibility assignment from you?"

Secondly, what's odd about giving Kirk command of his old starship? In the aftermath of the Original Series this organization adopted his ship emblem as their fleetwide emblem so it's not like they're giving it to this Griffin guy. Also I'm not entirely sure Decker got the job of overseeing the Enterprise refit with the intention of actually becoming captain. I'm reminded of my head cannon regarding the much-maligned Captain Harriman from Star Trek Generations who is criticized for being "over his head" during the rescue mission (to the point that one Trek novelist decided to pretend his father was an Admiral who got him the job through nepotism): his job was to oversee the shakedown of the ship, not to command it in actual missions. Like Decker, he was probably a subject-matter-expert in the technical requirements of the new ship and was simply keeping the seat warm until the real captain was assigned. Picard didn't take over the Enterprise-D during its shakedown as we found out in "All Good Things". It was probably arrogant on Decker's part to think he would be the one sitting in the centre seat during the biggest crisis Earth had probably seen since the Xindi attack a century earlier.

#7: The Transporter Conundrum"

After an acceptable start he's now 1/4.

For a ship in such disarray as the Enterprise was at the beginning of the movie, it seemed incomprehensible that it should be sent out to deal with a mega-galactic threat like V'ger.

This is just the interception range problem expressed another way. If the Enterprise was really the only ship in range then a technical problem like buggy transporters shouldn't be the issue. After all, after the ship leaves Earth the transporter is literally never required. In fairness they don't actually know that at the point of departure, but that's why shuttles exist plus Scotty has been known to fix transporters in the field. He does note that McCoy getting beamed up is irresponsible, but misses the crazy part: everybody treats McCoy objecting to the transporter as being the quirk of a lovable old kook despite the fact that same transporter was deadly mere hours earlier.

Now if you want an actual plot hole, Kirk beams from Earth to the Orbital Office Complex before taking the shuttle to the Enterprise. Kirk even complains that the Enterprise transporter isn't working, but during the shuttle ride to spacedock we see that you can see each facility from each other, meaning they are closer than Earth is. So why can't the Orbital Office Complex beam people up from Earth and then beam them to the Enterprise? Sonak didn't have to die, there was a perfectly acceptable way to transport him (and later McCoy) over without incurring any risk.

#8: "The Planet Flyby Shot"

This has to be the most laughable one on the list. First, the picture:

And now the complaint:

While the 70s was an interesting time for sci-fi movies, especially in terms of visuals, it's difficult to hold back the laughter when particular shots throw common sense and fact right out the window. This occurs during a brief shot shortly after the Enterprise leaves space dock, and makes its way through our solar system.

During this scene, all the planets of the Milky Way can be seen in one single shot, in close proximity to one another. It's completely devoid of logic and rationale, but it does make for one amusing and head-scratching Trek moment.

First off, all the planet of the Milky Way? Presumably he means the solar system, not the galaxy. That's worth at least half of the chuckles. Where do the rest come from? Because this isn't Star Wars: The Force Awakens nor is it Star Trek 2009 (or TMNT). This isn't ignorance of space, showing all these planets inches away from each other because those aren't planets. What the Enterprise is flying past is Jupiter, and one of the most important things to remember about Jupiter is it has lots of moons. We're seeing Jupiter and three of its moons in this photo, and the only head-scratcher is why they look so blue: the one on the right sort of looks like Calipso and the small one on the left might be Europa. No idea which moon the big one on the left is supposed to be. But they also don't look like any planets in our solar system either.

#5: "The Wormhole"

Let's hear the part he doesn't get (a characterization of these items I think is more accurate):

According to subsequent Star Trek lore, wormholes are something of a rare phenomenon, and therefore quite extraordinary once located. Several wormholes are mentioned throughout the franchise, the most notable being the stable wormhole near Deep Space Nine, which leads into the Gamma Quadrant.

In this film, the Enterprise flies straight into a wormhole due to an imbalance in the warp engines. It happens with such ease that it's a wonder why they're considered so rare in the first place. Granted, no one would consciously want to enter such a wormhole of their own accord, but it doesn't add up.

Wormholes aren't necessarily rare or interesting. Stable wormholes are, like the ones at Barzan and Bajor. The wormhole caused by the engine imbalance doesn't make the list. Also, remember the black star the Enterprise flew too close to in "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"? How about Sulu referring to a "quadrant" as being a subsection of "sector" in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? Whatever happened to the Star Service or UESPA, both of which employed Captain Kirk at some point during TOS? So maybe this wormhole isn't what we would later classify as a wormhole. Call it a subspace distortion field or something. Indeed Voyager VI falls "through a black hole" in this movie, which behaves much more as what Sisko or Janeway would consider a wormhole.

#4: "McCoy's Bridge Visits"

In two scenes during the film when the Enterprise proceeds into V'ger's interior structure, the ever-dashing Doctor Leonard McCoy can be seen visiting the bridge section to gaze along at what's happening, along with the rest of the crew. He offers no lines, then turns and promptly exits the bridge via the turbolift.

Did he even watch the original Star Trek series?

Now in fairness his complaint does morph into "why doesn't McCoy say anything".

It's not known why the character even bothers to show up, since he has no lines or anything of value to offer, aside from simply making a character appearance.

But this just means that McCoy, who went up to the bridge for some reason, didn't have a pithy line to say. He didn't know when he left that nothing that exciting was happening up on the command level either. Would we rather he took a turbolift trip every time he wanted to say a cutting remark?

#3: "The Mind Meld"

One of the most memorable scenes of the film shows fan-favorite TOS character Spock leaving the Enterprise in a spacesuit to engage in a mind-meld with V'ger. While it is a rather powerful scene, it's completely pointless given the situation. While Vulcans can engage in mind melds without direct physical contact (hence his ability to meld through his gloves), it seems incomprehensible that he'd need to.

After all, Spock sensed V'ger's incredible presence from light-years away on his home planet of Vulcan. When the Enterprise is drawn into V'ger's core, Spock should have had no reason whatsoever to mind-meld, given the strength of a telepathic connection that would have undoubtedly been amplified by the close proximity.

Except Spock didn't leave the ship to meld with V'Ger, it was a meld of opportunity. Spock told us explicitly what his spacewalk was for:

SPOCK: Computer. Commence recording. Captain Kirk, these messages will detail my attempt to contact the aliens. ...I intend to calculate thruster ignition and acceleration rates to coincide with the opening of the V'Ger orifice. This should facilitate a better view of the interior of the alien spacecraft.

And then later...

SPOCK: I have successfully penetrated the next chamber of the alien's Interior, and I am witnessing some sort of dimensional image which I believe to be a representation of V'Ger's home planet. I am passing through a connecting tunnel. Apparently a kind of plasma-energy conduit. Possibly a field coil for gigantic imaging systems. Curious. I am seeing images of planets, moons, stars, whole galaxies all stored in here, recorded. It could be a record of V'Ger's entire journey. But who, or what, are we dealing with? The Epsilon Nine station, stored here with every detail. Captain, I am now quite convinced that all of this is V'Ger. That we are inside a living machine. Ilia. The sensor ...must contain some special meaning. I must try to mind-meld with it. 

He specifically chose to mind-meld with the Ilia sensor as he decided it was some special link (why? that's the big question that isn't answered). But why did he go on a spacewalk to do it? Simple: he didn't.

#2: "Mixed Signals"

Kirk determines that V'ger is attempting to transmit information back to its "creator" on Earth, but the signal technology is far too primitive for modern humans to recognize. This stands in direct contradiction to an earlier scene in the movie when Spock discovers that V'ger is communicating using a linguistic form of communication so advanced, he'd have to recalibrate his instruments to properly catch up.

Except two different systems will communicate with two different styles. When V'Ger wants to communicate with the creator it uses the primitive system on the original Earth spacecraft. However, when encountering the Enterprise with it's souped up AU-sized cloud producing technology, it's not trying to communicate with the Creator so it's talking to them as just some weird alien ship it comes across. V'Ger thinks that carbon units infested the Enterprise remember.

#1: "Merging With The Creator"

Uh, what?

The antagonistic A.I. known as V'ger makes it quite clear that it does not view carbon-based humans as "true life forms," which is why it's ready to purge Earth of all humanity. Stopping this threat means communicating with V'ger and helping it to understand who and what its Creator actually is. At no point is that established, however.

No, seriously, what? Yes this isn't established because the the Enterprise launched with a mission of intercepting the cloud, finding out what can be done to neutralize or dissuade it from attacking. The plot twist wasn't known at the time because go Google what a "twist" is for crying out loud. It turns out that stopping the threat (exterminating humans turns out to be V'Ger's original plan, again unknown to Starfleet as the movie opens) requires humans to convince V'Ger that humans are the Creator. Kirk discovers that partway through, outright lies to V'Ger by claiming humans are the Creator, and by dumb luck turns out to have been telling the truth all along. It's being at school and telling the teacher that the dog ate your homework while your unfinished homework is simultaneously being eaten by your dog.

In essence, V'ger takes a chance by suddenly changing its mind, wanting to merge with its Creator. This just happens to be, according to Doctor McCoy, a human being. Will Decker confirms it, which is both a contradiction and a massive plot hole. V'ger ends up evolving by incorporating a human quality into its matrix, which it had spent most of the film downplaying as irrelevant.

According to Doctor McCoy? No, it was according to the movie. Humanity is exposed as being the Creator the moment Kirk wipes away some dust and identifies Voyager VI. That's the final shocking reveal: we were the Creators all along. It could have been that there was some other race on Earth before humanity that sent V'Ger on its way, or perhaps V'Ger had it in its head The Preservers were on Earth or something. It would have been bad news for humanity if either scenario were true, since V'Ger wouldn't have allowed humans to exist on Earth without it. So it's neither a contradiction nor a massive plot hole but rather a pivot point for the V'Ger character: the pathetic carbon units it was downplaying as irrelevant were the gods it was after this whole time. V'Ger learns its prejudice wasn't justified, and (literally) evolves as a result. Matt Drayton and John Prentice Sr. change their minds at the end of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner as well, so I guess that movie ends with a giant contradiction and plot hole too, rather than being the entire point of the story we just watched unfold.

#0: Things That Make No Sense that Screenrant Missed

In no particular order...

  • How did Nurse Chapel remember how "Ilia once mentioning that she wore this"? Ilia boarded the ship for the first time after the Enterprise transporters were repaired, so when would Chapel have even met her (excepting curing Checkov on the bridge) let alone spent so much time together to have a vague recollection about Ilia mentioning wearing something once? Later, Decker refers to one of the games in the Rec Room as being one of Ilia's favourites but I'll let that pass since that same game could easily be on Delta IV or any other previous location Decker and Ilia spent together.
  • When Spock's shuttle approaches Chekov says "non-belligerency confirmed". How the hell do you confirm that? If instead of Spock that shuttle had a violent thug like George Floyd on-board, even unarmed you couldn't confirm "non-belligerency". Was it because the only person on board was Vulcan? If so, why not mention that instead?
  • I understand how it was caused by the limited special effects technology at the time, but why do the Klingon cruisers all make the exact same maneuvers when the Amar captain calls for "evasive"?

Please be a coincidence

In April Piers Morgan wrote about how a  Kardashian is horrified to learn that her non-touched-up bikini photos made it out into the world.

The photo of Khloé Kardashian in a leopard print bikini that's gone viral this week is truly jaw-dropping.

Because it's real.

No filters, no airbrushing, little make-up, hair scraped back in a ponytail - just a picture of how Ms Kardashian actually looks.

By comparison to all her heavily enhanced, carefully-staged glamour publicity photos, her waistline is significantly less defined, her curves less dramatic and her skin not so impossibly smooth.

It's Khloé unvarnished, flaws and all.

And the photo was utterly horrifying.

Not to me, I hasten to add. I thought she looked as refreshingly normal as I've ever seen any of the Kardashians.

No, it was utterly horrifying to HER.

I'm horrified by how paragraphs and sentences are equivalencies to Piers and/or the Daily Mail, but I digress. The craziest thing about this article is that this is the second time in 2021 that "Piers Morgan bikini" searches on Google reveal an article. In January he created waves by commenting on an Elizabeth Hurley bikini shoot as well


@JustTravelBaby - Still no evidence of systemic racism

As you may have heard, United Airlines is going to hire inferior minority pilots.

We know they are going to be inferior because if 50% of the best (unhired) pilots were already nonwhites, they would have gotten jobs already. Whites make really good pilots, and they hire really good pilots, so (to date) their hires have mostly been white. None of this should be shocking or controversial. It's easy enough to demonstrate.

United Airlines operates in the United States of America, in case you needed that spelt out. In the good ol' USofA, it is illegal to discriminate against nonwhites in hiring policies. Their Aviate pilot training and hiring program is equally subject to those laws. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, unfortunately, hasn't been finding many examples of actual discrimination though. Like lying negresses with Instagram accounts, they've been forced to claim discrimination because companies use their legally mandated right to check criminal records and turn around and hire fewer niggers since they commit so many crimes. That literally zero charges have been brought against United Airlines (you can't check if complaints have been registered, that's outside of Freedom of Information Act requests) seems like a pretty good slam dunk piece of evidence.

Now AireXperts made the claim that there are "barriers" to being hired, with the implied assumption that those barriers are racial in nature and/or unfair. Yet they can't name one. Neither can the TravelBaby. All he can note is the percentage of white and male pilots, as if that's evidence of something.

But all that's evidence of is that white men tend to become airline pilots more than nonwhites and women. It doesn't tell us anything about why. For all we know, 95% of airline pilot job applications are from white males, in which case maybe we need to look at their anti-male and anti-white hiring practices. It could be that if you throw 1000 nameless and faceless resumes at them, the world's airlines would pick the exact same proportion of white and male pilots as they currently do. 

Outcomes are barely evidence of the outcomes themselves. They speak nothing to any proof of discrimination at all, let alone bad discrimination (remember: there's a good kind, and airlines already use it to hire pilots).

We keep asking you to come up with examples of systemic racism. You still can't. Just give up already, it ain't there.

Justin the logistics manager faces off against a 22 year old fraudster -- and still loses

Flashback: in February it was a "national disgrace" when Philadelphia was twiddling its thumbs at distributing the silly Wuhan Flu vaccine.

No one questioned the idea that a brand-new corporation led by a college kid would be able to pivot to a completely different business line in which it had no experience. When vaccines came onto the market, Doroshin and company abruptly dropped the testing business and shifted completely into vaccination, leaving many of their partner organizations in the lurch.

The contracts were put out to bid following the city’s good-government procedures, but those safeguards were immediately short-circuited when Philadelphia’s Deputy Health Commissioner Caroline Johnson told Doroshin how much to bid. According to e-mails obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Johnson suggested that Doroshin start “conservatively” with a low bid, then request more once tax dollars started flowing from Washington to aid the vaccine effort.

Unsurprisingly, the inside information helped Doroshin’s company got the city’s biggest contract. Johnson sent a similar message to the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium, according to the Inquirer, which at least is a group run by actual medical professionals. Doroshin’s vaccination site opened on Jan. 8 with Mayor Jim Kenney and several city council members attending, along with Johnson. She resigned after the news of her corruption became public.

A bunch of privacy rules were changed but that's a yawnfest in comparison to the other human rights that governments are halting due to the Wuhan Flu.

The coronavirus outbreak was initially a shock, and some rules were bound to be broken and corners cut. But the vaccine was released after months of waiting, time that could have been spent planning a good and honest system for distributing it. There was no need for the city to fly by the seat of its pants, rig the bid process, or place their trust in an unproven, unqualified, unscrupulous corporate partner.

Why not try harder? Because there are no consequences. Everyone on City Council will be reelected in 2023, even Henon if he manages to stay out of jail. Johnson was fired from her job in the Health Department, but she will likely be the only one.

Mayor Kenney is term-limited, but has the nerve to think that Pennsylvanians should elect him to the U.S. Senate. Why not? No one in the Philadelphia Democratic machine has ever suffered from the consequences of his ineptitude before. It is no shock that Kenney thinks the voters should give him a promotion.

The city government has been corrupt for a long time, but they used to also be able to get things done. Now, they miss even that low bar of minimal competence. The people suffer, while their political leaders skate away scot-free.

If this all sounds vaguely familiar, it should: the Shiny Pony has been equally bad at managing vaccine rollouts, and all ten provincial premiers are right behind him (it was Justin, of course, who signed on with a shady organization to help him out). Likewise, the leftist government leaders all shrug off their lousy COVID response while conservative ones are likely going to be wiped out in their next elections.

On February 4th, the day of Kyle Sammin's article, Pennsylvania had vaccinated 1,096,894 of its 13,011,844 population (8.43%) while Philadelphia County had only vaccinated 22,270 of its 1,584,064 population (1.40%).

On February 6th (Canada does not track daily), Canada had vaccinated 173,801 of its population of 38,048,738 (0.46%). In other words, Philadelphia the national embarrassment was 3x ahead of the Shiny Pony, and their rollout was managed by a politically connected GenZ!

As of May 15th Canada was 1,517,214 vaccinated (3.98%) while Philadelphia was 74,516 (4.7%) and Pennsylvania as a whole at 4,250,558 (32.7%). Even when there's a badly underperforming city of incompetent morons in the States, they can't compare to Rat Bastard 2.0

" the media, whose judgment and simple pattern-recognition was overcome by Trump Derangement Syndrome, couldn’t and wouldn’t try to connect the dots"

Yesterday I shared with you this Ann Coulter column about the Wuhan Flu. I didn't quote this passage though:

And of course there was the fact that Trump had floated the lab theory. Before a liberal will answer any question, he needs to know:

  1. Has Trump ever offered an opinion on this?
  2. What is the 180-degree opposite position?

Well over at PJ Media you can read a similar take by Victoria Taft:
The self-described “fact-checker” of The Washington Post, Glenn Kessler, admits in a splashy article that because Leftist legacy media reporters (my words, not his) didn’t like President Donald Trump, they ignored his warnings that the “China virus” possibly escaped from a Wuhan, China, lab. They denounced it as a “thoroughly debunked theory.” And they ignored him and his legitimate warnings because they believed the usage of the term was racist.

Put another way, political correctness, blind hatred, and leftist wokism contributed to the burying of a key component of the most important story of our lifetimes.
Of course Ann's was a fly by the seat of her pants observation that it turns out Taft can point to existing based on testimony of one of the conspirators. Funny how often things like this align.
The media, majoring in minors, wasted valuable time denouncing Trump instead of considering that Orange Man Bad actually had the best interest of the nation in mind even as he and the rest of the administration tried to get their arms around the pandemic.

Trump doing something right? Unthinkable.

As I've remarked many a time before, if in the second quarter of 2020 you got all your news from Third Edge of the Sword and Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Blazing Cat Fur and ZeroHedge you had better information than all the "expert" "scientists" being pushed on you by the media.

We have been, and will continue to be, superior to you.


@BerniceKing @helengravesnyc - I do not like black liars and scams, I do not like them Sam-I-Am

Dr. Seuss did nothing in his life to be ashamed of...Daunte Wright, not so much.

When the story broke last month, I remarked that we had little to go on but what little we did (and precedent) told us that Daunte Wright isn't somebody we should be too concerned with...let alone "passionately". It's difficult to imagine any sane person sobbing that a career criminal trying to flee police and risking the life of his own girlfriend: as the Gab I linked to in April remarked, the average person doesn't know many 20 year-olds with multiple warrants. Over at the (American) Spectator, Scott McKay delves even deeper into this. As I said, immediately after we knew little. Even 72 hours after we knew considerably more:
We can get this out of the way very easily. The Brooklyn Center police department employed, it appears, a female cop who after 26 years on the force can’t tell the difference in a stressful situation between a taser and a Glock pistol. To call this a failure of hiring and training would be a rather generous statement.
That this becomes less of a "murder" and more of an example of "diversity hires don't work out very well" certainly should shut up the likes of Bernice King. It won't, of course.
Mike Elliott, the African American Democrat mayor of Brooklyn Center, seems pretty intent on throwing under the bus as many underlings as possible in order to save himself, but he probably ought to go, too.

Particularly after what the mob did to Brooklyn Center in response to the Daunte Wright shooting.

We could have an argument about “diversity hiring” here. We could also have an argument, as Reason.com was insistent on raising Monday, about the deadly stupidity of laws like the one Minnesota has criminalizing the hanging of air fresheners or other items from the rearview mirror of a car. Reason‘s Billy Binion pronounced Daunte Wright dead as a result of that idiotic statute.

He’s wrong. That law, disgracefully ridiculous though it might be, did not kill Daunte Wright
Even Reason had to back down from that one. It's not a new thing in American politics nor is it anything that particularly impacts niggers. Al Capone was busted for tax evasion, remember, and films like The Untouchables champions police forces who find any flimsy excuse for "putting the bad guy away". This same left, one notes, employed the same strategy against President Donald Trump for the past half-decade and was concurrently employing it a hundred miles down the road against Derek Chauvin. A lot of the exonerated officers in police shootings tend to get fired for some unrelated and minor issue: if you get mad about air fresheners you need to also get mad about that.
Daunte Wright, or at least the life he led, killed Daunte Wright.

He wasn’t pulled over because he had air fresheners hanging from his rearview mirror. He was pulled over because he had expired tags on his license plate. Then it was noticed that he had air fresheners hanging from his rear view.

Then it was noticed he had an outstanding warrant.
Which, again, isn't something you'd think the average 20 year old would be guilty of. The outstanding warrant, I mean, not the expired plates. As you recall, last year when another nonwhite claimed poor treatment following expired plates I had to bring up a personal story that pretty effectively destroyed the narrative. It also involved a young person with expired plates, who's interaction with the police didn't go too well. The difference is that Jill didn't try to escape (and the police officer was a male).
Then it was noticed he resisted arrest.

Then it was noticed he got back in his car and drove away from the police. Which he had done before, as it turned out; Wright had fled from officers in June. The circumstances from which that police encounter arose make for scintillating reading. He was reported to the police for waving a gun around, and when the cops showed up it turned out Wright didn’t have a permit for the gun.

He ran away. And he was cited and ordered to appear in court. He didn’t, which occasioned the warrant for his arrest.
Helen Graves and Bernice King please take note: Dr. Suess never did any of these things: he never resisted arrest or carried illegal firearm. Daunte Wright did. Just like George Floyd and just like Jamar Clark and just like David Robert Ruozi and just like Mike Ramos and just like Eric Garner and just like Michael Brown and just like Laquan McDonald and just like Tamir Rice and just like Freddie Gray and just like Alton Sterling and just like Kenneth Walker.

Daunte Wright, much like George "Gorilla" Floyd, was also far from a paragon of virtue before this incident as well. As Julia LaPorta indicated on the aforementioned Gab post, "it must be a colored thing"(sic)
That’s not all that appears on Wright’s record. There was the February arrest for aggravated robbery. There was a disorderly conduct charge arising from a 2019 incident. There was the guilty plea in late 2019 to possession and sale of marijuana. And there was an arrest warrant for armed robbery; Wright was accused of choke-holding a woman and threatening her at gunpoint, demanding $820 intended to pay her rent.
If this sounds familiar to you, it should: George Floyd was similarly in previous legal troubles for property crimes, drug crimes, and threatening a woman during a home invasion. This is the man Helen Graves sobbed over? Much like Derek Chauvin, in retrospect this lady cop should get a medal.
Daunte Wright dropped out of high school, then fathered a child out of wedlock he couldn’t support with minimum-wage jobs and petty drug dealing. He had borrowed $50 from his parents to take his car to a car wash and had his girlfriend in the car with him, with expired license tags. He was stopped by the police, resisted arrest, and then attempted to drive away — which raised the likelihood that he would expose his girlfriend to bodily harm. She was apparently injured when, as he bled out following being shot by Officer Potter, he crashed the car attempting a getaway.
Who borrows $50 for a car wash? This smells like some sort of nigger drug slang. There are also some shades of the saga of Lily Tran in the manner of the girlfriend's (not fatal in this case) affair.
His parents are justifiably upset at his death. The loss of a child is one of the most heartbreaking events anyone could bear. Certainly our sympathies go out to them.

But Daunte Wright’s father called him “a great kid.” He said he was “a normal kid. He was never in serious trouble. He enjoyed spending time with his 2-year-old son. He loved his son.”

Great kids don’t fight with and then flee the cops. Great kids don’t bring the police around because they’re waving guns. Great kids aren’t arrested for aggravated robbery or for dealing drugs.
Now we're on the saga of Niko Arlia, the Edmonton kid who died because of his bad behaviour only to be assured by his family in the media how much of an angel he was. History truly is cyclical. Still, we shouldn't only listen to the people who Daunte Wright exposed to the sanitized version of himself to.

So this is about where we came in: why should I sob or be passionately concerned with a disgusting piece of trash like Wright? Regardless of the circumstances of his death I can't be too worked up that I woke up this morning in a world without him in it. I don't fret about criminals who die in what are essentially workplace accidents, and altering the skin colour doesn't change that. [quick quiz, in the discussion of criminals earlier there was one white man on the list: did you even notice? -ed].

For some reason though, tribal niggers like King and and the like seem to cling to these cases. More importantly their cases all turn out to be thuggish crooks.

That same week it was announced that Ashleigh Babbit, who had no criminal record and was only guilty of "crime" of being in a building Capitol Police ushered her into, will get no justice as her killer will walk free. Already her "privilege" is less than Daunte Wright and George Floyd, and yet strangely whites everywhere didn't march in solidarity with her...despite having much more justification than the rampaging nigger mobs in Minnesota. Why can't Bernice King rally around the cause?

Daunte Wright was full of hate
Daunte Wright deserved his fate
I don't like blacks who rape my wife
I don't like blacks who end my life
I do not like black liars and scams,
I do not like them Sam-I-Am

“Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve.”

Ann Coulter on how only one (or zero) of the two scientific opinions about the origin of the Wuhan Flu can be correct:

Wade cites two groups as leading the attack on the lab theory.

Kristian G. Andersen, a professor of immunology and microbiology at the Scripps Research Institute in California, was the lead author of a paper published in Nature Medicine on March 17, 2020, claiming: “Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus.”

Talk about influential — not only did The New York Times cite Andersen, but I did!

Now, a year later, Wade says, “Dr. Andersen and his colleagues were assuring their readers of something they could not know.” While Andersen claimed that two of the virus’s characteristics couldn’t be made in a lab, Wade describes exactly how they could be.
If you recall, we've discussed this before, exactly 13 months ago in fact.
Not exactly conclusive is it? "We likely would have done this another way" is not really that much of an argument, and it certainly doesn't correspond with evidence. If this was a court and this was the proof of your guilt, you'd expect your lawyer to pick it apart: "the Crown has not provided any evidence that my client committed this crime, all that was provided was evidence that this crime was done in a way client might have done". Even today's much-hyped news from Western University in Ontario only says the virus is related to bat viruses. Indeed LiveScience commenter "raywood" notes that the study doesn't preclude a weaponmaker adapting an existing virus isolated out of the wild
Back to Ann:
The second group of experts denouncing the lab theory was led by Peter Daszak, the president of the EcoHealth Alliance of New York. Daszak got two dozen other scientists to sign a letter to The Lancet that portentously declared: “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin.” Scientists, the letter said, “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife.”

Well! No uncertainty there!

But Wade notes that Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance had helped fund the Wuhan lab.

I have a problem when a guy with a financial and reputational stake in a lab organizes a group of scientists to say, It’s absolutely not from the lab!!! Daszak’s letter concluded with what only the deeply cynical might suggest was a lie: “We declare no competing interests.”
Wade claims to have no preference for one theory over another — he’s just laying out the facts! But it’s pretty clear that he is coming down on the side of the lab theory.

He doesn’t mention that 27 of the original 41 Chinese people who contracted COVID-19 had been to the Wuhan wet market, known the world over for its delectable porcupine anus and snake innards. Several other carriers were family members of those infected there. By contrast, no one from the Wuhan lab appears to have been infected.

No, Wade’s argument is a purely scientific one. Not my bailiwick. But I can see when experts disagree, and, oh my gosh, do they disagree!

One of Wade’s main points is that COVID-19 is the only coronavirus with a furin cleavage site. (You don’t need to know what it is — substitute the words “chocolate bunny.”) “So,” Wade concludes, “it’s hard to explain how the [COVID] virus picked up its furin cleavage site naturally.”

Last month, the World Health Organization released a major report on the origin of the coronavirus, so I checked to see what its scientists said about this “furin cleavage.” They say COVID-19’s “furin cleavage” is, in fact, like that in another bat coronavirus, RmYN02, “providing evidence that such insertion events occur naturally in animals.”

I can’t evaluate the science, but I can line up words, and those conclusions don’t match. In fact, they are direct opposites.

She finishes up by noting that in the same way that Dominion Voting Machines are the only "unhackable" tech in the universe, Wuhan Flu health advisors are the only ones who are 100% trustworthy.

This week on MSNBC, a host actually said, “There are no bad apples at the CDC.” Every hour of every day, I have to hear about the “bad apples” in policing. But at the CDC? Nope! They’re SCIENTISTS.

Whether the virus that destroyed the world economy and has already killed more than 3 million people came from a Chinese lab or a Chinese wet market, or a Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side (unlikely), it’s China’s fault. What is mind-boggling about Wade’s article is the overweening and baseless pomposity of our high priests of SCIENCE.

Batle of the Bands Booms

Which gas station explosion was better?



Or The Birds?


Justice for Cindy?

White teacher Cindy Blazek was trying to educate the savage child-race known as Red Indians and try to bring them up to the standards of the modern world.

In return, they killed her. Decades later, Yorkton This Week reporter Lisa Joy tried to warm up the cold case.
Before the sun would rise over the isolated community the next cold winter morning, Cindy would be dead.
Police believed she was attacked by at least two assailants. The RCMP charged Brian Oliver Perry, 22, and a 17-year-old youth from Lloydminster. During their trials the court heard that Cindy was stabbed 13 times, 11 of those were on her neck, reported the News-Optimist. A Saskatoon pathologist said Cindy’s cause of death was from one of the wounds to the neck that hit an artery, causing her to bleed to death.
The house was set on fire and Cindy’s charred body was discovered in her home around 3 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1986.
Well if two guys were charged, there's justice, right? What's the problem?
Now, almost 35 years later, Cindy’s killer(s) is still out there and her family wants justice for her.
In fact, the lack of progress in Cindy’s case prompted Jamie to investigate his younger sister’s murder himself, making countless trips to Onion Lake and talking to dozens of people.
“Although (the RCMP) would like to put more time into it, they are understaffed and they spend their time on more recent cases,” said Jamie during an interview in March.
“I have found a lot of new evidence that the police should definitely look into,” he said, adding that everything he dug up he provided to the RCMP.
“I’ve always believed whoever did this has a terrible hatred towards women,” said Jamie. “The torture and beating is not what you would do to silence someone so you can get away with rape. The attack was so brutal and done with so much hatred.
“To think that the murderer is still walking free is hard to take.”
So....what happened?
In January 1988, an eight-man, four-woman jury in Battleford Court of Queen’s Bench found Perry guilty of first-degree murder.
Within days of the guilty verdict, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal overturned Perry’s guilty conviction and a new trial was ordered after it was discovered that the jury saw information from the preliminary hearing by mistake.
Perry’s defence lawyer Richard Gibbons successfully had the second trial moved from Battleford to Prince Albert Court of Queen’s Bench.
Justice G. E. Noble found Perry not guilty at the non-jury trial in June 1988.
Justice Noble said the Crown’s case, when viewed as a whole, didn’t meet the test of proving that Perry was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
Justice Noble said it was significant that a key witness was asked at a preliminary hearing how he identified the accused and he replied that he did from a photo-lineup shown to him by police, reported the StarPhoenix.
Justice Noble said the witness’s identification of Perry from the photo-lineup was “seriously flawed” because Perry’s photograph was “clearly distinguishable” from the 13 photos accompanying it and the officer administering the test directed the witness’s attention to Perry’s photograph, reported the StarPhoenix.
A young offender, who can’t be identified in accordance with the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was found not guilty of Cindy’s murder after a trial in Lloydminster, Sask., in February 1988.
Judge Lloyd Deshaye dismissed the first-degree murder charge against the youth saying the Crown’s case fell short of proving his involvement in the murder. Judge Deshaye said he found the youth to be a “bold and clever liar” when he took the stand in his own defence but without further evidence he couldn’t convict him, reported the StarPhoenix.
“At best, the youth’s testimony puts the accused at the scene of the crime,” said Judge Deshaye, adding that the Crown didn’t show he personally caused Cindy’s death, reported the StarPhoenix.
More of that White Privilege at work, apparently...

Every passing day we become more and more of an international laughing stock

Fined for shaking hands is only the latest example...

Related: Aylmer Ontario is a pretty conservative community with exact one tranny, and according to police asking him questions about his counter-protest is illegal.


You go, Gorilla


It's Probably Nothing...

Less than 24 hours after a humiliating sweep, Wayne Gretzky is leaving the Oilers to work for the American TV Network TNT:

Gretzky is obviously one of the most prolific players to ever skate in a game of hockey, but he has failed to recapture that same level of success as an executive. He became a member of the Oilers leadership group in 2016, but the team has just three postseason births in that time and none past the second round. Nobody would blame Gretzky solely for the failures of the hockey operations department. However, one cannot help but wonder why his knowledge and experience never trickled down to the ice in a consistent way.

The question is, will this be a prelude to the last time the Oilers started hemorrhaging talent in the days following an unsuccessful exit from the playoffs?

"You're too stupid to tell me how to live"

Professor Jordan Peterson on the arrogance of those who claim "real Marxism has never been tried":

You should get the reference, but in case you don't....

@GautreauRachel - You write wonderful parodies, I'm unfamiliar with your work

Obviously, we've already covered how pathetic the woke garbage which is NuTrek is (just over a year ago, in fact). Based on the reviews of actual sensible humans, it doesn't even work as generic television.

Picard was laughable, and of course SJWDiscovery every season doubles down on getting some new actors with ever more wicked sexual orientations. Prodigy, for those (ie. everybody) who hasn't heard of it, is a new "kids-themed" Trek series featuring Kate Mulgrew, since Star Trek:Voyager apparently wasn't childish enough (hey-yo!). For those thinking maybe it would undo some of the other NuTrek issues, one of the head writers was in this group of left-wing morons.

Strange New Worlds is of course from the same group of writers who are responsible for the rest of NuTrek.

A wonderful time to be a Star Trek fan was 1979, or 1995. 2021? Might be one of the worst times.


A cornucopia of sensible thoughts about #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker remembering the anniversary of an evil thug's death

The BLM Flag Is The Hammer And Sickle In Blackface

Brendan O'Neill (ignore all the empty whining about "murder"  and the like):
The transformative element, the key, was the involvement of the elites. This is the most striking, and concerning, aspect of the past year of post-Floyd mania: the way the elites conferred legitimacy on the protests, even on the riots, helping to intensify and spread this strange and violent instability. It was extraordinary, and unprecedented in modern times. Vast swathes of the political class, the establishment media, the academy, social-media oligarchies and influencers throughout the West essentially gave a green light to an explosion of destructive rage and identitarian regression.

Brett Stevens on how conservatives should and should not look at race issues:

Here the Buckleyite conservative — William F. Buckley removed discussion of race and culture to make conservatism palatable to the post-WW2 liberalized West, and reduced conservatism to mean “Christian libertarianism” — makes two fundamental logical errors.

First, he wants to talk about fairness instead of equality. In fairness terms, a White person who acted like George Floyd would have gotten the same treatment. In equality terms, a Black person gets better treatment because he is less wealthy, intelligent, and powerful than White people are presumed to be.

Second, he tries to trap the Left into contradiction by pointing out their hypocrisy. This typically moronic conservative misstep, DR3, delights conservatives who think, “Ha ha! We’ve got the hypocrites now!”

In reality, Leftists do not think like conservatives, who believe equality=fairness. Leftists want subsidies. They want it in socialism, and they will demand it in race, much as they did when equalizing the peasants to the kings with the guillotine. Kill the higher, raise the lower.

To them, it is not hypocritical to demand special treatment for the lower; in their view, that is the whole point of the exercise. You cannot raise a peasant up to be a king, but you can demand that the king die so that the peasant can have some loot and fewer rules organizing him.

Conservatives have been Leftists for so long that they have forgotten what it means to be a conservative. Leftists support equality; conservatives do not. That would be news to most mainstream conservatives!

However, with the rise of the Tea Party, Brexit, and Donald Trump, conservatives are rediscovering the simple fact of all or nothing, which says that you either take conservatism to its logical conclusions or find yourself replaced by Leftists:

But as the upset victory of Donald Trump and his enduring popularity among Republican voters demonstrates, the “hard-right” approach isn’t detrimental to the GOP’s chances at the ballot box; it’s key. Republicans lose the support of the base, and thus lose elections, when they’re perceived as betraying conservative principles by being too moderate.

AP specifically points to Greene and Gaetz as examples of Republicans who have successfully leveraged their pro-Trump credentials into strong personal brands that put them above the reproach of party leadership.

The boldness and general lack of concern for political correctness has paid huge dividends for Greene. In the first three months of 2021, she reportedly raised $3.2 million. That’s more than double the $1.5 million the typical House GOP incumbent spent on the entire 2020 election. In an era in which Republican voters are hesitant to donate to the GOP as an organization, they’re instead donating directly (and big time) to lawmakers such as Greene whom they feel they can trust.

The GOP — who first and foremost are employees of government who want to get along with their colleagues and work the bureaucracy in a time when it leans Left — may not have realized this, but conservatives increasingly are.

The message that we cannot coexist with diversity and equality at all has steadily infiltrated the audience for the Right. We are realizing that by being reasonable, and compromising with the Left, we lost the culture war, and now we have a real full-blown crisis.

Lee Smith on the Democrats (implicitly included, other extreme-leftist political parties) using street violence as another item in their toolbox.

This is all “intersectionality” really is — a branding mechanism to unite the various sects the Democratic Party has gathered under a big and potentially bloody tent. The current-day Democratic Party is a top-down structure paid for by the corporate establishment, led by Big Tech and finance, that appeals to a small class of managers, technocrats, and educators who for a variety of reasons, from self-pity to psychopathy, really do back the party’s most sinister policies—like open borders, designed to impoverish America’s working middle class. The party has lots of money and owns virtually all of the country’s major institutions, from the press to the Department of Justice. What it lacks, however, is voters. So they packed together interest groups and turned them into clients.

The trick is making them all fit. From the outside, for instance, it makes no sense that activists from the LGBT wing show up in support of the pro-Palestinian terror wing. But what might seem to you like hypocrisy actually illustrates the basic premise, which is that these seemingly disparate groups actually do share a goal: upholding the Democratic Party. When LGBT activists are called to demonstrate on behalf of Islamic terrorists, they show up to fly the flag not for Hamas but for the Democrats.

The Z Man discusses the love of tribal gangsters as America's new State Religion:

No one has thought much about the implications. Last year, some “youths” were given a free pass for murdering a white man at the Frederick County Fair in Maryland. The reason the criminal justice system gave them that free pass is they claimed the white man used a racial slur. The fact that there was no evidence of this was never considered, because it is racist to question such claims. It was just assumed to be true and accepted as mitigation by the court.

What we have with this new religion is three main pillars. One is that black people are so special and precious, we must organize society to please them. Another pillar is that the condition of black people is not their fault, but the fault of white people and their white supremacy culture. The final pillar is that whites can only gain salvation by committing themselves to elimination of whiteness to the satisfaction of black people.

It is tempting to think that this new religion will crash into reality and go the way of other lunatic ideas. The spiraling crime rates are a good indication of what is to come. If the plan is to replace white men and white ways of doing things, then it means a world where planes fall out of the sky and urban water systems collapse. At some point, this reality will triumph over this new lunacy.

On the other hand, the ruling class shows no signs of faltering in their commitment to the new gods. The political class is launching an official inquisition into the white supremacy threat they swear is real. Presumably, they will be accepting spectral evidence and maybe bring back some of Torquemada’s tricks. The only way to defend “our democracy” will be to remove the only people capable of sustaining it.

 Steve Sailor on how one negro believed BLM's bullshit and paid the price for it:

Rockim Prowell is a 33-year-old black man from Inglewood with a simple dream: rob the living hell out of them rich whiteys in Beverly Hills. Rockim Prowell is also a guy who’s apparently seen the Mission: Impossible films a few times too many. He hatched a brilliant plan for his burglary spree: He’d disguise himself as a white boy! He bought one of those lifelike human masks, complete with wavy, messy brown Harry Potter hair and glasses. And off he went, to cast a vanishing spell on the possessions of the mugglesteins of Beverly Hills.

And here’s where BLM and other so-called black “representatives” failed one of their community’s finest. By constantly repeating the falsehood that black men are being targeted by cops, that a black man can’t even walk down a street without getting arrested for doin’ nuthin’, these “black leaders” convinced Prowell that if he just committed his burglaries as a whitey, he’d be left alone.

In fact, just the opposite is true. Prowell should’ve been reading VDARE, not Salon. Because then he would’ve learned that in fact it’s only white wanted criminals who get their pictures and full descriptions included in media crime reports. Yep, Rockim Sockim Robot screwed up royally. Every newspaper and local TV station broadcast and tweeted security camera pics and descriptions of the “Harry Potter bandit,” including info about the car he drove.

Had the burglar been understood to be black, it’s likely the media would’ve ignored the story. But by being white—by giving the L.A. press the chance to highlight a non-black criminal—Prowell brought so much heat down on himself, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted his vehicle.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, at the Minneapolis George Floyd memorial niggers decided to...um...shoot each other (what did I just say yesterday?) and rob the superior white reporters who dared to publish their crimes to the world.

"From our vantage point we see one broken window, apparently from one of the shots fired," Crowther reported. "Consensus among reporters here at George Floyd Square was that we heard anywhere between a dozen and two dozen shots fired."

A fellow reporter "just had her phone smashed because she took photos of a storefront hit by a bullet," Crowther reported half an hour later.

Another journalist was also robbed and told to never "come back to George Floyd Square." Minneapolis Star-Tribune videographer Mark Vancleave said he had his drone "taken by three dudes working 'security' about a block from 38th and Chicago this morning." That's when he was threatened, he wrote on Twitter.

"And by security I mean the Bloods crew," Vancleave added.

Derek Hunter wonders why the elites (see O'Neill above) couldn't see what everybody knew: letting the BLM lie gain a foothold would make all the things the activists claimed to worry about even worse...

This is part of the problem, the part the political class doesn’t have the underwear content to truly tackle – the activist class. They know how to chant, they know how to emotionally manipulate a swath of the public, but they have no concern about the consequences of their actions. 

No amount of dead bodies bothers left-wing activists, they simply don’t care. And why would they care about generational economic depression when their objective is to destroy capitalism? Who cares if people can’t swim if you’re trying to blow up the pool?

The people elected in these areas change, oftentimes because they go to jail or die after years in office, so it’s not like there isn’t churn in leadership. A few years ago, when I was living in Baltimore, the new Mayor, who only became Mayor after the old Mayor was convicted of fraud, decided not to seek reelection. Half the City Council decided to give the big chair a shot. That freed up half the government for new blood.

While those seats were filled with new bodies, all those new bodies held the same bad progressive ideas. It doesn’t matter what the person in power looks like or does, it matters what they think. Race, gender, sexual orientation and all the other unimportant features of human beings Democrats obsess over don’t matter when the mindset is the same. 

The joke definition of insanity is doing something over and over expecting a different result. Maybe it’s not a joke. Or maybe Democrat voters are the joke. The problem is the joke is on all of us. And if we don’t get people to realize how unfunny it is, even though it may not have impacted us yet, it will. 

John Hinderaker on Minneapolis' (inevitable, as I explained a year ago) decline:

This increase in violence can only be due to the Black Lives Matter movement and the anti-police agitation that left-wing politicians and activists have eagerly promoted. There is, of course, no accountability in the liberal press, but who knows? There might be accountability at the polls in 2022.

But that’s not all. Above and beyond Minneapolis’s appalling crime statistics, there is a broader breakdown in social norms, in law and order. What used to be unthinkable has, over the past year, become not only thinkable but a daily reality.

Thus, lawless elements are drag racing on the city’s streets, cheered on by big crowds and apparently immune to arrest, as law enforcement retreats in response to hostility from the local political establishment. One such drag race recently culminated in a fiery crash in a tunnel used daily by many thousands of Minnesotans that was captured on camera. A couple of people burned alive.

In addition to drag racing, there is something called “burnouts.” Late last Saturday night, a big crowd–it looks to me like a couple thousand people–gathered in South Minneapolis to watch cars doing burnouts at a major Minneapolis intersection, Lake St. and Lyndale Avenue. This is not a slum, but rather the heart of “Uptown,” which historically has been one of Minneapolis’s main entertainment and retail districts. And yet large numbers of lawless individuals illegally blocked traffic on both major thoroughfares, in both directions. The festivities ended only when a car doing a burnout, whatever that is, inadvertently skidded into the crowd, sending at least one victim to a hospital. Personally, I find this video more shocking than an increase in gang violence:

Chris Roberts, speaking of urban decline, notes that white displacement is indicated by too many street murals (paging downtown Edmonton, downtown Edmonton please report to the white courtesy phone):

 “The Greenhouse Project exists to enable Liverpool’s children, young people and their communities to access opportunities that support their creative development, understanding and celebration of diversity [emphasis added].”

The Wikipedia page on Toxteth notes its “significant number of ethnic minority communities,” especially “from the Caribbean, Yemen and Somalia.” The section on “Unrest and Crime” is almost 700 words long and summarizes three different race riots.

Can a multicultural mural bring Toxteth peace and prosperity? Only the West’s rotten elite is foolish enough to think so.

Ethel C. Fenig (the "C" is there to distinguish her from the other pundits named Ethel Fenig, apparently) on why niggers themselves don't believe in the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker product they keep pedaling:

This pattern is national.  FBI statistics indicate that not only are blacks more likely to be crime or homicide victims, but the perpetrator is...no, not an evil white cop or a racist white, but...another black person.

Busy blaming everyone and everything for this dismal state of affairs, the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons don't confront this truth and deliver it to their followers, inspiring improvement.  Why should they?  Blaming others, refusing responsibility is much easier.  And certainly more lucrative.

And so, as anniversary ceremonies commemorate Floyd's death and its destructive aftermath ironically, support for the BLM movement itself has decreased.  The reasons are many but, certainly, the black-on-black crime rate and the cowardly failure of so-called black leaders to address the issue are factors.

Meanwhile, the innocents continue to suffer.

And finally, fellow American Thinker columnist Vasko Kohlmayer on which wonderful race really does selflessly care about improving black lives:

Rather than being institutionally oppressed, American Blacks have been accorded a whole array of institutional advantages over Whites.

This represents a truly remarkable state of affairs because it stands as the only known instance in history whereby a racial majority in power has voluntarily agreed to relinquish its standing and allow discrimination against themselves in favor of a racial minority.

We urge you to pause and spend some time contemplating the profound significance of this. Never before has such a thing happened in the annals of mankind.

Can you conceive of any other race that would ever do such a thing? Can you imagine an Arab majority voluntarily discriminating against themselves in favor of Blacks? Can you imagine the Chinese doing this? Or Indians? As far as Blacks themselves they have been known – when in power – to be among some of the most ruthless oppressors of other races and ethnicities. Can you imagine a ruling Black majority in any country relinquishing its power and discriminating against themselves in favor of a minority? This is simply unimaginable.

And yet White Americans have done precisely this. They are the only racial group in history about whom such a thing can be said. This is a historic achievement and a powerful testimony to the intrinsic kindness and goodwill of White Americans.

The help that White Americans have extended to Blacks is not limited to voluntary self-abnegation, reverse discrimination, and preferential treatment. In 2012, for example, nearly half of the Black population have been on some kind of federal means-tested program. According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, “at 41.6 percent, blacks were more likely to participate in government assistance programs in an average month” than any other racial demographic. As a point of comparison, Black participation in these programs was three times the rate of non-Hispanic Whites.

Thus, over the years, trillions of dollars have been pumped into the Black community through various government initiatives. From nearly thirty trillion spent on the war on poverty, a disproportionate share has flowed into the Black community. According to the analysis by Independent Institute: 

The estimated aggregate cost of the War on Poverty is nearly $28 trillion, which is three and a half times higher than the $8 trillion total price tag of every major war since the American Revolution.

If we make the assumption that the rate of Black participation in the War on Poverty related programs has historically been around 40 percent, Black people would have received more than 10 trillion dollars in government transfer payments as part of this initiative alone. Reparations, anyone?

Well this is awkward...

UK #NiggerLivesMatterMoreThanSocietyMotherfucker activist Sasha Johnson was shot during an early-morning house party...

BLM activists initially tried to suggest that the shooting may have been a targeted attack, asserting that Johnson had received death threats prior to the incident.

However, police say there is no evidence Johnson was deliberately targeted and her friend Imarn Ayton told the BBC, “the incident is more related to rival gangs as opposed to her activism.”

During a vigil for Johnson on Monday afternoon, BLM supporters were still erroneously blaming other entities for her shooting, with one speaker asserting, “I want to say to some of the media here, you guys caused some of this shit.”

Another speaker seemed more concerned about “white supremacist media” controlling the narrative of the story, stating, “Don’t give them a story, don’t give them a narrative, don’t give them anything until they give us something.”

Immediately after the shooting, Labour MP Diane Abbott suggested with absolutely no evidence that Johnson had been targeted for her activism, tweeting, “Nobody should have to potentially pay with their life because they stood up for racial justice” with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.”

Related: House party early in the morning of May 23rd 2021, eh? So indoor social gatherings are again permitted in London? Nope!

you can meet up indoors with friends and family you do not live with, either:

in a group of up to 6 from any number of households (children of all ages count towards the limit of 6)

in a group of any size from up to two households (each household can include an existing support bubble, if eligible)

So any idea when all the niggers at this house party, including Sasha Johnson, are charged under public health orders for their criminal activity?