"Black History Month" and "true American history" are antonyms

The original story is that in Utah parents have the right to pull their children from overly politicized classroom instruction, which is of course all that "black history month" is all about. Some Democrat is very upset that parents are given power over the state, and wants to bring about his preferred political system. You know, the one that failed everywhere it was tried, including North Korea where a vicious group of thugs known as the Viet Cong murdered and raped innocents in order to enact this failed system. On a totally unrelated note...

"True American history" of course doesn't involve a lot of communism. It includes some communism, and slightly more blacks, but that's not really a useful measure now is it?

Of course if white parents want their children to learn true history no public school will be the best option. After all, that's where they are taught lies.

If we're talking truth, how about how white civilizations (thankfully) spread across the planet due to the inherent superiority of the systems they had developed. Like it or not, in 1715 countries that adopted aspects of the Dutch system were better off than the ones who adopted aspects of the Joseon dynasty or the Ahmed III Ottomans. The reason the United States of America was so successful was because at this time the Dutch and British and to a lesser extent French and Spanish systems are what came over. To tie it back to black history month, the reason American slaves were the luckiest on earth was also because of those systems.

There's your reality check henry. Enjoy.


Is "exploding bridge deck truthers" really a thing? Apparently so.

In a famous scene because all scenes in Star Wars are famous scenes, when the Empire is searching for the Millennium Falcon as it escapes Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back we see Vader in a conference call with various ship captains: unfortunately in an effects shot we see an asteroid strike the bridge deck on one of the Star Destroyers, and cut to the conference where one of the captains looks to the side and then raises his hands in a defensive posture before his signal winks out.

It's pretty obvious what the visual gag here was: the bridge was destroyed, the captain killed, and we saw his final moments in the hologram videochat.

But is that what really happened?

Okay admittedly none of it really happened because Star Wars, unlike Star Trek, is fictional.

However, remarkably, the opposition insists that the ship was neither destroyed, nor even damaged appreciably.

The argument hinges on the fact that when you watch a movie you typically watch scenes play out chronologically: which is to say that, in Gone With the Wind, in an early scene Scarlett slaps Ashley because he's going to marry his cousin. Later on in the movie, a Confederate soldier named Will tells Scarlett that her estate taxes are about to be increased to bankrupt her, causing her to travel to Atlanta. If you watch the movie from beginning to end you see Scarlett slap Ashley, and then later in time you watch Will give Scarlett the bad news. In the story, the slap occurs in the spring of 1861, before the U.S. Civil War begins. Will speaks with Scarlett after the Civil War, likely in the summer of 1866 (Scarlett learns in the ruins of Atlanta about a new organization called the Ku Klux Klan, which formed on Christmas Eve of 1865, but Atlanta has not been rebuilt which happened relatively quickly during the 1866-1868 period). Regardless, in the character chronology the slap occurs before the news, and that's the same order we watched it in.

Note that this isn't always how it works: in Reservoir Dogs for example the famous opening scene takes place at a diner, where the characters discuss their upcoming heist (and the song "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" which isn't actually about the Civil War burning of Atlanta). The next scene indeed takes place after the heist: which is to say the characters would agree with you the viewer that Scene 1 happens before Scene 2. However, later in the film we watch as Mr. Orange meets another man at a diner to discuss Orange's successful infiltration of a gang. That scene takes place before the first diner scene, even though that's not the order we watched it in.

So bringing us back to The Empire Strikes Back, the scene of the asteroid hitting the Star Destroyer happens (seconds) before we watch the captain's hologram vanish.

There's also the argument that, because the captain is not already dead by the time we cut to the Executor bridge and Vader's holoconference, then the bridge of the destroyed ISD must've survived for some amount of time.  

From the perspective of your average movie-goer, the captain's apparent demise was just a rewind of a few seconds.  But, for the purpose of debating (where the films are documentary-style, linear footage), this cannot be.  And so, they claim, his survival for a few more seconds must indicate that the tower was not obliterated.

So is The Empire Strikes Back a "linearly edited documentary-style" film? Uh, no, not really. Even ignoring Lucas' well-publicized support for David Lynch, while the scenes all generally progress alongside each other, the chronology isn't strictly followed during Luke's training and the Falcon's challenges in the asteroid field and Cloud City. It's logical to assume that in several scenes where we see Luke and Yoda training, the scenes in the asteroid belt we cut to are not strictly in the timeline: the Falcon's trip from the Hoth system to Cloud City takes up most of the time, but nothing of consequence happens. The timelines split after the Hoth battle and essentially reunite when Vader says "monitor Skywalker and allow him to land".

More specifically, since obviously we can't keep quick-cutting between the asteroids and the conference call (Zack Synder not being invented yet), it's clear that the two scenes are supposed to be connected. Yet somehow, people don't understand this. If you think this post is way too long and banal to cover this topic, the article linked above makes it clear that I'm being clear and concise. (I won't include the various photos in my quote below)

Assorted claims have been made regarding this glow region in the aftermath frames.  For instance, if you draw lines near it you can make shapes that are similar to the shape of the Star Destroyer's neck area, as with these:

However, the flaw in such maneuvers is that the tower could not have been at either location.  In the below, I have overlaid the Star Destroyer from the impact frame (offset upward a bit for ease of reference, and also leaving a little bit of the glow from behind the neck to make the neck more apparent) onto the final frame, lining them up based on the remaining Star Destroyer hull details:

Note well that there is a gap between the area where some would like to draw lines and the area where the neck of the Star Destroyer would actually be.  If the dark area is not the shadow of the undamaged neck of the Star Destroyer, then one cannot claim that the shadow proves the bridge tower and its neck were undamaged.

Furthermore, note where the bridge tower is in the overlay above, and note where the bridge globes are.

They don't exist in the non-overlaid frame:

Indeed, let's take a closer, brightened look:

Up where those two sparks are, side-by-side in front of the Executor's lateral trench area, we ought to be seeing the portside globe of the ISD's bridge tower.  We do not.  

To the left of the dust cloud, we ought to be seeing the starboard half of the ISD's bridge tower.  We do not.

(Some have claimed that it is merely obscured by dust, but that is absurd . . . the main hull just to the left of the dustcloud is clearly visible, as are the hull and even the window lights of the Executor above!)

Yes, agreed: that's the absurd part... but hey, while I have you on the line...

Bonus Darth Vader in the asteroid belt: Vader insists that the Millennium Falcon be found, and was willing to sacrifice millions of metric tons of Star Destroyer in order to accomplish this goal.

VADER: No, Captain, they're alive.  I want every ship available to sweep the asteroid field until they are found.

However, seconds after the dead-captain conference call ends Vader is told that the Emperor (Clive Revill) wishes to speak with him. What's the next thing Vader decides?

VADER: Move the ship out of the asteroid field so that we can send a clear transmission.

The coward picks the absolute flimsiest of excuses to get his ship out of that dangerous asteroid field as quickly as humanly possible. Yes, that's right Anakin: very very important to get your own ass out of the dangerous situation you put your underlings in...otherwise this transmission wouldn't be clear enough!


About that Bruce Springsteen ad...

As you may have heard, Bruce Springsteen and Jeep worked together to make a "unity" ad during the Superbowl, where they visited the Center Chapel in Lebanon Kansas, the centre-point of the 48 continental United States. Don't bother trying to watch the video on that page though: it has since been pulled when it turned out the whole time Springsteen was dealing with a charge of drunk driving. Not the best timing for a company who produces vehicles, though it's again interesting that it turns out it all went down long before the actual Superbowl.

However, let's ignore the criminal aspect for now. After all, after FakePresident Biden took office, it was part of the push for unity, yadda yadda yadda. Which is why they went to the centre of America to spread their message. Everybody "move to the centre" (apparently), and then we'll all get along. That's...kind of creepy isn't it? Wouldn't a more apt imagery be a "hands across America" sort of deal where the left coast (California) and the right coast (South Carolina) all stay where they are and believe what they believe but connect with each other? Meh, probably.

As I noted above, however, the Center Chapel is in Lebanon Kansas. Lebanon is part of Smith County. If instead of physically or symbolically moving to the centre of America as the Jeep/Springsteen ad apparently advocated, what if instead people politically moved to Smith County Kansas, and started voting more like the good folks who live there?

Now that's what I call unity!


Did FakePresident Biden take his own poison pill?

As we discussed late last month, the Democrats seem equally upset over the RobinHood/GameStop saga as Republicans.

So what conclusions can we draw with the possibility of FakePresident Biden's White House being involved in RobinHood's decision? Well, okay, no conclusions.

But if 46* was involved in an action so massively opposed by Democrats, might this be their opportunity to rid themselves of the albatross? While at least for now 46* has been given a free ride, I think deep down the Democrats know that the media can't protect him forever, and sooner rather than later he needs to be jetisoned.

It's relatively early in the series of Congressional hearings about the Robinhood/Gamestop incident, but if Republicans can summon more spine than they used in barely acquitting the great President Trump, they might be able to pivot some of the attention towards the White House involvement.

The ultimate question may not be whether or not the Republicans will do it, but if the Democrats are itching for them to.

Liveblog: Lois and Clark The New Adventures of Superman pilot episode

Today, starting at 8:15pm Mountain Time (10:15pm Eastern Time, 7:15pm Pacific Time for crying Canucks fans), I will be doing a liveblog of the full 90 minute pilot episode of the 90s adventure series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starring Dean Cain, Terri Hatcher, Lane Smith, and John Shea.

Why? Well, why not? There's a new Superman TV show I have no interest in watching (it actually premiered yesterday, apparently) that's apparently set in the continuity of the Arrow TV show.

Anyways the liveblog will begin at 8:15pm, please see below.


Superman and magic

At CBR.com Brian Cronin looks at the history of Superman's resistance to magic.

It's worth noting that in Superman #14 he was not immune to magic powers, but by Superman #26 he was again (he also, one notes, calls himself an "Earthman" in it). Also this is the original Superman numbering scheme, not the one that was rebooted in 1987 (fun fact: I owned the rebooted "Superman #1" but threw it away over Christmas during a housecleaning purge as it was damaged and quite worthless).

Now just for fun, watch the best animated depiction of Superman vs. magic: his fight with Captain Marvel in Batman/Superman: Public Enemies. The fight starts at the 42:20 mark. Warning, clicking the link below loads some NSFW ads.

فيلم Superman and Batman: Public Enemies 2009 مترجم HD كامل


And now for some good news

Laurentian University is in danger of shuttering its doors for good.

Malek Abou-Rabia, vice-president of education with the Laurentian University Students’ General Association (SGA), said the announcement was “eye-opening and shocking for sure.”

“Naturally a lot of students were worried at first, but then realized this is not the end for Laurentian,” Abou-Rabia said, adding that student leaders will have a chance to give their input on the university’s future.

“This is a chance to evolve, as the document we received said, to turn Laurentian into Laurentian 2.0, and that really (the CCAA filing) won’t affect our studies at the end of the day, which is the most important thing for a student, right?”

Malek Abou-Rabia is about as dumb as he looks/sounds.


No fans, no problem

Last night during the Battle of Alberta, photos were shown of the NHL game played at Lake Tahoe (until ice problems popped up). After showing the photos, the on-air team discussed the possibility of having the Battle of Alberta held at Lake Louise.

That was our idea

Back in December, after the bars had closed and indoor gatherings were banned, a bunch of us had an indoor gathering, and one of the things we discussed was the (yet to begin) new NHL schedule. One of the things that upset us was that this (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime season without any fans in the stands was being squandered by the league.

After all, no fans are permitted at any of the games this year. But if that's really the case, why do the games all need to be played in NHL arenas at all? The reason in a normal year you can't do an outdoor game at Lake Louise and Lake Tahoe is because you can't bring in fans, and therefore the NHL loses live ticket revenue. But without any live tickets being sold, what difference does it make? Why not use this opportunity to do something really different with the 2021 season?

Obviously it's too late for Canadian teams or the league to think of it now, but we started brainstorming a few of the possibilities. Our original thought was purely for the visuals: we could showcase our teams playing in beautiful and/or iconic locations.
  • Oilers vs. Flames home-and-home: Lake Louise one night, Maligne Lake the next
  • Winnipeg vs. Vancouver home-and-home: Lake Winnipeg at Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park, followed by either Alta Lake or an artificial ice surface in Whistler Village (depending on the weather, I hear Alta Lake doesn't always freeze)
  • Ottawa vs. Montreal home-and-home: An manmade rink on the lawn in front of Parliament Hill, followed by a game on Lac Tremblant just below the famous ski resort
We eventually remembered that this season there's no requirement for games to be played in "home" cities at all! Just like during the bubble, there's no reason a Montreal "home" game has to be played anywhere near Montreal, or even Queerbec. If the Canucks play more games outside of BC than inside BC there's no reason it can't be their "home" game. Again, the only advantage of home is the line changes and shorter changes, there aren't any home team fans to worry about. And with that off the board, we expanded our ideas for outdoor games:
  • Calgary vs Winnipeg in Rouleau Saskatchewan, the infamous Dog River of "Corner Gas"
  • Edmonton vs. Vancouver on the marge at Lake Laberge in the Yukon, recreating the famous "Cremation of Sam McGee" poem.
  • Montreal vs Toronto Maple Leafs played up in cottage country, perhaps up in Bobcageon (again the option for an on-the-lake or artificial rink, I know a lot of those lakes don't always freeze)
  • Calgary vs. Montreal in Lunenburg Nova Scotia
  • Ottawa vs. Winnipeg on the gorgeous Lake of the Woods in Kenora Ontario
  • Winnipeg vs. Toronto on Lake Nipigon just north of Thunder Bay
  • Montreal vs. Edmonton in St. John's Newfoundland, or perhaps Gander
  • Calgary vs. Vancouver on the Plains of Abraham just to screw with the frogs
And if you really want to go crazy, we don't need the unique location games to all be played outdoors either. I understand it would take some extra effort to wire locations for 1080p and/or 4k broadcasts, but as long as any hockey area has either and NHL or Olympic sized skating surface, the NHL could play games on it. And that opens up the entire country for these games. Again, any team could be the home game in these scenarios.

Why not a Kraft Hockeyville winners series, where the teams who had their community arenas renovated get NHL games? (North Bay, Roberval, Terrace, Dundas, Conception Bay, Stirling-Rawdon, Sylvan Lake, North Saanich, Chatham, Lumby, Lucan, Renous and Twillingate). Or they could tour WHL, OHL, and QMJHL arenas. The ultimate point is that there was no need to stick to the big NHL arenas, and that this is basically the only change the NHL would ever get to do it.

And they blew it. We called it back in December, and the CBC was a mere two months behind me (which admittedly is an improvement). A real chance to show off all the places that games could be played, from the most photogenic locations in Canada (is the skating rink at Nathan's Phillips Square an NHL-sized surface?) to the various communities across Canada.

What a shame

Grace Church statement on liberty

After the Pastor James Coates of Grace Church was arrested and convicted in less than a week (funny how other crimes aren't fast-tracked like this), the story made international news. Courtesy of the Babylon Bee's real-news site, here's the statement Grace Church put out:

Dear fellow Albertans,

It goes without saying this has been an incredibly difficult 11 months. The effects and ramifications of COVID-19 on our precious province are not insignificant. We sympathize with everyone who has suffered loss in this time, whether it be the loss of a loved one, or loss stemming from government lockdowns (such as economic loss or suffering as a result of being denied necessary health care).

Given the attention our church has received in recent days, we want to address the broader public on our reasons for gathering as a local church. What follows is not a theological defence. We have already addressed that sufficiently here, here, here and here (and it is primarily and predominantly obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that has shaped our stance). Instead, what follows will shed light on our approach to what is being called a "pandemic." The reason we put "pandemic" in quotes is because the definition of a pandemic was changed about 10 years ago. At one time, a pandemic was defined as an infectious disease that resulted in a certain percentage of excess deaths over and above normal annual averages. The definition was changed in connection with H1N1 to remove this threshold. Ten years ago, COVID-19 would not have qualified as a pandemic. In fact, not even close.

When COVID-19 first appeared, we shifted to livestream and abided by most of the new government guidelines for our gatherings. But when the first declared public health emergency ended, we opened our doors and returned to nearly normal gatherings on Sunday June 21st, 2020. We did so recognizing COVID-19 was much less severe than the government had initially projected. This sentiment was reflected in the assessment of the Premier of Alberta, who deliberately referred to COVID-19 as "influenza" multiple times in a speech announcing the end of the first declared public health emergency.

In early July, it was brought to our attention that two separate individuals had attended our gatherings on two consecutive Sundays and subsequently tested positive for the virus (both cases being unrelated to each other). At that time, we did our own internal contact tracing (prior to AHS notifying us of the exposure), many of our congregants were tested, and it was determined that no transmission of the virus had taken place. Out of an abundance of caution, we shifted exclusively to livestream and shutdown all other ministries for two weeks (14 days). We did this to mitigate any further spread of COVID-19. When it was evident that no further spread had taken place, we resumed our nearly normal gatherings. Since then, we have gathered as a church each Sunday without incident (28 Sundays to date).

Having engaged in an immense amount of research, interacting with both doctors and frontline healthcare workers, it is apparent that the negative effects of the government lockdown measures on society far surpass the effects of COVID-19. The science being used to justify lockdown measures is both suspect and selective. In fact, there is no empirical evidence that lockdowns are effective in mitigating the spread of the virus. We are gravely concerned that COVID-19 is being used to fundamentally alter society and strip us all of our civil liberties. By the time the so-called "pandemic" is over, if it is ever permitted to be over, Albertans will be utterly reliant on government, instead of free, prosperous, and independent.

As such, we believe love for our neighbor demands that we exercise our civil liberties. We do not see our actions as perpetuating the longevity of COVID-19 or any other virus that will inevitably come along. If anything, we see our actions as contributing to its end – the end of destructive lockdowns and the end of the attempt to institutionalize the debilitating fear of viral infections. Our local church is clear evidence that governmental lockdowns are unnecessary. In fact, it is also evidence of how harmful they are. Without going into detail, we recently lost the life of one of our precious congregants who was denied necessary health care due to government lockdown measures.

Consider the following statistics. It is alleged that 129,075 Albertans have tested positive for the virus. That works out to just less than 3% of the population. However, it needs to be pointed out that the PCR test being used to test for COVID-19 is fraught with false positives. This is especially true, since at least until recently, Alberta was running the PCR test at 40 amplifications. As such, the number of Albertans who have actually contracted the virus is likely significantly less. It is also vital to highlight that more than 99% of those who contract the virus will fully recover.

Alberta is currently reporting 1,782 COVID-related deaths. It is critically important to articulate it this way. There is a big difference between dying from COVID and dying with COVID. But it is also critical to note that these COVID-related deaths, as tragic as they are, have not resulted in a statistically significant increase in excess deaths (and the average age of those who have died related to COVID-19 is 82, consistent with life expectancy in Alberta). Sadly, most of these individuals would have likely died due to various other lethal co-morbidities (and it immensely grieves us that in many cases they were forced to die apart from their family unnecessarily). In addition, experts estimate that deaths, in the long run, resulting from government lockdown measures will surpass COVID-related deaths 10 to 1 (e.g. premature deaths resulting from not receiving necessary health care, suicides, drug overdoses, addictions, the development of chronic health conditions, total loss of income, family breakdown, etc.). In fact, it would seem that COVID-related deaths are being treated as though they are somehow more tragic than any and all other deaths.

Many Albertans are afraid and are convinced of the efficacy of government lockdowns for two reasons: misinformation and fearmongering. The media has so pounded the COVID-19 drum since the "pandemic" began, almost exclusively emphasizing caseload and deaths, that people are fearful. So fearful, in fact, they have been convinced that yielding up their civil liberties to the government is in their best interests. It is difficult to have not lost confidence in the mainstream media. It would seem as though journalism is on life-support in our province. The media should be made up of the most thorough, discerning, and investigative people in our society. Instead, many of them seem to be serving an ideological agenda. Now more than ever, it is vital that Albertans exercise discernment when listening to the mainstream media.

What do we believe people should do? We believe they should responsibly return to their lives. Churches should open, businesses should open, families and friends should come together around meals, and people should begin to exercise their civil liberties again. Otherwise we may not get them back. In fact, some say we are on the cusp of reaching the point of no return. Protect the vulnerable, exercise reasonable precautions, but begin to live your lives again.

That said, living life comes with risks. Every time we get behind the wheel of a car, we are assuming a degree of risk. We accept that risk due to the benefits of driving. Yes, though vastly overblown, there are associated risks with COVID-19, as there are with other infections. Human life, though precious, is fragile. As such, death looms over all of us. That is why we need a message of hope. One that addresses our greatest need. That message is found in Jesus Christ. It is found in Him because all of us have sinned and have fallen short of God's perfect standard of righteousness (Rom 3:23). To sin is to violate the holiness and righteousness of God. As our Creator, He is the one who will judge us according to our deeds and no one will stand on their own merit in that judgment. Therefore, we need a substitute. One who has both lived the life we could not and died the death we deserve.

Praise be to God, there is! God the Father commissioned His Son into the world, to take upon Himself human flesh (John 1:14), being true God and true man, whereby He lived under the Law of God (Gal 4:4), fulfilled it in every respect, was tempted in all things as we are, and yet was without sin (Heb 4:15). Then, in obedience to the Father, He went to the cross, drank the full cup of the Father's wrath for the sin of all who would ever believe on His name, died, and rose again! In this way, He proved He had conquered both sin and death, our two greatest enemies. He has ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father (Col 3:1), awaiting the time of His Second Coming.

In the meantime, this message of salvation is to be proclaimed to all people (Matt 28:18–20). In fact, the church exists to proclaim this message! That if you would turn from your sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, putting full trust in His finished work on the cross along with His resurrection from the dead, you will be saved! Not only will all of your sins be forgiven you, but you will also be credited with a perfect record of righteousness; the very righteousness of Christ (2 Cor 5:21). And so, we would urge you to be reconciled to God through His Son this day. The very one who has given you life and breath.

Should you do so, you will receive eternal life and will experience life after death (John 11:25).

Death looms over all of us. But there is a message of concrete hope, in the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It always involves a molesting queer for some reason

Recovered tranny Walt Heyer on a new far-left TV show dedicated to lying to you about young kids being groomed to pretend they're the wrong sex:

It has taken me years to adequately assess the full range of consequences inflicted by grandma’s “gender grooming.” Benjamin Franklin’s proverb, “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late,” sums up my feelings now at 80 years of age when I reflect on how I, a reasonable man, became a willing participant in body-mutilating surgeries because a so-called “gender specialist” said that was the treatment I needed.


1,024 people all feeling very very lonely

A look at how the USS Enterpise-D is massive. Like insanely massive. Like there's no reason only 1,024 people should be living on it. Or 1,019. I think it was 1,014 once. 

Let's even say that EC Henry here is wrong, and there's 1,024 crew plus civilians: we're still looking at under 2000 people here, which means best case scenario is to double his highest density estimates.

So imagine just how empty things must be on Starbase 74: that spacedoor you're about to see can swallow the Enterprise...

Related: Of course the Kelvin universe throws any internal logic and consistency out the window, building a starship (I refuse to sully the name of the TOS ship by mischaracterizing this as being named the same or even of the same class) far more massive than the Galaxy-class.

This day in (blog) history

February 20th, 2007:

MyBlogLog is launching this new Communities service to empower authors and readers to operate at the same level. For the first time, everyone who reads a web site or blog can learn about and engage with one another, and in the process take the conversation to a whole new level.

Unsurprisingly, MyBlogLog is long since dead, as the Big Tech consolidation continues to force you into their narrow FakeOverton window. 

The first comment to that post made what turned out to be a very prescient point:

I find such services contribute to the degradation of good discourse.

It reminds of IM and the horor that those message boards and Yahoo lists used to be in the "bad old days" of the Internet.

Blogging has helped make discussions more "professional", because it puts the blog author in charge (e.g., comment control, etc.).


Major League Baseball doesn't have a harassment problem

One month ago today Jared Porter lost his job with the New York Mets because he hit on a hot chick. Yep, really...welcome to the wacky clown world which is 2021.

Not having overreacted to this less-than-minor incident enough already, last week the Chicago Cubs changed their hiring policy to...delve deeper into employee's backgrounds to find even more perfectly acceptable behaviour to declare so beyond-the-pale as to leave the candidate unhireable. 

On top of that, Major League Baseball announced the creation of an anonymous creepy snitch line, where you could anonymously make claims that MLB players or employees did anything that you personally dislike in an attempt to have them fired.
“… MLB and its Clubs will continue to strive to create environments in which individuals feel accepted; and when they do not, they feel comfortable speaking up without fear of recrimination, retaliation, or ostracism,”
How about, say, conservative players and staff who want to pull a Curt Schilling, and speak out in favour of their (superior) worldview? Will they continue to "feel accepted" and be able to "speak up without fear of recrimination"? Don't hold your breath.

As I established last month, Porter did nothing wrong. Mickey Callaway is accused of...sending text messages to girls that were sexual in nature. So Callaway, too, did nothing wrong. And the MLB witch-hunt into men trying to pick up women will continue. And yet, not a single piece of evidence that actual unacceptable behaviour has occurred.

This is why major league sports are losing viewers: who wants to live in an ugly woke world where men can't express interest in the opposite sex, while child molesters are celebrated?

@leighfromcanada - Should cycling advocates be required to refuse auto accident treatment?

Leftists are so unhinged these days that they're denouncing what they claim to be their most cherished positions.

Okay, cowardly Leigh isn't the first case of this, and hardly the last: but the Wuhan Flu even more than the God Emperor Donald Trump years has really laid their sick mindset bare.

So now if you publicly disagree with government policy, as Roman Baber courageously did, then you sacrifice what they claim is your "universal human right to free healthcare"? Even by Viro Fascist standards that's some pretty sick imposing your will on those you pretend to be champions for.

The "promise" of government rationed healthcare, such as it is, is that sure you are robbed your entire life to pay for it, and sure it means that medical professionals are essentially slaves, and sure you'll quite possibly die waiting to get it because it turns out public healthcare always means a perpetual shortage, and sure no matter how much money gets pumped into the Ponzi scheme eventually it's going to bankrupt your country... but in return, you get at least some level of healthcare. Theoretically the same coverage as everybody else, including what decisions in life you have made and how that might change your value to society. [try not to think very hard about NHL players in this environment though! -ed]

Because after all, if Leigh wants people who publicly speak out against useless Kung Flu lockdowns to "voluntarily" sign on to refuse healthcare related to their actions, why should fake faggot marriage licenses also require signing off on refusing treatment for AIDS (or damage to their face caused by the fathers of the underage boys they molest)? When you buy pot in the government store should you also be asked to sign away healthcare for the lung cancer you're going to be getting? Ski and snowboard enthusiasts asked to waive treatment for their broken bones?

But let's not stop here: after all, if we've already signed onto Leigh's plan of denying the "human right to universal healthcare" based on actions you've taken (like Baber's public comments), then what about other actions taken that you could argue (as I'm sure Leigh does about her argument) are 'contrary to the public good' or whatever socialist mantra you want to apply it to? I'm talking, of course, about whether or not a patient is a benefit to society: as measured, in the only way such a thing is possible, by how much cash they earn in a calendar year. If Baber criticizing lockdowns and quarantine camps is deemed so detrimental to society that his healthcare should be taken away, what do you call getting no higher education (or a useless degree) and meandering around in a minimum wage job? Why should we be paying for their healthcare -- and after all, it is "we" since low income people don't generally pay much in income taxes to begin with -- when healing them probably isn't worth our while?

Who knew that the entire philosophical tenant behind mandatory government-funded healthcare could be so easily demolished? All it takes is one cowardly leftist who disagrees with a superior conservative argument? 

Related: A different leftist slut who can't handle having her ideas challenged decided that public healthcare is so vitally important that the entire medical profession should become slaves in order to provide every single person every bit of 'healthcare' they could ever want no matter what.


@popoffsmurf - its hard to relate to lazy woke film tropes

Another advocate of rape wants to lecture his betters on "comprehension"...

Helpful hint: there hasn't been a single thing on the planet you've "gotten" that a white man hasn't.

(Sickle Cell Anemia a notable exception)

Bonus lulz: Prince was a social and economic conservative. I'm the one with a claim to him.

Once a Marine, always trolling CP presstitutes

Okay, who's been feeding hilarious nonsense to far-left Canadian Press activist Stephanie Levitz? It was pretty fun for a laugh, but sluts like her are the enemy and it probably needs to end.

Just as O'Toole courted social-conservative voters during the leadership race, so too did he solicit the support of firearms advocates.

In doing so, he leveraged his time in the military, and a personal connection — his campaign manager was Fred DeLorey, who for a time was a lobbyist for the National Firearms Association. DeLorey is now in charge of running the party's next general election campaign.

O'Toole's effort to woo firearms advocates in Quebec was credited with helping him land the victory, as party members in that province hold enormous sway in the points-based voting system the Conservative party uses.
You already know from reading this that yes, gun owners are another batch of actual conservatives with actual intelligent policy positions that O'Toole will turn his back on. This story seems to be fed directly from O'Toole's camp to lull members into a false sense of security before the March convention. Indeed, O'Toole had an interview with the CP ahead of this article.

But back to the nonsense... was it NFA director Charles Zach feeding CP the non-information to see if they'd run with it?
Many, including some who would identify as socially conservative themselves, had expressed frustration since last year's leadership race that Sloan's views on LGBTQ rights and other issues would cost the party support in a general election.

If social conservatives are considered the best-organized faction of the party, the firearms community, colloquially known in party circles as "the gunnies," come in a close second.

Charles Zach, the executive director of the National Firearms Association, said he had no specific comment on Sloan's situation.

But he said O'Toole's move does raise concerns: if he was willing to sideline Sloan, what about the gunnies?

"If that's the way that the next election campaign is going to be run by the CPC, yeah, we're worried that our expectations are not going to be on the radar," he said.

I have been involved in conservative politics for decades, as the history of this blog can attest. I was on the original NFA email lists, I own a variety of guns (that the government doesn't know about), and have been in and out of halls of power in Edmonton and Ottawa.

Nobody. Uses. "Gunnies".

It's worth noting that Zach's comments about "gunnies" isn't even in quotes. Was this something he mentioned earlier in the call? Did somebody else feed her this "tidbit"? The same one who pretended that social conservatives would be "frustrated" that a social conservative said and did social conservative things? It has to be. Outside of a single online gun retailer, this "gunnies" thing doesn't exist.

It, like social conservatism against Derek Sloan, is a bit of fake news thrown in there to see if Levitz was stupid enough to bite. Turns out she was. Good work everybody. Now cut her off. Inferior dolts like her have no business being our "insider" track to a couple lines of copy in a hit piece. Save our own hits for later, start collecting the raw info on these people in the interim.


Three mistakes Mark Steyn made on Rush this morning

Today Mark Steyn guest-hosted for Rush Limbaugh.

There were three errors he made during the broadcast. Did you spot them?

  1. Steyn was discussing the ridiculous objection Biden had to notions of contacting the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia because "he's a head of state and he only talks with heads of state". Steyn contrasted with Camel-a Harris calling the Shiny Pony and other world leaders. However if you read the article Biden also talks about a future call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Biden also has phoned British PM Boris Johnston and indeed Shiny Pony Justin Trudeau. Neither are heads of state either. The Israeli head of state is President Reuven Rivlin. The British head of state is Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian head of state is also her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the Governor General currently unfilled due to Justin's personally selected candidate being a bitch. (the functional requirements of the role fall to Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner). Surely Mark Steyn, subject of The Queen, should remember that.
  2. Also discussed on the show, which he has mentioned on his Mark Steyn Show as well, is that it's ridiculous that we don't yet have a cause of death for Brian Sickwick, who was falsely accused of being killed during the January 6th Capitol Hill protests. While early reports are that no blunt force trauma has been reported, it's also important to note that isn't quite as unheard of as Steyn claims. After all, one of the big Netflix shows right now is the Elisa Lam documentary, which also featured a 4-month delay before the official cause of death was published.
  3. Late in the show (afternoon in Edmonton), Steyn took a call from a Biden supporter excited about vaccine distribution, and likewise failed to challenge him on how when Donald Trump left office America was the 4th best country on the planet for vaccine distribution. And while the rate of the curve has slightly upticked for the U.S. since January 20th, the change in the curve isn't any different than other nations (unless to say that it hasn't bent upwards as fast as the UK, UAE, or Israel). I've posted a shot of where the Presidential switch fits into the cumulative vaccination curves. For those wondering where Canada, now 54th overall in the world, fits on the chart, the scale doesn't go nearly that small.

Lies the CBC told me

Calgary Police not being aggressive towards anti-lockdown protesters upsets the CBC.

What's the difference? One group was nonwhite. Guess which one?

Trump acquittal

Rumour has it that the Demorats closing argument was supposed to be a 70 page opus.

Instead, it was a scant few minutes and witnesses cancelled after it turns out the Republicans were going to make Pelosi and Schiff testify under oath as to their crimes as of late.


The Lincoln Project recruitment ad


"Women speak two languages / one of which is verbal"

Is Casey Mulligan thinner-skinned than Tom Cruise? Oh, wait, sorry, that's "talking about her personally" and that's...wrong...now...somehow...

Dennis Harvey’s review of Promising Young Woman was published at Variety. Later, Carey Mulligan, who plays lead Cassandra Thomas, suggested that Harvey’s review didn’t deem her ‘hot’ enough for the role and that he suggested Margot Robbie, who was a producer on the film, would have been a better choice.
Is that...true? Nope! Mulligan doubled down on her Big Lie though:
I feel it’s important that criticism is constructive. I think it’s important that we are looking at the right things when it comes to work, and we’re looking at the art, and we’re looking at the performance and the way that a film is made. And I don’t think that goes to the appearance of an actor or your personal preference for what an actor does or doesn’t look like, which it felt that that article did.
When did this start? After all, Harvey's review (which you can still read, perhaps, though no guarantee it hasn't been edited to fit the new Eastasia Paradigm) doesn't contain anything that hasn't been said about media works or the actors/actresses within for centuries:
Whereas with this star, Cassie wears her pickup-bait gear like bad drag; even her long blonde hair seems a put-on. The flat American accent she delivers in her lowest voice register likewise seems a bit meta, though it’s not quite clear what the quote marks around this performance signify. Still, like everything here, this turn is skillful, entertaining and challenging, even when the eccentric method obscures the precise message.
The concept that Harvey was expressing, which has been known since the beginning of the dramatic work, is miscast. He believes that Mulligan was miscast in this role, and therefore the believability of the film takes a hit. Notice that the word "hot" doesn't make an appearance: in fact, no discussion of her appearance actually takes place. How you "wear" an article of clothing is a known thing in fashion: models are routinely selected for precisely this purpose. In the movie, the character is supposed to be acting as bait, pretending to be a lush: in order for the role to be believable, you have to believe that the pickup gear wasn't something you were just wearing in order to look more like bait. From what I can gather of the film she's not supposed to be the human equivalent of those coke-covered NYPD bait cars, but according to Harvey's review that's how she came across.

Margot Robbie, with her patented "adorable bad girl" airs, might have looked a little less girl next door and perhaps looked more convincing. Maybe there were other quirks about Mulligan's performance that didn't make the word count for the final review. Whatever. But now, because a bitchy actress can't handle criticism that any other actor/actress might experience. In between fake issues like "whitewashing", you'll find on a "miscast" list Colin Hanks on the TV show Dexter because he looks too much like a nice guy and he wasn't convincing as a villain. Denise Richards gets her own (common, if overblown) entry on that list for The World Is Not Enough because she "wasn't believable" as a nuclear scientist...presumably because she was too hot? "Hot but dumb" was enough on that list for Jessica Simpson donning the Daisy Dukes. You get the point.

If Topher Grace can be wrong for Venom due to "typecasting", and Brandon Routh denounced for playing Superman without the proper physique, then Casey Mulligan can be declared miscast for how she comes across in a role. Variety disagreed, putting in a fawning editor's note calling her performance "daring" (even though she's apparently a weak little mouse when it comes to reading the trade papers). Fortunately, the National Society of Film Critics was quick to denounce this retarded behaviour.

Harvey, it turns out, is a queer (surprise surprise) so he was perhaps a little surprised to hear that the woke standards of "men can't criticize women" applied to him.
“I did not say or even mean to imply Mulligan is ‘not hot enough’ for the role,” he added. “I’m a 60-year-old gay man. I don’t actually go around dwelling on the comparative hotnesses of young actresses, let alone writing about that.”

Harvey also addressed the part of his review that reads: “Margot Robbie is a producer here, and one can (perhaps too easily) imagine the role might once have been intended for her. Whereas with this star, Cassie wears her pickup-bait gear like bad drag; even her long blonde hair seems a put-on.”

He told the Guardian, “Robbie is a producer on the film, and I mentioned her just to underline how casting contributes to the film’s subversive content — a star associated with a character like Harley Quinn might raise very specific expectations, but Mulligan is a chameleon and her very stylized performance keeps the viewer uncertain where the story is heading.”

He also acknowledged that he may not have made that sentiment clear in his review.
The Society also tried to couch their concerns in the language of the age, rather than just saying "second rate sluts like Casey Mulligan will be criticized as long as they perform in front of the public, and the option to stop appearing in movies and putting yourself out there in the world to be adored is always available."
Calling for the the editor’s note to be removed from the website, the group said: “Like any journalism, film criticism often displeases those being written about. And, like any journalists, film critics must have the support of their publications when that displeasure, usually coming from people far more powerful than any journalist, is made known — especially when that publication claims to report on the industry those powerful people inhabit. It is appalling that, in this instance, Variety chose to side with that power rather than supporting its writer.”
Do they need a new publicist? I suppose I can pick up my own freelance work...

(John Nolte at Breitbart is, of course, already on the case)


"As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work"

Gina Carano belittled Jewish suffering by comparing her opponents to Nazis.

That is, apparently, why she was recently cancelled (proof it was an example of Cancel Culture?  Extreme leftist Louis Chilton twists himself into pretzels to claim that it isn't). It's totally unacceptable to leftist ears that she would compare the Judenhass of 1920s Germany with the woke cancel culture of 2021.

Is what she said accurate? Yeah, fairly: after all, her issue is that conservatives are being forced out of the public sphere using hateful and false propaganda, so that when the government starts literally taking action against them the body public has already been conditioned to think they "deserve" to lose their fundamental human rights.

It's why, of course, Trump supporters have been hounded as "literal nazis" for the past five years. Years ago a conservative was banned from Twitter for using "insulting" language when AOC falsely compared a Latino invasion to Jewish refugees (and ignored the misdeeds of her own party). But we don't need to go back to 2018. As it happens we can look at an op-ed a mere two days before Carano's firing by another extreme leftist (MSNBC's Hayes Brown) who claims that like Hitler Donald Trump is such an awesome communicator that he can influence millions by the power of his voice alone.
“Part of the reason that comparison rings true is what happened after the putsch’s failure — and the history here is what has me most concerned about the idea of putting Trump on the witness stand,” the author writes.

Describing Hitler’s “stunning performance throughout the trial,” the author claims that “the listening public had thought the ideas he’d rattled off in his diatribes sounded pretty good” and that the international media was also impressed, effectively “boosting Hitler’s standing” from a “nobody” to an admirable figure able to reach the masses.

Though the author notes he has low expectations from Trump and doesn’t expect “anything remotely as eloquent” as Hitler’s speech, he warns of “inherent risks” in giving Trump a voice, should the former president take the stand.

Reiterating his fears, the author calls for a greater effort to “neutralize” Trump’s message than that which should have stifled Hitler nearly a century ago.

“So, yes, subpoena Trump — but make sure you can neutralize his message more effectively than German prosecutors did in 1924,” he concludes.
So will MSNBC be backing away from their relationship with Brown? Don't hold your breath. When Carano does it it's "abhorrent behaviour", but when an MSNBC lefty does it, it's...well, I don't even know what adjectives they use to defend it, since far-left channels like MSNBC refuse to comment on it when conservative media is outraged, knowing their leftist MSM buddies will provide cover.

If the rule is "belittle Jews by comparing your opponents to the Nazis and you'll be fired from your media job", then let that be the rule. But let's apply it equally.

And while we're on the topic of "applying it equally", if Gina Carano's co-star can talk in favour of his brother claiming to be a woman, can't she also speak out in opposition to pretending his brother is really a woman? Isn't that in fact the whole point about her Jewish violence meme?

Random thoughts on L'Affaire Ducklo


The point wasn't to prove him wrong

Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori earlier this month: One of the problems with women is that they won't shut up.

Besides the obvious fact that supposedly "neutral" news stories continually refer to his comments as "sexist", it sure seemed based on their hysterical responses that he was onto something. We already have 1/5th of our meeting attendees overreacting like this, and you want to double it?

It reminds me of a small town garage in southeast Alberta I had to stop in when I had a blowout a few years ago. It was a nice grungy one-man operation, and as I was getting my new tyre I noticed the sign he had up on the wall behind him...It was a cartoon of a buxom babe and a car with overinflated tires, reading:
If it has tires or tits you're going to have trouble with it
This was a fairly old cartoon: it had that late 70s-early 80s aesthetic such as seen here (and here), and despite my efforts on Google I haven't been able to find it (there are lots of modern versions). It was a little faded and torn in the corners, had clearly been blown up on a photocopier from a 3"x5" to a 8.5"x11", and had been up there for more than a few years.

This being the late 90s when political correctness was first rearing its ugly head, I had to ask him if he'd ever encountered any negative comments about his little poster. He apparently had only had one incident a few months earlier, some "big city" girl had come in with an emergency same as me, she'd been a little picky about selection or the cost or something. And then she saw the poster and started tearing into him over it.

He finally got a word in edgewise, and here's some free advice for future Olympic Presidents or whoever else gets stuck in the same situation as this tyre repair guy or Yoshiro Mori. When this comes up again, don't resign or retreat. Respond how he responded:
Hey that sign is right. You have both tires and tits and you've given me nothing but trouble!


Of course

The good people at Gorilla Glue need to lawyer up, as the retarded negress who used their product in her hair is considering taking legal action against the company.

A Louisiana woman who’s gone viral as the “Gorilla Glue Girl” is considering a lawsuit after spraying her hair with ultra-strong adhesive.

TMZ reports Tessica Brown has hired an attorney and is discussing possible litigation against Gorilla Glue. She reportedly spent 22 hours in the emergency room at a hospital after she used the company’s heavy-duty Spray Adhesive when she ran out of the hair spray she usually uses, Got2b Glued.
It's important that the company gets ahead of this, and promises do better in the future, cue pointless weeping, give her $50,000, and...okay I guess they have to take some concrete action as well, don't they?

My suggestion is to put a new warning label on all Gorilla Glue products in order to guarantee this disaster doesn't happen in the future. I have a small mockup included below:

Fake News always bans comments

Another media outlet has removed commenting because "mean people" have "hijacked it":

For more than a decade, we’ve tried to improve the commenting climate on our sites. The goal has been to create a forum for a civil, open exchange of ideas where readers could offer relevant feedback and criticism of our work.

Over the years, we’ve invested in several methods to try and accomplish this. None of it has worked. The comments at the bottom of far too many Inquirer.com stories are toxic, and this has accelerated due to the mounting extremism and election denialism polluting the national discourse. You deserve better than that.

Racism has been a persistent presence in Inquirer comments. The Inquirer is committed to making the changes required to be an actively anti-racist news organization. Removing comments is a step in the right direction, with many more to come.
So if you engage in "election denialism" (about 2020, of course, not 2016!) you aren't allowed to provide "feedback and criticism" about their news stories...even those about the 2020 election that Donald Trump won and FakePresident Biden stole.

If you oppose the claims and aims of #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker activists, or decry their methods, then your comment will (in true Orwellian "anti-racist news" fashion) be falsely described as "racist" and now you aren't allowed to comment either. Further efforts from the Philadelphia Inquirer to publish falsehoods under the guise of "anti-racist news" will never be met with any form of criticism or feedback. As usual, these people talk about a "conversation" but then avoid actual conversations at all costs.

The Inquirer claims they will continue to seek feedback and criticism of their stories. They're lying, of course. Just keep your eye out for a letter to the editor, say, calling out their Opinion section, who published a Helen Ubiñas editorial praising 'anti-violence' protesters, for being silent on small anti-abortion or anti-lockdown protests. Hint: you ain't going to see it. You won't see a counterpoint article describing white-owned businesses that deserve your support.

You'd see it in the comments. And that's why they got rid of them: their narrative lives on lies, and comments lay that bare. 

Ottawa police racism

It's funny 'cuz it's true, and that's why they will do everything they can to crush people who speak out about it.

Doubly so if it's humorous, since oppressive regimes hate humour used against them.


Liveblog test


"Classic Bradford"

Rich Evans on the military "genius" behind the XCOM franchise, who isn't really the same character between the "first" and "second" XCOM games, except for one minor detail...

So basically Bradford's in charge and everything went to hell...which: classic Bradford.

You want to capture that enemy alive? You're crazy doctor! I see absolutely no military benefit in that action. 

I was in charge of the tutorial mission: almost everybody died.

If anybody tries to start a "Scottish National Party" they should be imprisoned for hate speech

Earlier this week Blazing Cat Fur uncovered an old article about "racist" stickers on a Scottish mountain hill, expressing the horribly offensive slogan...

...checks notes...


@_SJPeace_ - FBI person of interest without evidence?

"Hi FBI? I'd like to call in and report somebody."

"Yeah, actually sorry can you please hold? I'm dictating a blogpost and want to make sure I don't lose my train of thought. Yeah, I'll let you know when I'm ready."

Sorry about that. So...how's that Nashville thing coming along anyways? Well, it turns out that the reason police "did nothing" is because they didn't have enough evidence to take action. He wouldn't permit them to perform a visual inspection of his RV, and since refusing to submit to a search cannot be prima facie be considered evidence of guilt, without further information they would also be unable to obtain a warrant. With no sign of illegal activity, no further action was taken.

Of course, if you're Captain Grounded up here, if someone makes a report to the FBI and investigators subsequently do nothing (even if they have no reason to believe a crime has been committed), it's proof that it's implicit bias in favour of the skin colour of the alleged suspect.

Got that? The FBI is racist against all the races who don't get investigated after one or two reports that might mean they might be thinking about a crime...but it doesn't seem to appear that any crime took place and there's no evidence that this person did anything wrong. That's the standard though: under those circumstances, there's racial bias at play if the FBI does nothing at all. I'm so glad we cleared that up, it's good to understand these things and holy geez I left that guy on hold didn't I?

"Hi there...yes, yes, sorry about that, got caught up writing about the FBI, if you want a funny coincidence. No, no, I'm sure it'll have nothing to do with you or the interaction we're about to have. Anyways, I saw this video on the dark web of somebody anally raping an underage girl. Yeah yeah, it was disgusting, and he seemed to be doing it in front of one of those fake Zoom backgrounds. Link? No, sorry, forgot to jot that down. I did take a screenshot though. I don't know how much good it will do you, it was streaming at like 160k/sec so it could be anybody really. I can email it to you, hold on...let me just upload it. Is he actually committing the crime in the screenshot? Uh, gee, come to think of it he wasn't...but I'm still doing the right thing and reporting it. Yep, I'll send that to you right away so you can see this picture of a guy I just told you I saw committing a crime without any physical evidence. Thank you very much, goodbye."

Editor's Note: I think he was in the wrong browser window.


Will Ruth Bader Ginsburg save the KeystoneXL pipeline?

As you know, FakePresident Biden on his first day in office cancelled the U.S. government approval of the KeystoneXL pipeline which would help Alberta oil reach U.S. based refineries and indeed open it up to more world markets.

The left, as usual when a moronic action is taken by one of their own, is absolutely giddy. Biden "killed" the Alberta tarsands, they are thinking. What does that get us? Well, nothing, but conservatives thought it was a good idea and therefore it's great they didn't get their way!

There is, however, a minor hurdle: Biden did so using an executive order, and those are not the be-all and end-all of federal policy. Such orders are subject to legal scrutiny, and that's where the (now even more!) withered husk of a harpy nicknamed "RBG" comes into play.

In the same way that "Breath of the Wild" killed "Best of the Worst" in Google searches, anybody who was responsible for digital colouring hated the week that Ginsburg bit the bullet.
Alberta-based TC Energy Corp. did not respond to inquiries for this story from The Daily Signal, but said in a recent press release: “TC Energy will review the decision, assess its implications, and consider its options.” 

A recent Supreme Court case that may provide guidance is Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of the University of California. In a 5-4 decision last June, the justices ruled that the Trump administration violated the Administrative Procedure Act by doing away with an Obama administration policy called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.
Did you get that? Using the same logic that the "kids in cages" whiners argued in court, Biden's order is unlikely to survive a challenge in the Supreme Court. The exact legal point is...
The key similarity is the concept of  “reliance interest,” GianCarlo Canaparo, a legal fellow with The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal. The phrase is mentioned several times in the high court’s opinion in the DACA case. 

President Barack Obama’s executive action, which allowed illegal immigrants brought to the United States as minors to stay legally under certain circumstances, created an expectation among people in the country. Thus, if the U.S. government wanted to scrap the DACA policy, it would have to go through an administrative procedure. 

This created a “reliance interest” in the policy, the majority opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts said. 

TC Energy and the Canadian government likely also would have a reliance interest, said Canaparo, who has been researching potential legal avenues for the pipeline case: 
In DHS v. Regents, the court found that Trump couldn’t rescind DACA even though it was an executive action, because there was a reliance interest. That could be a stumbling block for Biden with regard to the Keystone pipeline. … The administration did not consider any reliance interest.
Just as Obama’s DACA stated that certain people could live and work in the United States, Trump’s go-ahead for Keystone XL  instituted a right to build a pipeline across the Canadian-U.S. border, Canaparo said. Both policies, according to court precedent, “created rights” that require the government to go through a procedure to undo, he said. 

It's also worth noting that KeystoneXL is under construction...in fact, the segment that crosses the 49th parallel has already been completed! As a result, the specific segment of pipeline that fell under clear U.S. federal jurisdiction is already a bit of a fait accompli. There's some lingering state-vs-fed arguments regarding the approval for the pipeline to cross state boundaries, but those aren't covered by Biden's order nor fall within presidential authority even if DC scores an unlikely win in those constitutional battles.

The border crossing is just southwest of Winnipeg, so that's not just the metaphorical 49th parallel but the actual 49th parallel.

Indeed because construction took place under President Trump, the legal argument against allowing FakePresident Biden to retroactively prohibit it via executive order is in fact stronger than the DACA "kids in cages" fight was.

The majority opinion in the Supreme Court’s ruling noted that  some DACA recipients had enrolled in degree programs, started careers, opened businesses, and bought homes. This crossed from being an emotional appeal to being a legal argument, because those persons took such actions in reliance on government policy. 

Similarly, TC Energy issued at least six contracts and was set to employ 11,000 for the $8 billion construction of the pipeline to carry 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from oil sands in Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska. From there, the pipeline would connect with another Keystone pipeline that runs south to the Gulf Coast. 

The Daily Caller notes that TC Energy and Jason Kenney have a few other legal avenues up their sleeves as well, as communicated to the Financial Post:

In addition to suing the Biden administration in federal court, TC Energy could launch a case under a provision of the North American Free Trade Agreement. A NAFTA provision called Chapter 11 allows companies in the United States, Mexico, or Canada to challenge decisions by one of the three nations. The provision was grandfathered into the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which replaced NAFTA, until 2023. 

A complaint by TC Energy about the pipeline cancellation under Chapter 11 could provide more neutral ground, Mark Warner, an international trade lawyer at MAAW Law in Toronto, told the Financial Post. 

“They could file a complaint under the old Chapter 11 and make a case that this was arbitrary and a denial of due process,” Warner told the Post. 

Everything good in 2023 America can be attributed to President Trump

Last week Rat Bastard 2.0 announced that a made-in-Canada vaccine for the Wuhan Flu was coming to the rescue...starting in Christmas of 2021.

The problem is that Trudeau’s plan doesn’t call for retooling an existing facility, the whole plan is to keep moving forward with a new plant for the National Research Council in Montreal.

Construction is months behind schedule and the building won’t be completed until the summer. When asked when vaccines would actually be ready, Trudeau was vague and told reporters they should ask the ministers in charge at the next news conference.

So they did.

“At the end of the year we will be in a position to be producing vaccine,” Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne said.

Notice of course that the facility is in Rat Bastard 1.0's old riding of Mont-Royal, that it's next to an existing facility that was just renovated (incorrectly, at our expense) last year for his silly China vaccine, that there are construction delays, and that SNC Lavalin is of course involved.

Now there are vaccine manufacturers in Canada, but none that produce the mRNA type that apparently are going to save us all from the Kung Flu (hint: they won't). In 2019 a Saskatchewan facility scheduled to open in 2020 was funded by all levels of government...and now it's going to be finished at the end of 2021, but also making the protein-based vaccines that we just finished being told didn't work.

That link above from Research Money newsmagazine talked about the importance of developing small scale vaccine technology in Canada, possibly as a result of global anti-free-trade pressures from candidates as diverse as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. This was probably why we weren't in the business of it before...

Naturally, as Lilley's article continues, the Shiny Pony blames his predecessor:

As he made his announcement about this vaccine that might be ready to go by the end of this year, Trudeau not only bragged about what his government has done but tried to imply that it was the Harper government’s fault that Canada wasn’t already producing its own vaccines.

A regular claim from the Trudeau Liberals is that Canada doesn’t have any domestic vaccine capacity.

“That’s just not true,” Paul Lucas told me over the phone just after Trudeau made his comments.

Lucas was the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline in Canada from 1995 through to 2012. He oversaw the GSK’s production of Canada’s H1N1 vaccine in 2009 and was there when the company signed a 10-year contract to supply flu pandemic vaccines for the federal government in 2011.

Lucas said that while it wouldn’t be simple to change an existing vaccine plant over to a COVID vaccine plant, it can be done and would be faster than building a new facility.

The observant may note, of course that the Right Honourable Stephen Harper (pbuh) was the Prime Minister in 2011. Shiny Pony has only been in the role since 2015.

So problems with vaccines in 2021 is the fault of the guy from six years ago. By that logic, shouldn't Biden's entire first term be him thanking Donald Trump for his vaccine successes?


"Congresscritter" should really be a household word

Over at the VictoryGirls blog, Toni Williams tears about Sandy Cortez for her ridiculous Instagram video about the January 6th pro-Trump protest that saw a small amount of aggressive behaviour.

New York Congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a liberal idiot. However, in the realm of emotional manipulation, she is without peer in her latest Instagram post. She paints pictures of fear and victimization, as easily as my dog Duffy scams for another piece of chicken.

That's unfair. Mutts usually have a better temperament.

Now to the substance. This female smears everyone who breached the Capitol as a “white supremacist”. Apparently, AOC cannot read. Not everyone was white. There is no proof that anyone was a white supremacist and one of the activists arrested was from Black Lives Matter. And, spare us all your whining that black and brown custodial workers had to clean up after them. Those same workers had to clean up after the Kavanaugh riots, and those were nearly all white women.

It's news to me that the entire janitorial staff in the Capitol Building are nonwhite. Is there perhaps discriminatory hiring practices taking place? Should whites be filing complaints for violations under Title VII?

In an overly dramatic bit of emotional manipulation, AOC apologizes to family and friends if they learn things about her that they never knew. She claims she was sexually assaulted in the past. I am not going to pass judgement about the veracity of that claim.

I guess she's leaving it up to me. AOC has never been sexually assaulted. Any regret any party had to a sexual encounter with her was the poor guy. He'll never live down the shame for giving that harpy a solid dicking that she deserved but he shouldn't have had to jump on the grenade for.

We will pass on over her stories about being called out for driving a car and being nearly jumped in a bougie grocery store. Sweet Lord, there is still another hour of this video to go. She does admit that the Capitol police knew that something was going to happen on January 6, 2021, but couldn’t give members the details. Fine. The police obviously didn’t have a solid plan.

Women shouldn't drive. This is a good first order principle, and as a result "calling her out for driving a car" seems like something deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize. Also, how obscure can you be? Of course the Capitol Police "knew something was going to happen January 6th". Everybody knew that something was going to happen January 6th. Trump supporters were planning a massive rally in front of the Capitol building to protest election fraud. That's something, and it was public knowledge.

At 45 minutes in, she begins to detail that day at the Capitol. Her legislative director told her to run and hide. Her biggest fear when someone began pounding on her door. After he broke in, she realized, horror of horrors, it was a white man. He turned out to be a Capitol Hill police officer. Read her description and weep for her idiocy

I'm sparing you the quote. Don't ever say I don't do nice things for you.

I find the phrase that he “was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility” so offensive on the behalf of every first responder or military member. Male or female, they get a certain look on their faces when they are fully engaged and on duty. It’s called a game face, you dolt. They are assessing every single thing at that moment. Sweet Georgia Brown, someone sit this child down and spill the tea for her.

Is that some southern slang I'm unfamiliar with? It sounds harsh. AOC is such a retard she can't even figure out how to spill tea?

Williams ends by asking if Sandy Cortez knows anything about the Steve Scalise incident. I think we can safely assume the answer to that one.