Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze Drown in the Dark

Soaking rain and strong winds in southern Ontario Thursday caused power outages in the Greater Toronto Area and forced officials to close roads due to flooding.


CBC #FakeNews lies about Trump travel boycott

Maybe I missed it, but where are the CBC archived articles about conservative Canadians boycotting the United States during eight years of President Monkey?


Fake Syrian Refugees (slowly) setting themselves on fire

Sheila Gunn Reid at Rebel Media has uncovered the damages that has been caused by fake "Syrian" "refugees" at the hotels that the CBC was concerned was too hard on the little terrorists.

One thing keeps leaping out at me from the maddening coverage of how these uncivilized pond scum treat the quality establishments they have been permitted to live in (for free): how they are always smoking.

They smoke in big groups outside and disrupt other guests. They smoke in the rooms and common areas inside the hotel. They aggressively blow smoke in the (often female) hotel employees who ask them to stop. They smoke, they smoke, they smoke.

Where. The. Sam Fuck. Are. They. Getting. Cigarettes. From?

For one thing, they are all living off the avails of prostitutes Virginia Johnson and Kate Bate the generous Canadian taxpayer. Why are we paying for them to smoke? Besides the fact that the Canadian government is currently spending small fortunes to try and discourage people from smoking and here we are importing mass quantities of useless human garbage who also are smokers, clearly these people are not playing nice with their cigarettes or following numerous laws regarding their use.

If we can't send them across the Atlantic on a leaky boat, can't we at least stop paying for their cigs? At the very least, it will save us twice: both the darts we're feeding them and an element of the hotel destruction we're on the hook for.