Post #400 Baby!

Oh yes, as hinted at over the past few days, this is now the 400th post I've made to this blog since that fateful day on December 11th when I finally decided "well, I've thought about creating one of these blog dealies for months, time to get on it".

And now here I am, doing my 400th post, and as usual for these milestone postings, lets get onto the serious business of crunching a few numbers for the fun of it.

Following the 300th post in late July, I followed up with a total of 11 posts in just 2 days, 8 hours, 49 minutes, for a posting rate of one post every 309 minutes! That translates to a post every 5.165 hours, or every 0.215 days (ie. every 5 hours, 9 minutes, 54 minutes and 32.727 seconds). Er, not bad. That's the highest rating yet, though its obviously skewed. The entire month of July saw just 33 posts over the 31 days, for a post every 0.939 days (ie. every 22 hours, 32 minutes, 43.636 seconds).

In August I managed only 5 posts due to my computer servicing problem, for a posting rate of every 6.2 days (ie. every 6 days, 4 hours, 48 minutes). Eecch.

September sped up considerably, and I posted 63 times over the 30 day month, for a posting rate of once every 0.476 days (ie. every 11 hours, 25 minutes, 42.857 seconds). That looks a little better. In fact, it looks pretty much spot-on-normal, which is good.

And so far excluding this post in October, I have posted 20 times in 11 days, 4 hours, and 16 minutes, for a posting rate of one post every 0.559 days (ie. every 13 hours, 24 minutes, 48 seconds).

So this is probably the near-future (as in the next several months) for this blog: bursts of regular posting followed by real life getting in the way. I know there is a definite (unpublished) reason [this sounds a lot like the post-Tommy Salo era in Edmonton, where every sportscaster worth his salt revealed that they know there are some behind the scenes personal information that is responsible for Salo's depature, and while they knew about it all the time they didn't say a word of it (and never went into details) until after Salo left, endearing themselves to the legions of fans who were under the impression that sports journalism actually involved more than just being buddy buddy with the people responsible for the industry. -ed] that I didn't post in late August/early September. Post #500 will be a major milestone, but the real milestone should be in early December, around post #450, where I celebrate the first anniversary of Third Edge of the Sword. For now, lets look at some of the posting highlights since the marathon in July.

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