Ohhh, Tornado

That's right, its the 20th anniversary of the deadliest storm in Alberta history.

So no excuse for misreading CBC.ca's headline today as Toronto's 'miracle baby' thanks the man who saved her.

It also means I can agree with the sentiment.


Tastes great, less sobriety

Who knew that the Big Rock Brewery had a handy recipe page?


Ride the rails for free?

Last week, a work colleague remarked that his Chinese wife felt she should be allowed to ride the railroad for free due to silly historical reasons. (Bonus response: my father joked that because they brought the Chinese into the country, the railroad should have to give everyone free trips as restitution)

Well today one may argue that every Chinese person brought into Canada owes his host country a huge favour. After all, perhaps the railroad was a godsend.


NVIDIA and Debian kernel issues

How to install NVIDIA drivers on wacky kernels. This is handy.

How to kpkg make a new debian kernel. This is essential.

make-kpkg clean
make-kpkg --initrd --revision=custom.1.0 kernel_image

cd ../
dpkg -i kernel-image-


Shorter, and makes far more sense

Space: 2001 in 6 minutes

Update, June 13th 2020: the 2001 in 6 minutes has been apparently vanished from the internet. Here it is instead in 5 minutes:

Don't have 6 minutes? Then watch it in 90 seconds. In LEGO...


A handy chart

By Dawn J. Lipthrott, LCSW

  • Denial
  • Shock
  • Confusion/Rollercoaster
  • Hope and bargaining
  • Letting go of the old relationship
  • Growth and emergence

Where the #*%@!&(@^&*@%&(%&*! is anger???

What Shatner said...

From Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country:

Kirk: They're animals!!
Spock: Jim, there is a historic opportunity here.
Spock: They are dying...

The good Captain Kirk was talking about Klingons.

Change "Klingons" to women, and today I agree wholeheartedly with everything he says.


Fun things I learned today

In Canada, the maximum first-offence penalty for dumping of controlled products (ie. radioactive slime down the sewers) is $500,000.

That's $125,000 per ninja turtle.


No time to blog with my new toy(s)

Between the laptop, the wireless router, and reinstalling my main machine, I haven't been online much, and probably won't blog for 2 weeks or so. (If anybody asks, I'm mourning Venus William's Wimbledon win)

Open thread, I guess. As always, we award bonus points for meat and/or nudity.


This isn't a good sign...

Edmonton's Emergency Medical Services, following Calgary's lead, have spent $30,000 refitting an ambulence to carry fat people.

Until now, paramedics have resorted to transporting some extremely large patients in moving trucks and U-Haul vehicles.

"That's not a very ideal situation," Weiss said, adding that it takes valuable time to acquire a moving truck. "We need that equipment on hand and ready to respond."

In the past, paramedics have also been forced to call fire crews for assistance in loading and unloading obese patients, he added.

That drives up wait times for ambulances while tying up firefighters.
Earlier this year, it took seven emergency responders to carry a bed-ridden Edmonton woman - who weighed about 450 pounds - on a stretcher from a seniors home.
Yeah, if you're getting to be that fat, perhaps some time spent far far far away from any form of body-enhancing medical care is the best, if not the most fatality-proof, solution.