Post #2600, Baby!

Can you believe it? On the heels of the tenth anniversary comes this, the 2,600th post on Third Edge of the Sword.

And again, let's review our liberal cowardly tweeter of the month. This month's candidate is Brittany Kustra (@whatbrittwrites), a little Brittney Le Blanc protege (quite literally, she's half Le Blanc's size) who similarly runs like the piece of chickenshit her kind is when confronted about her lies and deceptions in the #GamerGate incident at the Calgary Comic Book Expo.

Most of her stuff is relatively banal...

But when she starts going off on politics, look out. She's...clueless as a dead bird caught in one of those rotating air vents in a quonset.

Claiming Rachel Arab, the disgustingly evil author of Bill 6 and Premier of Alberta (to whose elimination no deed is too extreme) is classy and listens to questions and promises to take them under advisement? Stupid like this, no wonder she has to hide from principled conservatives!