Fell to pieces and I'm still falling

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland died on Thursday. Reports are he died in his sleep, though absolutely nobody on the planet didn't immediately also think "oh yeah: that's drug related". Intercepted police audio communications regarding the death do not shed any light into the mystery.

Weiland has -- or rather should say now, had -- a famous on again, off again relationship with hard drugs that almost matches his on again, off again relationship with his former bandmates.

As a big STP fan I'm sort of saddened by the news but also not particularly surprised. I missed STP on their last couple swings through Alberta and always assumed that (as usually happens) the bandmates who hate each other at least temporarily let bygones by bygones and reunite again for another moneymaking tour. Hell, that's the entire plot to Hard Core Logo. Unfortunately, I didn't factor in that (as usually happens if the first usually happens doesn't happen) the drug-addled lead singer would die.

So RIP Scott Weiland. We'll always love STP. We'll always enjoy and appreciate Velvet Revolver. And we'll always try to remember the pub trivia answer that is The Wildabouts.