Heather Mallick isn't very bright

Catherine "Kate" McMillan is one of the best known people on the Canadian right. She has routinely won blogging awards, has a strong and loyal fanbase, and has been referenced in mainstream media across Canada and around the world, even getting mentioned in the Saskatcewan Legislature. So naturally cowardly far-left Toronto liberal Heather Mallick doesn't know who she is. To make matters even crazier, Mallick apparently also doesn't know how to quickly click on a Twitter profile to see if the person connected to it has provided a name.

Heather Mallick is the Trichomoniasis of Canadian journalism. Readers know this, and that's one of the main reasons the Toronto Star has had to cancel comments. SDA reader Peter O'Donnell has come to much the same conclusion.

In general terms, there is not much point in considering oneself to be part of an elite, or smarter than others, if the existence of an interactive medium often demonstrates the untruth of that assertion.

Hence, to preserve the self-image, commentary must be either eliminated or managed (to permit accolades and notes of agreement). Sometimes one or two mild critiques can be accepted to give an illusion of objectivity.