Glen Sather Night: Edmonton Oilers vs. Manhattan Rangers

On Wednesday night the Edmonton Oilers defeated the San Jose Sharks in overtime to win their fourth consecutive game. It's their first four-game win streak since the four games won in October of 2014 (they won three in a row earlier this season, and also in March 2015).

Tonight is honouring Glen Sather (no word if they're going to also name a festival after him), the legendary coach and General Manager who left the Oilers in 2000 (it feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it?) and has been the Rangers President ever since (he stepped down from the GM duties this offseason). There will be a 90-minute pre-game ceremony starting at 6pm local (8pm Eastern) that might be nothing but showing Glen walking from Commonwealth Stadium to Rexall place.

The biggest moment for Oilers fans however won't be watching Sather's banner sail to the rafters (though that will definitely be fun to see). It will instead see the ever-rare race for five wins in a row.

As mentioned above, the Oilers last won four games in October of 2014. You have to go all the way back to March/April of 2013 to find the previous Oilers four game winning streak, which is also their last five game win streak.

To find the next four game winning streak you have to go back to October 2011, then November/December 2012, then the next five game winning streak is in December 2009. The Oilers kicked off the 2008-2009 season with a four-game winning streak, and also had one in both January of 2008 and March/April of 2008. In November 2006 (after the playoff run) there was a five-game winning streak.

So when was the last six game winning streak? Before the lockout.

Ugh. Well the first step is to win tonight and give the Oilers their fourth five-game winning streak since their 2006 playoff run.