@TrueFriction - Stop lying, Viro Fascist

TrueFriction is lying, of course.

Don't act surprised: he's a leftist, and leftists always lie about everything.

After all, it's easy for him to "pay more in taxes" right now: just send Revenue Canada extra money. Rona Ambrose even used to write you nice letters for doing so.

However, and everybody surprised by this raise your hand, despite huge numbers of (lying) leftists claiming they would be happy to pay more in tax, none of them actually do so when the rubber hits the road...and not in some dystopian future world of "taxes going up to pay for programs" but right now:

So don't hold your breath expecting immoral liars like TrueFriction to actually volunteer extra money to the government beyond what they are obliged to every April. "I'd happily pay more" is just another lie the left tells themselves (us too, but unlike them we're smart enough not to believe them), like "I oppose racism" or "her body her choice".

And yes, I know that it's a misnomer to believe that you only get taxed in April (or even income taxed in April)

About nursing home deaths

The Wuhan Flu has been deadly in nursing homes, as we all are well aware:

Despite it all, Ottawa still has no public database keeping track of how badly long-term care homes are being hit on a national scale.

That’s left people like freelance journalist Nora Loreto to try and tally up the national numbers on their own.

"We are on track to be much worse than the first wave in terms of infections,” Loreto said. “There's certainly more facilities that are affected by outbreaks and those numbers grow every day by quite a lot."

According to Loreto, a whopping 77 per cent of COVID-19 deaths can be traced to long-term care and senior homes.

One of the big things that conservative media, unlike the lying far-left mainstream media, has been forthcoming with is that nursing home deaths shouldn't change how the rest of us live our lives.

To wit, let's ask the ultimate question: how many nursing home deaths were we expecting in 2020? Fortunately, a 2010 study by  Anne Kelly, Jessamyn Conell-Price, Kenneth Covinsky, Irena Stijacic Cenzer, Anna Chang, W. John Boscardin, and Alexander K. Smith actually answers that question:


Retrospective cohort study.


The Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a nationally representative survey of U.S. adults aged 50 and older.


1,817 nursing home residents who died between 1992 and 2006.


Our primary outcome was length of stay, defined as the number of months between the nursing home admission and the date of death. Covariates included demographic, social, and clinical factors drawn from the HRS interview conducted closest to the date of nursing home admission.


The mean age of decedents was 83.3 (SD 9.0) and the majority were female (59.12%), and White (81.5%). Median and mean length of stay prior to death were 5 months (IQR 1-20) and 13.7 months (SD 18.4), respectively. Fifty-three percent died within 6 months of placement. Large differences in median length of stay were observed by gender (men, 3 months vs. women, 8 months) and net worth (highest quartile, 3 months vs. lowest quartile, 9 months) (all p<.001). These differences persisted after adjustment for age, sex, marital status, net worth, geographic region, and diagnosed chronic conditions (cancer, hypertension, diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, and stroke).


Death has become institutionalized over the last 100 years.1 Today, 25% of all deaths in the nation occur in nursing homes and the proportion of all deaths that occur in these settings continues to rise.2 By the year 2020, an estimated 40% of Americans will die in a nursing home.3

That source [3] takes you to a 2003 study by the way, but the key takeaway is that it was estimated in 2020 that 40% of American deaths would occur in nursing homes.

So how many Wuhan Flu patients have died in American nursing homes? As NBC News reports (based on The Atlantic's COVID Tracking Project), 39.3%.

Pretty much the exact number predicted from the study, in other words. Well at least how the Wuhan Flu is concerned. How many non-Kung Flu deaths have occurred in nursing homes in 2020? Data like that won't be available for months (if ever), but it's estimated that another 40,000 died between March and November.

Let's not pretend, by the way, that this is unique to U.S. nursing homes as pathetic pro-government-healthcare leftists claim. Neglect and excess deaths have been seen throughout the western world from private-public systems as well as fully public systems. Sweden and the Netherlands top the world in publicly funded nursing homes: you know all about Sweden, but the Dutch nursing homes have also been COVID hotspots without a Donald Trump or Anders Tegnell in sight to blame.

You've seen/heard by now that video of nursing home neglect in Britain:

This isn't unique to the United Kingdom, of course. Even Japan, another country with lots of government funding for nursing homes, is subject to issues of neglect. Ontario, same deal.

So how many 2020 nursing home deaths did we expect in these countries? As with so much Wuhan Flu coverage, you have to look at published information from 2019 or earlier to ensure that you're getting real information and not politicized bullshit.


"When you said that just now, did it sound stupid to you?"

The City of Calgary is planning an "austerity budget" in 2021. Sure it's closing the door once the horses bolted, but it's at least reflecting a tiny amount of rationality. For the far-left idiots and child molesting faggot mayor who make up Calgary City Council, that's the best you can hope for.

But something about the concerns caught my eye:

He has seen a preview of the adjustments and said 2021 will be the fifth consecutive year where spending will lag behind the rate of inflation plus population growth.

You see this complaint a lot: "we aren't keeping up with the population growth". But when you stop and think about it, it makes no sense. After all, those new people moving in should increase tax revenue without any tax rate increase. At least Faggot Nenshi here is talking about spending only, but that's not usually the case. And regardless spending should be able to lag behind population growth: the whole point of larger cities is supposed to be the economics of volume you gain from all those extra people. 110 people can fund the new community centre more easily than 100 people, even if the 110 people are building a 10% larger centre.

Inflation also doesn't work as an excuse: if the tax rate is 5% than 5% of $1000 in 1990 (fifty 1990 dollars) is functionally the same as 5% of $1000 in 2018 (fifty 2018 dollars).

Under this logic, newcomers to our cities should be forbidden

In Edmonton's case, spending doubled over a decade where the population only increased by 50%. The empty claim made by Andrew Knack and others that this justified a 70% property tax increase is ludicrous. To make that argument is to claim that every newcomer to the city is a net drain on taxpayers...in other words, the citizens of Edmonton or Calgary are better off if we ban all newcomers. No new housing should be built and no single-family dwellings should be replaced with multi-family dwellings. That means that our spending can be held firm, the tax rate can be held firm, and everything will work out in the end.

If that's their contention, they need to be called out on it. Leftist city councils tend to be economic retards: their education cannot come fast enough.

For those wondering where the quote is from


Where were you when negros were upset that a criminal got a knee to the neck?

Blacks and the Domination of Social Space (revisited)

Back in 2015 I posted a link from a blog called "Ex-Army" which itself was a repost of a blog called Deconstructing Leftism. The topic was "Blacks and the Domination of Social Space" which is even more relevant in the era where violent niggers who deserved it like George Floyd and Jacob Blake are elevated to sainthood, as their savage kindred continue to rape and murder the adopted country that did them pretty well.

So what has Ex-Army been up to these days? Nothing, they're gone.

Deconstructing Leftism? Yep, also gone. As a result, it's probably for the best to post thrasymachus33308's entire original article. First, the summary by Ex-Army: 

White liberals live in a dream world. I just read a little exchange on Facebook that included this from a Canadian:

I've talked to Americans who are terrified of blacks. Totally terrified. They claim blacks are responsible for huge amounts of crime, without taking into consideration that by using racial profiling blacks get arrested more often.

Indeed. The fact that Blacks are arrested more often cannot possibly be a result of Black behavior, because Everybody Is Equal, and behaves exactly the same way. The only exception to that is, of course, ordinary White people, who profile Blacks, and make it look like they commit a lot of crimes. And cops, by and large are ordinary (unenlightened, non-liberal) Whites. So the crime statistics are in no way an indication of any blame due Blacks, but are entirely a proof of White racism. Got that? Every time you hear that a Black has murdered somebody, you should chalk it up to White racism, because he really didn't murder anybody, but was profiled for it, while the real murderer, some Archie Andrews type, wasn't even considered for arrest.

It's a strange theory, that. All races and ethnic groups exhibit identical behavior, but "bias" causes them to be regarded as behaving differently. It's bias, then, that makes us think that Muslims are into honor killing, when, obviously, an identical percentage of honor killings are performed by Norwegian Lutherans and Tibetan Buddhists, but the cops ignore all that and just report on the Muslims.

But I've found a dissenting view from this theory, that states that statistically, Blacks do behave in at least on small way somewhat differently than Whites, Hispanics, and Asians. This may be hard to believe, especially if you're a Canadian, but bear with me. This is from:

And the full Deconstructing Leftism article (apologies for the formatting, paragraphs within quoted text that has also been shrunk apparently is beyond the new Blogger interface's abilities: 

Stories about blacks getting into confrontations with cops, security guards, store owners and others are so common as to be hardly worth mentioning. And yet there is a basic reason for this, which should be understood by all who share any social space with blacks. 

A former cop, FBI agent and current criminal defense attorney, Dale Carson, wrote a book called “How to Arrest-Proof Yourself”. I read this and found it very interesting, as it talks about what cops are actually doing on the street. According to Carson, cops look for certain high-profile behaviors and stop those people.

I mentioned the book in comments on Lion of the Blogosphere, and he read it and became a big fan. Living in a high-density urban environment where this plays out every day, but where most of the population studiously ignores that it is happening, I can see how this would be very interesting to him.

To summarize the book- if you are going to do anything illegal, do it inside, out of public view. Don’t drive an old, beat-up car, and definitely not with a bunch of people in it, that is a cop magnet. If you are stopped by a cop, be polite and try to end the encounter as quickly as possible.

Toward the end Carson digresses and addresses the issue of why blacks have much more trouble with the police than whites. His answer is that whites mostly follow his advice, and blacks don’t. Whites of the type more likely to have legal trouble- Carson works in Florida, so these people would be called crackers or rednecks- drink or smoke dope inside their homes, rather than on the street, carry knives rather than guns, drive by themselves or with one other guy in a pickup, have wives or girlfriends who help keep them out of trouble, and don’t get confrontational with cops. Blacks do frequently the opposite- drink or smoke dope on the street or in their front yards, carry guns, ride with four guys in an old sedan, and have girlfriends or baby mamas who really don’t care if they are locked up or not.

Carson seems to ascribe this behavior to ignorance by blacks, but I think there is a totally different cause. For blacks, dominating and acting out in public, social space is an end in itself. It is about power and control for them. And they are very successful at it, because any space where a black person appears will mostly be controlled by that black person- they will intimidate whites and Asians in that space, although maybe not Latinos.

Think about it- if you see a black in a public space, you are going to steer clear of him. He might not be trouble, but he might, and the hassle is not worth it. It could be something major, it could be something minor, but that’s up to him, and what kind of a mood he is in that day, and if he’s in a screw with whitey mood, you are in for some heartburn you don’t need.

Black behavior to own and control a social space varies from just hanging out, to hanging out and talking loudly, to being very physically active and boisterous, to play-fighting, standing in the middle of spaces intended for walking, walking four abreast down a sidewalk, walking in the middle of the street, stopping a car in the middle of the street to speak with someone walking in the street, stopping a car in the middle of the street to talk with someone in another car also stopped in the middle of the street- in general, many uses of social space not intended by the white designers, and regarded as inappropriate and selfish by white cultural standards.

Blacks get away with this first by their childishness and playfulness- reprimanding children is something whites do reluctantly, although blacks don’t hesitate to harshly punish misbehaving children. One black will not be challenged because whites rely on general social pressure to enforce most rules, rarely confronting people directly. Two or more blacks will not be challenged, because blacks play off and reinforce each other, and challenging them will most certainly result in a loud, angry confrontation. Challenge three blacks and physical violence is almost probable.

Blacks in social space are in their kingdom, but every kingdom has borders that must be jealously protected. Surrender is frequently the strategy. Too many blacks, and whites leave. Blacks are the reason for the demise of the indoor mall. In the ghetto, authorities tolerate and accept this kind of behavior, because most of the residents are black and the community supports it.

Sometime however there will be some push back. As Sailer has reported, in some middle-class black Detroit suburbs, the residents have reacted negatively to the arrival of ghetto blacks and their norms. Because all parties are black in this case, it can be described as a culture clash, although the middle-class blacks moved to the suburbs precisely for a white social environment.

Sometimes blacks will rub up a little too hard against whites, and store manager, security guard, or perhaps even a police officer will ask or tell the black person to move, quiet down, or leave, and the black person will respond aggressively. The ability to intimidate whites is very important to all blacks, and they work in concert to maintain this. I suspect that in each situation, the goal of the black is to create as much pain for the white authority figure, without actually getting into legal trouble. The black may not want a ticket, a summons, or an arrest, but is not particularly afraid of these either. A confrontation with a white authority figure is a great experience for a black, gives him status and prestige with other blacks, and if he is arrested gives him even more. From a white logical standpoint, legal trouble is to be avoided whenever possible, but from the black standpoint, while it has personal costs, it also has personal benefits, and benefits blacks as a whole, by discouraging confrontation by whites, however justified.

This kind of simple enforcement of social norms by authority figures is what is constantly attacked by blacks and white progressives as evil, racist police harassment. But as I have shown, it is normal for this behavior to be tolerated in most instances. It is sometimes still necessary to tell people to not do things. Blacks will complain that the police don’t ticket whites for drinking beer on the sidewalk, but that’s because whites don’t drink beer on the sidewalk- they do it on their couch, in their backyard, or maybe on the front porch, but never on the sidewalk. Blacks could do the same, but they like the idea of making the public space of the sidewalk into their own personal space.

I wrote about this in detail some time ago about the Trayvon Martin case. I find myself repeating myself because of a few more recent news items, each itself completely unremarkable, but showing this pattern. My answer is the same now- make a habit of questioning and confronting blacks, if only by eye contact. Blacks need to broken of the habit of casually intimidating whites, if only by letting them know they are being watched. Any obnoxious or illegal behavior should be referred to the police or other authorities.

Blacks like to use the word “peace”, but peace to them means exactly the same thing it does to Moslems, which is submission. You can be at peace with a black if you submit to him, he of course the sole judge as to whether your submission is complete or sincere enough. It’s a losing game, so don’t submit at all.

 Bonus Deconstructing Leftism headline: "Trayvon Martin and the Chimpout- Question and Confront." Shame the Wayback Machine never got around to preserving the article, sounds like it would have been a good one.


Danger Bay

Hey do you remember the TV series Danger Bay? I know, I know, been a while hasn't it? The family-friendly Beachcombers knockoff was basically the Canadian TV version of "I know a guy with a speedboat let's make a movie".

Well good news everyone: all 123 episodes are available on YouTube. Here's the pilot (heh heh, seaplane pun):

Encore+ also has 41 episodes of Due South (Seasons 1 & 2 only, none of the "other Ray" episodes), that Ready or Not show (featuring the ever-bangable Laura Bertram back when she was only legal in Canada and her dyke friend who nobody ever wanted to bang), 11 episodes of Wayne & Shuster, and several of the (always overrated) Degrassi shows.


Nashville bombing

So which is the more significant weird datapoint?

Or that he "deeded" his property to a woman who claims not to even know him?

Or that the service outages began long after the bombing?

Do as they do, not as they say

If you've been watching many YouTube videos, you've been seeing this retarded commercial instead of what you actually wanted to see:

The question arises though: how did they film this without following their own irrational COVID restrictions?

They didn't, of course: unlike all the potato chip and car commercials that come with those "this was filmed before COVID and social distancing rules" disclaimers, this video obviously had to be made after they ordered the rest of us not to do things like this.

The parties depicted in these commercials, by the way, weren't legal under the last two "relaxed" lockdown rules either. So what we have is another case of "do as I say, not as I do".

Well piss on that. I won't be cancelling my house parties (we just finished having 18 people over the weekend before Christmas, a dozen confirmed for New Year's Eve), and won't be ending any visits to friends or getting together inside or out.

Never submit to their rules.

@NaheedD is a waste of your tax dollars

If this is how government healthcare workers funded by taxation theft treat the citizenry, privatize healthcare 100% and fire every last one of these pathetic Viro Fascists.

Even though apparently it will "save" his pathetic less-than-worthless life.


Calgary Police cunts win prestigious award

You've surely heard of the Calgary tasing incident by now...

“Get on the f*king ground! Right now! Get on the ground before I fucking Taser you. Right now,” the desperate CPS officer half shrieked, half begged, after her and her partner’s repeated attempts to knock over a young boy on skates to the ice.

It's part of a long list of out-of-control government agents drunk on the power useless rules and regulations ostensibly to "slow the curve" of Wuhan Flu.

Mark Steyn has been tracking these fairly steadily since the start of this nonsensical affair: he routinely has awarded "Brit Wanker Copper of the Day" awards, typically to the Metropolitan Police Force in London but often wandering to Liverpool or even the general United Kingdom like Ulster or Edinburgh. The whole Commonwealth has been "eligible" in this sense however: Australia has been a particularly rich source of the award as of late.

Part of this is due to the fact that, unlike Alberta, Australia and the UK have been under severe lockdowns for months with almost no reprieve. [extra points go to readers who notice that this doesn't seem to have spared them any COVID-19 spikes... -ed]

Well with the new unnecessarily draconian lockdowns, corrupt cops in Edmonton and apparently now also Calgary have a chance to get in on the action. On his December 22nd edition of the Mark Steyn Show, those two bitches in Cowtown have been awarded Brit Wanker Copper of the Day (starts at 8:43 of the embedded MP3):

Mostly this series is about wanker coppers from the Metropolitan Police in London and the other English constabularies and occasionally we wander over to the Scots Ulster and Welsh police and once and a while we expand to the broader Britannic world in the sense of Canada's Sir John A. MacDonald "a British subject I was born and a British subject I shall die" and Australia's Sir Robert Menzie's "I'm British to my bootstraps" so today we have Commonwealth wanker copper from the province of Alberta -- specifically the Calgary police which is the third largest municipal force in Canada after Toronto and Montreal -- they were formed in 1885 with a Chief and two Constables. They have rather more today which is why they were able to send a whole bunch of them around to break up a pick up hockey game outdoors. Many of you will have heard this clip but I want to get it in here on the record.

Lord Acton famously said "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely", and right now the state across North America, throughout Western Europe, in Australia and New Zealand, has absolute power over absolutely everything: whether you can leave your house, whether you can open your place of business, whether you can go to church, whether you can have your sister and her kids 'round for Christmas dinner or even for a quick eggnog and cookies in the back garden.

The politicians go on TV and talk tough about how this absolute power will be strictly enforced but the fellas who have to enforce it are just the usual mediocrities: bureaucrats and on the sharp end policemen. Absolute power for the best part of a year corrupts absolutely, and so you have a bunch of youths playing hockey outdoors on a chill night in Canada as Canadians have done for the entirety of our history and suddenly an out of control female constable is pointing a taser at the guy and F'ing and blinding across the night air. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

[audio of this clip]

Get on the F'ing ground right now, get on the ground before I F'ing taser you. A few years ago in my small town in New Hampshire the boys liked to play hockey on the frozen pond at night and according to the Board of Selectmen they weren't supposed to do that but boys like to do that and compared to almost anything else they like to do -- meth or heroin -- it's the better choice. But still the Select Board had passed their law so Al, my one-man police department and the perfect police chief used to let them have their fun...for a while. And at a certain point he would drive in and announce "ok boys you can go home now".

Yes yes I know a big city is not a small town in the hills of New Hampshire but I would fire that Calgary constable just for the f words for two reasons: first because it contributes to the general degradation of society and I don't see why taxpayers should pay for that, and second because the reason constables are armed and can point serious weaponry at you is to ensure that they don't degenerate into the generalized rage of uncontrolled shouting and swearing because that changes the calculus for the member of the public: he suddenly has to calculate whether this out of control copper is so out of control that she's going to kill him.

I'm speaking here of the Canadian and Commonwealth contexts -- not about America which for historical reasons has developed an entirely different approach to policing -- but this Constable knows these are guys just goofing around playing hockey. They're not dealing drugs, they're not holding up convenience stores, they're young people who lived these hideous shrunken COVID non-lives for almost a year now and they just like to get out on the ice in the open air and no serious risk to anyone. Here's the guy they wanted to tase: Ocean Wiesblatt talking to Keean Bexte of Rebel News:

[audio of this clip]

It is. The Calgary Police are politicized in all the usual dreary ways: earlier this year they all ostentatiously took a knee to abase themselves before BlackLivesMatter. That's not a small thing, that's corrupting too: because it indicates the Constabulatory no longer looks on the citizenry as the citizenry but as members of different identity groups (some of which they flatter and fawn on, and some of which are subjected to rougher treatment). But this isn't going to work for another year: youth suicide rates are skyrocketing during lockdown, and policing these absurd ever-changing rules with humanity would require a subtlety and sophistication that very few of our so-called public servants would be capable of. Furthermore the longer this goes on the more comfortable hitherto normal restrained bureaucrats become with the "get on the F'ing ground or I'll F'ing taser you" approach, because they have absolute power and absolutely absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So congrats to two useless cunts who deserve to be killed in the "line of duty". You enjoy your reward: you're two of the most despicable officers in the entire Commonwealth.

A tale of two police investigations

If you recall, a "May the Fourth" police takedown in Lethbridge was the topic of international attention and outrage a few months back. As I wrote at the time:

Somebody on the Lethbridge Police Service needs to be fired over this. There can be no wiggle room. A person currently on their payroll needs to be unemployed.

Who? Well that depended on what we learned this week: 

If the officers did not act appropriately within LPS policies and procedures the officers need to be fired.

If the officers did act appropriately within LPS policies and procedures than LPS Chief Scott Woods needs to be fired and a new police chief hired on the sole condition that these procedures be rewritten.

The verdict (as it is) is in: no criminal charges will be laid against the cops. 

The investigation, conducted by the Medicine Hat Police Service, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) and Alberta Crown Prosecution Service, was recently concluded with the findings being forwarded to the Lethbridge Police Service.

According to that investigation, the court is not proceeding with any criminal charges against any of the officers involved.

So is that the end of the story? Not entirely...

Now that the formal investigation into the incident is complete, a professional misconduct investigation, under the Police Act and Police Service Regulation, will proceed.

The LPS will provide no further comment on the incident until that investigation is over.

So there's still a small chance the cops themselves will suffer some negative consequence of this.

But hold on...there's another crime story that's a big deal this week...

ST. JOHN'S, N.L -- Ten correctional officers have been charged with crimes ranging from manslaughter to criminal negligence causing death in connection with the 2019 death of an Inuk man in a St. John's jail.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary announced the charges in a Tuesday news release that didn't include the officers' identities, when they were arrested or under what conditions they were released.

RNC Const. James Cadigan said in an interview that the correctional officers' identities will not be released until the charges are sworn in court, which he said must happen before Feb. 11, when the 10 officers are due before a judge. 

So let's get this straight: despite the fact that we don't even know yet if officers did anything, let alone whether they contributed to this Red Indian's death, charges are still being laid? And that we'll eventually learn their names, which Lethbridge police have yet to provide us about their misbehaving members?

How much do you want to bet that if Ashley were a nigger or an Injun that we'd be seeing a different outcome in Lethbridge?

Bonus dead Injun: Even at the "healing centres" they get to stay at due to systemic (anti-white) racism, they die at an expeditious rate.


"Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia."

With not one but two vaccines being unveiled (and several more -- official and unofficial -- on the horizon), the Wuhan Flu saga must be coming to a close, right?

All those onerous government restrictions will be going away soon, right? By Valentine's Day at the latest, surely.

They won't possibly invent some new even more dangerous super-enemy that we need to fight (same as in 2008 we knew the Left had to admit George W. Bush (pbuh) was the worst Republican President ever and there would never be a worse one)

I recall a 2008-era conservative column on this subject where the author (I think it was a he) half-jokingly remarked how the Left would automatically assume the next legitimate Republican Presidential candidate would be the worst ever... "even worse than Bush". I can't seem to find it however, so anybody who can throw in a comment that points me in that direction would be much-appreciated.

Oh, wait, what do we have here? "Deadly" and even more contagious COVID-19 strains have magically appeared in South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria.

How much do you want to bet that these new strains will magically be immune to the new vaccine(s) and mandate even more lockdowns forever?

If only somebody had predicted...oh right I did.

Merry Christmas



Remember every time the media pretends that Santa is a real person delivering toys, they're lying to you.

Now try to remember they also lie the rest of the time.

Wuhan Flu doesn't affect you if you're straight white and born after 1965

And no, this story doesn't discount that.

Note that this is such a big deal that it makes the national news. These cases aren't unheard of, but they are rare enough that it's a big enough story then and there. A psycho slant-eyed bastard ate people on a Greyhound bus a few years ago: it wasn't a sign of an asian cannibalism epidemic.

So whenever you see these stories, remember they're just another form of fake news.

Your wages were furloughed by how much this year, Navdeep?

The man who thinks that "corporate Canada" should look like a third world hellhole wants you to know "we're all in this together"...

Happy Christmas (Eve)

Melissa McGraw on "Bones"

On NCIS, one of the recurring fake food chains (the major one after CafePow) is "Beltway Burgers". The actual franchise of course doesn't exist (though a place of that name does exist in Houston).

Melissa McGraw, who had a recurring NCIS role as Diane (formerly Diane Gibbs), also guest starred on an episode of Bones (my Moms' favourite, which aired last night). "Beltway Burgers" was mentioned in that episode, and from what I can find online there's no further mention of the chain on the TV show. Was this an NCIS reference nobody else has caught?


Something ain't right here...

For those who remember in the computer game Deus Ex, where communist China by avoiding the Big Tech New World Order managed to stay freer than the west, this won't seem surprising:


Replicators on Deep Space Nine

 Ron Moore hated the replicator:

Replicators are the worst thing ever. Destroys storytelling all the time. They mean there’s no value to anything. Nothing has value in the universe if you can just replicate everything, so all that goes away. Nothing is unique; if you break something, you can just make another one. If something breaks on the ship, it’s “Oh, no big deal, Geordi [LaForge] can just go down to engineering and make another doozywhatsit.” Or they go to a planet and that planet needed something: “Oh, hey, let’s make them what they need!” [The writers room] just hated it and tried to forget about it as much as possible.

So if that's the case,why do they continue to use replicators on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where they have a good story reason to not use them? 

In "For the Cause" it is revealed the Federation has provided Bajor and planned to provide the Cardassians with industrial sized replicators. The assumption is that the Cardassians don't have replicator technology. That makes sense: the Federation's replicators are one of the 24th century "perfect communism" Roddenberry edicts. If the other powers don't have them it means that their economies still work in a traditional sense.

So when DS9 was first implemented in "Emissary" why did they give the station replicators? (I brought this up during my recent "Emissary" liveblogging event). If they had used food dispensers specifically then it puts Cardassian technology on-par with the TOS Entrprise which had a food dispenser in the transporter room. You still get to show people eating foods from around the universe but in a way that doesn't include the replicator. Starfleet could maybe install a couple food replicators in their areas but the general population is still using a lesser technology. This means that Quark's bar, Garak's tailor shop, the Bajoran Jumja stick vendor, etc. all make sense without additional suspenses of disbelief.

I understand that Moore wasn't even involved in the show at the time: his first teleplay for DS9 was "The Search" in the third season and his first actual story was "Defiant". However Robert Hewitt Wolfe was with the show from the beginning, and presumably he was part of the writers room that "hated it".

Well you had your chance to fix it. And you blew it.

Oh by the way while we're on the topic, in TNG Season 1 the holodeck was treated as this amazing invention that blew the minds of Picard and Riker and many other castmembers when they first used it. Holodecks use holographic and replication technology. In other words, shouldn't a Cardassian mining station emphatically not have them? The holosuites were originally considered to be brothels, and for much of the first two seasons DS9 didn't treat them as actual holodecks (I think "Blood Oath" was the first use of the inside of a holosuite). Wouldn't it have similarly made more sense for them to be more primitive than TNG holodecks, perhaps more closely resembling Star Wars or Diana Powers on the "Robocop" TV show?


Incels are national heros for not raping the bitches who reject them

Twitch has changed it's terms to no longer let people use "incel" as an insult.

It's ridiculous Big Tech censorship, of course. But there was always something interesting about people who insulted people by calling them an "incel".

"Incel" as an insult basically means "you should go rape instead".

The term "incel" of course means "involuntary celibate". The person isn't having sex not through a personal choice, but because he (and let's be honest, it's almost always a he) can't find a willing (female) partner.

So then somebody on the internet calling an incel an incel as an insult (say that three times fast) is essentially telling him that he should stop being an incel. He would do this by, presumably, having sex with a woman.

However "having sex with a woman" is what the incel has been trying to do. But no women want to do it with him. So the command "go have sex" is essentially "go rape a chick".

Like all Big Tech censors, Twitch shouldn't be in the business of restricting any words: from "incel" to "nigger" everything should be permitted, but it's also one that the pansy leftists who use the term probably should have shied away from in the first place.


Why is this video not two hours long?


@roundthebend58 - nobody benefits from having our physical lives stolen from us

Benefit? What benefit? Every single public sector employee is worthless, and therefore it doesn't benefit any private sector worker to have them exist. In fact worthless is being too generous: worthless implies their net value is zero, when in fact it's less than zero.

Let's take the leftist loser's favourite example: our public sector nurses. Let's say for the sake of argument that a public sector nurse's compensation is $100,000 (compensation of course factors in both wages and benefits). That is to say, she costs the taxpayer $100,000 annually.

Remember however that the nurses are part of a public sector union.

Most economists agree that public-sector unions' political power leads to more government spending. And recently, Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute documented how government unionism has abetted growth in public-sector compensation. Generally speaking, the public sector pays more than the private sector for jobs at the low end of the labor market, while the private sector pays more for jobs at the high end. For janitors and secretaries, for instance, the public sector offers an appreciably better deal than the private economy: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for the roughly 330,000 office clerks who work in government was almost $27,000 in 2005, while the 2.7 million in the private sector received an average pay of just under $23,000. Nationwide, among the 108,000 janitors who work in government, the average salary was $23,700; the average salary of the 2 million janitors working in the private sector, meanwhile, was $19,800.

For workers with advanced degrees, however, the public-sector pay scale is likely to be slightly below the private-sector benchmark. Private-sector economists, for instance, earn an average of $99,000 a year, compared to the $69,000 earned by their government colleagues. And accountants in the corporate world earn average annual salaries of $52,000, compared to $48,000 for their public-sector counterparts.

Not as easily captured is the comparable worth of those government workers who lack counterparts in the private sector, such as policemen, firefighters, and corrections officers. But that very monopoly status has given the union representatives of these workers enormous leverage, which they have converted into major gains. For example, in New York state, county police officers were paid an average salary of $121,000 a year in 2006. In that same year, according to the Boston Globe, 225 of the 2,338 Massachusetts State Police officers made more than the $140,535 annual salary earned by the state's governor. Four state troopers received more than $200,000, and 123 others were paid more than $150,000. While people whose jobs entail greater risk of life and limb certainly deserve higher pay, union power has clearly added a substantial premium.

When all jobs are considered, state and local public-sector workers today earn, on average, $14 more per hour in total compensation (wages and benefits) than their private-sector counterparts. The New York Times has reported that public-sector wages and benefits over the past decade have grown twice as fast as those in the private sector.

So they make a lot more money than the same job would pay in the private sector. In other words, in a world where Alberta totally privatized healthcare (see, the reasons in favour just keep growing!), the nurse wouldn't be making $100,000. She'd be making perhaps $84,000, which would more accurately reflect the actual real-world value that the nurse's labours provide to her employer (which at the moment is us). So already for every nurse in Alberta (and there are 26000 of them) the Alberta taxpayer is receiving $16,000 fewer in "benefits" than spent in taxes.

For the reasons behind this, see this classic Ann Coulter column

But that isn't the whole story! After all unlike the $84,000 which is being freely paid by customers who determined that the hospital is providing them real value for their money (the same way that the security guard at the bank is being paid for from the ATM fees), the money used to pay this nurse is sucked out of the economy by the government. That means the money is straight up lost. Of course, government being as inefficient as it is, to pay a nurse $100,000 actually costs the taxpayer far more: in 2000 a European study showed that the "input efficiency" for Canada (Alberta is presumably similar) is 0.75 and the "output efficiency" is 0.84. Remember too that even if Alberta has a better number, we also fund the other provinces via equalization. What that means is that Canada's economy could get the same level of government service if only 75% of the current level of taxation is applied. Now you also can see how I arrived at the $84,000 value above.

Therefore to pay the nurse our original $100,000, the Canadian government rips $133,333 from the Canadian economy. In other words, the economy loses almost $50,000 ($49,333) per nurse. If you take the Objectivist view it's even worse: the $133,000 is entirely lost from that perspective. That's a flat out $133,000 per nurse loss.

You can play this game with pretty much every other government employee. Privatize education and watch teachers and principals suddenly being paid the amount the market thinks they deserve and the economy isn't robbed of the extra money. Privatize police and fire departments and private security and fire prevention firms pick up the slack with less waste. Ditto roadways and tourism promotion and operating parks and campgrounds and yes even courts. By the time you're done the only truly public sector jobs left are the ones that involve the small number of government programs that cannot be privatized: you'll find it's a pretty small list. While there will of course still be a Legislature, it probably won't need 87 MLAs or 62 MLAs or perhaps even 25 MLAs.

On a federal government level there can similarly be a massive shedding of bureaucracy: maintaining a defensive standing army and border patrols can't cost that much, especially how the Liberals fund the military. You'll also find yourself thinking the number of MPs can be drastically reduced as well, not to mention a similar reduction in the size of their staffs.

Then we truly can benefit from "our tax dollars" in the only way possible: keeping them.


@patdubois - lockdowns and carbon taxes both hurt people without benefit

All I want for Christmas is for Pat Dubois to stop being a Viro Fascist.

After all, our "deadly" virus doesn't seriously impact anybody straight white and born after 1965. Nursing homes have remained the largest (and in many places almost sole) source of COVID deaths: if you're spry enough to be up and kicking and not fucking men up the ass, things will go pretty well for you.

Meanwhile our "contagious" virus is so virulent and unstoppable that Sweden has been trounced for "failing" in their Wuhan Flu response because it turns out that even without mass lockdowns the virus has failed to spread to enough of the population.

The analyzes for week 18 (a total of 1,104 analyzed samples) show, as expected, the largest proportion of positive antibody tests in Stockholm. A total of 7.3 percent of the blood samples collected from people in Stockholm were positive in the antibody test, which can be compared with a total of 4.2 percent in Skåne and 3.7 percent in Västra Götaland.

Viro Fascists like Dubois don't like convenient facts though. Here's another one, and it's actually a big one that deserves to be said loudly and often:

The economy is people.

The belief that Kenney is prioritizing "the economy" over "the lives of people" is a common refrain from retarded leftists online. It is, of course, a silly distinction. Take it away Dr. Samuelson and Dr. William D. Nordhaus:

Economics is the study of how societies use scarce resources to produce valuable commodities and distribute them among different people.

By extension of course an economy is just people producing and distributing goods and services. What's wrong with "prioritizing" that? We need goods and services. They are things we use to make our lives better: indeed if they didn't we wouldn't produce and distribute them.

Lockdowns, like carbon taxes, are government activities that reduce our abilities to produce and distribute the commodities we want and need to improve our lives. Do minor pandemics like the Wuhan Flu also reduce our ability to do this? Of course.

The problem, and this is where Viro Fascists like Dubois show either their idiocy or their evil (or both?), is that if we're going to take government action to minimize the impact on the economy of COVID then we need to make sure the cure isn't worse than the disease: namely that the cost of the measure doesn't exceed the cost of the measure combined with the cost of the concern leftover after the measure is applied.

If that last sentence confused you, it's of the formula:

Where a is the total cost to the economy, b is the cost of the measure (or cure) you are undertaking, c is the cost caused by the actual problem, and x is a descriptor of the measure being undertaken. For different actions x you take the value of b and c change: if you do nothing at all (no carbon tax, no lockdowns) the value of b will be zero. If your measure is 100% successful then the value of c will be zero. Helpful hint: your measure will never be 100% successful.

The goal is to minimize the value of a which means if the value of c is already low with no action taken, you'll be hard-pressed to find a measure that produces a small b and an even smaller c.

Which is where the carbon tax, of course, fails. The cost of "doing nothing to combat global warming" is itself small, and even worse the cost of carbon taxes are very high. They also don't actually reduce by much the costs incurred by global warming in a world with carbon taxes. So the way to minimize a is to do nothing. Here's a quick summary of that problem: b reduces c but not by enough that the sum is at all helped by the action:

Even before the most recent lockdowns, ATB predicted the Alberta economy to shrink by 7% in 2020 alone and not recovering until 2023. That means that the Alberta economy lost $23.39B in 2020 as a result of the (first) Wuhan Flu shutdown. Presuming an economic flatline, the economy will lose another $15.68B in 2021 and 2002. That means we're talking $39.07B loss to the economy caused by the first lockdown. Please remember we aren't counting the next 4 months of "2 weeks to flatten the curve" lockdowns in this.

But, as Viro Fascists like Pat Dubois will probably proclaim, what about the loss of life? He did talk about "fighting a deadly, contagious virus" after all. When the online retards who go nuts about "protecting people's lives", the assumption is a life is always more important than an economy (even though as we established the economy is life). It's not, though. And economics has figured this out.

In economics, the "Value of Life" is a way to evaluate public policies to see if the lives saved are "worth it". There's no clear answer about what this value of life is: the EPA in the United States calls the value $10M. In other words, if a program that costs the economy $30M (say $3M in administration and $27M in impact) saves 4 lives it's "worth" it but if it only saves 2 lives it's not "worth" it.

Similarly there's a Quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) that specifically is used for medical issues to factor in the number of years affected. Life-years-lost is another metric, to factor in that economic benefit to protect people with only a few years of life left already isn't a good use of limited resources. If you only have $100M dollars to spend and you can save 50 people in their 80s or 40 people in their 20s, spending your money on the latter is more effective (and Value of Life doesn't show this for example).

Let's just dumbly (and keep on Dubois's mental level) apply Value of Life to the Wuhan Flu. US$10M is CDN$12.8M. 39.07 billion divided by 12.8 million is 3052 people. Did Alberta's first shutdown save 3052 lives? Based on the fact that Kenney has already apologized for the models and projections from March being wrong, the answer is almost certainly no. Remember when they claimed 800,000 cases in their "most likely" scenario?

"From the beginning of the outbreak to the end of summer we could see as many as 800,000 infections, and between 400 and 3,100 deaths," Kenney said.

The early models claimed 3100 deaths, which still doesn't match a rough value-of-life calculation, and early models were complete garbage. More importantly, we can't even add total deaths, we can only add preventable deaths. As was previously discussed here in May, every COVID death you save in April is just somebody who can die from COVID in 2021. Delaying a death isn't preventing a death.

Let's not forget too who is dying from this. The current average age of Wuhan Flu deaths in Alberta is 83, which means that Value of Life (which requires all the people saved to be of median age) for each life isn't $12.8M and indeed might even be under $1M.  In that case we require over 400,000 lives to be saved by the (first) lockdown which is of course nonsense.

All I want for Christmas is for Pat Dubois to acknowledge how the first lockdown didn't achieve anything of value. Just like a carbon tax would.


RIP PrairieWrangler

 What did you do?

This comes, of course, in the wake of the famed Conservative Treehouse ban from WordPress for "unspecified" terms of service violations.

Prairie Wrangler, run by the enigmatic Olaf, apparently deleted his entire archive around September 2009 from what can be pieced together by looking back on the wayback machine. There was supposedly some sort of "cesspool of nonsense" controversy in December 2008 and some leftist named "Rayner":
On red tory’s attack site about liberal 4, you defended the right to free speech, for this I commend you, and may I add that in no way, did this site ever, posted anything about rayners marriage problems, this issue is a fabrication on rayners part to excuse the useless full page crap he wrote about some poor smo who wrote on our blog. True his english was not up to par for Rayners elitist attitude, but to attack someone just because he is french, was unforgivable, the best way to handle this type of situation is if one does not approve of this type of writing, then let it go, it is not worth the mess it has caused. We are waiting and hoping he even dares to sue anyone, which we both know he will not, he was offered a peace if he would delete this attack site which he did not, never the less we have learned a lesson from liblogs, no views other than the loonie left is allowed, if one dares to be centrist or center right of the liberal party, then one is attacked and blocked from that site, thanks to tory, cherniak and company. I wonder if the liberal party approves.

Note that based on the testimonials page of David Thompson "Olaf Raskolnikov" was active in 2011, but the wayback machine seems to disagree):

If you’re my kind of conservative, you should really be reading David Thompson (this post is a killer), who was pointed out to me, strangely enough, by none other than Canada’s favourite pinko, Dr Dawg.  (Olaf Raskolnikov, Prairie Wrangler.)  

It's worth noting that leftist blogger Scott Tribe was a fan and willing to put Prairie Wrangler on his ProgressiveBloggers roll. How you can have the support of this lunatic and still offend WordPress is an exercise for another day.


Ellen Page still exists

No I'm not talking about the actress, even though she still clearly exists: Ellen Page is a woman, will always be a woman, you know the drill. Being an evil dyke wasn't enough for her apparently, she had to go an extra level of sick delusions.

But I mean literally Ellen Page still exists. As in Ellen.Page the website which the nutty actress started in 2014 after joining Calgary embarrassments Tegan and Sara in their quest to legitimize their sick lifestyle choices.

Just like Bruce Jenner will always be the actual name of an actual man, Ellen Page will always be the actual name of an actual woman. Yes yes she wants to be called "he" and "Elliot" now, but as I noted before Snoop Dogg wanted to be known as Snoop Lion. You saw how long we stuck with that. As is so often the case, Spiked-Online's Brendan O'Neill explains it so well:

The disappearing of Ellen Page, and the demonisation of anyone who dares to mention that woman’s name, matters because it tells us a great deal about the increasing instability and elitism of identity politics. There are many reasons we should have a frank, legitimate discussion about Ellen Page rather than robotically repeating that she is now a he and that anyone who says otherwise is a moral reprobate. First, is it really the case that Page is male? A he? How can someone who doesn’t have male biology and who has had no male experiences – boyhood, male puberty, masculine impulses, being a brother, an uncle, a father – be a ‘he’? How does that work? Is it magic? Or have words like male, he, brother and father been so denuded of meaning thanks to the cult of genderfluidity that anyone can adopt them as their preferred identity? It is not prejudiced to ask these questions; it is reasonable, and important.

(it's not a perfect article of course: the next paragraph waxes on about how much of a shame it is dykes themselves are being eliminated by this process which shouldn't bother a normal person)

Kurn meanwhile has made a prediction about the Ellen Page saga...specifically that this is just a publicity ploy (since nobody has thought about Ellen Page the actress since 2014's X-Men Days of Future Past) and she'll be a she named Ellen again in the next few years.

Ellen Paige realized that lesbian wasn't enough to stay relevant... name change, but guarantee there's no other follow-through 

I'll go him one further: Ellen Page still needs what Ellen Page has always needed: a good dick inside her and let her be Juno in real life. Just another straight white chick from Halifax.

We'll give O'Neill the final word:

But what about us, the people who also inhabit this world? What about our recognition, springing from millennia of observation, that if you give birth you are a mother, not a father? What about our understanding that if you produce sperm and impregnate someone – as Bruce Jenner did – then you are a man, not a woman? What about our belief that using the word ‘he’ to refer to someone who is clearly a woman is odd? And our recognition that even if we agree to do it, we still don’t believe it; we still know it’s a dishonest performance we have been pressured into?

Do we matter? It seems not. The elitism of identitarianism is exposed in its commitment to overriding what society at large understands and believes, all those facts and customs we adhere to, and in its demand that we lie – that we say Caitlyn Jenner won a gold medal and that Ellen Page is male. Surely it’s time more of us stood up and said that, in their private lives, people can refer to themselves however they please, but in our public world, in the space we all share as citizens guided by knowledge, beliefs and traditions, truth matters; we matter. The cult of transgenderism isn’t liberation. All it does is allow individuals to ‘liberate’ themselves from reality while heaping pressure on the rest of us to deny the truth, to silence our own knowledge, to lie to ourselves and to others. That is the opposite of freedom. Sorry, Ellen.

Ezra Levant on Tucker Carlson

FYI, Ian Shugart isn't a household name. He should be. And here's what he looks like. Punch him when you see him in the street:


Third Edge of the Sword Fifteen Year Anniversary

If you can believe it, 15 years ago today Third Edge of the Sword was debuted upon the planet. For the ten year anniversary post, click here.

Since then we've explained murders, solved murders, exposed Liberal vaccination hypocrisy, reviewed hundreds of Fringe plays, examined police corruption (against white people), discussed a military force for an Independent Alberta, highlighted bipartisan 2016 election myths, explained different murders, and discovered that Red Indians are the ones letting their toddlers burn to death.

We've ridiculed Edmonton noise bylaws, ranked female tennis players using the only metric that makes sense, exposed the $3.1B Harper government lie, explained Wildrose suggesting polices the members voted for, deep dived into Wuhan Flu stats, countered the May "Nationale Patriots Day", revealed the territory the Wet Soup Tribe actually own, and watched President George W. Bush (pbuh) in Edmonton.

There have been liveblogs of Oilers games, baseball games,, provincial leadership debates,  Deep Space Nine episodes, Grey Cup games, and in-depth reviews of Corner Gas and Day Break. The perils of woke NuTrek, an ideal response to Whistler's mayor, and how to use the Second World War to determine soccer outcomes were all discussed. We've explored Eddie Murphy's involvement in Canadian politics, Republican presidents in Star Trek games, how drinking a double-double is costing you a Big Mac, coming up with memes to denounce the expanded long-form census, the Five Commandments of conservative protests, and defended the maligned chicken finger.

There have been riding-by-riding election endorsements, a shadow 2020 Alberta budget, game reviews during the 2006 Oilers playoff run, analysis of sodomite Mayor Nenshi's "big award", discovered the record-setting Edmonton Redbull Crushed Ice event, the sad-sack cap-era Oilers, and analyzed footage to determine the NHL assigned incorrect credit to a goal and cost RNH a hat trick.

There have been in-depth movie reviews of Star Trek Into Darkness, Toronto Film Festival's Thale, Peter Jackson's Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, two fun romp Halloween "horror" films, and Ugandan favourite Space Cop, with discussions of the music of the James Bond franchise, music from the second-highest grossing movie of 1977, how Redirected and The Force Awakens are basically the name movie, and two early 90s movies that looked nostalgically at the Cold War.

We've peeked at the world's hottest criminal, examined how Somalis are bringing their evils with them to Edmonton, compared the media treatment of two different classes of evil people who change their names, made an alternate commercial for David Suzuki showing up in your basement, did a little armchair psychology to explain an Alberta election confrontation, asked why the City of Edmonton is so inconsistent about trains and transportation policy, and of course evaluated all 94 TRC recommendations and explained why all of them are garbage.

We've analyzed what that Einstein quote on your cubicle wall says about you, counted all the years a song called "9 to 5" was top of the charts, tried and failed to buy a locally sourced burger on a Sunday, examined the loss of iconic Whyte Avenue locations, told a hilariously true story about Taylor Hall vs. Jason Strudwick on Whyte Avenue, and looked at sexy girls on Whyte Avenue

Ever notice that the NHL is hurt by Liberals lowering the value of the Canadian dollar? Have you wondered why the 2019 Red Deer Walmart shooting took place? Ever considered trading your S10 for an S10? Can you think of a good reason Red Indians but not Egyptians can be victimized by your Halloween costume? Does your local station still play Christmas music on Boxing Day? Were you disgusted by Bill 6? Do the factual errors in Canadian rap songs bother you?

Over the past fifteen years and 3000 posts, Third Edge of the Sword has been fulfilling its earliest mission statement:

Understanding, Ambassador Kosh once said: was a three-edged sword... your side, their side, and the truth. As a conservative I've often noticed that there were always two sides: the socialist side and the quoted-in-papers conservative side. I always thought that the first was awfully wrong, and the second just plain wimpy. So my side, which I've found to be synonymous with the truth extraordinarily often, was the third side to which Kosh spoke.

 See you in another 15 years (and perhaps another 3000 times in between)!


FACLC buys a fridge

Editor's Note: this post was supposed to go up on this date in 2015 but got caught up in Draft status and did not publish. So instead here's the "the boss bought a fridge" story a mere 5 years late.

So, I now have a new fridge.

It showed up about a week ago, the result of...well, I remembered something about this tweet from August:

So it turns out that was a problem. The freezer door didn't close particularly well, and a couple weekends back I returned from a good night out on Whyte Ave to discover that my fridge was running, but no longer keeping things cold. It came when it was time to pull out some chicken from the freezer, and it was already thawed out. This caused a bit of a problem.

The next problem came because it turns out my cabinets were built to accommodate a fridge size which apparently isn't any longer available. You see, fridges have become these super-wide and relatively short behemoths. Ridiculously wide French doors. Ice makers. Water dispensers. Various types of crispers which don't matter to a person whose only refrigerated vegetables are jalapenos and onions. My cabinets aren't wide enough to fit a lot of the super-big fridges, so instead I had to get a narrow enough one to not necessitate a full kitchen renovation. Which came with the next problem: apparently despite the continued (vertical) growth of people (the horizontal growth is not relevant) our refrigerators have somehow been shrinking: my old fridge went right within a 1/4" of the cabinet above it: all the newer ones of the correct horizontal dimensions sit a solid 2.5-5" below it depending on the model.

So joyously, the new fridge is less capable than the old fridge. On the bright side, when you order a new fridge for a small fee they will take away your old fridge. Neat, right? Only problem is of course you have to be there at the same time as they are. So I book the appointment for a weekday (weekends are of course booked well into 2016) and then leave for work so I can get there at 11:15am: the window for delivery I picked was 11:30am to 2pm. So I don't think anything of it when I see a delivery truck with the same company name as the store I bought it from driving past me around 11:09am as I'm approaching home. Of course, when I see I got a call from Private Number at about 11:03am I get a little suspicious...check the voicemail and yep, they attempted delivery and will have to rebook. I phone back and yell at them over the phone for a bit (pointing out they didn't wait until 11:31 even) and they finally came back. Of course now they do the bare minimum: they deliver the fridge to the front door and take the old fridge once I wrangle it out the front door but bringing it in isn't part of their job description.

Seriously who needs the two crispers?

End result though is I finally did get my fridge. I just wonder why it always sounds like the motor is running...