Ellen Page still exists

No I'm not talking about the actress, even though she still clearly exists: Ellen Page is a woman, will always be a woman, you know the drill. Being an evil dyke wasn't enough for her apparently, she had to go an extra level of sick delusions.

But I mean literally Ellen Page still exists. As in Ellen.Page the website which the nutty actress started in 2014 after joining Calgary embarrassments Tegan and Sara in their quest to legitimize their sick lifestyle choices.

Just like Bruce Jenner will always be the actual name of an actual man, Ellen Page will always be the actual name of an actual woman. Yes yes she wants to be called "he" and "Elliot" now, but as I noted before Snoop Dogg wanted to be known as Snoop Lion. You saw how long we stuck with that. As is so often the case, Spiked-Online's Brendan O'Neill explains it so well:

The disappearing of Ellen Page, and the demonisation of anyone who dares to mention that woman’s name, matters because it tells us a great deal about the increasing instability and elitism of identity politics. There are many reasons we should have a frank, legitimate discussion about Ellen Page rather than robotically repeating that she is now a he and that anyone who says otherwise is a moral reprobate. First, is it really the case that Page is male? A he? How can someone who doesn’t have male biology and who has had no male experiences – boyhood, male puberty, masculine impulses, being a brother, an uncle, a father – be a ‘he’? How does that work? Is it magic? Or have words like male, he, brother and father been so denuded of meaning thanks to the cult of genderfluidity that anyone can adopt them as their preferred identity? It is not prejudiced to ask these questions; it is reasonable, and important.

(it's not a perfect article of course: the next paragraph waxes on about how much of a shame it is dykes themselves are being eliminated by this process which shouldn't bother a normal person)

Kurn meanwhile has made a prediction about the Ellen Page saga...specifically that this is just a publicity ploy (since nobody has thought about Ellen Page the actress since 2014's X-Men Days of Future Past) and she'll be a she named Ellen again in the next few years.

Ellen Paige realized that lesbian wasn't enough to stay relevant... name change, but guarantee there's no other follow-through 

I'll go him one further: Ellen Page still needs what Ellen Page has always needed: a good dick inside her and let her be Juno in real life. Just another straight white chick from Halifax.

We'll give O'Neill the final word:

But what about us, the people who also inhabit this world? What about our recognition, springing from millennia of observation, that if you give birth you are a mother, not a father? What about our understanding that if you produce sperm and impregnate someone – as Bruce Jenner did – then you are a man, not a woman? What about our belief that using the word ‘he’ to refer to someone who is clearly a woman is odd? And our recognition that even if we agree to do it, we still don’t believe it; we still know it’s a dishonest performance we have been pressured into?

Do we matter? It seems not. The elitism of identitarianism is exposed in its commitment to overriding what society at large understands and believes, all those facts and customs we adhere to, and in its demand that we lie – that we say Caitlyn Jenner won a gold medal and that Ellen Page is male. Surely it’s time more of us stood up and said that, in their private lives, people can refer to themselves however they please, but in our public world, in the space we all share as citizens guided by knowledge, beliefs and traditions, truth matters; we matter. The cult of transgenderism isn’t liberation. All it does is allow individuals to ‘liberate’ themselves from reality while heaping pressure on the rest of us to deny the truth, to silence our own knowledge, to lie to ourselves and to others. That is the opposite of freedom. Sorry, Ellen.