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Also making news today is this story out of the Edmonton Journal.

Teen's killer a mystery:
Father of slain youth angry none of those convicted admitted to fatal blow

EDMONTON - Kelly Rolston will never know which of five teens wielded the weapon that killed his son Shane at a Sherwood Park house party.

The final teen charged with first-degree murder in the case pleaded guilty Wednesday to being a party to the offence of manslaughter.

Another teen, Christopher Griffiths, pleaded guilty in October to being a party to manslaughter.

Three others -- Justin Bridges, Jonathan Giourmetakis and Josiah Lawson --pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon against Shane Rolston and two of his friends at the party.

But none of their pleas indicate who delivered the single blow that killed the 17-year-old on Nov. 19, 2005.

"We were told right from the beginning this was a rock-solid case. Now we're pleading down?" Kelly Rolston said after court, shaking his head.

"Not one has confessed to actually doing it," said his partner, Shelley Reason. "They don't have to actually admit to doing anything. It's nuts. Our justice system has to change."

After the youth's court appearance, Crown prosecutor Greg Marchant said there is "no evidence" that establishes who struck the blow that killed Rolston.

The fifth teen was charged as a youth because the killing happened one day before his 18th birthday; he pleaded guilty in youth court.
This one just speaks for itself.