How much different would a Jim Dinning cabinet be?

- Lloyd Snelgrove: president of Treasury Board, Service Alberta;
- Doug Horner: advanced education and technology;
- Iris Evans: employment, immigration and industry;
- Mel Knight: energy;
- Dave Hancock: health, government house leader;
- Ray Danyluk: municipal affairs and housing;
- Ron Liepert: education;
- Janis Tarchuk: children's services;
- Rob Renner: environment;
- George Groeneveld; agriculture;
- Lyle Oberg: finance;
- Luke Ouellette: infrastructure and transportation;
- Ron Stevens: justice;
- Greg Melchin: seniors and community supports;
- Guy Boutilier: international, intergovernmental and aboriginal relations;
- Ted Morton: sustainable resource development;
- Fred Lindsay: solicitor general and public security;
- Hector Goudreau: tourism, parks, recreation and culture

Suprising that Ouellette, who was being rumoured for a big push to finance in thanks for being the first MLA to support Stelmach (prior to the first ballot), ended up barely bumping up to infrastructure from his government efficiency post. With Stelmach's dual concern over government efficiency and improving infrastructure, this can't be considered anything but a lateral move.

Also surprising that Ted Morton, who's voters secured Stelmach's job, and who represents some 45,000 voters who most certainly won't go to the Liberals or NDP unless Morton himself leads them, gets the do-nothing "sustainable resource" portfolio (ie. everything but oil and agriculture and tourism -- you know, the big 3). Meanwhile Lyle Oberg, generally regarded by all but his 12,000 voters (and possibly some of them as well) as batshit crazy, ends up the finance minister. Iris Evans falls slightly to employment and immigration [only an important portfolio under Morton and his Alberta Immigration Strategy -ed], while Red Dave Hancock gets the health ministry and is now Government House Leader. Is this any different than Jim Dinning would have made his job? Maybe Hancock would have been treasurer. Is this all we accomplished by putting that coward Stelmach in charge? Hancock only in charge of one third of the government instead of half?


Anonymous said...

your 'coward' remarks are assinine. sword's with three edges don't work.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

But am I wrong?