Things I learned today by reading graphics on other blogs

First off, Dust My Broom contains a sign courtesy Blogging Tories signifying how many days Harper has been in office. Today's number? 300. Nice work there Stephen. There is a difference of opinion, I might as well mention now, about Dion. Some argue he's going to hand a majority government to Harper (I call this the Sullivan School of Thought). Many others though, myself included, have quickly concluded that Dion will take the Liberals to either a minority or majority government in the next election. I just don't see Ontario passing up the opportunity to elect another Quebeker with the English skills of a Chinaman.

The other handy graphic comes courtesy of ABFreedom's blog where a new graphic (courtesy of FreeAlberta.com) shows how much money Ottawa has stolen from Alberta so far this year. With a little under one month to go, the current counter reads $10,286,425,951. Ouch! And you wonder why I say that Dion's win and Morton's loss is a bad combination!


ABFreedom said...

"And you wonder why I say that Dion's win and Morton's loss is a bad combination!"

That's kind of an understatement, and your probably right about the election results. Time to get ready for a rough ride.

P.S. Thanks for the link.....