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I've posted a comment to this post by One Woman Army. In case it gets deleted, I thought I'd share it here. This makes more sense if you read her post.

Before I quote what I did write, I apologize for not including what I wished I'd thought to say as I hit "submit", about the comment that I’ve talked before about the cuts to Status of Women Canada. $5 million dollars. That a whole 40% of its operating budget. Namely, I see your 40%, and raise you 60!

women with post-secondary degrees earn 68.9% of what their male counterparts do
Taking into account hours worked, levels of seniority, maturnity leave, etc. etc.?

Canada ranks 38th in the world in the wage gap. Who’s more equal than Canada? Cambodia, Kenya, Czech Republic, and over 30 others!
Fun fact. 68.9% of nothing is still nothing. A wage gap is merely a measure of economic success.

1 in 5 Canadian women live in poverty
1 in 5 Canadian men live in poverty. Roughly 1 in 5 Canadian children live in poverty. Poverty by many organizations is defined as the lowest 20% of all wage earners. This belongs in the "Woman can't do math" department rather than political analysis being done by the adults.

- half of all Canadian women have been sexually or physically assaulted.
- 29% of Canadian women have been assaulted by a spouse

Seeing as how assault is now including "emotional" assault, this isn't really all that high. And if we use the same definition of assult both ways, what percentage of Canadian husbands are at risk? Also, does this mean that a woman is safer with her husband than being single and hitting the bars? We should get right on encouraging all woman to get married.

half of all single, widowed, and divorced women over 65 live in poverty
So the same government that brought you the CPP should be given more influence on the "poor old grandmother" file?

in Canada, women make up 50.4% of the population, but only 20.8 of the seats in the House of Common.
So if the Christian Heritage Party runs an all-female slate next election, will chick-sensitive parties like the Libs and Dippers have all of their male candidates in those ridings drop out of the race? That would certainly increase the number of women candidates for those parties that care about such nonsense. There are no more women MPs because nobody wants the individual women who are running in any position of power. Simple as that.

the average income for Canadian men: $36,865. The average income for Canadian women: $22,885
I guess in the interest of children Harper should change some laws tomorrow. The first I nominate is that fathers without violent criminal histories should universally be given custody preference in divorce cases. If we can't change the numbers, at least we can do whats right for our children. Women are in favour of that, right? This isn't some lame attempt to steal other peoples money and gain power beyond what is deserved, is it?