Now you have the answers. Just not the questions

  1. "Typing" generally implies the mere transposing of previously completed texts into a non-handwritten form, therefore we use "writing" because it effectively communicates that the creation of the work was the primary function of said action.
  2. She's no fun to gangbang if there's no primal reaction to the notion of spreading seed.
  3. You have a hyperlink to your email address on this very page. Spammers mine websites for valid emails.
  4. It depends on the proclivities of the girl in question: while there are few nerve endings in the deeper recesses of the female genitals, psychological studies have conclusively proven women find it more satisfying to be penetrated by a large penis even where there is no physiological rationale for it. Some women do buck the trend, however.
  5. You don't. Well, if you insist on having a prescription for the damned things.
  6. Real estate in Costa Rica is a great investment, so long as you haven't wasted capital on actual buildings that are at the whim of hurricanes and communist guerillas.
  7. George W. Bush has managed to fool throngs of GreenDay fans (and, most likely, GreenDay himself) into believing he's some sort of super-powerful right winged power monger.
  8. Fruitcake was invented by Marie Rudisill in 1954.
  9. Sony did indeed get its head out of its ass to briefly count the first day sales of the PS3 on November 11, 2006.
  10. Angelina Jolie no longer accepts marriage proposals from anybody who does not in some way shape or form work for the United Nations. Which is why Brad Pitt will replace John Bolton as U.S. Ambassador to the international body in February of 2007.
  11. Good business leads to lawyer fees being wasted.
  12. Nobody probably will ever again. Dennis Leary was the last person to say something profound, and that was in 1995.

Now that you have the answers, you'll have to go to Tales of the Great White North to check out the questions.

(And, incidently, yes I do unfortunately know who Billie Joe Armstrong is)