I wish to announce I am dropping out of the Liberal leadership race

(This was posted December 2 at 4:16pm)

Please throw your votes that were for me behind...hey, wait...there were no votes for me, I'm not even running [that means people who guessed that Feynman and Coulter's Love Child was actually Joe Volpe lose the office pool -ed].

Of course, this isn't stopping anybody else from doing this same sort of nonsense. "Fifth place finisher Ken Dryden took 4 percent and has dropped out of the third ballot to throw his support behind second-place Bob Rae." Then again come the results of the third ballot and we learn ""I am disappointed that Bob dropped out," Sheila Lynne McKay, 69, of Edmonton said. "I wanted the world to be impressed with a Canadian leader who looks after both our domestic issues and international reputation. I thought Bob was the one to do it," she said."

Something in all of this may strike you as odd. Well, you're right. None of these men (Dryden/Kennedy after the second ballot, Rae after the third) dropped out...they failed to make a high enough showing and were booted off the ballot.

LIEberals can't even keep from pulling the spin doctor routine on their own leadership convention. Isn't that an awfully good argument (as if there weren't enough already) to ensure that they never again assume the reigns of power?