@mrobmused @sjdemas - Viro Fascism replaced the straight arm salute with ditto marks around fundamental human rights

Both of the two women in these tweets above are outright lying. Why is it the Viro Fascist urge to make stuff up?

Was there much evidence that "voluntary compliance" was going to be insufficient at achieving Michigan's public health goals? That's what "we can't afford to expect voluntary compliance" implies, of course: that the cost of "voluntary compliance" was so high versus the (free, in the retarded brains of these chicks) cost of "mandatory compliance".

That there was no evidence of these ridiculous claims in April 2020, or April 2021, or now in July 2021 doesn't deter them of course. Viro Fascists like Sue Demas and Michelle Robinson aren't interested in weighing the pros and cons of various public policy initiatives. They just insist on controlling your life, and are using Chairman Xi's ineffective bioweapon as their excuse to do it.

Which is why the deceit comes baked into the tin. After all, Michelle is part of this "putting quote marks around human rights makes the rights disappear" crowd. Freedom of association is flat out a fundamental human right, as it's a logical corollary from the only real human right: the right to own property. As a result, you have the right to join a sports group with other people interested in freely joining this sports group, and you have the right to assemble on property you have agreed to be permitted on to play them. Governments flat out do not have the right in free society to stop you.

I understand most readers at this point wonder why I'm even bringing this up. This is all basic stuff.

Except for Viro Fascists. They are either too retarded or too evil to agree. Guess which category the two bitches tweeting up top fall into?


Ideas for a (future) rainy weekend

Spend eight hours by watching a double feature of two four-hour movies:

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League (I never watched the theatrical cut)
  • Gone With the Wind

"Now the last thing I wanted was to get in a fight / In Jackson Mississippi on a Saturday night"

Robert Hampton contributes to the ongoing AmRen series about white flight in American cities by discussing the city named after the honourable Andrew Jackson.

Jackson, Mississippi, is no place for the white man — or for its namesake. Last year, its city council voted to remove the Andrew Jackson statue outside City Hall. There was only one vote against, from the council’s lone (white) Republican. Five blacks and a white Democrat woman voted to dump Old Hickory. Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba celebrated the decision as a victory for blacks.
It's worth noting, by the way, that the notion that President Jackson was a man worthy of praise was a mainstream opinion a scant fifteen years ago. Just look at the Pirate-o-pedia entry for Jean Laffite from the 2004 remake of the Sid Meier's classic:

Hampton outlines the problem...
Businesses have been leaving for years. A local news article from 2003 lamented: “Downtown Jackson was once booming with business, but over the years businesses have slowly left. Today, there is only a skeleton of what once was.” That problem only gotten worse. Unlike most Southern cities, Jackson’s population has declined by more than 40,000 since 1980 and is now 155,000.

Jackson’s last movie theater closed in the late 1990s, so you can’t watch a first-run movie anywhere. Sixty years earlier, when the city covered only one-third the land area it does today, it had a dozen movie theaters. This cinema desert has been the subject of academic research.

Crime and terrible schools explain some of the decline. Last month, a city councilman called for the National Guard to patrol the city. In 2020, the city had a record 128 murders. That gave it the second highest rate in the nation at 80 per 100,000 residents (St. Louis is number one at 88 per 100,000). Jackson is set to break its 2020 record this year, with murders up 38 percent over the same period last year. Only two percent of murder cases since May 2018 have gone to trial, and fewer than half of the murders this year have resulted in an arrest.

The schools are a mess. Jackson Public Schools typically get an “F” or “D” from the state and they barely avoided a state takeover in 2018. A report from that time found that only 20 percent of students were proficient in reading and writing and only 18 percent were proficient in math. Funding is not the problem; enrollment is falling and yet the budget remains the same.
You don't have to be a genius to guess at the cause:
Jackson wasn’t always like this. This 1961 documentary on the city’s battle with segregation shows what it once was. White couples walked the streets and business thrived. Jackson was a nice place to live — and watch a movie.

In 1960, it was 64 percent white. Today, it’s only 16 percent white.


@noamb424 - Right, it's only illegal when we do it

Maxime Waters is a domestic terrorist and Mr. Court is guilty of criminally conspiring with domestic terrorists. He should be locked into solitary for a year.


Downgrading Dodin

I must apologize.

As you know, I routinely cover the WTA and rank the players by the only scale that matters: their physical attractiveness. As you also know, I haven't been free to watch as many matches as I would like recently due to the time of day. Weekends, typically tennis catchup days, have been lost to late starts to the morning following the reopening of Alberta bars.

So as a result, until yesterday I hadn't gotten a good look at Océane Dodin in a while, and had given her a 9.5 ranking. In fairness, this seemed like a good idea at the time.

But then I saw her moustache.

She was playing a close match against Romania's Elena-Gabriela Ruse in Palermo and had her on the ropes in the later half of the second set. Ruse squeaked out a win in that set and then dominated in the third to win a 3hr contest 6-7, 7-6,6-1. During the break between the second and third sets we got a good look at Dodin and there it was...

One you see it you can't un-see it: believe me I tried.

As a result of this look at what she looks like live and in person, I have no choice but to downgrade France's Océane Dodin to 8/10 until we can resolve the whole facial hair issue.

Alberta Sports Museum celebrates the 'sport' of anally raping underage children

And one of the child rapist faggots (who, remember, are 100% of the pillow biting community) was anxious to celebrate it.

32nd Palermo Ladies Open Final liveblog

The BNP Paribas Poland Open is just winding down, and the 32nd Palermo Ladies Open Final is about to begin. Liveblog of the latter is below the pagebreak.

We started the day off by watching the BNP Poland Open Final (because I was busy making breakfast I couldn't liveblog it), where Maryna Zanevska (9/10) faced off against Kristina Kucova (7/10). Kucova took an early lead in both the first and second sets, but Zanevska came back from a 4-0 deficit to win the first set 6-4, and then from a 3-0 deficit to ultimately go up 6-5. Four attempted Championship Points later, we ended in a tiebreaker where it was touch and go until the 3-3 point when Kucova's shots started going long and Zanevska won the tiebreak 7-3. Special thanks go to the cameraman who quickly realized that Zanevska's low cut top was easy to see down when waiting to return serve, and positioned the lens accordingly.

Gamergate 0.8 (beta release)

My apologies for the title, by the way...because the key thing about the rise of legendary game programmer Roberta Williams is that she was a woman and back then nobody really got too worked up about it. There was no BS about "representation" and that sort of nonsense. She just got to work making amazing games that people loved.

Obviously, selling the company was the absolute worst thing that could have happened. I think my logic in selling was right. I am convinced I made the right decision based on what I knew at the time, but it destroyed the company. I think of it as like someone who gets killed by crossing an intersection when someone runs a red light. It was impossible to know that the guy coming at you wasn’t going to stop. Maybe there were little signs that with 20/20 hindsight could have been seen, but more likely you wind up in a bad collision and it is a sad thing. Perhaps you should have taken a different route that day? Sometimes bad things happen and there isn’t much you can do about it. But, of course, if I could go back and not sell the company, I would happily do so.


Did Ron Moore invent "okay boomer"?

You've probably heard "okay boomer" from the know-nothing generation who can't even properly define the term (in a minor example, the Mike Stoklasa-William Shatner "boomer fight" is between a Greatest Generation member and Gen-X). It's the same vein as "cool story, bro" which by the way they hate having used against them.

You might also know Boomer as a character on Battlestar Galactica. In the original series, he was the black guy with the...well, booming...voice. In the remake, the character was now a woman, and an asian, and ultimately a Cylon (warning: the proceeding is a spoiler), played by Grace Park (no relation to Linda, and a member of the infamous NXIVM cult that was a major thing in the Canadian media landscape a few years ago which I could have sworn I had written about but I guess not).

That remake, helmed by former Deep Space Nine writer Ronald D. Moore (last seen  'round these parts missing a golden opportunity to retcon replicators), ran in the early to mid-2000s. This interview from 2003, just before Battlestar Galactica's remake would air, featured the following exchange:

IGNFF: What was the dynamic you were looking for in that?

MOORE: It started from the relationship between that character and the chief mechanic & the crew chief, Tyrol. At first Boomer was a man, in my head, and the crew chief was going to be a woman, and there was something about the power relationship that I didn't want to play that's it's the officer man and the enlisted woman. It just felt too boss and secretary. That's a caricature, because it's obviously not, but I wanted it to be a forbidden romance. I wanted it to be something that two people were doing outside the norms, and that would give us sort of, "Why don't officers and enlisted mix? What are the problems with having men and women in the military, serving together?" I wanted that relationship to deliver that, and I thought it was more unusual to give the woman the senior role and the man the supporting role. And then I just called her Boomer because why not? There was a Boomer character, and I didn't have a role for another pilot so "Okay, Boomer."
Wait...did Ron Moore create the term? Admittedly the context was different (apparently 2009 was the first "dismissing a more experienced person sharing their experience" use), but it certainly is a shock to see somebody in 2003 casually drop "okay boomer" into a conversation as a linguistic shortcut.

@TysonMastel - Kenney was just ahead of the curve in social distancing

As I've noted a few times before, the Wuhan Flu lockdown taught us that when faggots started spreading AIDS (or more accurately when we realized faggots were spreading AIDS, the sodomites themselves knew about it a half-decade earlier but like all evil folk tried to cover it up) the solution was social distancing.

That means pederasts like Tyson Mastel being kept from their underage boyfriends, even as one or both were infected with a deadly diseae. Yes, even when they're in hospitals. Again, the past year should remind you how normal Kenney's comments really were.

It's for your own good you retarded fudge packer. This is the world you've demanded, now live in it.


It all started when they misgendered Gerald Ford

America's newly woke military can't figure out how to win a war despite money being no object...you think this might have something to do with the fact that they can't bring a warship up to snuff in less time than almost every war in (modern-ish) history has taken?

In a presentation recorded for August’s Sea Air Space exposition, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday said adding 23 new features to the Ford was a “mistake” the Navy can’t afford to repeat. Gilday said he needs to take “a much more deliberate approach with respect to introducing new technologies to any platform”—preferably one that only introduces up to two technologies per ship and thoroughly tests them on land first.

The USS Ford is the inaugural ship in the Ford-class aircraft carriers, the first new class of aircraft carriers in 40 years. The Navy was eager to cram new tech into the Ford, including a new search radar, electromagnetically powered aircraft catapults to replace traditionally steam-powered catapults, a new aircraft recovery system, and 11 electromagnetically powered elevators designed to shuttle bombs and missiles from the ship’s magazine to waiting aircraft.

But technical problems with the new features led to $2.8 billion in cost overruns and delays, resulting in a total ship cost of $13 billion—not including the actual planes on the carrier.

So the United States military, which maintains its edge due to advanced technology, can't possibly bring advanced technology into service within a decade? Do they not understand what the advanced in advanced technology entails?


WTA 250 (hotties)

There have been two WTA 250 events going on this week: the BNP Paribas Poland Open, and the 32nd Palermo Ladies Open. As is typical of these European tournaments the matches all take place while Albertans are either working or sleeping, but here's a brief summary of the past couple days of action.

On Tuesday in Italy we got to see Ukrainian cutie Katarina Zavatska (9/10) defeat Lizette Cabrera (7.5/10) in straight sets, big-titted local wonder Lucia Bronzetti (7.5/10) took down all-legs (and a tad of badonkadonk) in the form of Bulgaria's Viktoriya Tomova (8.5/10), and Luxembourg's sex bomb Mandy Minella (9.5/10) was crushed by Elena-Gabriela Ruse (8/10). By "we see" of course, we didn't get to see. Valeria Savinykh (8.5/10) lost to American Francesca Di Lorenzo (7.5/10) and her exquisitely shaped ass, the Amazonian Serb Olga Danilović (8/10) needed three sets to defeat pudgy but attainable Kamilla Rakhimova (7/10), Shuai Zhang (6.5/10) defeated Cristina Bucșa (7/10), Danielle Collins (9/10) survived her battle against German butterface Katharina Gerlach (6.5/10), and Lucrezia Stefanini (9/10) lost to the Singaporean from Perth, Astra Schwarma...er, I mean...Sharma (7.5/10).

Also on Tuesday up the road in Poland "we saw" the most American named American ever (Varvara Lepchenko, 7.5/10) defeated Marina Melnikova (7/10) after losing the first set, Aliaksandra Sasnovich (8/10) similarly had to win the last two sets to dispatch Weronika Baszak (6.5/10), Ekaterine Gorgodze (6.5/10) also had to win both after losing the first to "innocent" Russian honeytrap Anastasia Zakharova (8/10), and in the "homely versus ugly" match ugly (Irina-Camelia Begu, 6/10) defeated homely (Ysaline Bonaventure, 7/10) handily in straight sets. On the flip side of the coin Spain's Nuria Parrizas Diaz (9/10) beat cute-but-awkward Magdalena Frech (8.5/10) in her own land, Germany's cutest player Tamara Korpatsch (7.5/10) beat Olga Govortsova (8.5/10), Katarzyna Kawa (7.5/10) beat Tereza Mrdeza (7/10) in three sets, and finally Amina Anshba (9/10) beat Harmony Tan (6.5/10) in straight sets, removing not-Rosalind-Chao from the action.

On Wednesday Poland also saw Varvara Gracheva (7.5/10) take the second set but not the other two in a close match against the ever-adorable Viktória Kužmová (8/10), Jamie Loeb (8.5/10) was humiliated by Belgian bombshell Maryna Zanevska (9/10), Anna Karolina Schmiedlova (8/10) and her legs that neve quit squeaked out a narrow second set win and little else against Anna Bondár (7/0), and Tamara Korpatsch played again and another, better Weronika -- Weronika Falkowska (8/10) also lost in the process. The day ended off less than perfect, with Kristina Kucova (7/10) defeating Romanian Irina Bara (8/10).

Palmero action on Wednesday started off with Elena-Gabriela Ruse winning a walkover against Swiss angel Jil Teichmann (9/10) and depriving us of a gorgeous matchup. On the bright side we [that "we" again, from a person who was nose-deep in spreadsheets while this matchup took place... -ed] got to see France's pride Océane Dodin (9.5/10) take on Vitalia Diatchenko (9.5/10) where the Russian hottie ended up going home, Lucia Bronzetti beat the girl Thok Mok described as "a chunky chinky" Grace Min (6/10), another unpleasant asian in Qinwen Zheng (5.5/10) lost to Romania's Jaqueline Cristian (8.5/10).

Today in Italy, Sharma took down a hotter girl a second time by winning straight sets against Natalia Vikhlyantseva (8.5/10), Danilović powered through two close sets to defeat Zavatska, Zhang barely broke a sweat defeating Di Lorenzo, and America Danielle Collins (9/10) had a rough start before easily defeating Austrailia's Maddison Inglis (9/10) in what can best be called "The Battle of the Pretty". In Poland today Gorgodze defeated Lepchenko, a hottie-versus-hottie contest saw Kateryna Kozlova (9/10) win after losing the first set to Sasnovich, while a different hottie-verus-hottie matchup featured Diaz beating Anshba in straight sets. A much-less exciting pairing saw Kawa defeat Begu, while Zanevska and Kužmová battled for our hearts...Zanevska won.

Both Poland and Palermo are taking tomorrow off and resume play on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it because you might notice that the ratings for these events are far higher than any more recent events. I didn't get to watch much Wimbledon (and yes I still owe you the Friday night at Wimbledon story) but the hotness factor was far lower there than either of these events (Palermo would appear to be the better of the two).

I didn't get a chance to watch or cover the Hungarian Grand Prix or Prague Open last week. In Hungary the quarter-final saw Anhelina Kalinina (7.5/10) win when Danielle Collins retired, and Yulia Putintseva (8.5/10) won in three sets against Dalma Gálfi (8/10) in a bikini-girl battle. Putintseva went on to win in the final.

Over in Prague the final four was Tereza Martincová (9.5/10) defeating Greet Minnen (7/10) and Barbora Krejcikova (6.5/10) beat Xinyu Wang (6/10) before going on to dominate in the final.

Edmonton weather: heavy rain starting the third Wednesday of July

Mother Nature knows we cancelled Klondike Days, right?


Palestine Quiz

I was pretty good at this...are you?


Flashback: C-30 (Internet monitoring of bullying)

As I'm sure you've heard, the disgusting Trudeau Liberals are proposing internet speech controls with the full support of the mainstream media.

They didn't used to support laws about police access to tech company info, but they did used to have two different contemporary opinions about questionable laws. Contrast the language used to discuss this piece of intrusive big-government...
The bill also forces tech providers to provide police with a “back door” for easy surveillance. It also lets police get warrants to track any information sent online, who sent it and from where, and will let courts force other parties to preserve electronic evidence. This last one rather sums up the terror of this new law. While we anguish over Facebook and Google’s increasingly blatant use and storage of our online lives, we’re blind to the ultimate destination of this information. It can now go straight to the cop who asks for it. As the NDP’s Charlie Angus put it, it gives the police a licence for fishing expeditions into all “private communications,” the all-inclusive term used in the bill. Cellphones would become an “electronic prisoner’s bracelet,” Angus said.
With this one...
Brampton MP Parm Gill has introduced proposed changes to the Criminal Code that would make gang recruitment a crime and offer tougher penalties for trying to enlist young gang members.
Gill introduced his private member’s bill in the House of Commons Monday. If passed, Bill C-394 would make recruitment efforts for any type of criminal organization a criminal offence. It would also establish penalty guidelines for those convicted of recruiting and a minimum penalty for recruiting anyone under the age of 18

Not a lot of talk about "terror" anymore is there?

 As the proposed bill begins its long and uncertain journey through the House of Commons approval process, Gill invites the community become part of a discussion on the issue of gangs and gang recruitment. Residents can participate on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ParmGillGangRecruitment and on Twitter using the #EndGangs hashtag.

LibraryLass has and is a useless cunt

What on earth does "thought-terminating cliche with sexist connotations" even mean?


Call it the "whoops wrong nigger" fund

Police do the right thing and taxpayers foot the bill:

Lawyers representing Mamadi III Fara Camara filed a lawsuit today at the Montreal courthouse.

Camara and his family are seeking about $1.2 million in damages from the city, police and prosecutors.

They are claiming Camara was the victim of many injustices including racial profiling, an illegal arrest and detention, abusive force by police and two naked strip searches.

Camara spent six days in detention after a police officer was allegedly disarmed and attacked with his own service weapon on Jan. 28. 

Police ultimately exonerated Camara and in late March, arrested another person in connection with the case.
So..."another person" eh? No other information that the fake news liars at CityTV felt was worthy of publishing?

Unsurprisingly it was another nigger, one Ali Ngarukiye, who Montreal police now believe was the individual responsible for the crime of stealing an officer's gun and shooting at him. Police suspected Camara after he was found just sitting in his car after the assault. You might think this odd behaviour after a gunshot, and police agreed: for context, remember the guy who ran over a couple derka-derkas in London Ontario was similarly found just calmly parked in his vehicle. We don't know what other information police used, possibly his statement contained holes or some similar thing. They aren't saying, so we can only take wild guesses. Angry nigger activists are also taking wild guesses, so don't hold this against me.

Days later (about how long a DNA test takes) the police released him and stayed the charges after, hands up if you're shocked by this, the newly-revealed DNA test cleared Camara but implicated the  different nigger.

You might be asking yourself a sensible question: do Ngarukiye and Camara look anything like each other? After all, if this is the case then it instantly explains how officers on the scene could arrest a similar looking man acting suspicious and hold him for days. Well good luck: nobody (lying presstitutes at Global News, Montreal Police, the prosecuting attorney) is interested in giving you any information about Ngarukiye including whether he's legally allowed to be in Canada or where he and his family lives.

But we do know where Camara and his family live: not in Canada. Or, rather, they aren't supposed to be. However, woke SJW morons in Parliament and the Queerbec Government are pushing to get him permanent residency status even as he tries to bilk white taxpayers out of their hard-earned money.

There's a reason this song is so catchy.

@TransRevelry - And we were right!

The "same shit" was right when we said it, it's right now, and it will be right a couple years from now too. All trannies are mentally ill, and are a danger to themselves and others until they are cured of their delusions.

That's the thing about moral people and our superior sexual orientation that you evil poofters don't get and seemingly never will: it's based entirely on the threat that dykes and sodomites embody and represent. Perverts have found free reign when people foolishly turned to "tolerance" rather than "conversion therapy or brass knuckles to the teeth". Don't blame me, I didn't vote for it. The result has been sodomized children, abused women, and a moral inversion where attacking religious institutions is normalized.

Ending the reign of the pillow biters is the great battle of our age, before even more superior people suffer.


I wonder what his personal pronouns were...



I checked my facts and my privilege: it turns out they confirm the right-wing things I've said this whole time

John Derbyshire on how Charles Murray's new book will anger people who hate facts while claiming to love "science":

What is to be done? Murray's prescription is civic nationalism. We can all get along, he says, if we will just stay true to the principles on which our nation was founded and face reality.

You can applaud that—and I do—as coming from a generous, good-hearted patriot and seeker after truth. You can also mock it—and many on our side of the fence surely will—as a naive civ-nat "bravery signaller" murmuring emollient words into a howling gale of unreason.

What, after all, will be the united response to Murray's two truths, assuming they deign to notice them, from all the commanding heights of our culture—from the media, the academy, the churches, all three branches of government? SYSTEMIC RACISM!  LEGACY OF SLAVERY!  SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!  WHITE SUPREMACY!  PRIVILEGE!  BIGOT!  BURN THE WITCH!

The great mass of people don't share Murray's enthusiasm for data, for facts, for careful empirical inquiry. They have no patience with z-scores and correlation coefficients. They are not interested in objective reality unless it grows their food or powers their gadgets. They want magic and religion. They want drama: saints and martyrs, heroes and villains, Good versus Evil.

In the Western world today those universal inclinations are directed by the widespread desire among white people, especially white women, to kneel and abase themselves before other races, to denounce their own ancestors and belittle all their achievements.


Shout it from the rooftops

Kate at SmallDeadAnimals reminds us that the Red Indians who knew the Residential School System the best loved it and didn't want it to go away.

A resolution asking that the Marieval Residental School be kept open as long as the Indian people want it, was passed by the chiefs and counsellors of eight Indian bands at a regional meeting held Thursday.

The meeting was held in the Royal Canadian Legion Hall, with Joe Whitehawk of Yorkton, district
supervisor, as chairman.

Various spokesmen said the pupils are generally children from broken homes, orphans or are from inadequate homes. There is a great need for the school and the need is increasing, rather than diminishing. Many of the children have no other place to stay, as many have only grandparents, who through lack of space, health or age are unable to look after them.

The alternative is foster homes, which will cost just as much money. Children in the residential school get a measure of correction, discipline and religious training and this should be taken into consideration, when plans are under study for the phasing out of the school, the spokesman said.
Seriously, repost this. This deserves to be bigger. A .docx file of the full newspaper report can be found here.

Bonus exposing the lies about "215 or 751 or however many dead injun kids they think they've found now: TNC news has really been excelling at this (this is where their strength compared to Rebel Media lies, for those wondering):
It’s been six weeks since the Chief of the Tk’emlups band in Kamloops, B.C. announced that 215 unmarked graves were found using ground-penetrating radar on the grounds of a former residential school. On May 27, the band said that a preliminary report would be released in mid-June. 

It’s now mid-July, and no report has been released. Multiple emails from the Sun asking for the report have been ignored.

On June 24, another discovery was announced — this time in Saskatchewan, where Cowessess Chief Cadmus Delorme announced an even bigger finding: 751 unmarked graves. 

Media reports were quick to characterize the graves as belonging to children who attended the nearby Marieval Indian Residential School. But according to a band councillor, that’s not necessarily the case. 

It appears that not all of the graves contain children’s bodies,” Jon Z. Lerat told the Globe and Mail, noting that this was also the burial site used by the rural municipality.

“We did have a family of non-Indigenous people show up today and notified us that some of those unmarked graves had their families in them — their loved ones,” Lerat said. Delorme added that oral stories said the graves belong to “both children and adults” as well as “people who attended the church or were from nearby towns.”

Unlike the Tk’emlups band — who claims the unmarked graves were discovered on the grounds of the former residential school — the unmarked graves at Cowesses are in an existing cemetery. Delorme noted that the graves were once marked, but that the markings were removed at some point. 


@TheSchlewis - Thanks, this is fun

It's unclear who Chris was directly quoting at the end of his tweet. I don't see any news reports or earlier tweets in the thread discussing "other gun rights groups".

I'm being facetious of course: Chris put in quotes because he believes when you put a human right in quotes, it negates the human right. (As an aside, decades ago another Chris already demolished the notion that the National Rifle Association was a "gun rights group" in the first place).

Still, Chris' little style guide looked fun, so I thought I'd try it out myself.

  • EGALE and other "sodomy rights groups"
  • NAACP and other "racial rights groups"
  • Planned Parenthood and other "abortion rights groups"

Yep, it's enjoyable. Hey, it's always fun to learn a new fun thing to do.


This week in sport

A few generic thoughts about the goings-on across the sports world this week.

  • As you may have noticed, and as I mentioned, I wasn't able to cover much Wimbledon this week. Even the final, I missed all but the last 10 minutes due to a house party on Friday (more on this to come). It wasn't a great match from my perspective anyways: Ashleigh Barty (6/10) held on and with the help of the net defeated the giant hawk-girl known as Karolína Plíšková (7.5/10, recently downgraded from 8). The best hotness in the bunch was the Duchess of Cambridge who gave out the awards.
  • Something called the Stanley Cup was given away last week, apparently, as the riot-prone frogs of Montreal Queerbec fell to Tampa Bay. Fortunately for the Oilers the last series ended with Montreal beating Vegas after felling Winnipeg, which means that we didn't get the dreaded "lost in the first round to the team who lost in the second round to the team who lost in the third round to the team who lost the final" award this year: that honour falls to the St. Louis Blues.
  • The Chicago Cubs broke an 11-game losing streak last week, and have already begun their new one. The north-siders have gone from "try not to break up their core of stars" to "can we even get anything for these bums" within a year.
  • The niggers on the United States Olympic basketball team lost to other niggers on the Niggeria basketball squad: the exhibition match is for nothing but team pride, but the poor African nation will happily take the result.
  • In other surprise upset news, Conor McGregor has now lost three of his last four UFC matches, being beaten last night by Dustin Poirier. The match ended when McGregor somehow broke his leg and the doctor called it. Doesn't sound very "ultimate" fighting, does it?
  • Earlier today in EuroCup action Italy defeated England 3-2 in penalty kicks after the game ended in a 1-1 tie. Good on Italy for defeating the SJW kneeling wankers from the formerly Great Britain. Martok had texted asking if I wanted to join him on Whyte today to watch the game, I checked my phone and England was leading 1-0. Unfortunately I misread the "final" at the bottom of the score to mean it was the final score rather than it was the present score in the final and so I missed that one too.
  • The CFL did something but the Edmonton Eskimos no longer exist so who cares?
  • Meanwhile you probably heard about the strangest story ever: in the excitement of celebrating July 4th at Manny Legace's house, Columbus goalie Matiss Kivlenieks died from a fireworks accident. You can scoff, perhaps rightly, but as the Mark Steyn July 4th audio special remarked, fireworks and boating accidents on July 4th go back as far as the founding of America itself.
  • Finally, overshadowed by Wimbledon and I obviously didn't get to watch of it either, but at the Hamburg Open after a first set tiebreaker, the second set was won a little more handedly by Romania's Elena-Gabriela Ruse (8/10) to defeat butterfaced German Andrea Petkovic (7.5/10) who, as we've mentioned before, has a perfectly sculpted ass.

100.00% of faggots molest children

You thought it was hyperbole, didn't you? It wasn't. Every dead homo is saving another half dozen boys from being molested. There are the Kris Wells who like them 6-9, the Mike Morrisons who like them 10-14, and the Ashley MacIssacs who just like them. This is why they are all evil and must be stopped at all costs.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love Negroes

Jared Taylor has questions:

If black slavery was such a bonanza, why didn’t those places become superpowers? Did white Southerners have some kind of unique genius for making slaves productive? No. In fact, American slaves were just about the least productive because they were looked after from the time they were babies and kept into old age. Most of those millions of slaves that went to the Caribbean and Brazil were grown men who were worked to death. Owners didn’t have the expense of children or old folks.

And what about black countries? If Africans are so immensely productive, why is every black country a mess? Are black people immensely productive only when white people tell them what to do?


"Take away from Me the noise of your songs"

Peter Heck asks the woke mob a serious and thought-provoking question that of course they can't answer.

What tells you that racism is wicked or that saying cruel things about a gay person is wrong? I'm not arguing with you about your conclusion, I'm asking you how you arrived at it and how you know that it's trustworthy?

These people don't work on first principles, Peter, you should know that. Okay, he does know they can't (and won't) but presses the issue anyways.

We believers find that something in the character of God. That's why we need Scripture. When I declare racism is evil, and that saying cruel things about a gay person is immoral, I'm comparing those actions against the character of God as revealed in the Bible. That's our answer key. Actions that comport with God's character are good. Those that are in conflict with God's character are bad.

That's fixed. That's unmovable. That's absolute. That's reliable.

As much as I know they have it in for all of us, I can't and won't fault the cancel crusaders for desperately trying to exert a moral code. Mankind is wired to know one, and need one.

Truthfully, the flailing attempt to create their own feeble forgery is nothing if it isn't another one of "God's invisible qualities – His eternal power and divine nature…being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse."


"I for one welcome our new insect overlords"

It's basically impossible to watch this scene and not immediately start making the Homer Simpson chip-chomping noises.



Who spoiled Kansas City's safe haven? Wait I'm noticing a pattern here...

Nicholas Schroer is a pretty smart guy.

Black activist Toriano Porter doesn't think so, which pretty much proves Schroer's bona fides. Just look at this hilarious op-ed he wrote for KansasCity.com to "disprove" Schroer, who made the 100% true statement that "white privilege" doesn't exist:
Schroer’s ignorance would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn disrespectful to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of black people who have experienced discrimination and systemic injustices for centuries.

The Republican lawmaker from suburban St. Louis recently posted on social media his misguided beliefs in response to the recent decision by prosecutors in Chicago to drop charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

Smollett, an African American, was indicted in Cook County, Illinois, on 16 counts of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report in relation to an alleged hate crime hoax.

“Is there such thing as racial or white privilege?” Schroer tweeted about the case. “No. Class or monetary privilege? Yup.”
Seems pretty reasonable. After all, Porter and his ilk still haven't been able to provide an actual example of white privilege. This isn't new, of course: retarded blacks have been hawking this for years, and superior folk like Schroer and myself keep smacking their nonsense down.

So does Porter think he has any actual examples? After some whining about a completely strawman theoretical (does he seriously think that police are involved every time two niggers scuffle?), he delivers what sounds like a serious paragraph:
Studies show white people are mostly not conscious of the fact that cultural, educational, financial and legal institutions cater to them.
Hey, he mentioned studies! In fact he started linking to them. Have we finally gotten our proof? Well, no. He linked to "studies" but it was in fact a survey. It would be akin to asking people which object has more mass, Saturn or Neptune (answer: Saturn by a factor of five, which isn't that impressive since it has more volume by a factor of 13).

He does post a link to how cultural institutions "cater to whites". Let's see what it says...
The reason these young, black professionals are leaving? Kansas City’s social scene.

“It’s not a large variety,” Oluwole says. Awe puts it more bluntly: “All you see in KC are white people.”

“KC didn’t really have many scenes where I could meet other young black professionals like myself,” Guthrie says. “It was difficult finding spaces that felt diverse and truly welcoming to people who looked like me. … It made me want to move elsewhere.”
Wait, so the entire reason these blacks can't handle a night on the town is because they aren't the same colour as the other people in the bar? That's...really lame. Black people are lame. No wonder the social scene doesn't "cater" to you. Nevermind that Kansas City (home of the Negro League Museum, by the way) is 61% white, even if it was only 14% white but those whites made up 90% of bar patrons, so what? I remember going into a bar in the Corona neighbourhood of Queens after a New York Mets game a few years ago. Nobody including the bouncers spoke any English (and them explaining "hey dude we're going to frisk you" was an exercise in confusion), and yet myself and the staff and a couple of lovely senioritas if you catch my drift seemed to manage, despite this bar clearly not "catering" to my ethnic background. Ditto the line of bars on 33rd Avenue in Jackson Heights (also in Queens) where I think in 5 bars I went to that night there were perhaps three whites combined (and I think some of them may have been duplicates). It didn't "cater" to me there either, though unlike Queens there were also blacks in attendance (at least English language was used) and strangely enough the bars didn't "cater" to them either and somehow they managed.

So if the young negros of Kansas City want bars to cater to them, surely there are businessmen willing to invest in the lucrative business of giving them all the shitty Cristal in overpriced bottle service areas while shitty nigger music blares so loudly that the metal detectors vibrate. Except that already happened, and three guesses what the outcome was....
One bright spot was the monthly “Recovery Sundays” party at Californos in Westport, which started modestly in May and grew to hundreds as the summer went on. But after the August party’s fatal shooting of an innocent bystander, an off-duty Lee’s Summit policeman, many black millennials are wondering whether a social scene they say had already made little effort to truly include them will ever bother trying to do so again.
If you savage niggers stopped shooting each other all of the time maybe bars would be more interested in your business. Seriously, how hard is this to understand? It's like the infamous Barry T's situation: the bars weren't "catering" to violent nonwhite gangsters, and when one changed its tune it was bankrupt within a fiscal quarter.

So not much "white privilege" to be found here...

So much for that culture link. How about "educational" institutions catering to whites? Is that our infamous systemic racism or white privilege or whatever other nonsense we're talking about this week? Again, let's take a read...

Hey, wait! This is about the Lori Loughlin college admissions scandal. That sure looks a lot like the "class or monetary privilege" that Rep. Schroer was openly acknowledging. However, as Kurt Schlichter noted, these elite schools are very hard for whites (and asians, as it so happens) to "test into". Loughlin cheated to get her daughter into USC despite only having a 1020 PSAT score. Yet a black classmate scoring 1100 would have gotten into Harvard with no cheating required. If "white privilege" now includes "what the uber-rich white people can do on account of having $500,000 burning a hole in their pockets" then surely "black privilege" can include "getting into Harvard while being borderline retarded". It's worth noting that even with the lowered test scores, blacks still don't make up their proportion of the population in post-secondary....so apparently they need to be lowered even more due to blacks inferior high school transcripts.

Okay, okay, but surely Toriano Porter is onto something with his next link about finances, right? Er, no, it's about how the area of Kansas City with all the blacks is run down and badly treated, and that there hasn't been enough gentrification there. Well the reason for that, much like the bars issue, is that niggers behave badly and as a result the banks (accurately) determined they were a bad investment. It wasn't "finances" that dropped house prices by $100,000 compared to other neighbourhoods, it was the sort of neighbours everybody had. Touching up the paint here and there is unlikely to change that. I'll leave it up to readers to ask when "gentrification" went from a great societal evil to "hey how come you aren't doing any of that in my neck of the woods"?

Uh oh, Porter only has one link left to go. Are you ready? Are you ready to hear about the white privilege that we fail to acknowledge that is lock-solid and demonstrable and not even remotely silly or dishonest? Yeah? You're ready?


It's the driving. Specifically, it's the risk Bryant takes every time she gets behind the wheel of her car.

That's because Bryant has 26 outstanding traffic tickets.

But she's not necessarily a bad or unsafe driver.

In 2017 alone, Bryant was stopped seven times and cited with 13 traffic tickets by the Kansas City Police Department — five tickets for no insurance, six tickets for driving on a suspended license and two tickets for expired tags.

She's not a bad or unsafe driver, she's just driving on a suspended licence with out of date plates and no insurance. No biggie. You know, that thing which white drivers are always allowed to do and oh wait I've told this story before...

After opening with this story, author Aaron Randle (who also wrote the hilarious clubbin' tale and looks exactly as thuggish as your mental image) then has the gall to try to pin all the tickets this menace is amassing on racism.

The Star analyzed traffic tickets from 2017 issued by the Kansas City Police Department and processed by the Kansas City Municipal Court and found significant racial disparities among those ticketed.

Of the traffic tickets given to Kansas City residents, 60 percent went to African-Americans, who make up 30 percent of the population. Thirty-seven percent of tickets went to whites, who make up 59 percent of the population.

Among Kansas City residents, speeding is overwhelmingly the top traffic offense for all races — except African-Americans. The top traffic ticket charge for African-Americans is "state license plate required," followed by "no insurance" and then speeding.

I'm surprised speeding even makes the cut: I guess that KC blacks drive differently than Edmonton blacks who famously drive so slow that I'm roughly 80% accurate at identifying them from behind at a distance. What can I say, it's a skill I have...and a skill that I would wager is harder than recognizing when somebody is driving without a licence plate at all. That seems a pretty easy "gimmie" to avoid being ticketed, trying out those licence plate fads that all the kids are talking about to see if you're into it. Come to think of it, I presume that the number of "no plates but valid insurance" cases are outnumbered by the "plates but no insurance" cases which means it's actually surprising that the insurance isn't ahead of the plates. Again, why are Kansas City blacks having such difficulty with putting that piece of metal on their cars that everybody else seems to be able to manage. Did the Babylon Bee correctly call this one?

Of course one of the problems is they can't afford a car. When poor whites can't afford a car they don't get one, when poor blacks can't afford a car they just refuse to obey their financial obligations. Sounds like in this case "white privilege" means "smart enough not to try and sneak one past the cops...26 times...

"Race is the superficial candy coating of the M&M," she says. "If you want to get down to the good stuff, you've got to begin looking at people's socioeconomic status."

Since establishing the firm in 2011, Shaw and her team have tried more than 8,000 traffic-related cases. The majority of the cases dealt with violations stemming from failure to pay insurance, licensing or tag fees.

"These are economic-based crimes, they're not poor driver crimes," Shaw says.

If only Nicholas Schroer would talk about this and oh right he did. Though not really: not paying for something and then acting as if you were paying for it affects all people equally. That's the way of the world and it's a feature not a bug. So naturally the people quoted in the article call for special treatment for the segment of the population who does the least to deserve special treatment. At least the college admissions scandal was rich elite screwing other rich elite over.

So we're still waiting for an example of white privilege that isn't something other than "white people make better choices and are rewarded for it".

The generational wealth gap between white and black people is well-documented. Average wealth for white families is seven times higher than average wealth for black families.

Well the best way to close that gap is to whine about it and not, say, telling negros to get to work on time and stay there for the whole shift.

White privilege is a byproduct of institutionalized racism, discrimination and bias. Those with the most power are often the least likely to acknowledge that it is unearned, said Rhiannon Dickerson, lecturer in communication studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Can you provide any examples Rhiannon? So far Porter is coming up awfully short. Either she or Porter linked to this equally hilarious article that confuses "white privilege" and "businesses providing a lot of products that the people who shop at their store buy, and less products that people who don't shop at their store buy". Remember kids, when that corner store in the heavily Greek neighbourhood stocks a lot of olive oil but not a lot of halal meat that's "white privilege" but it's just how things go when it also doesn't stock a lot of lefse.

“Whiteness has always been about privilege,” said Dickerson, who is white. “Privilege and power are at the root of the construction of race itself — they’re inextricable. We can see white privilege historically when white people enslaved Africans, committed genocide against indigenous Americans, instated Jim Crow laws, or more recently in mass incarceration.”

Uh, nope. When whites were enslaved by the Ottomans it seemed pretty extricable. When blacks were enslaved by Ottomans and then sold off to the ever-growing Spanish and Dutch empires it wasn't so much "white privilege" as much as "the Ottomans discovered Europeans were now better to sell to than sell off"

There was also no "genocide" against Red Indians. We moved into essentially an empty continent, there were border skirmishes, and despite the fact that Red Indians are even more bloodthirsty and primitive and tribal than blacks, eventually the more socially and technologically advanced side won the day. Meanwhile mass incarceration is far better explained by my theory (blacks are bloodthirsty and primitive and tribal) than by yours.

She continued: “But even if we ignore the historical examples of white supremacy and anti-blackness, we can see the effects of white privilege supported unequivocally with data in virtually every place we look, from who has access to education to inequities in health care, to criminal justice and even mortality rates.”

No, you're seeing data that shows a disparity and then clumsily plugging in your theory about the cause, ignoring data points that disprove your thesis. "White privilege" doesn't "unequivocally" explain your data: we've already seen that stupid blacks have more "access to education" than stupid whites, for example. A propensity for gang violence and fried chicken explains "inequities" in health care and mortality, while criminal justice data is explained by the whole bloodthirsty/primitive/tribal thing.

“Examples of white privilege are all around us,” the commenter tweeted. “Black people have systematically been excluded from opportunities to gain wealth. The effects of red lining, restrictive covenants, and discriminating government policies are with us today.”

So name the system. Point to the excluded opportunities. Explain the mechanism behind your theory.

I can. They can't.

And that's why they're always losing and then blaming "the system" for it.

Bonus insight from the KansasCity.com comments:

During the early 1920s historian Oswald Spengler told us how, during the late urbanistic/intellectualistic phase of every high culture, the people(s) of that culture become averse to their traditions and inheritance, and a movement begins, and grows, of despising and tearing down that patrimony until in the end nothing remains. Leftism/liberalism is the manifestation of that suicide for us. Diversity is, of course, an enemy to the continuation of the European culture.

- Frank Pecarich


@MarkGerretsen - Will you denounce Don Iveson, Charlie Angus, Marie Renaud, and Brian Mason?

Or do you only get upset when conservatives block leftists who lose their arguments?

@Natslife_blog - only one of those three things is worth being proud of

Natalie isn't 100% wrong. People do get grouped, though it's always important to understand the difference between sensible and ridiculous groupings. If you're trying to figure out why your store keeps getting robbed in Compton, "tall people" and "short people" aren't very useful metrics. Negros versus non-negros on the other hand...

People can move between groups too, of course. Harvey Milk used to be in the category of "sadly alive" and now he's in the category of "gloriously dead where maggots devour his disgusting carcass and hopefully don't get an STD". Daniel Vogelbach used to be in the group called "Seattle Mariners" and now he's in the group called "Milwaukee Brewers". Rick Allan Rhoades used to be in the category called "free and innocent" and then moved into the category of "free and guilty" and then the category of "captured and guilty" and soon the category of "executed and guilty".

Still, if Natalie had a modicum of respect she'd be regretful that anybody would call her a dyke, even though she is one. After all, that grouping is caused entirely by her poor decision making: had she rejected that sick lifestyle choice nobody would have to call her one.

She's also a woman, and that's not the greatest thing in the world either. After all, chicks be crazy (even the ones who don't choose an evil sexual orientation) and it's probably not wise to jump up and down championing that from the rooftops.

And yes, she's also white. That's pretty good on her part, though I'm sure if we took a vote we would happily kick her out if possible. After all, she's so retarded she doesn't think racism against whites "counts" as racism because power structure yadda yadda yadda, and while we expect that sloppy logic from dykes it really brings the average of the rest of the race down.

Two of her three self-identifying categories gives her more rights and privileges that she deserves, and one gives her less: yet that's the one she self-degrades. See what level of sickness leads to (or stems from) rejecting the superior heterosexual lifestyle?


@Joe_Tell_em - Why can't I criticize a lie?

I understand the cause completely. It's on par with the cause of the flat earth or Icke's lizard theory. It's a lie only supported by scammers and retards. Which one are you, Joe?

#NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker is based on nothing but a series of lies. If you support BLM, you clearly don't understand the cause. If opposing this horrid ideology agitates you, you're probably a faggot.


So who's getting fired in Lethbridge?

It was now fourteen months ago that Lethbridge cops, long before we knew that cops could get in trouble for doing their jobs correctly, could get away with doing their jobs improperly.

As I wrote then:

Somebody on the Lethbridge Police Service needs to be fired over this. There can be no wiggle room. A person currently on their payroll needs to be unemployed.

Well over a year later, nobody's been fired. So who will it be? The Chief of Police? Or the officers?

Pick one or we pick it for you.

@Jak46Judith - Stop lying about President Trump

It turns out when all you know about a person are the fake news lies by your low-IQ media chums, you'll see Him when He isn't there.


To the disgust of the North American crowds who wanted to see some tennis this morning, Wimbledon is taking today off. It's "Middle Sunday" you see.

The ‘Middle Sunday’ is the name given to the Sunday that comes during the scheduled fortnight of the Grand Slam when no matches are held on Sunday for the maintenance of the Grass which is a delicate surface as compared to the other Grand Slams as the quality of Grass can deteriorate with the high intensity back-to-back matches being played on it.

Owing to this tradition of no play on the ‘Middle Sunday’, there will be no matches held this year as well on the 4th of July, 2021 as it falls on Sunday. Since 1877 when the first Wimbledon was held, only on 4 occasions 1991, 1997, 2004 and 2016, matches were held on Sunday because of rain delaying the original schedule.

The Middle Sunday followed by “Manic Monday” when all the 16 fourth round matches of Men’s and Women’s Singles are conducted on the same day. The Wimbledon remains the only Grand Slam to still have this rule as the remaining three Grand Slams no longer follow this.

While the Middle Sunday extended the schedule by 1 day, it generated better revenues as an extra day of the tournament was scheduled. However, the Wimbledon 2021 will be the last occasion when this tradition is carried as the All England Lawn Tennis Club announced that come Wimbledon 2022, the practice will be abolished. 

Elsewhere, July 4th celebrations in America are proceeding much better than the Dominion Day debacle last week. Boyne City is back on as is Put-On-Bay. July 4th in New York City was supposed to be at least partially active but the fireworks are on hold due to the weather. In Chicago the fireworks are also cancelled, but not related to the weather but the lockdown. In what's the closest analogue to the #CancelCanadaDay nonsense, Miami is cancelling it's fireworks in memory of death only in their case it's actual confirmed deaths which took place this century and should have been preventable. You can look at the list of Massachusetts towns who cancelled it due to lockdowns, and as you might guess locked-down DC (as FakePresident Biden apparently is more scared of groups without F15s and nuclear weapons than he lets on) that July 4th just isn't happening.


Where's the "Whites@Amazon" group being promoted by the company?

White conservative Christians would love the chance to tell our authentic stories and break stereotypes. Can we at least get a Facebook Group that doesn't get shut down?


Prince Philip, deity

Who knew?

The African Canada which could have been

Henry Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon, isn't well known in Canadian circles these days. (No relation to conservative human rights activist Stefan Molyneux either).

He's the man who introduced the sixteen delegates of the Charlottetown Accords to Queen Victoria, and later drafted much of the text of the soon-to-be British North America Act. If those sixteen delegates were to be known as the "Fathers of Confederation" than the Earl is surely the "Mother of Confederation" inasmuch as it was Lord Carnarvon who introduced the Act in the House of Lords on February 12th 1867 (the House of Commons received it Feburary 28th and essentially rubber-stamped it: the bulk of their conversations on March 4th were about ensuring women didn't vote, what trains to build, and if Canadian Bills shouldn't automatically become law if it took over 2 years for London to sign off on them. Plus, y'know, giving Queerbec a distinct society since that's apparently mandatory even in England in 1867). Soon it was no longer Lord Carnarvon's baby: while the BNA Act was proceeding through Parliament in early March he resigned over a bill that would expand the British franchise to working men, ironically the voting rights discussed amiably regarding Canada.

Carnarvon's attention would briefly return to Canada in 1874 regarding the railway to British Columbia, but Canada was already in his spirit if not his day to day routine. Envisioning the Canada that would eventually stretch across the continent and kept the large aggressive power nearby at bay†, the Earl couldn't help but wonder if that same strategy could work equally well on another vast continent in similar circumstances.

† In fact, when the Charlottetown Conference was being planned, several Americans (particularly in New England) advocated for the annexation of Canada (or at least the parts touching their borders) and New Brunswick, prompting General Sherman's immortal quote that “We don’t want Canada, but if we should, a campaign of five days would bring it.”

Hudson's Bay Company had recently given up their charter on Rupert's Land, meaning that Canada was a continuous stream of British Pink from Twillingate to Tofino (an 83 hour drive, even now). While that may not have been wholly in combination with the recent creation of the Dominion of Canada (though Red River and British Columbia were), it certainly looked that way. Meanwhile Australia-New Zealand was likewise all theirs, and India was another solid block (remembering that it included modern-day Pakistan including Kashmir all the way to almost Kandahar, as well as Bangladesh and Burma on the Thai side). That left only one concentration of British power (ignoring Hong Kong, the Caribbean, and a few other remote island chains) out of the gang...

Lord Carnarvon had a solution, though. They had just finished creating a super-colony north of the 49th parallel, so why not another south of the equator in Africa? There's just that bit in yellow separating Kenya from Cape Colony (Niger shows pink on my map, but that's because I couldn't find one from 1874: Niger wasn't British until 1884 and even then only until 1900). Just fill in those yellows, call it an afternoon, enjoy a spot of tea, and pass a new British South Africa Act modelled after the BNA Act. Why not? Well there were a few problems...

First off, this was the dawn of the infamous "Scramble for Africa" which means that unlike in Saskatchewan and Alberta this wasn't land that nobody other than the British had access to: between the recent discovery of diamonds and the development of new land-and-sea transport, Britain was having to deal with the Portuguese, Germans, Dutch, Ottomans, French and to a lesser extent Italians who also dreamed of replacing some other colours with their own (Spain, Austria, Russia, and Japan probably dreamed of it as well, but for a variety of reasons none of them could really do it).

Secondly, unlike a few Red Indian tribes you could placate with firewater and a promise you'd build those Residential Schools they have been pining for, the yellow bits of the map were a little harsher in Africa. Remember when I mentioned the large aggressive power nearby? Yeah that was called the Zulus, a collection of fierce warriors who didn't want to be anything other than yellow. Adding to the struggles was the Xhosa, the Gaza (no, not that Gaza, the other one), the Ngwane, and the Matebele.

Lord Carnarvon was insistent though. Over the objections of Sir John Molteno (Prime Minister of the Cape Colony) and Sir Henry Barkly (Governor of the Cape Colony) he worked at building his African Canada using a variety of tactics. He annexed Transvaal and engaged the Xhosa in combat, hoping that decisive British military prowess would reduce the opposition on both sides of the border.

It didn't work: ultimately the African colonies just weren't that interested in working together. Ironically they disagreed for contradictory reasons: Sir Barkly thought that the resulting political reality of this confederation wouldn't do well with the colony's black populace, while the Lagos (Nigeria) colony worried that the black majorities would negatively impact the white populace in a confederation-style government. (Lagos and Gold Coast colonies refused to even send delegates to meet Lord Carnarvon). In the end, the tensions caused by the military actions Lord Carnarvon took caused the First Anglo-Boer War, which of course England lost. This ultimately weakened the British position in central and southern Africa.

The crazy thing is though, this was only temporary: the British eventually decided to expand their territory in the region: only instead of the Lord Carnarvon model (a political union with only moderate military action required) they ended up in 1888 going with the Cecil Rhodes model (just invade everybody). After all, I referred to the first Anglo-Boer War, most people if they've heard of such a conflict only know about the second one.
While many English-Canadians supported Britain's cause in South Africa, most French-Canadians and many recent immigrants from countries other than Britain wondered why Canada should fight in a war half way around the world. Concerned with maintaining national stability and political popularity, Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier did not want to commit his government. Yet the bonds of Empire were strong and public pressure mounted. As a compromise, Laurier agreed to send a battalion of volunteers to South Africa.

Over the next three years, more than 7,000 Canadians, including 12 women nurses, served overseas. They would fight in key battles from Paardeberg to Leliefontein. The Boers inflicted heavy losses on the British, but were defeated in several key engagements. Refusing to surrender, the Boers turned to a guerrilla war of ambush and retreat. In this second phase of fighting, Canadians participated in numerous small actions. Gruelling mounted patrols sought to bring the enemy to battle, and harsh conditions ensured that all soldiers struggled against disease and snipers' bullets.
How sad, then, to realize that many less Canadians would have died in the Second Boer War had it been avoided entirely: in retrospect it's hard to think that the military actions and expansions the British would engage in over a decade after Lord Carnarvon's plans fell apart could have been generally avoided with more British home support for this African version of Canada. While I've already noted how the dividing up of Rupert's Land was much cleaner north of the equator than its southern equivalent would have been, it probably still could have been done. A Canada-equivalent operating in southern Africa would have also given some pause to the other empires that were aggressively pushing into the region: would Germany (which didn't exist until 1884) been able to gain such wealth and influence as their African expansions permitted when a true south strong and free African Canada stretched across a big chunk of the continent? Would there be some Newfoundlands thrown into the mix? Don't forget: even BC and Prince Edward Island weren't part of the original formation of the Dominion of Canada: their early resistance led to eventual desire to join Canada as it was the best defense against the United States expansion. You don't think similar concerns might exist in southern Africa by the late 1870s or early 1880s? Newfoundland admittedly was a weird case: they remained stubbornly independent except for all those times they kept going to larger countries with cap in hand in need of money. On the other hand, it wouldn't be impossible for African nations to be similarly persuaded into joining this confederation as a result of their financial mismanagement.

Lord Carnarvon never got to achieve his dream of an African version of Canada, stretching from sea to sea to cape. He ended up drummed out of service after being the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, moved to Hampshire where he became a fellow of the Royal Society, an Oxford steward, and a high freemason official. Meanwhile, as noted above, the world ended up scrambling for Africa anyways, and by the end many of the various locations that Carnarvon would unite under a Dominion were parts of the sea-to-sea British Empire anyways. It remains only a curious historical accident that while today we have a bunch of warring and self-warring African gangster-states in the remnants of the European colonies we could have had another Canada (though, one notes as this blog must, there are a few separatist elements in play north of the 49th parallel as well).


It's worth noting as we begin to celebrate a non-locked-down Dominion Day that the famed WTA Grand Slam tournament taking place in the mother country picked an odd day to celebrate.

Both of the fair Dominion's players: Leylah Fernandez and Bianca Andreescu have been eliminated in the past two days of play.

I don't have much else to say about Wimbledon, as I've noted before it's at early hours and I haven't had evening time for wrapups. Right now I'm catching the start of the third set of Coco Vandeweghe (8.5/10) versus Katerina Siniakova (7.5/10), at lunch on Tuesday I was able to catch the last 4 minutes of the other American Coco: Cori Gauff (5.5/10) who defeated equally homely Brit Francesca Jones (5.5/10).