Downgrading Dodin

I must apologize.

As you know, I routinely cover the WTA and rank the players by the only scale that matters: their physical attractiveness. As you also know, I haven't been free to watch as many matches as I would like recently due to the time of day. Weekends, typically tennis catchup days, have been lost to late starts to the morning following the reopening of Alberta bars.

So as a result, until yesterday I hadn't gotten a good look at Océane Dodin in a while, and had given her a 9.5 ranking. In fairness, this seemed like a good idea at the time.

But then I saw her moustache.

She was playing a close match against Romania's Elena-Gabriela Ruse in Palermo and had her on the ropes in the later half of the second set. Ruse squeaked out a win in that set and then dominated in the third to win a 3hr contest 6-7, 7-6,6-1. During the break between the second and third sets we got a good look at Dodin and there it was...

One you see it you can't un-see it: believe me I tried.

As a result of this look at what she looks like live and in person, I have no choice but to downgrade France's Océane Dodin to 8/10 until we can resolve the whole facial hair issue.