Who spoiled Kansas City's safe haven? Wait I'm noticing a pattern here...

Nicholas Schroer is a pretty smart guy.

Black activist Toriano Porter doesn't think so, which pretty much proves Schroer's bona fides. Just look at this hilarious op-ed he wrote for KansasCity.com to "disprove" Schroer, who made the 100% true statement that "white privilege" doesn't exist:
Schroer’s ignorance would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn disrespectful to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of black people who have experienced discrimination and systemic injustices for centuries.

The Republican lawmaker from suburban St. Louis recently posted on social media his misguided beliefs in response to the recent decision by prosecutors in Chicago to drop charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett.

Smollett, an African American, was indicted in Cook County, Illinois, on 16 counts of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report in relation to an alleged hate crime hoax.

“Is there such thing as racial or white privilege?” Schroer tweeted about the case. “No. Class or monetary privilege? Yup.”
Seems pretty reasonable. After all, Porter and his ilk still haven't been able to provide an actual example of white privilege. This isn't new, of course: retarded blacks have been hawking this for years, and superior folk like Schroer and myself keep smacking their nonsense down.

So does Porter think he has any actual examples? After some whining about a completely strawman theoretical (does he seriously think that police are involved every time two niggers scuffle?), he delivers what sounds like a serious paragraph:
Studies show white people are mostly not conscious of the fact that cultural, educational, financial and legal institutions cater to them.
Hey, he mentioned studies! In fact he started linking to them. Have we finally gotten our proof? Well, no. He linked to "studies" but it was in fact a survey. It would be akin to asking people which object has more mass, Saturn or Neptune (answer: Saturn by a factor of five, which isn't that impressive since it has more volume by a factor of 13).

He does post a link to how cultural institutions "cater to whites". Let's see what it says...
The reason these young, black professionals are leaving? Kansas City’s social scene.

“It’s not a large variety,” Oluwole says. Awe puts it more bluntly: “All you see in KC are white people.”

“KC didn’t really have many scenes where I could meet other young black professionals like myself,” Guthrie says. “It was difficult finding spaces that felt diverse and truly welcoming to people who looked like me. … It made me want to move elsewhere.”
Wait, so the entire reason these blacks can't handle a night on the town is because they aren't the same colour as the other people in the bar? That's...really lame. Black people are lame. No wonder the social scene doesn't "cater" to you. Nevermind that Kansas City (home of the Negro League Museum, by the way) is 61% white, even if it was only 14% white but those whites made up 90% of bar patrons, so what? I remember going into a bar in the Corona neighbourhood of Queens after a New York Mets game a few years ago. Nobody including the bouncers spoke any English (and them explaining "hey dude we're going to frisk you" was an exercise in confusion), and yet myself and the staff and a couple of lovely senioritas if you catch my drift seemed to manage, despite this bar clearly not "catering" to my ethnic background. Ditto the line of bars on 33rd Avenue in Jackson Heights (also in Queens) where I think in 5 bars I went to that night there were perhaps three whites combined (and I think some of them may have been duplicates). It didn't "cater" to me there either, though unlike Queens there were also blacks in attendance (at least English language was used) and strangely enough the bars didn't "cater" to them either and somehow they managed.

So if the young negros of Kansas City want bars to cater to them, surely there are businessmen willing to invest in the lucrative business of giving them all the shitty Cristal in overpriced bottle service areas while shitty nigger music blares so loudly that the metal detectors vibrate. Except that already happened, and three guesses what the outcome was....
One bright spot was the monthly “Recovery Sundays” party at Californos in Westport, which started modestly in May and grew to hundreds as the summer went on. But after the August party’s fatal shooting of an innocent bystander, an off-duty Lee’s Summit policeman, many black millennials are wondering whether a social scene they say had already made little effort to truly include them will ever bother trying to do so again.
If you savage niggers stopped shooting each other all of the time maybe bars would be more interested in your business. Seriously, how hard is this to understand? It's like the infamous Barry T's situation: the bars weren't "catering" to violent nonwhite gangsters, and when one changed its tune it was bankrupt within a fiscal quarter.

So not much "white privilege" to be found here...

So much for that culture link. How about "educational" institutions catering to whites? Is that our infamous systemic racism or white privilege or whatever other nonsense we're talking about this week? Again, let's take a read...

Hey, wait! This is about the Lori Loughlin college admissions scandal. That sure looks a lot like the "class or monetary privilege" that Rep. Schroer was openly acknowledging. However, as Kurt Schlichter noted, these elite schools are very hard for whites (and asians, as it so happens) to "test into". Loughlin cheated to get her daughter into USC despite only having a 1020 PSAT score. Yet a black classmate scoring 1100 would have gotten into Harvard with no cheating required. If "white privilege" now includes "what the uber-rich white people can do on account of having $500,000 burning a hole in their pockets" then surely "black privilege" can include "getting into Harvard while being borderline retarded". It's worth noting that even with the lowered test scores, blacks still don't make up their proportion of the population in post-secondary....so apparently they need to be lowered even more due to blacks inferior high school transcripts.

Okay, okay, but surely Toriano Porter is onto something with his next link about finances, right? Er, no, it's about how the area of Kansas City with all the blacks is run down and badly treated, and that there hasn't been enough gentrification there. Well the reason for that, much like the bars issue, is that niggers behave badly and as a result the banks (accurately) determined they were a bad investment. It wasn't "finances" that dropped house prices by $100,000 compared to other neighbourhoods, it was the sort of neighbours everybody had. Touching up the paint here and there is unlikely to change that. I'll leave it up to readers to ask when "gentrification" went from a great societal evil to "hey how come you aren't doing any of that in my neck of the woods"?

Uh oh, Porter only has one link left to go. Are you ready? Are you ready to hear about the white privilege that we fail to acknowledge that is lock-solid and demonstrable and not even remotely silly or dishonest? Yeah? You're ready?


It's the driving. Specifically, it's the risk Bryant takes every time she gets behind the wheel of her car.

That's because Bryant has 26 outstanding traffic tickets.

But she's not necessarily a bad or unsafe driver.

In 2017 alone, Bryant was stopped seven times and cited with 13 traffic tickets by the Kansas City Police Department — five tickets for no insurance, six tickets for driving on a suspended license and two tickets for expired tags.

She's not a bad or unsafe driver, she's just driving on a suspended licence with out of date plates and no insurance. No biggie. You know, that thing which white drivers are always allowed to do and oh wait I've told this story before...

After opening with this story, author Aaron Randle (who also wrote the hilarious clubbin' tale and looks exactly as thuggish as your mental image) then has the gall to try to pin all the tickets this menace is amassing on racism.

The Star analyzed traffic tickets from 2017 issued by the Kansas City Police Department and processed by the Kansas City Municipal Court and found significant racial disparities among those ticketed.

Of the traffic tickets given to Kansas City residents, 60 percent went to African-Americans, who make up 30 percent of the population. Thirty-seven percent of tickets went to whites, who make up 59 percent of the population.

Among Kansas City residents, speeding is overwhelmingly the top traffic offense for all races — except African-Americans. The top traffic ticket charge for African-Americans is "state license plate required," followed by "no insurance" and then speeding.

I'm surprised speeding even makes the cut: I guess that KC blacks drive differently than Edmonton blacks who famously drive so slow that I'm roughly 80% accurate at identifying them from behind at a distance. What can I say, it's a skill I have...and a skill that I would wager is harder than recognizing when somebody is driving without a licence plate at all. That seems a pretty easy "gimmie" to avoid being ticketed, trying out those licence plate fads that all the kids are talking about to see if you're into it. Come to think of it, I presume that the number of "no plates but valid insurance" cases are outnumbered by the "plates but no insurance" cases which means it's actually surprising that the insurance isn't ahead of the plates. Again, why are Kansas City blacks having such difficulty with putting that piece of metal on their cars that everybody else seems to be able to manage. Did the Babylon Bee correctly call this one?

Of course one of the problems is they can't afford a car. When poor whites can't afford a car they don't get one, when poor blacks can't afford a car they just refuse to obey their financial obligations. Sounds like in this case "white privilege" means "smart enough not to try and sneak one past the cops...26 times...

"Race is the superficial candy coating of the M&M," she says. "If you want to get down to the good stuff, you've got to begin looking at people's socioeconomic status."

Since establishing the firm in 2011, Shaw and her team have tried more than 8,000 traffic-related cases. The majority of the cases dealt with violations stemming from failure to pay insurance, licensing or tag fees.

"These are economic-based crimes, they're not poor driver crimes," Shaw says.

If only Nicholas Schroer would talk about this and oh right he did. Though not really: not paying for something and then acting as if you were paying for it affects all people equally. That's the way of the world and it's a feature not a bug. So naturally the people quoted in the article call for special treatment for the segment of the population who does the least to deserve special treatment. At least the college admissions scandal was rich elite screwing other rich elite over.

So we're still waiting for an example of white privilege that isn't something other than "white people make better choices and are rewarded for it".

The generational wealth gap between white and black people is well-documented. Average wealth for white families is seven times higher than average wealth for black families.

Well the best way to close that gap is to whine about it and not, say, telling negros to get to work on time and stay there for the whole shift.

White privilege is a byproduct of institutionalized racism, discrimination and bias. Those with the most power are often the least likely to acknowledge that it is unearned, said Rhiannon Dickerson, lecturer in communication studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Can you provide any examples Rhiannon? So far Porter is coming up awfully short. Either she or Porter linked to this equally hilarious article that confuses "white privilege" and "businesses providing a lot of products that the people who shop at their store buy, and less products that people who don't shop at their store buy". Remember kids, when that corner store in the heavily Greek neighbourhood stocks a lot of olive oil but not a lot of halal meat that's "white privilege" but it's just how things go when it also doesn't stock a lot of lefse.

“Whiteness has always been about privilege,” said Dickerson, who is white. “Privilege and power are at the root of the construction of race itself — they’re inextricable. We can see white privilege historically when white people enslaved Africans, committed genocide against indigenous Americans, instated Jim Crow laws, or more recently in mass incarceration.”

Uh, nope. When whites were enslaved by the Ottomans it seemed pretty extricable. When blacks were enslaved by Ottomans and then sold off to the ever-growing Spanish and Dutch empires it wasn't so much "white privilege" as much as "the Ottomans discovered Europeans were now better to sell to than sell off"

There was also no "genocide" against Red Indians. We moved into essentially an empty continent, there were border skirmishes, and despite the fact that Red Indians are even more bloodthirsty and primitive and tribal than blacks, eventually the more socially and technologically advanced side won the day. Meanwhile mass incarceration is far better explained by my theory (blacks are bloodthirsty and primitive and tribal) than by yours.

She continued: “But even if we ignore the historical examples of white supremacy and anti-blackness, we can see the effects of white privilege supported unequivocally with data in virtually every place we look, from who has access to education to inequities in health care, to criminal justice and even mortality rates.”

No, you're seeing data that shows a disparity and then clumsily plugging in your theory about the cause, ignoring data points that disprove your thesis. "White privilege" doesn't "unequivocally" explain your data: we've already seen that stupid blacks have more "access to education" than stupid whites, for example. A propensity for gang violence and fried chicken explains "inequities" in health care and mortality, while criminal justice data is explained by the whole bloodthirsty/primitive/tribal thing.

“Examples of white privilege are all around us,” the commenter tweeted. “Black people have systematically been excluded from opportunities to gain wealth. The effects of red lining, restrictive covenants, and discriminating government policies are with us today.”

So name the system. Point to the excluded opportunities. Explain the mechanism behind your theory.

I can. They can't.

And that's why they're always losing and then blaming "the system" for it.

Bonus insight from the KansasCity.com comments:

During the early 1920s historian Oswald Spengler told us how, during the late urbanistic/intellectualistic phase of every high culture, the people(s) of that culture become averse to their traditions and inheritance, and a movement begins, and grows, of despising and tearing down that patrimony until in the end nothing remains. Leftism/liberalism is the manifestation of that suicide for us. Diversity is, of course, an enemy to the continuation of the European culture.

- Frank Pecarich