32nd Palermo Ladies Open Final liveblog

The BNP Paribas Poland Open is just winding down, and the 32nd Palermo Ladies Open Final is about to begin. Liveblog of the latter is below the pagebreak.

We started the day off by watching the BNP Poland Open Final (because I was busy making breakfast I couldn't liveblog it), where Maryna Zanevska (9/10) faced off against Kristina Kucova (7/10). Kucova took an early lead in both the first and second sets, but Zanevska came back from a 4-0 deficit to win the first set 6-4, and then from a 3-0 deficit to ultimately go up 6-5. Four attempted Championship Points later, we ended in a tiebreaker where it was touch and go until the 3-3 point when Kucova's shots started going long and Zanevska won the tiebreak 7-3. Special thanks go to the cameraman who quickly realized that Zanevska's low cut top was easy to see down when waiting to return serve, and positioned the lens accordingly.