Sir John A. was a great Canadian. Red Indians and faggots not so much.

Earlier this week the Sir John A. Public House in Kingston Ontario actually changed their name because a bunch of uppity Red Indian whiners demanded that Canada's first Prime Minister be banished for alleged crimes against their  savage ancestors.

Mark Steyn posted a photo of the craven establishment, and while his article concentrated on the loss of heritage suffered by losing our connections with the past, I noticed a subtle difference between the Google Maps screenshot at the top of this post and the file photo at the top of his.

That's right, this place that panders to the eternal outrage of a primitive child race has no problem insulting normal and moral people by putting up the faggot flag and endorsing people who have made a fundamentally evil lifestyle choice.

In the meantime, call the poofter-loving Injun apologist out on his dumb decision. No, literally.

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