Residential Schools Are Awesome Day 2023

Today's the day that, unlike the lying losers in the Canadian government and media and corporate world, we refuse to immolate ourselves over the fact that Red Indian kids had to go to school.


And now yet another year after that post, yet more developments have proven me right and Injun activists wrong. Let's start with Jonathan Kay slightly missing the mark about the continued failure to find any of these supposed thousands of mysteriously dead kids:

Slogans were minted. T-shirts were sold. Hundreds of millions of dollars in new grants were sent to Indigenous communities. Trudeau himself, always in his element when things get overwrought, went down on one knee and placed a teddy bear on the site of a former residential school.

As noted above, this happened almost two and a half years ago. Yet during that time, not a single actual grave has been discovered, much less anything in the way of human remains.

This is not to say that some graves won’t be found. Indeed, it would be surprising if the grounds of some of these old schools, which typically featured churches and graveyards, did not have unpleasant surprises to surrender. But by now it is clear that the hysterical (and that is the right word) media claims of 2021, which suggested vast swathes of corpse-filled killing fields, were the product of unchecked herd behaviour among Canada’s intellectual class.

Even now, in fact, few of the leading figures who fed this hysteria have gone back to correct their flawed statements, much less investigate how their fact-checking processes allowed it all to happen. (A notable exception here is the National Post newspaper, which published a full and frank piece on this subject by columnist Terry Glavin in 2022.)

That third paragraph is unnecessarily mealy-mouthed. It wouldn't really be that surprising that no bodies are ever discovered that prove the "evil Residential Schools" thesis because the thesis itself is flawed. There's no reason to have any "unpleasant surprises" because everybody on earth knew that Red Indian kids were from a broken and diseased race (more on that in a minute), and their deaths weren't anything to be ashamed of.
I have no special insight into why the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation, which made the first unmarked-graves announcement in May 2021, hasn’t yet investigated those 215 radar-identified soil dislocations. When this question is raised in the media, one often hears it vaguely said that the ceremonial and technical challenges associated with such a dig would take many years—which is of course ridiculous. McGill University recently performed a complex search for Indigenous remains on its campus, under the watchful eye of Indigenous cultural monitors, in a matter of months.

It should be said that, in the period that followed the original Kamloops announcement, other First Nations tended to be more guarded in announcing their own radar-located ground “anomalies.” By now, many Canadians had educated themselves on the limitations of GPR technology, which typically cannot identify actual graves (much less bones or bodies), but simply picks up soil dislocations that can be associated with graves, yes, but also with irrigation pipes, drainage ditches, and tree roots.

No special insight is required: Red Indians love making up hardships (and again, more on this in a bit) and they especially love the lies that result in huge amounts of free money from the hardworking white taxpayers they hate for being inferior to. Also, as one of the only people who in May of 2021 knew that these "GPR anomolies" didn't mean anything, Jon could at least acknowledge that we existed and were better than him from the get-go.
One of the first Indigenous communities to actually start digging has been Pine Creek First Nation in Manitoba, whose lands include the site of the (long ago demolished) Pine Creek Indian Residential School. Former students at the school, which operated between 1890 and 1969, claimed to remember bodies of dead children being stored in the basement of the school’s church, as well as secretive burials outside—the same sort of dark legends that had circulated in Kamloops.

The search at Pine Creek’s former church was thorough, and centred on fourteen radar anomalies located in the church basement. On August 18, Pine Creek Chief Derek Nepinak announced to his community that nothing was found during this search. There were no graves, no bodies, no human remains. (The community still hasn’t decided whether it will pursue an investigation of the other GPR-identified anomalies, which lie outside the church.)

On social media, some have seized on this news, suggesting that it “proves” the whole unmarked-graves narrative was always a “hoax.” But language like that is inaccurate, unhelpful, and arguably even cruel—because there is no evidence (at least none that I’ve seen) indicating that the unmarked-graves social panic was any kind of deliberate con. Just the opposite, it seemed to originate organically from a stew of historical fact (yes, many of the residential schools were cruel and dangerous places), urban legends (no, they were not concentration camps), and performative white guilt (starting at the top, with Trudeau himself, who clearly saw political currency in the maudlin extremes of his reaction).

Certainly, no one can credibly accuse Chief Derek Nepinak of bad faith: Not only did he mobilize his community to search for human remains, but he even invited journalists to come watch it happen. And he did it knowing full well that finding nothing would run up against the grain of media-fueled expectations, and perhaps even serve to raise pressures on other First Nations that have made announcements concerning their own GPR-identified anomalies.

Yet again, when they tried to dig they found nothing. As we noted, Kate McMillan nailed it with her succinct summary:
Shovels 1, Knowledge Keepers 0

Yet former students "claimed to remember bodies of dead children stored in the basement" which is totally a real thing that we can continue to claim isn't made up bullshit by the same people who don't acknowledge that they are just a bunch of expelled Mongolians. And while "we caught you lying jackpine savages lying again and you should all be horsewhipped in punishment" may be "arguably even cruel" it's certainly more helpful and absolutely more accurate than any "every child matters" sticker on a minivan that you see all over the place. They did lie. We did catch them.

Indeed, Kay's "historical fact" of Residential Schools being "cruel and dangerous places" is itself not a fact. The cruelty is always exaggerated and culturally ignorant (again, more on this below), which of course is a deliberate provocation by the Lysol Drinkers to generate that performative (and legitimate, if misguided) White guilt which they profit from so much. While it is nice that Nepinak was open an honest about the digging that would prove or disprove the outrageous claims, and we should probably be appreciative, we also should acknowledge that this should be the absolute bare minimum required from any Indian Chief who wants to even insinuate that there may be a carcass on the section of land His Majesty has graciously permitted him to occupy and even more graciously permitted him to falsely claim is sovereign.

How much the jackpine savages have internalized these lies is a matter for some debate. Certainly there was a performative aspect to the "where are all the bodies" bullshit when the lies about the Charles Camsell were exposed, and they were much more muted when the McGill lies were exposed this past month.

It is nice that the narrative is always flowing my direction, but again there's never been any doubt about that. Anybody with half a brain knew two years ago that the "215 dead kids in Kamloops" was a complete fabrication.

This fake holiday based on a lie ("Residential Schools aren't awesome and children were killed as a result") was designed to coincide with another day, the "Orange Shirt Day", also about a girl supposedly mistreated as a Residential School student (laughably called a "survivor"). Would it therefore surprise you to learn that the infamous orange shirt incident is also a lie? Well, I guess it shouldn't. Here's Nina Green with the amazing fact check the legacy media wouldn't bother doing:

The text states that the nuns made her shower, took her orange shirt away, gave her other clothes to wear, and cut her hair short.

This was a routine procedure when children arrived at residential schools across Canada in September. In his book From Truth Comes Reconciliation, Rodney Clifton, who worked at Stringer Hall, the Anglican student residence and hostel in Inuvik, explains that it was a practical necessity for the students’ health and well-being. He noted that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report failed to state that:

Some of the children arrived at Stringer Hall in September wearing the same school clothing they wore when they went home in the spring, not having bathed or changed in two months. Some of these children had been standing in smudge fires, trying to escape the hordes of blood-sucking insects, and a number had arrived with infected bug bites on their scalps. A few children arrived with ear infections so severe that pus was running down their necks. At the beginning of the year, these children cried themselves to sleep. As you might expect, the first priority of the residential school staff, particularly the nursing sister, was to clean up the children, and treat their infections.
To put the students’ living conditions and infections into context, anyone reading this account needs to realize that it wasn’t until the early 1950s that a weekly bath with a change of clothes became the norm for most urban Canadians. For people living on farms and in small communities where water had to be hand-pumped from wells and heated on coal and wood stoves, a bath with a change of clothing was a luxury reserved for special occasions. In the North, it was even more difficult to bathe and change clothing, especially for the children who were with their parents in tents at hunting and fishing camps.
There is little doubt that the hostel children appreciated ending a busy week with a hot shower, clean pajamas, and a chance to slip between clean sheets in their very own beds, just as other Canadian children did. (pp. 281-2)
The Orange Shirt Story does not provide this much-needed context, and makes it appear that giving Phyllis Webstad and other children from remote Indian reserves in the Cariboo a shower, a change of clothing, and a haircut on their arrival at St. Joseph's in September were callous acts perpetrated by 'cold and unfriendly' nuns.

There's a lot to unpack right there: the reason the little squaw had her precious orange shirt removed had nothing to do with some Principal Skinner inspired institutionalized blandness as is commonly promoted but instead an act of mercy when dirty and diseased little redskins started showing up for the schools whose very design was centred around giving them some civilizing influence for a change. Her beautiful long locks of hair that now she claims made up her identity was actually to get the disgusting lice under control now that she was no longer in third world conditions typically suited to her race. Her fancy favoured shirt probably had more smallpox on it than every fictional white-provided blanket in history. While a 21st century person might find it crazy, in practical reality the clothing students arrived with couldn't be practically stored and kept disinfected and ended up having to be destroyed. It wasn't an act of malice but an act of charity (as indeed the entire Residential School system was).

Okay, I can hear a couple of you objecting to this explanation of the circumstances. For one, Clifton's book quoted above refers to the 1950s as the tipping point for 20th century hygiene to make its way into rural Canada (I know of some homes that didn't get electrified until the 60s, and some that were torn down in the 80s having never gotten running water), but the fact that Webstad is alive today basically precludes her having gone to school in the early third of the century and extremely unlikely to be in the early half. Indeed, her experiences were from the 70s. So you'd think my justification of what happened to her would evaporate, and maybe it does. But long before that happens, her story goes poof in the wind with far greater certainty. Which is a fancy way of saying Phyllis Webstad is a lying squaw who deserves to be tied to a fencepost and pelted with rocks.

The fact that Phyllis Webstad puts nuns at centre-stage on the cover and in the text and illustrations of The Orange Shirt Story contrasts rather markedly with her failure to mention nuns in her other accounts of her year at St. Joseph’s, which, to clarify, was no longer a school when she arrived there in 1973, but a student residence or hostel in which students lived while attending public schools in town in Williams Lake.

As the federal government’s policy of integrating status Indian students into provincial public schools and turning the former residential schools into student residences or hostels progressed during the 1950s and 1960s, nuns were no longer required as teachers, and many had left by the time the federal government formally took over administration of the schools from the churches on 1 April 1969. Thus, if there were still a few non-teaching nuns working alongside lay staff at St Joseph’s residence/hostel during Phyllis Webstad’s one-year stay there in 1973/4, it does seem a rather glaring omission that she never specifically mentions nuns in other accounts of her life there.

In a subsequent book, Beyond The Orange Shirt Story, published in 2021, she merely refers to the persons who took away her orange shirt as ‘them’:

I can remember arriving at the Mission. The building was huge, unlike any building I’d ever seen before. I remember lots of crying and the feeling of terror, pee your pants terror! When my clothing, including my orange shirt, was taken, it didn’t matter how much I protested or told them I wanted it back, they didn’t listen.
On the Orange Shirt Society webpage, she merely says ‘they’:
I went to the Mission for one school year in 1973/1974. I had just turned 6 years old. I lived with my grandmother on the Dog Creek reserve. We never had very much money, but somehow my granny managed to buy me a new outfit to go to the Mission school. I remember going to Robinson’s store and picking out a shiny orange shirt. It had string laced up in front, and was so bright and exciting – just like I felt to be going to school!

When I got to the Mission, they stripped me, and took away my clothes, including the orange shirt! I never wore it again. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t give it back to me, it was mine!

In a recent CBC Kids article and interview, she merely says ‘staff’':
But once she got to the school, Webstad said staff took away her clothes, including her orange shirt. She never had the chance to wear it again.
Why does Phyllis Webstad shy away in subsequent accounts from stating that it was nuns who took her orange shirt away when she had stated so emphatically in The Orange Shirt Story that nuns were responsible?

Why? Because the deal the Lysol Liars have made with the progressive left is that their little school history is a great way to diminish and insult the Catholic Church in particular and the Christian religion in general. Yet its important not to have it too definitively on the record to be proven as wrong as the Kamloops graves.

The Christians who invented and administered the Residential School System were clearly a superior people doing good work that exposed how their own race was incapable of any of it.  Attacking and belittling and hating and diminishing them was a key aspect of this whole affair. Again remember that 2021 saw a level of anti-Christian fervor and hatred and hate crimes unseen in Canadian history against any religious group. Catholics in the summer of 2021 could only wish they had been treated as "poorly" as Muslims claimed to be threatened of feeling in the winter of 2001.

How many churches in 2021 were burned to the ground versus how many mosques in 2002? That's in no small part thanks to the slander committed against the nunnery by this worthless piece of disgraced Mongolian trash. Tie her to a fencepost already.

In fact, there were many Indigenous staff throughout the years of the residential school system. The schools couldn’t have run without them. In 1961, 8.9% of the total teaching staff were Indigenous. 96 status Indian teachers were employed in day schools, and 25 in residential schools. Those figures, of course, do not include the many hundreds of Indigenous staff members like Gloria Manuel who were employed in other capacities in the schools over the years.

The foregoing facts raise an obvious question: Was it actually lay staff members, and perhaps even Indigenous lay staff members, who gave Phyllis Webstad a shower and haircut, and took her orange shirt away when she arrived at St Joseph's? If so, The Orange Shirt Story has clearly misinformed the Canadian public, and in particular, Canadian schoolchildren.

It’s even possible that Phyllis Webstad’s orange shirt was eventually returned to her. She can’t say for certain that it wasn’t, because she admits to having no memory of going home at the end of the school year.

I don’t have a memory of getting my shirt back, or going home when school was out.
There are other aspects of Phyllis Webstad’s story about which the public has not been accurately informed. For example, the CBC Kids article erroneously states that she attended school at St Joseph’s:
In 1973, when Webstad was six years old, she started attending St. Joseph's Mission Residential School near Williams Lake.
As noted above, the CBC is in error. St. Joseph’s was no longer a school when Phyllis Webstad arrived there. It was a student residence and hostel where students lived while attending public school in Williams Lake:
The Mission was the place where we slept and ate. When I attended in 1973, there were 272 students in total, boys and girls. All of the students were bussed into Williams Lake to attend public school, about 20 minutes away. ... I liked my teacher there, she had crazy red curly hair, she smelled good, and she was kind — I wished she could take me home with her.
Moreover it seems Phyllis Webstad’s experience in public school In Williams Lake was a pleasant one. She has positive memories of it.

To quote Mary McCarthy, it seems that "every word she [Phyllis Webstad] writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the.'" While she on occasion again seems almost forced to admit the truth, the "journalists" writing activist polemics about the orange shirt experience certainly aren't interested in telling us the truth about the story. Meanwhile the book she supposedly wrote doesn't jive with her other accounts, and absolutely doesn't line up with the actual written history that (superior white) people actually recorded with documentary evidence.

Nina ends with some hot fire that is desperately needed:

So which experience merits the epithet ‘horrific' — Phyllis Webstad's year living at St. Joseph’s while attending public school in Williams Lake in a class of ‘very happy’ children taught by a teacher she liked, or her aunt Theresa Jack's experience of drunkenness and violence, and being beaten, bullwhipped, and sexually, physically and mentally abused by her uncles on the Dog Creek Reserve?

Phyllis Webstad needs to level with Canadians, and tell them:

  1. whether it really was nuns who greeted her at the school, forced her to shower, took her orange shirt away, and cut her hair, or whether it was lay staff members, and perhaps Indigenous lay staff members
  2. that her school year with a teacher she liked in Williams Lake was a happy one
  3. that her parents had both abandoned her, and that she had no one to care for her on the reserve apart from an aging grandmother, and 
  4. that childhood on the reserve, as experienced by her aunt, was horrific, as opposed to her own year at St. Joseph’s, which was not horrific at all.

Have a great White People Are the Best Day this September 30th, and have another great White People Are the Best Day tomorrow October 1st, and indeed every other day we celebrate our misrepresented race of superior acheivers.


Only the good die young

Sic Semper Tyrannis, you pathetic cunt. Go join Milk in the hell you both deserve.

Fascism is always falling on conservatives and landing on leftists

By now everybody has heard about the Shiny Pony's latest pathetic example of incompetence: literally arranging to have a former Nazi soldier applauded in the House of Commons for his service to Hitler.

Coming right off the heels of his embarrassing fiasco where he accused the Indian government of assassinating a political opponent (which in no way was true, more on that in a couple days) and caused a rift not only between Canada and India but indeed Canada and the Mother Country, he figured why not double down and celebrate a man who proudly marched under the same swastikas that we flew last year to (accurately) describe him for mandating vaccine passports?

The Speaker of the House has already resigned from his post (but not, critically, his seat), but there's plenty of blame to go around. While it's true that Rota did invite Hunka into Parliament in his capacity as Member of Parliament, and not as Speaker (early commentary reflected how it seemed Justin was throwing the Speaker under the bus for merely reading the next agenda item), and while its strictly true as a matter of protocol that an MP can invite an outsider for recognition without notifying the government, that didn't explain all the pre-session photo ops with several cabinet ministers and most likely Trudeau himself.

However don't think for a second the so-called Conservative Members of Parliament are any less guilty. If you saw all the videos of the applauding Parliament, it critically happened on both sides of the aisle. While nobody outside of Rota...and Gould...and perhaps Justin...and Freeland...whoever else from the Liberal Caucus took photo ops with Hunka before the session; while none of them knew his backstory, they could have figured it out instantly with the smallest degree of thought when they heard Rota's announcement:

If the video has since been scrubbed (don't laugh, the first thing the Liberals tried to do was remove the record of their shame from history), here's what Rota said:
We have here in the chamber today Ukrainian Canadians...Ukrainian Canadian world Veteran from the Second World War who fought for Ukrainian Independence against the Russians and continues to support the troops today. Even at his age of ninety-eight.

While you might think Rat Bastard 2.0's inane blather is contagious -- your title is "Speaker" and you mumble and bluster through a one-and-a-half sentence long notecard of prepared remarks? -- the fact that he's a World War Two veteran who fought the Russians should have been enough information to give you pause. There were only two countries who fought the Russians in WW2 and somehow I don't think he was joining the Japanese Army. You don't need to Google Hunka (where you find all the pictures of him with swastikas bragging about his being a member of an S.S. division) to know that from 1939-1945 the only organization on the planet fighting for Ukraine to leave the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was the German Government. Every Conservative MP upon hearing that a 98 year old man used to fight the Russians should have ceased any applause they may have instinctively started, turned their back on the centre of the chamber, and very visibly crossed their arms. Sure, the CBC would have had a field day with their "hateful" and "pro-Russian" action for a couple of days...until the international press finished lacerating their meal ticket to such an extent they would have had to turn tail and admit that one party got it right.

Instead, all the parties got it wrong. Maxime Bernier wouldn't have done this shit.

So as noted, the same Prime Minister who the international press keeps reminding us called truckers Nazis for using swastikas to attack him for his Viro Fascism is the one who's bringing in Nazis and then mealy-mouthed kinda-apologizing before blaming his screwup on Vladimir Putin (no, seriously) and trying to make it another "teachable moment" as he does every time he's guilty of stupidity/corruption/rape/evil/etc. Coming right off the heels of his vapid India broken plane trip disaster and the predictable-to-everybody-but-him fallout of his attack on the human rights of Canadian media producers and consumers, it's yet another self-inflicted Shiny Pony humiliation:

The funniest bit afterwards, of course, is how much the press is backtracking to try and protect him (see for example CBC's glowing press coverage of the Online News Act). I already linked above to the Burlington Gazette explaining why Gould took that photo with Hunka and cannot be held responsible for it (this is a new development in Canadian politics) but that pales in comparison to the Euheniia Martyniuk explaining why joining the Nazis was no big deal if you hated the communists, CBC explaining why Shiny Pony can't be held responsible for his party's MP (again, a new development), or Red Injun lover and certified retard Taylor Noakes explaining why it's really Canada's fault for letting all these Ukrainian SS soldiers into the country in the first place.

Hunka is a veteran of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division. The unit was renamed “First Ukrainian Division” toward the end of the war, and it is under this unit’s name that Hunka was initially identified in an AP wire photo.

Canada has at least two monuments dedicated to the veterans of this unit, one located in the Toronto suburb of Oakville, and another located in Edmonton. Recent incidents of anti-fascist vandalism in both locations prompted local police to launch hate crimes investigations. Jacobin has previously reported on Canada’s Nazi war monument problem.

Similarly, when Gould insisted that she never met with Hunka, the press didn't bother to spend 15 seconds double checking that she wasn't lying.

Now you might even agree with some of the "oh gee sorry about that but its totally understandable" stories, and many on their face seem perfectly acceptable. If he's a guest of one of your MPs or an attendee at your rally, you'll snap a picture with a guy not spending four hours first ensuring he's not a 14th Waffen Grenadier or the founder of the phony Dialagon meme or whatever. There were many (including General Patton and a few Canadian WW2 vets I know including one former Member of Parliament) who argued that halfway through WW2 Britain should have allied with Nazi Germany to tear the Russians a new one, and the history of Soviet Communism would seem to bear their argument at least some weight. The Westminster System shouldn't have the Prime Minister be considered the "leader" of his caucus (that's the House Leader's job, technically, so Rota is Gould's problem), that's a nod to the American system too far. Also maybe proud Ukrainian Nazis shouldn't be given memorials in a country where Sir John A. MacDonald is being torn down for his "crimes" of educating retarded Indians.

The point, of course, is that for the mainstream press this only happens when leftists screw up. Which is why it's so funny that the international press flat out isn't letting the Shiny Pony get away with it. Even the CBC has to admit now that on the world's stage Canada and our Parliament is being mocked and derided and diminished (though they also, as per usual, want to Noakes-style call this a "teachable moment" about our past).

So yet again, when you think of Nazis and Canada, think about this guy, and all the other leftists who support him.


Why does St. Albert hate patios?

Two weeks ago I did what I hadn't done yet this summer: visit the outdoor St. Albert Farmer's Market. Since the closure of the amazing 104th street outdoor market in Edmonton, St. Albert is the only major farmer's market to take place on a weekend outdoors.


It was okay from a window shopping perspective (helpful hint, never ever buy at a farmer's market what you can also buy in a regular grocery store), but the one highlight from last year appears to have vanished: the outdoor patio at the Royal Canadian Legion located at the far western tip of the market. This was a little disappointing, especially as I had finished talking it up, but there's other places to go in that little burg so we decided to try again.

And again.

And again.

Until we went back to Edmonton.

The first place we hit was Central Social Hall on the northside of the city, which had a nice expansive patio and...nope, it was deserted.

Nevermind, down Mark Messier Trail you can find the only Irish pub left in town, the Dicey Reillys. Literally zero people. Okay, further down there's the previous Irish pub, the Thirsty Rooster (formerly Paddy's, formerly formerly Celtic Knot, formerly formerly a buffer restaurant), which also had an...empty patio. In fairness, the Earl's next door had a few people on the patio but none of us wanted Earl's or for that matter the Original Joe's near Central Social apparently had a few patio-dwellers according to the people who drove past it.

Okay, fine, you know who has an impressive patio even though every staff member is a worthless cunt? Canadian Brewhouse near the Henday. I mean just look at this thing:

Okay that's the outside, what's it look like inside? Couldn't tell you: unlike the other deserted patios this one you have to get in to discover that the patio is closed.

For those of you keeping score, this was early September and the weather was almost +24°C which may not sound impressive but felt considerably warmer.

Last Saturday was similar temperature on Whyte Avenue, and despite the 10+ air quality index caused by the summer of smoke, there were full patios galore. No, this is apparently a St. Albert thing.


Candy Cane Diembodied Skeleton Lane


You are no doubt familiar with Candy Cane Lane if you live in or around Edmonton. It's the section of 148th Street just south of 98th Avenue (where 147 Street merges with it creating what turns out to be an officially named (Isabelle Connelly) park and continues  south for about 1148 metres until 148th street ends and turns eastward to become 92nd Avenue for a half block before becoming the new 147th street (then becoming 92A Ave) where the Christmas decorations kind of fizzle out.

It's nothing more than a lot of houses putting out elaborate Christmas decorations, really, though they do supplement with food bank donations and sleigh rides and all sorts of bells and whistles. Except, of course, during the Wuhan Flu debacle when the Viro Fascists at City Hall banned walking on sidewalks.

However, there's a good chance you aren't familiar with Candy Cane Lane's unofficial Halloween competitor.... Pumpkin Lane? Ghosts and Goblins Lane? Okay, they need to work on coming up with a term for it. Where it is, it's along Summerside Grande Boulevard, the road that leaves the (private, but the bragging by residents is very very very public) Summerside Beach at 88th Street and runs approximately 1017 metres to the traffic circle roundabout at 70th Street. In other words, 89% as long as Candy Cane Lane. They could barely have planned it better.

The best part about it is that its apparently relatively new (the couple people I've heard about it from don't think it happened pre-COVID), so what ends up happening is late September/early October people start putting out their decorations. Then by mid-October (weather permitting) pretty much everybody who is going to decorate (about 4-5 houses didn't, which isn't that much different than Candy Cane lane) has finished decorating. However, what happens then is that some neighbours have brought in even more elaborate decorations than the previous year, which causes a mini Halloween-decorating arms race where the decorations get added to and replaced and become more and more elaborate in the days leading up to All Saint's Day. Indeed reports are it started this year before 9/11, so it could be insanely elaborate even before this gets posted.

In general, the north side of the street gets more of the decorations than the southside, possibly due to amount of sun they get in their front versus their back. The northside also gets in the spirit earlier, leaving the southern neighbours playing the most catchup.

Also, you'll have to get there later in the day, especially on weekdays, as most of the houses with inflatable decorations don't leave them plugged in all day:

Don't bother walking around the rest of the neighbourhood either, a block off in either direction the number of decorated houses falls to approximately zero:

In a preview for this year, I thought I'd share some of the highlights from last year's edition (click on any of the images to see them "full" sized). Also if you live on this street and you don't see your house, my apologies but there is so much to see it's hard to capture it all. I'm currently working on a YouTube video that will show the full scope of these decorations:


These guys really got a theme going.
Scary skeletons on the second floor! This was everybody's favourite of the photos.

I wonder if they will play less like zombies than the actual Oilers...

Somehow even uglier than the real Bette Middler.

And finally, the scariest home decoration of all:

A faggot lives here! Run away kids, he's evil and wants to molest you!


More violent niggers murdering their superiors

Two black teenagers steal a car and go joyriding. They film themselves as they rear-end another vehicle, then spot a man bicycling along the side of the road. They deliberately run him over, killing him, as they film the murder, laughing.

Powerline is slightly cowardly in their writeup. 

These savages are niggers. N-I-G-G-E-R-S. They loudly and proudly call themselves that in the video, so I find no reason we should ever dance around calling them anything but.

Instead of "reparations", niggers like these need to be found, their throats slit in the public square, whites dance around their bodies and cheer, and then their mothers forced to sit in a chair Clockwork Orange style as they have to watch the video of it happening over and over and over again.

Every single nigger who misbehaves like this, we repeat the exact same ceremony over and over and over again. You will be slaughtered -- it's important to avoid any imprimatur and therefore the term "executed" is to be avoided -- and those you care about will be tortured with the knowledge that we have not only done so, we have gleefully done so.

Hey niggers, your niggery pursuit of niggerish activities will be permanently unniggered at our delight in the harshest of methods.

I'm reminded of something I didn't get to blog about earlier in the month: the wedding massacre in Ottawa. I was away all weekend, however I instantly knew what the media was cravenly scared to admit: this was just more niggers killing other niggers. The signs were all there, of course; CTV News channel had a lot of coverage about the event, however at no point did the crack team of journalists have that mainstay of tragedy porn: the bystander interview. They didn't seem able to find anybody who was actually there who could speak to them about what was happening, which seemed odd for a wedding that took place at a convention centre. There was nothing but bland official reports, which of course told you nothing, and there was only one possible explanation for why CTV wasn't airing something better was that they didn't have anything better. The Occam version is of course that they didn't want to air anything better: it would be a bunch of niggers stumbling through basic English making you immediately realize that if we hadn't let them into Canada from the Niggerland (Somalia, likely) then there wouldn't have been a shooting. Similarly, early Sunday morning Ottawa Police put out a cryptic note that this "didn't appear to be a hate crime" which immediately told you that you were looking at a nigger wedding.

Despite the size of the event, it appears CTV News isn't the only one who seems uninterested in a followup: Ottawa Police are appealing to the general public -- who were not attending the wedding -- to speak up if they think they noticed anything hinky over the weekend after presumably failing to get anything out of the attendees but a bunch of clicking noises and the sort of trashy nonsense the niggers in the vehicular homicide video were blathering. That same weekend, of course, was yet more citywide nigger violence in Alberta, this time in Calgary. Oh, and...uh... checks notes...Tel Aviv.

For Christ's sake, what are niggers from Eritrea doing in Tel Aviv? Don't they have enough trouble with sand niggers causing violence in Israel? Did they think to themselves that they were bored of this and why not import some O.G. negroes to perform the one task they seem uniquely capable of performing?

At least Israel seems interested in doing something about it. On this side of the Atlantic, as Mark Steyn notes in discussing the Nevada niggers murdering an innocent white, the media seems very interested doing exactly what I noted CTV did on September Long Weekend by doing everything they can to minimize the obvious problem with letting in more and more niggers who misbehave worse and worse

Having remained silent through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the Review-Journal finally returned to the "bike crash" today to defend its feeble, anaesthetizing coverage:
As the online firestorm evolved on Saturday, editors at the Review-Journal changed the headline of the article, removing the phrase "bike crash" and replacing it with "hit-and-run," hoping the change would calm the online vitriol.
But that isn't true either: it's an act of murder - a vehicular homicide for which that guy in Charlottesville, Virginia is presently serving half-a-millennium.

Even more disturbingly, the paper revealed that its original "reporter" (a "hero", according to the paper) had known about the cellphone footage for over a fortnight:

In fact, a source had contacted the Review-Journal about the existence of the video more than two weeks ago, and a reporter had instructed the caller on how to forward the video to Metropolitan Police Department detectives investigating the case.
Why, they even did another bland, insipid minimal item on the charge getting upgraded to murder.

Er, okay. But in that case - if you knew about the video "more than two weeks ago" - why didn't you do a piece on that? Because, in any real journalistic culture, that's the story - not sentimentalist sob-sister crapola about, aw, he was a nice guy with a "love of coffee" who unfortunately came a cropper on his bicycle.

The video is the story, but the local paper wouldn't cover it. As its comrades elsewhere in the US media still haven't covered it. Why is that? Oh, well: as usual with an American news event, it took Viscount Rothermere's Daily Mail to write it up in any detail.

 Steyn of course is quick to point out that maybe niggers would be better behaved if we didn't keep telling them that behaving in a civilized manner in a civilized society is so white and therefore bad even though the superior white culture and standards of conduct are objectively better than what the niggers are replacing it with:

Given American education's decline into an unending relitigation of an ever more remote past, are you really stunned that some people are willing to take it to the next level? It's just the slightly more hardcore end of the same continuum as Ibram X Kendi's lucrative racket, "Critical Race Theory", "white fragility" in America, the awful "Voice" referendum Down Under, the toppling of Sir John A Macdonald in Dominion Square in Montreal, and all the other bollocks of the continual 24/7 assault on, for better or worse, our shared inheritance. And, once it's no longer shared, what's left to hold society together in the bright new dawn of Year Zero?

So why be surprised that it seems to be advancing from Civil War statues to flesh-and-blood human beings?

Of course, in the past week the infamous Gregoire Lake has been the site of another murder where no whites were involved: a Red Injun teenager found dead on the side of the road. No mealy mouthed "oh he died in a bike crash" headlines, of course.


If you want a LotR Wifi SSID, use "You Shall Not Password"

A few weeks ago the 21st Century Clown World's Newspaper of Record, the Babylon Bee, had this clever gag posted:

Boomer Forgets Password

KHAZAD-DÛM — A local man suffered from an embarrassing "boomer" moment today, as Gandalf the Gray experienced great difficulty remembering the password to unlock the Doors of Durin at the West-gate Moria.

"Oh dear me," Gandalf was heard grumbling to himself as the party he was traveling with arrived at the hidden entrance. "What is my password again? I know it was something easy that I knew I could remember. Great elephants, this is embarrassing!"

The group accompanying Gandalf on the trek — consisting of two men, an elf, a dwarf, and four hobbits — collectively rolled their eyes as they realized the old man had forgotten his password. "May his beard wither," Gimli the dwarf reportedly muttered out of frustration as he and the others sat down near the locked door.

Funny thing is, I actually have a story related to this. Last month (I believe it was during the Fringe) I saw a Lord of the Rings inspired Wifi network. Well as you can see from the screenshot, when you see the Wifi name "Speak Friend and Enter", the only proper nerdy password you can have is either:

  1. mellon (best)
  2. friend (distant second-best)
  3. (there is no third best)

Yet you can clearly see here that the owner of this Wifi setup a password longer than six letters (otherwise "Connect" wouldn't be greyed out), and both "mellon" and "friend" are six letters long.

No. Just no. This isn't like the classic names of "Pretty Fly for a Wifi" or "FBI surveillance van #6557" or "pennygetyourownwifi" where you have carte blanche authority to pick your own password. The moment you make "speak friend and enter" the name of your Wifi, your choices are limited. I've since heard somebody suggest "friend and" likely was the password, with "enter" being a homonym for <Enter>.

No, this is too cute (and probably not even true) so you get no points for this.


This explains everything


China is up to some shit

Just for fun on Saturday I was channel surfing and stumbled across a 24/7 South Korean cable news channel. They showed boats on the screen, and since I liked boats, I watched.

The basic summary is right there in the post title. Red China is doing something shady.

Specifically this all revolves around several atolls that K'mpec had heard of but I'm sure 95% of the Canadian population hasn't: the Spratley Islands. Claimed by several countries (China, Red China, Vietnam, and the Philippines), the Sabina Shoal (one of the islands) are physically located about 135km from Philippine's Panay Island, definitely putting it within the 200-km Economic Exclusion Zone (the most northwest portion, the "North Danger Reef", is about 450km away). As my helpful South Korean TV channel pointed out, however, this same North Danger Reef is the part closest to China, and is a little over 900km from the island of Hainan.

In 1999, the Philippines intentionally grounded an old warship on a shoal closer to Sabina (James Bond style), and the Chinese Coast Guard has been using quasi-legal methods to keep naval resupply ships from reaching the craft. For those keeping score, it's slightly inside the Philippines' EEZ and is only contested between China and the Philippines. Again, the helpful chaps from South Korea who are under no anti-Chinese sentiment whatsoever point out that it's almost 1400km to get to mainland Red China (Macau) from the atoll.

However, mere facts and logic have no real bearing to the Chicoms. The Spratley Islands have oil and the People's Republic wants it. Unlike places like Canada and Africa, fellow asian countries know that every promise of free money from Xi comes with a price tag too horrible to fathom, which leaves the typical Chinese strategy of bribery off the table. Naked aggression is the next obvious ploy, and this sort of salami tactics using water cannons today and real cannons tomorrow seems designed to provoke FakePresident Asterisk into either overreacting and provoking a searing diplomatic response, or else not reacting enough and signalling that the next attempt will be even more successful.


The Newspaper of Record wins again


Breaking: They apparently found wreckage, however the link is from a low-trust satire site and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Mostly unrelated: "Why does the Navy's Army need an Air Force?" The same USMC who lost the F-35 are the ones whose requirements drove up the JSF's cost so much.

"the Civil Rights Act essentially replaced the American constitutional order..."

"...because it lets you pass whatever laws you like."

And as Greg Hood notes, that's really the laws "they" like that take away "your" actual rights.

Increasingly, democracy takes on a formal tone. It has become Our Democracy, capital O, capital D. We begin to sense that it is a closed system, in which rulers shape the population and condition it to support, or at least tolerate, the policies rulers want. The best way to do this is to turn the population into a collection of victim groups, or what our system calls “Communities.” If that doesn’t work, you can always import a new population, which is what the Great Replacement is all about. Public opinion is dictated — an effect and not a cause. If public opinion doesn’t match what the rulers want, they ignore it.


Why Wednesday's protest won't work


Canada 🇨🇦, million to March, September 20th

♬ original sound - Common Sense Carl

On this coming Wednesday, September 20th, an event called the "Million Person March" is being planned at every provincial legislature and at various schools across Canada, to help protest against the evil sodomites and their sick agenda.

I'm very very sorry that it's not going to be well attended.

I've written about this before:

Commandment The Second: Conservative Rallies Shall Be On Weekends
Ezra's second mistake was having the rally on a Friday afternoon. Another problem with conservatives rallying is that the target audience are all industrious and hardworking people who work full-time (and often beyond) at real life jobs in the real life private sector. Unlike the lazy unproductive losers who inhabit public sector unionized jobs (and even private sector unionized jobs), they can't just tell work that they'll be taking the rest of the day off to go protest a coffee company's policy of advertising on their in-house TV network. I'm not meaning to minimize #BoycottTims in any fashion here, but in all honesty there's no way that almost any political cause is as important as staying at work and getting paid money and not fired. Again, lazy public sector unionists can just leave at any time to go rally: they put it in their contracts for Christ's sake. This is because leftists aren't actually worth having at work, they can disappear for hours and life goes on. Conservatives have real jobs that they have to remain at during working hours or all hell breaks lose. The sheer uselessness of liberals ensures that a weekday rally will always favour them. Rallies that involve conservatives need to take place over the weekend.

And indeed, I will not be attending the Million Person March, because it's at 9am on a Wednesday. I'll be at work, the same place I'd be if the rally was moved to 9am on Tuesday or 2pm on Wednesday. With the way rush hour traffic in Edmonton has been the last few weeks, depending on the location 5:30 would be difficult to swing.

I understand that it's a school protest and meant to take place at schools during the time the kids being pushed pillow biting and chopping off tits as a positive lifestyle change, but by its very nature that provides the target protester a significant hurdle that we generally can't get out of. For those of us who have already used up our vacation days as a result, we simply can't go. That will certainly keep the number of attendees low.

But, as I noted in that previous post, this won't affect public sector unionized workers. Indeed, the Ontario Federation of Labour is already privately whoops now publicly plotting (they literally call themselves "conspirators") to disrupt and deny the group who oppose faggots diddling children their ability to get the message out. They will be permitted to leave their workplace and specifically picket in defense of the union, while even conservative workplace owners who showed the Rebel Media documentaries in the break room (yes, this is a thing!) will not be permitting this. Of course, if you wanted to march in the Million Person March, that same public sector worker wouldn't permit it.

Nor is the other reason it's at 9am, the student walkout, going to be as successful as you might hope and for much the same reason. During Friday Climate Strike protests in 2019 for example, students who wished to protest the fact that fossil fuels are a great thing were given permission by their own school administration to skip class. The unit circle? Romeo and Juliet? Nonsense, none of those things are more important than the impending global warming disaster that 97% scientists agree will destroy the planet by 2015! While  school administrations were less forgiving of student protesters outraged over a rumour that a nigger was called a nigger, its still a better outcome than any student who walks out on Wednesday will receive. Just ask Josh Alexander, who staged a protest with far more validity than "the dominant religion in Africa is anti-black" and was suspended and later expelled for it, now having to fight in court to be allowed into the school he supposedly has a human right to attend. In other words, unlike the "climate justice" and "social justice" which school administration either actively encourages or neutrally ignores, this protest in favour of actual justice and protecting kids from the Kris Wells of this world so anxious to sodomize them before they get too old will likely be harshly treated by the same people who got together in that OFL video.

The Edmonton version is apparently at the ATA headquarters kitty-corner to Ross Sheppard School near Westmount, but your local locations may vary.

The First Commandment of Conservative Protests was "Conservatives Shall Not Rally". Conservatives are getting better this since that post in 2015 but still are a long way from exorcising the fact that as free thinking individuals we don't do well at mass protests. As you'll recall during the Freedom Convoy, there were far more supporters who never bothered going to downtown Edmonton or the Whistle Stop Cafe than those who went; when we did get a large-ish turnout one of the media talking points was the "various messages": unlike the left, when the right gets together to protest something there is far more of a spectrum of opinions and attitudes around the best alternative outcome. It's why our ideas are superior, this discussion wholly absent from the left, but it makes the messaging less firm.

The evil poofters in our schools need to be fought with every weapon we have and stopped by any means we deem necessary. This is an absolutely essential fight and we cannot stop until they are completely and utterly destroyed.

This event on September 20th won't achieve any of that.


Red Deer Catholics need to exorcise ACSTA with fire

Another school trustee in hot water for saying the most anodyne of the inconvenient truth about faggots and their sick agenda:

Monique LaGrange, a first time school board trustee for Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools, uploaded to Instagram an archival photo of German children waving the Nazi flag juxtaposed with a contemporary picture of children waving the Pride Progress flag. The post had the caption “brainwashing is brainwashing.” In an exclusive interview with True North, Lagrange says that she uploaded the picture to social media because she thought the picture was a “great representation of what is happening within our culture and within our schools.”

Teachers are busy pushing the evils of sodomy in schools. They have been for almost two full decades, pausing only to attack the superior people who call them out on it. That it has been brazenly happening has been an incontrovertible fact, and the only thing up for opinion is whether the Nazis were even as half-assed in their brainwashing efforts.

“Our Catholic schools love all students as gifts from God made in His image, irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender expression,” wrote Salm in a statement.

“Removing a representative from our board is not a decision we take lightly, and Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools is invited to select a replacement Director to represent them. Given the manner in which the previous Director’s post has the potential to undermine the charitable learning environment offered by Alberta’s Catholic school system, we consider this to be the most appropriate response.”

Is Harry Salm (President of the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association) high? God made man in His image, and yet He also created us in a world that permitted us to take actions and make choices in direct violation of His edicts. God made Mother Teresa and Pope Nicholas and Saddam Hussein and Ivan the Terrible and every single faggot ever in His image, it doesn't mean that we need to slavishly support the beliefs and actions of each one (and indeed you'd go mad doing so).

Sodomy is a sin. Every proponent of it needs to recognize this and be cured of it. That the ACSTA's own President is unaware of this is exactly why more people need to warn him of this fact, and louder and louder each and every time. (Seriously, you'd think that tolerating fudge packers would be something Catholicism by now in general has learned gets them into hot water).

Alberta Teachers Association president Jason Schilling condemned LaGrange’s post, calling it “repugnant” and a “form of repression.”

“Not only does it serve to undermine the atrocities of the Nazi regime, but it also acts as a form of oppression to entice further hatred toward members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community,” said Schilling.

They deserve every single ounce of this, Schilling. Your organization might love the fact that you let child molesters openly be "proud" of their child molesting orientation while they continue to work with children to defy the rights of their parents, but we don't and we will never stop making sure that you and your members and the children forced to suck on your members members are made keenly aware of this every day until they take up one of the two cures for sodomy.

Related: "Just as a parent calls a child in a dangerous situation back to safety, so God, a loving Father, continually calls us away from what is harmful in our lives and back to communion and new life with him."