Let's go Oilers, honk honk

The Edmonton Oilers are about to start their Game 1 against the Calgary Flames. On a completely unrelated note, earlier this year, the Freedom Convoy held Edmonton protests downtown every Saturday afternoon starting around 1pm.

Of course, Mayor "I'm Literally a Shitface, just look at it" Sohi hated this and could not let it stand. In fact, the City of Edmonton got an injunction against the convoy using its unique voice: its honking. The reason? Officially, to borrow from the nonsense used by Ottawa government whiners, was how horrible and disruptive that honking was. It's just not fair to all the residents, you see, to make them endure all this endless noise. The Edmonton Freedom Convoy, unlike the equally wonderful and justifiable Ottawa version, was only on Saturday afternoons. By 5pm the event was pretty much died down.

In fact, not just honking: the injunction included speakers and anything else that made any noise whatsoever.

Curiously enough, and sorry if I confused you, this isn't "unrelated" to the upcoming Oilers game at all. You see, on Saturday night I was out on Whyte Avenue to enjoy some beers and watch Game 7 of the opening series. A good time was had by all, and during an exciting and well-played while still nail-biting game, the Oilers defeated the Los Angeles Kings and moved onto the second round for the first time in the Retarded Land Acknowledgement Era. As you might expect, people were rather excited about this.

Since the game was played at 8pm for both the benefit of the Los Angeles TV audience and to accommodate the now-eliminated Maple Leafs, the Oilers victory didn't come until around 11pm. Just like in 2006, that first round victory led to a large crowd descending on the avenue (downtown arena be damned). And then the strangest thing happened. Cars started honking: loudly, incessantly, constantly. When I left the strip around 1:15am, the line of cars up and down the road honking over and over and over was only growing.

Unlike the strip from 109th Avenue between 98th Avenue and 104th Avenue where the vast majority of the Freedom Convoy operated, this is right smack dab in a well populated residential area. Unlike the Freedom Convoy, it was late at night. And also unlike the Freedom Convoy, Mayor Shitface hasn't denounced it and the City of Edmonton has taken no legal action against it. (It's worth noting the equally nonwhite and equally freedom-hating bitch who is Mayor of Calgary acted similarly in both aspects).

Leftists online haven't freaked out about people being harmed by all the honking.  If the celebration resumes after every Oilers game it will be even more common, and always at night. Yet the usual losers are completely silent on the issue. Of course we all know why but it still doesn't make it right.


2022 Kentucky Derby

Today is the 148th running of the Kentucky Derby, and because this year it falls on the same weekend as Mother's Day and a birthday party I can't get out of, I'll be missing out on the festivities (unlike last year, where my Kentucky Derby party had record attendance as we all reveled in the joy of openly violating COVID laws). The big story this year, of course, is legendary owner Bob Baffert enduring year one of his two year ban for the Medina Spirit controversy (he at the very least outlived the horse). One notes I actually made a disqualification joke last year referencing the 2019 Derby controversy, so I will keep the streak going.

However as always I will at least quickly run down who I would bet on, if I was betting which I wasn't (note the odds will likely change by the time this post goes up):

Win: White Abarrio (10-1)
Place: Messier (8-1)
Show: Zandon (3-1)
Super-trifecta 4th place: Tawny Port (30-1)
Super-trifecta 4th place after the disqualification: Epicenter (7-2)


@EontheEevee123 - Have you ever considered negros are just really bad drivers?

Hey remember back when I used to do those #yegtraffic bad driver alerts? Those were fun. Anyways one of the gags I did with it was indicate the race of the bad driver. It made a lot of people, including that useless cunt Jesse from 100.3 The Bear, upset. But what I occasionally notified people of was a secret rule I used for it: I only gave the race of the driver when I correctly guessed it before getting a look at them.

Here's the thing: I'm really good at it. I'm well north of 80% accurate at guessing the sex of a driver and at least 75% accurate at guessing their race. In other words, niggers drive a certain way and I know it. Here's the hint as well, they are often bad drivers and were what triggered the infamous bad driver alerts. (Indeed, I referenced their driving habits in this infamous post)

So when folks like Eon try bleating about "racial bias" in policing, it's important that they understand how stupid it really is. Blacks don't drive the same way as whites (much like how they don't "pick up a few things at Athlone Liquor Store"  the same way as whites either) so why would you expect their pullover rates would be equal either? After all, how many percentage of police stops are from behind (where officers don't know the race of the driver)? The infamous Stanford study which Madame Eon quotes later in the thread talks about blacks being pulled over at night when, as Archie Bunker famously reminded us, cops literally wouldn't be able to tell a nigger was even behind the wheel.

Much like how they tend to commit more (serious) crimes and therefore any statistic purporting to look at "disproportionate" outputs without looking at the disproportionate inputs is meaningless, so is this one. Nobody should care how often blacks are pulled over: if they committed 100% of all traffic violations we would expect them to be 100% of the people pulled over, and no harm would be indicated by it.

What it certainly doesn't indicate is that police should be "anti-racist" or "decolonized" or whatever other nonsense Robyn Maynard is yammering about. After all, an "anti-racist" police force would harass innocent Gerald Stanley for the noncrime of shooting a jackpine savage out to do him harm...and we already have that!


"Then now the time is, Commander"

It's May 4th, which is commonly dubbed "Star Wars Day", which means it's now been two years since the disgusting and disgraceful performance by Lethbridge Police. What did I say at the time? Oh, right:

This is 50,000 shades of insanity. As Kate McMillan says, the first thing we need to do is publicly expose and shame the 911 callers. At bare minimum the transcript of the calls must be released so we can determine exactly what information was provided to police.

Secondly, and this is the key: Somebody on the Lethbridge Police Service needs to be fired over this. There can be no wiggle room. A person currently on their payroll needs to be unemployed.

Later that year we learned there would be no criminal charge. Last summer we learned that the officers involved would not be in any way punished for their conduct. The Police Chief at the time, Scott Woods, was only an interim chief and in July of 2020 new Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh took over, and in that time made...exactly zero changes. At no point has he made any amends on the key issue which was that if the officer conduct was according to policy than that policy needed changing.

Mehdizadeh has been completely useless on that front and needs to be made to answer the question: why hasn't policy been changed to prevent this reoccurring? If officers can be demoted for making fun of people in emails, surely policies can be changed to allow demotion for pointing guns at a girl in a cosplay outfit.

The provincial government also has to shoulder some blame: then-Justice Minister Kaycee Madu demanded Lethbridge Police reform their broken system, yet it was entirely over "MemeGate" and a police database search against an NDP cabinet minister rather than the far more serious incident on May 4th 2020.