It's funny, they look so enthusiastic in the pornography

Japanese companies are trying to convince workers to go forth and multiply in a country where by 2050 a third of the population will have died out:

A recent survey of married couples under 50 found that more than a third had not had sex in the previous month.

Many couples said they didn't have the energy for sex, while others said they found it boring.
Japan's birth rate, at 1.34 - the average number of children a woman has in her lifetime - is among the lowest in the world and falls well short of the 2.07 children needed to keep the population stable.

If the rate persists, demographers warn that Japan's overall population will drop to 95 million by 2050 from its 2006 peak of 127.7 million.
They don't find sex interesting? As Mark Steyn notes, "its no karaoke night"...

At the bottom of the story is a link to a now-defunct video about something called the
Naked festival

Feb 14 2008: Dozens of men wrestle half-naked in the snow, part of Japan's raciest festival, the Somin Sai
And yet they can't be bothered to have sex with their wives. So in the interests of the future of the Japanese race, I present "sexy Asian porn kiss"