One-and-a-half McCain/Palin predictions

Well the media, as you might guess, would never settle for merely putting their second rate candidate into the not-so-White-anymore House.

So here's what's going to happen: over the next several months (let the media's trashing of McCain dim in people's eyes) you'll start seeing all of these positive articles about the hardworking dedicated patriot named John McCain who would have made an excellent President. It will start slowly, and built to a virtual train wreck of "what a shame that McCain couldn't have won in 2000 and led America to sixteen glorious years of McCain/Obama enlightened government" op-eds. Why? Because John McCain is harmless now. No worries lifting him up when he's never going to get the nomination ever again.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin is a threat to one-Obama governance. She's her own rising star, and a threat to the Democrats in 2012: if not as a presidential candidate at least another run at Veep. Ergo, she has to be taken down as many pegs as the media can possibly manage.

Which is why I am ashamed to call this my half-prediction: I wasn't quick enough to beat the gush of "Palin ruined it" stories. First apparently anonymous sources reported Palin didn't know Africa was a continent. (Or was that that she didn't know Africa was a country? The story is rather fluid, and probably was just a brief misunderstanding where an African placename was assumed to be a country in southern Africa rather than a region in South Africa, or some such nonsense. Then there was the reports of prima-donna temper tantrums, and now reports of Palin refusing to appear on stage with people whom she... you know, stood on stage with.

Anyways, expect more of this in the future. Because if it can be expected to interfere with Obama's second term, expect the media to fight her tooth and nail.