Reflections on the intersections of history

Remember the year 2001? I have been thinking about it a lot the last hour or so: it was the year that a horrible act of barbarism celebrated in the culturally backward parts of the world took place that upset the balance of our lives and proved that evil still existed in the world.

And if Calgary winning a Grey Cup wasn't bad enough, a couple months earlier 9/11 happened too!

On the bright side, Montreal lost. At our Grey Cup party today (I had 15 kinds of beer and homemade nachos: which is 11 more kinds of beer than you could get if you were at Boston Pizza) I spent a lot of time screaming at the T.V.

What's with the big ugly white "Queerbec" sign?
Somebody stop him! Christ, I haven't seen anybody have that much trouble defeating a Frenchman on the field of battle since...well, ever!
You're right: Ben Cahoon does look disturbingly similar to Markus Naslund
Didn't the Prime Minister used to do the coin toss?
Didn't the Governor General used to give out the Grey Cup?
I still wish Edmonton had won last week: a Battle of Alberta would not only have been cool to see in the Grey Cup, but it would have been a chance for Alberta taxpayers to get back some of our money from that stupid fucking Olympic Stadium that we're still paying for.
A Battle of Alberta one year after the Battle of the Prairies would have really been cool.
Okay seriously these uniforms look too much alike. I thought for sure that was a touchdown, not an interception.
How in the name of retarded shit was that not an illegal takedown?
For the last time Calgary, finish your goddamned tackles!
If Calgary wins this game, I'm doing shots.
No no, I said if Montreal wins I'll do shots. I don't need to drink until I forget about this game anymore!