Simpsons trivia

Next time the classic Simpsons episode "Bart of Darkness" is on, pay close attention as Bart is about to jump into the pool (and his "epidermis is showing"):

Notice how he's (briefly) animated in a callback to his original appearance? Blink and you miss it.


Ostapenko vs Petkovic

Andrea Petkovic played Latvian cutie Jelena Ostapenko today at the 2016 Qatar Total Open semi-finals.

Petkovic jumped early to a 5-0 lead in the first set, but Ostapenko started surging back and it was quickly apparent that the German was having troubles: she had a slight limp and ended up crudely discussing the health status of her left thigh with her coach, culminating in a trainer break after Ostapenko took a 6-5 lead (and eventually won the set).

Early in the second set Petkovic had to retire due to her injury, and Jelena Ostapenko has moved onto the finals tomorrow against ugly-as-sin Carla Suárez Navarro, who earlier beat Agnieszka Radwanska in straight sets.

So here's a quality opportunity to check out some of the best photos of 18-year old Ostapenko, who hopefully will knock Navarro down and restore some eye candy to the WTA Top 10 that has been sorely lacking as of late.


Otherkin < Trannies < Faggots < Normal people

The Amazing Atheist takes on "otherkin"...

...I literally have no idea why normal people use Tumblr.


Shredding the slopes dictionary

One of the reasons skiing at Jasper's Marmot Basin is relatively inexpensive, apparently, is that the staff don't waste money on frivolous things like proofreading.

The Tonquin Valley delayed accuses closure has ended. You may now access Jasper National Park Backcountry; ski touring, snow shoeing and cross country skiing around Marmot Basin. If you are intending to access this area from Marmot Basin, please do so from appropriate and designated areas. Insure that you know where you are going, you are well prepared and make conservative travel decisions, as the snow pack is weak and highly variable.
What am I accusing the closure of, exactly?
Always use ensure unless you're talking about insurance.

A headline we can't wait to see

February 16, 2020:
Alberta's Wildrose government has banned correspondents from the CBC, a website owned and run by former drama teacher Justin Trudeau, from government news conferences and media lockups because they "are not journalists."

Brian Jean's spokeswoman and communications director provided a written statement on Tuesday about the decision.

"The government's position is that if you work for a left-wing State Broadcaster, then we don't consider you a journalist,"


Ewwww...I mean, killer legs!

Check out this photo of Maria Sharapova from the 2015 Indian Wells WTA event. Take a very close look at her rippling and muscled left leg which in action looks like she's 150 years old.

Now compare the same legs on her a month later at an event at Universal Studios.

Bonus Sharapova: You can buy a tennis racket that simulates the sounds she makes during sex when you swing it.