Kids say the darndest things

The question you're inevitably going to be asked sometime in your life:

"Daddy, in 2011 why did you put the national economy into the hands of Jack Layton, the party leader with the poorest understanding of how economies work?"

The answer you're presumably going to give:
"Well, Stephen Harper was mean to some reporters."

...right before you wonder why they'd put you in a home, then reconsidered and tossed you into a dumpster.


Ignatieff: Just Visiting?

I've said it before, and I've said it again: the scariest thing about Ignatieff isn't that he's "just visiting" but that he's not.

Update, 6:19am: Wow, when I clicked "submit post" on this, I never expected to find the "Just Visiting" had become such a major scandal overnight.

Ignatieff's spokesman had claimed he never voted in a foreign election. But it has come to light that Iggy claims to have voted for Labour in 1997, was on the voter rolls in England (as a Commonwealth non-Brit he would have had to continually opt-in) until 2002, and most seriously said in 2004 he would be voting for John Kerry.

No evidence has yet come to light that Ignatieff did vote in 2004, and none likely will. Because if he had, Iggy is in serious legal trouble south of the border. He wasn't eligible to vote. Even registering would have been a federal crime. Did Michael Ignatieff vote or try to vote in 2004? Since it would have been "offline" its hard to say, but we have the man in print vowing to violate the elections laws of a country.

Harper's in trouble for his party in 2006 pushing the line on election financing charges. It takes a mere moment of inspection to realize how much much more serious this violation would be. It's tampering with the voter rolls (something the Liberals have been long-suspected of doing), sneaking ineligible people into the polls (something the Liberals have been discovered doing in BC), and attempting to usurp the democratic rights of 320 million people. That's a lot of crimes for Ignatieff to have claimed he was about to do. Technically that's conspiracy to commit, and its a federal crime in the way most things you hear joked as "federal crimes" aren't.

As I tweeted about just now, one big issue jumps to mind:

What Canadian election laws is Michael Ignatieff planning on violating? How much voter fraud is he conspiring to commit today?


Wow, these guys are good

Hmm, I should have saved my posts from North of 49 Hockey, as it has been removed from the interweb.

Meanwhile, on the left is how the Hockey News ranked the final 2010-2011 NHL standings. On the right, the current standings. (click on the image to view it full-sized)

Impressive, no?


Texture Mapping

It's interesting, when moving around on Google Earth today, when I discovered how amazingly different mainland Europe (ie. Denmark) and southern Norway/Sweden look from space.

Take a peek: