What makes you believe anything would change?

This afternoon I had an IM exchange with a friend of mine who worked on her local Obama campaign team. She was very happy that her candidate won the election, and really didn't like my response:

FACLC:Yeah thanks a lot to all of you for fucking my country over
Friend: What do u mean?
FACLC: Alberta has lots of lumber and beef and oil that have been to date sold under the wise reign of President Bush and the world's largest trade agreement
Friend: How do you know that will change? Besides, we need to take care of ours first
From this, two overriding facts emerge from the discussion:
  1. How do I know that it will change? Because Obama stated numerous times he plans to "tear up NAFTA". Wait, are you saying when he pledged to remove the US from the North American Free Trade Agreement that it was change we shouldn't believe in?
  2. Er, wasn't "rampant unilateralism" one of the evils of George W. Bush's administration? Wasn't Obama supposed to be reaching a world consensus and repairing America's relationship with various foreign countries? Isn't Obama his (foreign citizen) brother's keeper? How can any of these promises jive with this Obama staffer's declaration that "America needs to take care of Americans, to hell with the citizens in other parts of the planet?" No, don't tell me, let me guess: more "change we shouldn't believe in".