Feynman and Coulter's Love Child, November 10th:

On the other hand, Sarah Palin is a threat to one-Obama governance. She's her own rising star, and a threat to the Democrats in 2012: if not as a presidential candidate at least another run at Veep. Ergo, she has to be taken down as many pegs as the media can possibly manage.

Mainstream media, November 20th:
The video aired after MSNBC ran a story on Palin's pre-Thanksgiving pardoning of a turkey at a Wasila poultry farm. Shuster, quite serious, set up the segment with this warning:

We've made every effort to sanitize the video of what happens next, but you still might want to consider getting the kids out of the room right now and anyone who's a little squeamish about where Thanksgiving dinner comes from. Are they gone? Okay, here's what happened next: As Governor Palin stepped outside of the hatchery, to give a post-pardon interview, she neglected to notice what was happening directly behind her -- in clear view of the television cameras. We've blurred out the goriest parts, but here's her interview, from start to finish.

Afterward, Shuster asserted:

And you thought her media outings as a vice presidential candidate were as bad as it gets.