Maude Barlow and her idiot environmentalists

So Maude Barlow's Council of Canadians marched on the Alberta Legislature on Saturday.

But how on earth did the media swallow hook line and sinker this stinker of a line?

Leo Broderick, from Charlottetown, says it looked like an atomic bomb had wiped out all the vegetation around the oilsands mines and he can't believe that Canadians have allowed this to happen.
First off Leo from Charlottetown, the oilsands don't belong to Canada, they belong to Albertans. Secondly, what vegetation are you talking about? The tarsands in large sections look awfully similar to Saudi Arabia before we pump a single barrel of crude from the ground: the constant slow release of bitumen over the millenia has already left the area a virtual wasteland. What happened to Leo's vegetation? It never existed. Sorry Leo, you haven't scored any points with that one.