Dumb sluts on the highway

So the organizers of Edmonton's "Slut Walk" are upset that they have to pay for their parade.

As the title suggests, these are pretty dumb sluts, even for sluts. What, there's a cost to turning the Queen's motorways into a parking lot to express a rather silly and ultimately inaccurate sentiment? Quelle surprise!

Actually, and I'll go into this more on my actual SlutWalk post in early June, there's a bit of a corollary available here: as I tweeted yesterday if they don't want to pay the city they can have their little meeting at the Legislature grounds and then walk to City Hall: crossing on marked crosswalks when the light indicates its safe to do so. If the city is really worried about them stepping onto the road that's easy enough to fix: declare a full clemency to any driver who hits and/or kills one of these sluts if she happens to step off the sidewalk and onto the street. It's the slut's fault for defying the rules and social conventions, not yours. So in other words, pretty much the same harsh reality that the sluts are marching to try and defy in the whole "dress like a streetwalker" meme.

That's delicious irony, and is worth far more to the ratepayers of Edmonton than $2,000.


The most excited Michael Ignatieff has been this year

Wow. I mean...wow.

Look how his head droops, how he struggles to make it sound like it was his idea that he meets with "party officials" to discuss his successor, and how he's unable to come to grips with what happens.

This is the darkest day in Michael Ignatieff's life. Halfway through the video you sense he probably wishes that Harper had gotten Canada involved in liberating Iraq so that he could join the Canadian Army, go overseas to participate in combat, be captured and tortured and forced to read a confession over the air with a gun to his head, just so he could have a more enjoyable May 3rd than he was having at this precise moment.


Hats Off to (Stephen) Harper

(for those wondering why)


Bin Laden Dead

President Monkey is widely expected to announce in minutes that Osama bin Laden is confirmed dead and US forces have his body. On the eve of the 41st General Election, Third Edge of the Sword summarizes the various responses from party leaders.

Stephen Harper, Conservative Party: Congratulations to our American allies for capturing a dangerous man who has long eluded and insulted the tenants of our free and prosperous society.

Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois: Reports indicate that Osama bin Laden is dead. Since he didn't speak French, good riddance.

Elizabeth May, Green Party: It is a shame that U.S. forces had to use cruise missiles to take him down, as they burn a lot of carbon and are bad for the environment.

Jack Layton, New Democratic Party: I refuse to comment on this until my close colleague Maher Arar can positively identify the body.

Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Party: I'm glad to hear that Osama bin Laden is dead, partly because party strategists revealed that with him replacing me the Liberals may gain 4 points.